The Sequel: The Year of Separation

Chapter 19

"Push harder." Serenity focus pushing her baby out and the doctor said, "Good. Relax, the head is coming out."

Chase was holding her hand and kissed her head, "Your doing great." Another contraction was washing over her and Serenity took a deep breath for the next push.

"And he's out."

They gave him some suction to get the mucus out of his nose and mouth, and he began to cry. Handing Chase scissors, he cut the cord and placed her baby in a blanket with a blue hat.

The doctor said giving her son to Chase to hold, "No wonder why your wife was huge. He's nine pounds 11 ounces." Chase eyes shine with happiness as he held his son. The doctor went back to work on Sereinty and he said, the words no doctor should say, "Oh no."

Serenity weakly asked, "What?"

The doctor ignored her and muttered, "Something not right." Chase and her baby were kicked out of the room quickly when Chase frantically keep demanding to know what was going on and ultimately punch one of the male nurses.

Serenity panic, "No, my baby. Chase! Chase!"

They were placing a mask on her face as she struggled yelling, "I want my baby! I can't die yet!"

Serenity sat up with sweat and tears running down her face. Noticing she was still in her room with the baby book in her arms, Serenity slouched back into the bed trying to control her ragged breath.

Why did my dreams have to seem so real?

A nudge hit her stomach and she automatically rubbed her belly. Serenity quietly said, "Sorry I woke you up little one."

Serenity had some interesting dreams so far, like they're walking the streets and Chase, all of a sudden, made out with a complete stranger, or she's in a meadow chasing the uncatchable little girl with dark brown curls.

But this dream had been reoccurring a lot and it sucked that she couldn't even tell Chase for she didn’t want to add more stress to him. So far Chase had been making quick visits this whole week since he decided to give her a break with the doll twins.

Serenity thoughts haunted her with worried, I couldn't tell if Chase was being nice, or trying to get use to the idea taking care of a child alone. But I wondered mostly if it was an excuse to have some time to think.

So with having lot of time on Serenity's hands, she had been thinking way too much. Like how I realized my plan to join Chase probably wouldn't happen. If you think about it, I was reborn after a Putnam is conceived, but now I'm having Chase Putnam's son. Thus I wouldn't be reborn until my son had kids. The constant thoughts beat her up, And even worse, what if I didn't even make it through child birth. I won't be able to protect the Putnam line from danger.

Trying to breath away the stress Serenity thought, I really need to talk to Rae.

Her phone buzzed on the oval nightstand and she glanced to see a text from Chase. 'Picking you up soon. Be ready –Boo.'

After fighting to put on her maternity clothes, Serenity sat on the couch eating Doritos chips and scanning names in her baby book. A chip drop and she tried to look past her big belly to find it. "Oh well lost another one."

Rae sat down next to her, "We talk about this already, Serenity. The baby and you will be well and healthy. I seriously did some in-depth searching after telling me that dream."

Serenity nodded her head, "I know, it's just the dream really freaks me out. You-"

Rae held her hand up, "I still have the letter for him, but I'm telling you won't need it."

Serenity readjusted her position, "Just in case. Oh man, does he like to kick." She paused in thought before asking, "How long do you think Abby figure out I really screwed up the cycle?"

Rae took a handful of chips, "Probably when she blew up at you over the pudding cup in the caf. You see Serenity, Abby has two setting for anger. One she'll tell you straight on what's bothering her, or two, she'll try to hide her anger and end up yelling over stupid issues. For example, yelling at you because you didn't open the pudding from the tab."

The pull was coming closer to the door and Serenity asked, "Chase seems like he's dealing with this okay?"

Rae smiled and said before opening the front door, "Serenity, he definitely got his priorities straight."

She said suspiciously, "You know why he's been so busy this week."

Chase stepped inside and Rae laughed holding the door open, "Sorry my lips are sealed. Off to Caleb's now."

Chase glance at Rae and asked, "How is Caleb?"

Rae whole posture went serious, "He's slowly getting better each day."

She hesitated by the door, "Chase?" He turned to face her and Rae continued to say, "In school it would be best to just keep your distance for now."

When Rae left, Chase stood by her seeming unfazed by the constant reminder of his past actions. "Did you pick a name yet?" Chase asked. Serenity smiled knowing she pick different unique names because his reactions and remarks are hilarious.


Chase shook his head, "All I can think of is the Mario brothers."

Serenity continued to say, "How about Christian Paul Bacon?"

He smiled shaking his head. "Chris. P. Bacon. No food names."

Serenity laughed, ""No? How about Earl Evans Bird?"

Chase sat down, "Easy. Earl. E. Bird."

Serenity said, "How about Richard Normous?"

Chase responded, "Good we can nickname him Dixie."

Serenity asked, "Okay, Brandon Alex Ware."

Chase smiled, "B. A. Ware."

Serenity smile, "Yep. Alright smarty try this. William Oliver Reitz." Chase thought about it for awhile and glanced up, "I don't get it."

Serenity said, "Make some abbreviations. Bill O. Reitz." He mouthed the words and finally said, "Bill of rights?"

"Damn you're so smart." Serenity closed her book, "Here some for kicks. Corey O. Graff. Hugh Jass, Brocke Lee, Jay Walker, Noah Riddle, Jed Dye?"

Chase pulled her up saying, "You definitely had too much time on your hands."

Serenity asked, "Where are our twins anyway?"

He replied nonchalantly, "With Thea and Reid."

She said, "They were okay babysitting for us?"

Chase nodded his head, "As long as it wasn't Sea Bass, they would."

Serenity laughed, "Anyways, I like Dick Trickle."

Chase glanced at her, "No. I'm not naming my kid that."

Serenity replied, "Why? He's a NASCAR driver."

Chase said, "Next."

Serenity sighed, "Justin Casey Howells Collins."

He rolled his eyes, "Just in case he howls, really Serenity, you have to better that that."

Serenity laughed getting into his car and shook her body, "Alright no more. I'm serious this time. So don't laugh." They were going down the twisty road and he nodded in agreement.

"Seth Ryder, Warren Travis, Asher Cody, Jesse Tanner, or maybe Michael Rotch." Chase coughed quickly to cover his laugh.

Serenity look over at him, "What's so funny?"

Chase stop at a stop sign and stared at her incredulously, "Michael Rotch. As in Mike Rotch?" Serenity stared at him clueless and Chase explained more, "My crotch."

She slapped him on the arm saying, "That's sick Chase. I wasn't even thinking that." She turned toward the window smiling, Too easy.

He persisted, "You can't be serious.

She insisted, "I was being serious."

He replied, "Serenity, that name is from the Simpsons."

"I didn't know."

"It's your favorite show."

"Where are we going?"

"I'm taking you to our new….Wait. I know what you're up to."

Serenity tried to contain her smirk, "What are you talking about Chase?" He pulled the car over the side of the road.

"You want to know what the surprise is."

Turning back to face him, Serenity pouted her lips, "Won't you tell me?"

Chase shook his head and said firmly, "No can do."

Serenity begged, "Pretty, pretty please with sprinkles on top."

Chase cracked a smile, "You sure you want to know?"

Serenity said exasperated, "Yes!" He pointed out her window and she turned quickly.

"You got me a dog with an already set walker," Serenity exclaimed.

Chase glanced over quick and laughed, "No, behind the man with the dog, the fire hydrant, and that tree."

She looked pass those objects to see a yellow two story house. Serenity said unsure, "You got a house?"

Chase corrected her, "No we got a house." Serenity squealed as she awkwardly hugged him with her baby bump in the way.

"It's so beautiful." She asked carefully, "What are you going to do with your parent's house?"

Chase gave a sad smile, "I sold it off. It holds too many bad memories for me."

They started to walk up the path to the house and Chase asked a little nervous, "So how do you like it?"

She said happily, "I love it already. And look a screened in porch. You really did think of everything."

Chase opened the door saying, "Well if you're this excited about the outside, I can't wait to see your reaction to the inside." Giving a tour of the house they ended up in the master bed room.

Serenity sat on the plush bed and said, "This place is amazing and the furniture is all here and coordinated. Did you hire an interior decorator?"

Chase nodded his head, "He did everything, except one room."

"He couldn't finish one room," she asked surprised.

Chase pulled her over to french doors in their room, "No, because I ask to do it myself."

He opened the doors and Serenity covered her mouth in shock. Chase had put together a nursery for the baby. It had the crib, a toy chest, a rocking chair with small table containing a lamp, book shelf filled with children's books and so on. It seemed as she took one detail in another one would catch her eye. "Oh Chase." She wiped tears away, "I love it. Thank you."

He hugged her as close as he could, "I love you."

Serenity smiled, "I love you more."

Later that night, Serenity lay awake by Chase in their bedroom. Oh, another kick.

For about an hour a kick box match was going on inside her belly.

Serenity thought, like father like son.

She frowned as she glanced at Chase, all night he been tossing and turning. It was like he had RLS, restless leg syndrome, with his complexion becoming very pale now. It killed her to see him suffering like this, but Ben told Serenity that they had to wait until school was over to start the process of detoxifying.

Serenity adjusted herself again trying to get into a comfortable position.

"You okay?" Chase asked groggy.

She replied softly, "Yes, the baby just using my belly as a punching bag." He went over to get a sip out of water from the cup on the night stand and shook violently making his water spill on the floor.

He went to retrieve the glass,"Damn it. Why can't I do one simple task?"

"Chase, it will get better I promise. Just come back into bed and stay with me," Serenity said reassuring.

Chase slipped back in, "Are you sure everything is okay?"

Serenity replied, "Yes, now feel your son kick."

She placed his hand on her belly and he gasped in surprised, "Probably too cramped in that small space."

Sleep was taking over them both and Serenity said sleepy, "If I get any bigger I won't fit through a door."

Chase asked joking, "Sure there's not another one in there?"

Serenity smiled, "Nope. Doctor only saw one big baby boy. I got the pictures to prove it too." That night as she laid in his arms no weird, scary dreams came to her. No it was a nice peaceful sleep for the both of them.

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