The Sequel: The Year of Separation

Chapter 20

Thea's Philosophy.

Leave sooner, drive slower, live longer. ~Author Unknown

"How could you forget our report," Thea asked peeved at Reid's last minute announcement to her before Mrs. Peters collected their assignment.

Reid turned his bag upside down, "I guess I left it on the counter at home."

Class was dismissed and Kylie whispered to Thea as she went down the stairs, "Abby wants to have a meeting today. So my house?"

Thea nodded her head, "I'll be there as soon as I can. I have to explain about my missing assignment."

Kylie glanced over to the teacher's desk, "Seems like Reid's already on it." Thea turned around and join the conversation.

"Get the paper to me before four thirty today and I won't hold any penalty."

Reid said appreciative, "Thank you for understanding Mrs. Peters."

They walk out to the hall way and Thea asked, "So to your house then? You know I haven't been to your house ever, well except with your father."

Reid stiffened, "What's your take on him?"

She hesitated at the unexpected question and replied, "Umm…he was interesting to say the least. Impulsive, show off, a smarty pants that like to use his powers a lot. Why?"

Reid shifted, "You and him never had a thing did you?"

Thea burst out laughing, "Hell no. Definitely not my type." Thea could feel small emotions off Reid. One was disappointment, another was gratefulness, and finally he fell into confusion. Thea asked perplexed, "What are you thinking?"

Reid snapped out of his pensive look and unlocked the doors on Tyler's hummer. "Thea it was my fault. I'll get it quickly and head back for swim. Just tell coach I'll be a little late."

Thea shook her head and opened the passenger door, "I'll go too. Coach at least likes me."

Reid began to get more fluster than he usually was, "Really Thea its fine."

Thea insisted, "I'm going."

Reid flipped out, "I'm a big boy! You don't have to babysit me every five fricken seconds. So why don't you do something more useful and practice for states!"

She stared at him and waited until he calmed down. Reid took a shaky breath and slammed his fist into the car. In a smaller voice Reid whispered, "I didn't mean to yell."

Thea walked around the car and wrapped her arms around Reid, "I know." She back away and asked softly, "Why are you always trying to avoid me coming over your house?"

Reid sighed, "It's not you Thea." He whispered softly to himself, "Never you." He took a closer step to the door and dug into his pockets for the keys. Reid was perplexed as he patted his pockets, "I swear they were here."

Thea jingled the keys catching Reid's attention, "I'm driving today, Tex." With Reid on edge, she felt it would be better for her to drive.

He griped more to himself, "Slow driver…won't get back until next winter…."

Thea buckled in and checked her mirrors, "Just because you're talking to yourself doesn't mean I can't hear you complain."

Reid had his arms crossed, "I hope you would get the hint that you're a slow driver."

Thea argued, "I'm not slow. I follow the exact speed limit, instead of acting as if I'm in the Fast and Furious like you. Buckle up please."

Reid continued to say as he clicked his seat belt, "No one ever does 25 miles on this road. Not even Caleb."

Thea laughed, "That's a terrible example. He's a speed demon too. I think the only one that drives slow in your group's standards is Tyler."

Reid smirked when looking over to Thea, "Okay, my grandmother drove faster than this."

Thea turned toward him and replied back, "This is your best come back. Your grandmother, god love her, was a nut. It's a wonder how you are as normal as you are."

Reid slouched down in his seat, "Ha. Ha. Hilarious. Anything else you would like to point out?"

Thea glanced over thinking, She wasn't kidding. "I'll tell you when I think of it."

They pulled up a black top drive way that lead to the Garwin household. Before coming to a complete stop Reid ripped of his seat belt and called out, "I'll be back. Stay here." He slammed the door before Thea could protest.

Thea asked out loud, "What is he so ashamed of?" She drummed her fingers on the steering wheel waiting for Reid to reappear from the house.

But it was getting closer to four o'clock, so Thea stepped out of the car and went to the front door. Creaking it open, she peaked for any sign of Reid. Observing the new additions to the house, Thea could hear yelling from the kitchen.

A woman's voice echoed loudly, "You're just like your stupid father. Can't do one measly thing for your mother!"

Thea tried to fling herself behind a chair when the doors flew open, but it was too late when she tripped over the rug and landed in plain view in front of Mrs. Garwin.

Thea gave a small wave with a forced smile while Mrs. Garwin took one glance at her before entering back into the kitchen. His mom said in a low deadly tone, "I told I don't want your drunkin' whores in my house anymore."

Reid said angrily, "Thea is just my friend. Not some whore." Thea picked herself off the floor as his mom came back to introduce herself.

The woman said short, "Hello, I'm Mrs. Garwin."

Thea said more shyly, "Theadora Hastings."

Mrs. Garwin's eyes lit up as she said, "Oh, do your parents own Hastings Academy. I've been trying to get Reid there, but he insists on going to Spencer."

Thea could feel her slight interest and acceptance slide down quickly as she replied, "No. I moved here two years ago from Georgia."

Mrs. Garwin's smile very slightly tightened, "Oh indeed a great mistake into thinking you could be Corbin Hastings's daughter, my apologies."

Reid entered the room glaring at his mother, "Don't you have an important place to go be snoody?" His mother pushed a short blonde hair back from her face and gave Reid a look as if it didn't bother her. But Thea knew under her mask was rage, possibly disgust and definitely disappointment.

She said in a nicely manner, "Reid there's a list on counter of chores for you. Please try to taking more responsibilities after all you need to become a respectable, becoming man." She turned to Thea, "It was a…nice to meet you."

Mrs. Garwin ripped Reid's beanie hat and placed it roughly into his hands, "No wearing hats inside the house." She gracefully walked out of the front door, "I expect those to be done before you go out with those hooligans," and left.

Reid forcibly placed his hat on his head again and said pissed, "Sorry for Meredith's manners, sometimes she has a stick sideways up her ass." Reid began trying to find their report while Thea scans his list of chores.

"So that's why she had that unpleasant look on her face. Does she really expect you to do all of this?" Thea asked slightly shocked when getting only a taste of Reid's home life.

Reid took the list and crumbled it, "She does this all the time. I come home and she just wants me to do stuff for her. Funny part is she has a maid."

Thea sat on very white couch, "She seems...bitter."

Reid sighed, "I guess you would be too if your husband just left without warning."

She glanced up surprised, "He left?"

Reid replied ticked, "Yeah, when I was 11. He's probably dead by now."

Thea didn't know what to say because Reid was kind of glad at the idea, "I'm so sorry Reid."

Reid gave a barking laugh, "I'm not. He's the reason my life is screwed up."

Thea asked still unsure why Meredith was aiming all that rage on him, "Why is your mom so bent about you?"

Reid held his hands up as he threw out a guess, "I look like him, so I'm told. And containing some of his canny characteristics doesn't help."

Staring at the ground Thea's lips slightly pressed together. How could she put such emotional turmoil on a boy at such a young age?

"Guess what?"

Thea broke out of her thoughts and watched Reid's eyes shift in her direction with a smile forming.

Thea asked, "What are you smirking at?" He got suddenly closer to her with a few long steps and bent over her slowly.

"I found the paper!" Reid pulled the paper in front of Thea's face, thankfully covering her faint blush.

Thea stood up, "What time is it?"

Reid glanced at his watch, "Four twenty."

Thea stormed to the car, "We'll never make it in time! Where are those stupid keys?"

Jingle. Jingle.

She pivoted to the noise to see Reid holding the keys, "My turn to drive." Thea bit her lip as she buckled her seat belt and Reid turned toward her, "Do want a late paper? Or do you want me to be a cautious, slow, following the exact limit…."

Thea gripped her seat, "Will you just drive already!"

He chuckled as the engine roared to life, "Beside I don't drive like Vin Diesel. I drive better than him." Thea was trying to keep the contents in her stomach as they flew down the twisty road.

She said hoping not to crash, "I can help with the chores later if you like."

Reid laughed, "I've stop doing her chores since the end of sophomore year. There's just no winning with her. You do them, then she finds something else to complain about. Like how I did a poor job or I forgot to do something that was obviously not on her list." Thea focused on deciphering his emotions. Reid continued, "I can't wait to graduate and get the hell out."

"Can't you leave when you want? You're always welcomed at guardian's house," Thea stated.

Turning down the familiar road, Reid smirked as he responded "Thanks. But right now I'm stuck until 18. But once I'm 18, I'll get my inheritance and use what I've been saving from my job and get an apartment like Pogue."

Thea said shocked, "You got a job?"

Reid rolled his eyes, "Waiting tables at Apollinaire at night."

Shaking her head, Thea said amused,"Wait, that's the fancy stuck up restaurant where only riches or famous people go wearing monkey suits. Don't you have to wear a uniform too?"

Reid thought back at his first time he had the tie loosely around his neck and the manager almost strangled him as the manager explained the proper way of wearing a tie.

Reid replied, "Yeah very uncomfortable, but it's a good pay check."

Thea inquired, "How did you get that job?"

Reid replied modestly, "Impressed by my obvious charming looks and wit."

They were in the parking lot at school and Thea stared at Reid until he said, "Alright I might embellish my resume a bit."

He was get out of the car when Thea said, "You are unbelievable"

Reid stretched his arms, "Finally seeing my true geniuses."

Thea laughed, "Reid I knew you were a genius before you got this job. Going to be graduating top of his class."

Reid covered her mouth, "Shhh!"

Thea grabbed his hand and whispered perplex, "What's wrong with people knowing that the scarecrow has a brain?"

Reid paused before answering, "You'll ruin my image."

Thea shook her head, "What being a man-whore? So much better."

Reid frowned, "Just keep it quiet, I don't need the guys laughing about this one."

Giving a deep sigh, Thea responded, "Fine. I highly doubt they would ridicule you. Maybe just be shocked into a coma."

As they walked closer to the school, they saw the Ipswich boys gathered in the parking lot. Caleb called Reid over and he gave the paper to Thea, "Hand it in. This probably will take long." Thea nodded her head and Reid watched Thea go by Rae and Abby as he turned to face his brothers including Chase Collins now. Reid asked to no one in particular, "What's up?"

Caleb responded, "Waiting for Pogue. He said he had something important to tell us."

Reid said annoyed, "Oh he's finally going to grace us with his presence."

No one countered his comment because it was true. Pogue recently had been very focus to Kate ever since Abby and Pogue had that fight. When approaching, Pogue gave Kate a kiss on the forehead and left her by the girls.

Reid gagged at their new found love.

Tyler asked, "What's going on?" as he checked his phone again and frowned.

Abby froze as Pogue gave one fleeting glance over at Abby, "I chose Kate. I know she's the one I'm going to spend the rest of my life with, so I had to come clean."

Caleb asked unsure, "You told her what we were?" Pogue nodded his head and glanced around as they stood awkwardly quiet.

Back by the girls, Kate smiled at them. "So guardian's of the covenant. Impressive."

"Kudos to you for not running and screaming like the little girl you are," Rae ridiculed obviously not happy on the situation.

Mocking Rae back, Kate responded, "Oh is Rae angry that I know your secrets now."

Rae muttered, "Why don't I light your ass on fire."

Thea grabbed Rae and said, "Don't get your hopes up Kate, because no matter what you do, you will never be a friend to us." Thea and Rae went off to break the boys fight apart.

Kate smirked and whispered, "You know more than I do and that friend's has never been a concern of mine. I'm just going to have some fun."

Abby glanced over to Kate and replied, "Whatever you're up to I'll find out sooner or later."

Kate said as Abby walked away, "You will soon enough."

Back at the group of boys….

"Why aren't you happy? I just told you I love her," Pogue said aggravated.

Reid rudely responded, "Maybe because no one likes her."

Caleb hushed, "Reid."

Taking a step forward, Reid persisted, "No. Why would you possible do that? Isn't it bad enough having Sarah, whose running amuck, knowing? Now you have to tell the deceiving bitch our secret. Not yours, ours, without even briefing us!"

Caleb said angrily, "He knows Kate for three years now. Unlike Sarah I knew for a week." He pointed to Chase, "And the only reason why I told our secret was because this asshole was trying to kill us all."

Reid did the technical Reid thing to do, something totally unexpected that no one would suspect. He pushed Caleb and barked, "Chase had some health problems and you told because you had too. There's no excuse what Pogue did."

Tyler tried to break it up and Pogue stated, "Stop trying to fix everything because it just ends up a disaster, like Reid's life."

Reid yelled fully in rage, "Fucking Deusch. Don't talk to Tyler like that!" He was about to punch Pogue when Thea grabbed Reid's arms sending a wave of calmness throughout his body.

Meanwhile Rae stepped in front of Caleb ready to slug Chase, who was waiting for a hit. Abby grabbed Pogue's hand and for a second he stopped in his mad argument and seemed hesitant. Then like a switch, he turned to Abby and ripped his hand out of Abby's and stormed to Kate's arms.

Caleb quickly halted in his stance and Rae said, "Car, now!" Caleb gave one more glare at Chase before walking to his car. Rae was in rage about how this turned out and yelled at Thea, "Great use of calming everyone down. The gods give you an awesome power and you barely use it."

Thea said quickly, "A lot of talk from a girl who should have seen this coming." Thea grabbed Reid's hand and lead him to the dorms while Rae slammed the door shut to the mustang. Abby stood by Tyler for a second and then walked to her dorm trying to figure out how this totally got out of control.

Kylie's escalade came to a fast halt kicking up dirt and walked up to Tyler asking, "Kylie why are you mad at me? You haven't returned any of my calls or texts."

She kicked him where the sun doesn't shine.

Kylie bent down as he panted in pain, "I TOLD YOU I WOULD GET EVEN! IF YOU HAVE ANY BALLS LEFT, YOU CAN CALL ME IN TWO DAYS!" Kylie walked triumphantly to her car.

No one ever screws me over without my consent.

Chase came over and asked, "Need help up man, or you going to hang here for awhile."

Tyler gasped out, "I'm good here."

Back in the dorms, Thea now laid on Tyler's bed while Reid paced back and forth cursing at Pogue's stupidity. "Out of the whole population he had to choose Kate. The girl that keeps a secret for less than a second."

Thea glanced up from the paper she was reading, "Reid, I'm not worried about her spillin' the secret. If she goes off telling the world, they'll just lock her up in an insane asylum she belongs too."

Reid sat on the bed, "What are you worried about then?"

Thea sighed and confessed her fear, "Abby. This is going to make Abby's job much harder with Kate tormenting her."

Reid picked up the paper, "I guess we get five points off our report."

"And yet to get yelled at by Coach Hamm for not showing up," Thea added.

Reid laid back on the bed and said sarcastically, "A great way to start the summer."


Thea sat up and opened the door to see Tyler crawling into the room with Chase following behind him.

Reid and Thea help Tyler over to his bed and Thea asked worried, "What happened?"

Reid rummaged through the fridge and put some ice in a wash cloth handing it to Tyler. Tyler glanced at Thea for a second in embarrassment and placed the ice slowly on his crotch.

He hissed and said, "Kylie's pissed at me."

Reid added, "Obviously she has a good shot too." Tyler sent a glare at Reid.

Chase leaned against the wall, "Seems like everyone's pissed at each other."

Thea glanced up, "Don't take what Caleb said to heart. You are not that same guy you were."

Reid said wrapping his arm around Chase, "It's just going to take Caleb a little longer to warm up to you. I mean he still has issues with me and I've been in the group since we were in diapers."

"Caleb still has a right to be mad. Look what I did," Chase responded with pain crossing his eyes.

Walking over to Chase, she grasped his hand and replied, "You were ill. Don't let Serenity hear you talk like that or she'll rip you a new ass hole."

Reid glanced at his shelf that held assortments of swimming metals, "So when are we starting this rehab stuff?"

Thea glanced up a little paler when dropping Chase's hand. She stated, "The week we get out school. The more we wait the worst it'll get."

Chase glanced up at Thea with interest and asked, "Thea?"

She looked slowly over, "Don't put me in an uncomfortable position."

Straightening his back, Chase commanded, "I should have the right to know. What's going to happen?"

Reid asked curious too, "Ben said it was going to be painful." He gulped, "Nothing bad could happen to us, right?"

Thea glanced over to the floor, "Ben's right about that, but…."

Tyler sat up more intrigued, "What?"

Not liking the situation Thea was forced in, she had to come clean, "Nothing will happen to you Reid. But there might be a chance that…" Thea turned her head away to Chase's waiting eyes, "you might die. You've been a strong addict for a long time…."

Finally putting things together Tyler asked on edge, "So that's why Serenity asked us to be god parents?"

Chase quickly got up, "I should talk to Serenity." He tilted his head to Thea and Reid, "Thanks." He was about to walk out, "Hope you get better, Tyler."

Tyler smirked in pain, "Me too."

Reid said sarcastically, "Like I said before this is the best start to summer ever!" He glanced over Tyler, "More ice?"

Pulled over the side of the road, Caleb rested his head fully back to his seat as his hand held the steering wheel tightly. Rae thankfully had Caleb's long drive to nowhere to cool down. She softly placed her hand on top of his and his eyes slowly opened to Rae's direction.

"I didn't think it would have bothered me this much, but it does. And I know he is sick, believe me I understand, it's just I couldn't think anything else but hitting him."

Giving a small squeeze of his hand, Rae replied, "It's understandable Caleb. I wasn't going to suspect you to be dancing in joy to see him. But you should be proud of the way you handled yourself. I am."

Quiet echoed until, Caleb and Rae said simultaneously, "I have to tell you something." They looked at each other and small smiled formed on their faces for the first time in a while.

Caleb suggested, "You can go first."

Rae slouched down, "No you go first. Mine can wait."

Lie, Rae thought with her heart rate picking up. The more I kept it a secret from Caleb the worse it would become. Seriously I got glimpses of him exploding at me and no matter how I put it, it would end badly.

Caleb took a deep breath, "My mom has agreed to go to rehab."

Rae said surprised, "Really?"

Caleb smiled a little more, "Yeah, she said she didn't want to lose me, so she's reaching out for help."

"Well I'm happy for you Caleb," Rae responded with a small smile. This hard year was finally easing up on him. "That's it then?

He shifted his eyes away, "No."

Rae asked joking, "What is Gorman getting a toupee?"

Caleb didn't crack a smile and his voice dropped lower, "I haven't been honest with you. I've been getting worse and I need help."

Panic flooded Rae's body as she suggested, "If it's too much, we can leave. Whatever it takes for you not to go back down that spiral."

Caleb looked up at her confused, "You think I'm talking about drinking?"

Rae stared at him, "Aren't you?"

Caleb shook his head and she took a good look at him and saw his hand shaking. She whispered in annoyance to herself, "You're an addict. How could I miss this?"

He grabbed her hand, "Rae, I hid it from you. Don't blame yourself."

"Caleb, you can't trick me. I know you, you can't lie to save your own life."

He shrugged, "I technically didn't lie. I was fine…with the drinking."

shifting closer Rae insisted, "Why didn't I see your tremors, huh? Can't hide those."

Caleb shook his head, "Bathroom. I feel one coming on and go to the bathroom."

Rae bit her lip, "Why were you hiding this from me?"

Caleb said with his eyes fluttering away, "I didn't want to worry you anymore."

"You're partially lying, Caleb," Rae pointed out.

Giving a sigh, Caleb responded with frustration laced through out his voice, "And I didn't want to admit it. I thought I could handle it, but I can't."

Rae placing her hand on her forehead, said, "That's why you were more aggressive these past couple of weeks. Well, we'll have to get you in treatment. Let me call Thea and…."

Caleb called out when blocking her dialing, "Rae. I don't want anyone knowing. Please."

Rolling her eyes at his absurdity, she sighed, "Fine, but Ben and Kylie have to know. They know how this works."

Caleb said relieved, "I guess, but no one says anything."

Rae replied with her hand up, "I swear Caleb no one will know you are just human."

Buzz, buzz.

Checking her phone, Rae read a text from Kylie: When are you coming? We seriously need to talk….Thea sorry for yelling at you, btw.

Rae glanced at Caleb and texted back: Coming. Sry for taking Thea's head off too. Ttys.

She asked, "Do you mind giving me a ride to Kylie's house?"

Caleb shrugged his shoulders, "No."

They zoomed to Kylie's house and Rae said, "Wait here. Okay. I'll be pretty quick." She took off to the backyard to see Kylie and Thea.

Rae asked glancing around, "Where's Abby?"

Kylie was picking her nails as Thea replied, "She's locked in her room and what I sensed, she isn't handling it well."

"Ten to one it's Kate's fault," Rae replied super annoyed now.

Pacing around, Kylie asked, "Isn't it weird all these attacks started when Kate became more involved in our lives?"

Thea turned to Kylie surprised, "You think Kate's trying to get rid of us? Why?"

Shrugging her shoulder, Kylie made a wild accusation, "Maybe she's collaborating with Gabriel. He is playing new tricks. How else can we explain the deadly flowers? She had to put them there." Kylie added, "Pogue so wrapped up loving her, he can't see her true motive to get closer to us."

Rae said frustrated and flayed her hands in anger, "So now we have to keep an eye on her too."

Taking a deep sigh, Thea asked, "What are we going to do with Abby?"

Rae said glancing up to the house, "Let her vent. She'll come around."

Thea got up to leave, "I'm just going to check on her again. She's really heartbroken guys."

Kylie shook her head, "Well I guess it's up to us."

Rae cleared her throat, "Actually I need to talk to Ben and you about a certain something."

Tilting her head in interest, Kylie said, "Okay let me get him."

Kylie raced around the house looking for him and when she began to search the second floor Kylie could hear him humming from the bathroom.

She stared at the door trying to contemplate what a cat could possibly be doing in the bathroom. After all he did have a litter box. She knocked on the door and received no answer. Then she yelled, "Ben?"

The humming sound continued and Kylie turned the door knob to step into a gauche situation. Kylie took in every detail sub-consciously; the opera music playing in the background, the many lit candles on the floor and counter and Ben laying on his back singing in a bubble bath.

Ben didn't notice his audience until he caught sight of Kylie. They stared dumbfound at each other, for what seemed hours, until Kylie backed up slowly and closed the door.

She shook her head as Kylie retreated back to Rae, "Ben can't make it. What's up?"

Rae looked around, "Caleb has a slight problem in the power area."

Not seeming really surprised by this, Kylie said, "We didn't start their treatments yet, so Caleb could join."

Rae laughed, "Not likely, he wants it to be a secret."

Kylie stretched her back, "Have you ever thought maybe he's high maintance?"

Rae smiled, "The worst kind. He thinks he's low maintance. Anyway is this possible?"

Kylie rubbed her head, "Yeah, we just need a place where no one can hear his s…him."

"How about the colony house?" Rae suggested.

Nodding her head in agreement, Kylie stated, "That could work. Is there a bedroom for you guys?"

She nodded her head, "It's just needs to be cleaned."

"That's fine. Let Ben and me set up Chase and Reid. Then we'll come over for you guys. No one will notice Caleb's disappearance, if we start him the exact same time as the others," Kylie responded.

Rae got up and said, "Sounds good captain. Do you want me to come back later to spy on Kate."

Kylie waved her off, "Na, I got this. You got a bigger job keeping Caleb in line."

Rae asked, "When?"

"As soon as we make the last batch of remedy, we'll start," Kylie replied as she turned back to the house.

Back at Caleb's house, he was slowly packing stuff he needed for his "vacation." Observing Caleb, Rae noticed he never use this one set of drawers and she became curious.

As Caleb left the room she slowly maneuvered over to the dresser finding baby items and pictures of baby Caleb. She started to flip through the album when Caleb came in with a bag to carry his stuff, "What are you doing?"

"Looking at your younger days."

"Ah, don't go in there."

He blocked her from the dresser and she walked back to the bed looking at a magazine. "Fine."

Caleb was taken back at how she obliged his request and took one more glance at her before getting his night clothes. As he bent over she shoved him down and made a dash with the drawer into the bathroom.

Locking the door Rae said, "Oh you're so cute. Look at the tuckus." Caleb pounded on the door and yelled in a forceful hushed tone, "Rae!"

She said sarcastically, "What like I haven't seen you naked before. Here you have a basic set up."

His temper was rising, "RAE!"

She shoved a picture into her shirt before opening the door, "Fine, take it." He quickly slid the drawer back into the dresser. As he turned toward her one thought came to his mind, which slipped out, "You gave up to easily."

Rae gave a little push, "I didn't give up. I'm not a push over like you."

Caleb smirked, "You think you're so tough just because you're my guardian…umpf."

Rae tackled him and added, "I know I'm tougher."

They began to wrestle on the floor and Rae said, "To bad we're not outside I make you eat a clump of dirt."

Caleb replied as the tumbled again, "That's your biggest threat."

Rae struggled to say, "It worked on Timmy in 3rd grade."

He pinned her to floor and he said out of breath, "Give me the picture."

Rae acted dumb, "What picture?"

"The one under your shirt," Caleb replied.

She quickly said, "That's the way my boobs are shaped, you pervert." Rae quickly switched the outcome by flipping him over and now she was on top.

He huffed, "Why do you want my picture?"

"Because I like it," she said.

He couldn't fish out the picture so he said, "Give me it or else I will find yours and embarrass you."

Rae pulled away a little and stated, "You won't find one."

Caleb looked up at her, "Is that a challenge?"

Rae said more serious, "No really, I don't have one. Orphanage, remember?" Caleb felt really, really, really stupid at his ignorance.

He switch the topic,"What picture is it?"

A smiled emerged onto her lips as she replied, "Of wee little Caleb eating watermelon."

He smirked as he said, "I remember that, I had it all over my face and I had that awful hair cut."

"Your mom do it?" Rae inquired.

Caleb nodded his head, "Yeah. She really didn't have a lot to work with after Reid stuck a big wad of gum in my hair." Caleb made a face of disgust and Rae collapsed down on his body as she shook with laughter.

She said into his shoulder, "I guess we both agree gum is icky."

Rae glanced up to see that boundaries between each other were broken. In an instant the tension in the room switched, Caleb held her closer and they were moving closer to each other.


Rae rolled quickly under his bed leaving Caleb in an uncomfortable position. He jumped into his bed and threw the covers over his body and held a pillow between his legs. He said, "Yes, mother?"

She opened the door, "I just want to say good night."

He smiled, "Night mom." She smiled before closing the door again.

Rae slowly pulled herself up, "You really need to swifter under there. Anyway, I gots to go. Night." Rae gave Caleb a tight hug while he kissed her head, "Night."

She crept to his window, where they installed a rope ladder for her to climb, "See you bright and early."

When she left, Caleb checked under the pillow and placed it back. This wasn't good, especially the fact Rae would be around longer.

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