The Sequel: The Year of Separation

Chapter 22

"Apparently Austin is going to wait for his exact due date and not come out earlier." She looked down at her belly, "Who would have thought, between us, he'd be a stickler for the rules."

"Serenity when have we ever did anything early? We don't hand our papers in, go to class, or even get up early. He's a perfect us."

A smile graced Serenity's face at that comment and she asked, "Can you make me some more red raspberry leaf tea? Then we'll try again. Oh call Dr. Stafford, I'm going to try the acupuncture again. "

Chase turned around before he got one foot out the door, "You hate needles."

Serenity waved her hands and tried to sound carefree, "I know, I know. But this time I wouldn't chicken out."

He knelt down in front of Serenity while she sat on the bed, "We tried everything, that didn't cause you pain, maybe we should just take a break."

She said concerned, "But Chase, we've pushed back the date of your treatment as far as we can go. So we have to keep trying or else you'll miss this." Serenity rubbed her belly and added, "I want you to be with me for the birth."

He clasped his hands in hers and said in a calm tone, "We still have a month left before school. For right now, you need to relax. Stress isn't good for you or the baby."

Serenity fell back onto the bed and said peeved,"Fine. I'm relaxing."

Chase chuckled and snuggled closer to her, "How long has it been since you got your nails done or took a warm relaxing bath for yourself?"

She was trying to think back, "I got a manicure…three weeks ago, I think?"

Chase kissed her neck playfully, "What do you say, to taking a nice bath and getting your nails done with your friends? Do some shopping and after we'll go out for a pleasant picnic."

Serenity sighed, "Alright. But tomorrow I try acupuncture."


"Why is Rae bouncing off the wall?" Thea asked a little giddy. Kylie looked away from her lap top to see Rae slouching on the couch with a board to death expression.

"Thea she hasn't done anything besides heavily sigh and repeatedly say," Kylie dragged out her words, "'I'm board.'"

"But inside she's acting like a five year old on Christmas." Thea turned to Rae, "Drop the act. Why are you so happy?"

"What? I can't be happy," Rae asked defensively.

Thea replied, "No. It's weird."

Rae smiled and said, "I had some visions."

"We're going for manicures and shopping?" They all turned to Abby coming down the stairs.

Rae was still smiling and Kylie sat by Rae and felt her forehead, "No fever."

Rae slapped her hand away and Thea replied, "So I guess we can rule out delusional."

Continuing onward Rae stated, "I saw a glimpse of Serenity's future."

"She's going to have three children?" Abby asked in a distant tone to herself as she sat on the old, beat up, blue recliner. "I thought there was supposed to be only one?"

Rae looked at Abby, "Can you let me finish one thing? She's having a boy, but somewhere in the far, far future she will be with Chase and be fussing over three kids."

They let this information slowly sink in. Kylie inquired, "So there is a slim possibility that this will be our last life?"

Rae gave a small smile, "I believe so. And I use the salt circle to make sure Gabriel wasn't messing with my vision."

Thea cautiously asked, "Did you have any visions of us?"

Rae shook her head, "No. And when I check for us, we're kind of blurry."

Thea looking out the window, "You don't think we…die?"

Abby said confidently, "No. It's because their decision to be with each other has been solidified. We haven't picked a path yet, so were just a tossup for now." Abby quickly shot a non-verbal question to Rae, I did make a decision to be without Pogue and to protect him. Why would it be the same as the others?

Rae said, "Serenity should be here in a couple minutes and we need to keep cool and get ready to go shopping."

Thea whined, "Why?"

Rae stated, "Serenity is stressing, I need you to keep her calm and relaxed." Kylie dragged Thea up stairs to change out of their pajamas. Rae answered Abby's thoughts, I don’t know.

Abby went to the kitchen to get breakfast and Rae plopped back on the couch. She hoped for Abby's sake she change her decision someway because the worst was yet untold.

When Rae was checking the future she couldn't even get a glimpse of Abby. It was as if her future didn't exist anymore.

Opening another can of beer Reid said to Tyler, "Last one, want it?" Tyler shook his head feeling the alcohol coursing through his body. He grabbed the controller to his x-box and heard Reid ask, "They better hurry their asses over soon. I want to start the poker game already."

Tyler said as he played intently on the game, "Not comin'. Caleb's hanging out with Pogue at Nicky's."

Reid chugged more of his beer, "What a pansy ass. Pogue can't take a joke."

Tyler dropped the game controller and said, "Damn, lost again." He turned to Reid, "You talked smack about his girlfriend."

Reid said, "I was just making a point. I mean, really does he have to bring her everywhere? Couldn't he drop her off at the day care or maybe the dog pound?"

They looked over at each other and then cracked up at Reid's comment.

When they began to calm down, Reid grabbed the controller and Tyler stated, "Things just changed."

Reid slouched down on the chair, "Yeah, Pogue's now enjoying being Kate's bitch, golden boy off doing who knows what. Probably re-reading the Book of Damnation for the umpteenth time."

Tyler added, "We're now friends with Chase."

Reid cracked his knuckles, "You got the hots for Kylie."

Tyler sat up at little in discomfort, "No I don't." He tried to change the attention off of himself by saying, "You haven't got laid in 11 months."

Reid smirked as he said, "Thea's gotten hotter."

Tyler laughed, "You know, her rejecting you is probably the one thing that hasn't changed."

A second coat of pearly blue nail polish was being painted on Serenity's nails. Abby sitting by her asked, "Why blue? I thought orange was your favorite color."

Serenity said, "I have to match my baby's blue cap."

Abby looking at her own red nails, "When's the due date for little Austin?"

She sighed, "August 16th." Giving a side glance at Abby she said, "I wanted to ask you if you would want to be his god mother."

Abby gave a huge smile, "Your choosing me?"

She nodded her head, "I know you would take good care of him while I'm gone. After all, you've keep me in check most times."

Abby shook her head, "Ella you're going to be with Chase and Austin for the rest of this life. Rae and I saw it." Abby projected Rae's vision to Serenity.

Serenity practically fell out of her chair when exclaiming, "What?"

Abby smiled and turned to her nails. She concentrated on Serenity's mind because many people where staring in their direction. I know we shouldn't get too excited because the future changes all the time….

Serenity replied excitedly in her mind. But we never had one vision of our futures where we move on.

Serenity began to cry a little because, one, she was an emotional pregnant woman. Two, she was in ecstasy at the idea of having kids and, three, Serenity was relieved to know that neither she nor Chase were going to die.

Abby handed her a tissue and Serenity gave a small hug. Serenity whispered to Abby, "My god we have a chance."

Swirling her straw around to get the remainder of the chocolate shake that laid at the bottom of the cup, Kylie glanced over the dirty table to Thea, who was trying to suck her milk shake up the tiny straw.

Thea said with a smile, "This is most fun I have ever had in the mall. Why haven't I ever gone shopping with you?" Kylie was about to put her elbows on the table, but quickly caught herself before touching the nasty table.

She laughed and said, "Because Serenity loves to hog you. Should we move to a different table. This one's gross."

Thea glanced around the mall's food court, "There're no other available tables."

Kylie stood up, "Yet. I've been keeping an eye out to see if anyone seems to be leaving soon. And that old couple is slowly getting up. Let's move."

Before they took to three steps to the evacuating elderly couple, Kylie stopped making Thea come to a halt. Thea glanced to the direction she was looking and saw nothing out of the ordinary.

"What?" Thea asked confused. Kylie smile got wider and she held a finger out indicating for Thea to wait a moment. Thea quickly said, "Oh," and turned to feel her pull coming closer.

Walking into the mall entranced doors was Reid and Tyler. Thea turned her head back to Kylie's direction, "Let's just ignore them."

Kylie's smirked at her idea, "Okay."

They began to walk to the nice clean table the older people had occupied, when Reid yelled loudly, "Yo Thea!"

Thea gave an unnoticeable glance to see Reid leaving Tyler, who was embarrassed far behind, so Reid, could catch up to them.

They sat down at the new table and Thea sighed, "How do they me expect to drink this? I am better off with a spoon."

Reid placed his hands on the table and lean his body into the table, "Hello ladies…."

Thea cut him short, "So where are we hitting up next?"

Kylie shrugged her shoulders, "I don't know. We got twenty five minutes before the boys pick us up. So how about we go to the arcade?"

Reid waved his hand in front of Thea, "Hey earth to Thea I'm here."

Thea smoothly continued, "Speaking of the boys what is up with Reid's new hair cut? He looks like he's following the footsteps of Justin Beiber."

Reid became defensive, "I do not." He pushed his hair out of his shocking ice blue eyes, "The hair dresser said I looked like Toby Hemingway."

Thea said, "Or worse, like Toby Hemingway."

Reid gave a short joke laugh, "Ha. Ha. Ha. I get that you're ignoring me. You're so funny Thea. You can stop now." Tyler pulled a chair over laughing and Reid said annoyed, "They're ignoring us?"

Tyler smiled, "You sure they're just not talking to you? Chances are it's you and not me. So what did you do?"

Reid said abruptly, "I did nothing…."

He scratched his head thinking back to see if he did anything recently stupid to upset Thea. This whole day he didn't see her. No, he saw her yesterday and they watched "The Ring." Dumbest movie ever. Then he bumped into the table and broke Meredith's expensive vase, which then he jumped in surprise and knocked over…. "Shit," Reid whispered to himself. "Thea are you still mad at me for knocking you over. I said I was sorry already."

Tyler laughed louder, "Told you man." Tyler then saw Kylie signal him to come closer and responded, "What's up?" Kylie didn't answer though and seemed to be staring at his forehead. Feeling self-conscious he lifted his hand up to rub his forehead. He asked, "Is something there?"

Kylie smiled and said, "Rae." Tyler eyes squinted at Kylie with confusion, "Rae?"

"How did shopping go?"

Tyler turned around to see Rae with a wicked smile. Kylie stood up grabbing her empty cup, "It was fun and Thea has decided to shop with me for now on." She faced Thea, "Do you want me to take your trash too?" Thea nodded her head as Rae sat down in Kylie's seat.

Reid sat in the last chair and turned to Tyler, "Hmm…I guess I was right smart ass."

Thea asked Rae, "Where did you go today?"

Rae smirked, "Did some shopping for the baby. What did you do that was so fun that your perspective of the horror of shopping turned into a pleasant thing?"

Coming back to the table Kylie nonchalantly sat on top of Tyler's lap making Thea slap her hand over mouth to stop her laugh and Rae crack a smile. Kylie said, "What are we talking about?"

Rae smoothly said, "About your shopping excursions?"

Thea, now composed, had tilted her seat back with a smile, "Well we did a few mischief things…"

Going down the escalator Kylie screeched in pain as she yelled, "My shoelaces! Oh my God it's sucking my feet in! Ahhh!"

In the dressing room at American Eagle, Thea asked the store worker, "Does this make my butt look big," as she wore the jeans on backwards.

They raced across the other side of the mall with the electric wheel chairs and in the process hit Mr. Hiney and his girlfriend, that looks like a relative to cousin 'it'. As they were buzzing past him, he yelled about reducing their grades….

"That's hilarious. You don't even have him anymore," Rae said.

Kylie replied, "Yeah, I kind of feel bad for whomever Kim and Hillary is…apparently he thought it was them. I…whoa!"

As Kylie was talking Tyler had formed a devious plan and bobbed Kylie up and down very fast on his lap making her feel like she was going to fall. Kylie turned quickly to Tyler, "Hey, what was that for?" Tyler smiled at her with a winning grin and Kylie realized the game was over. "You really suck."

Reid sat up, "About time. Let's go I'm starving for some real food."

Thea gave a deadly glare to Reid and then asked Rae, "Do you need a ride or you going with Abby and Serenity?"

Sticking her hand in her pocket, Rae pulled out keys, "Drove here myself. So I'll see you guys later. The baby clock is ticking."

Thea and Reid slowly walked after Rae to the doors of the mall and Reid said, "Your better at control then I thought."

She glanced over to him, "Well it takes more than you feeling up my leg with your hand."

Reid leaned in closer and whispered in her ear, "Just admit you like it."

She stopped dead in her tracks, "Reid. I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I'm not like the slutty girls that like to be manipulated by you. If anything you would be the last person I would ever date."

His face held puzzlement, "And why is that?" he quickly tacked on, "Not that I would date you."

She whipped her body around, "Why what's wrong with me?"

Reid should have bit his tongue, "Nothing. Just that you're a stick in the mud sometimes and are too conservative. But why wouldn't you date me?"

He held the door open for Thea and the hot August air hit their faces. Thea looked him dead in the eye and said bluntly, "Because I just can't see you as the rock steady boyfriend type."

Thea then began to continue to walk feeling shock radiating off of him. The shock wasn't from Thea's words for he knew he was never the settling type. No, this blow to the gut he was feeling was from the realization that Theadora had rejected him. For real.

Back at the table Kylie still sat on Tyler's lap and she asked, "So how did you know where to find us? It's not like you have radar on you."

He wrapped his arms around her whole body, "Where there is food, there is Kylie." She rolled her eyes as he placed a small kiss on her cheek. She said sarcastically, "I'm so glad you know me so well."

After a belly full picnic, Chase set up in the park, they took a slow walk down a trail in the forest. He held her hand and asked, "I see your day has been good so far. You haven't stopped smiling all day."

Serenity tried to stop her smiling, but failed miserably, "I'm just really happy. Can we take a break for a second? I think I need to sit down."

Chase helped Serenity down to the ground and he situated himself between her and the tree where he leaned his back against. Chase asked, "You okay?"

Serenity replied as she rubbed her back with one arm, "My back really aches."

He started to massage her shoulders to the swell in her back. Serenity said, "I wish you saw it. Abby replayed a grand vision to me today."

Chase slowly rubbed her neck, "Was it of Austin?"

Serenity's eyes were sparkling as she said, "More than that. It had you, me and three kids I was fussing over."

He stopped rubbing, "You're not going to leave me then?"

Serenity laid her head back into Chase's chest, "You know I would never leave you by choice, but there's hope I get to stay with you forever."

Chase said softly, "Tell me about them." Serenity entailed him on the details of the vision; a charming older boy with Chase's dark hair spiked, then a girl had her brown hair and eyes and the small infant boy that was smiling up at her.

"Weird thing is the girl seemed to be, which I'm positive it was Austin, the same age..." She let out a groan in pain and said, "Ohh."

Chase jumped, "What's wrong?"

Serenity cleared her throat, "I think my stomach is disagreeing with the spicy food I ate for brunch."

She held her stomach which was cramping and was beginning to feel some pressure. Chase was starting to get up, "Let's go home and get you some Maalox."

As they walked down the path the pressure eased and Serenity said, "I think I'm okay….Shit." She bent over holding her stomach as it tightened. She let out her breathe, but felt no relief drawing in another breath.

Chase was balancing her with his arms, "Can you walk, or should I carry you?" The pain was definitely stronger and it lasted longer than before. Was she going into labor?

Serenity grinded her teeth, "No time…."

Chase said a little panicked, "Serenity you're not delivering a child in the woods. I need to get you to a hospital." She grabbed his hand and tried to concentrate on her destination; the car. She panted, "Drive fast please."

Meanwhile entering Nicky's, Rae walked over to Caleb, who was stirring his straw in his drink around. She slid into the booth, "I thought you were going to hang out with Pogue?"

Caleb glanced up quickly to the dance floor and back at his drink with his not happy face, "He's too busy straddling Kate." Rae, who decided at that particular moment to take a gulp of his drink, choked making her eyes water.

Caleb bent over the table patting her back and she pushed his hands away, "I'm fine." Clearing her throat, "What got you in a bad mood?"

Caleb shrugged his shoulders, "I was talking to Pogue and things turned kind of ugly in the conversation."

Rae slouched closer, "And?"

He glanced up, "I suggested that he should take a break and hang out with just the guys."

Rae snorted at his disdainful tone, "I'm guessing by your serious mood this comment wasn't taken to kindly."

He smirked at Rae and gave one more look at Pogue before saying, "He explained he can't lose her. So he wasn't going to blow his chance like I did with Sarah." Rae huffed and brought her bags on the table a little harshly.

Caleb asked, "You went shopping?"

She rolled her eyes, "I have half an hour, so do you want to accompany me or stay here?"

Caleb placed money on the table and grabbed a bag, "Where to?"

They walked out to her Camaro which had an oddly shaped box sticking out the window.

Rae said, "Don't say what a big package you have, grandma."

Caleb laughed, "I wasn't going to say that. What is it?"

Rae got into the driver's seat, "Filled with questions are we?"

Caleb got bent into the car in an awkward position to fit him and the box. She continued to say, "We are going to set this up before Serenity gives birth."

Now at the hospital, the nurse said to the Dr. Kelly. "Her contractions are about three minutes apart and lasting up to a minute and a half."

"Serenity, this is the shortest part of labor, but the hardest. So I need you to hold on and relax as much as you can because when you're done with this phase, you will be completely dilated and ready to deliver this baby," Dr. Kelly announced.

Serenity nodded her head trying to hold back her tears.

Why did my back have to be so fucked up that the anesthesiologist couldn't find the right space for the epidural? Now I just had to grin and bear it.

Abby was sitting next to her, "I know sweetie, but you're doing such a great job. Now brace yourself, another contraction is coming."

Again it was more intense, making the feeling her stomach was tied in several knots. She began to shake and sweat profusely. If she wasn't in so much pain she would have told Chase to go so he wouldn't see her dripping sweat.

After the contraction stopped she glanced over to Chase and he said, "Your doing amazing. Do you need help finding a more comfortable position?"

She tried to sit up more, "I think the only way I'm going to be comfortable is when Austin gets out of my tummy." Chase placed a cool cloth on her forehead and removed the sweat from her face.

"Are you thirsty?" He pointed to a cup of water nearby.

Serenity shook her head, "No."

The door opened and Serenity smiled in appreciation, "Rae! How did you get through? They're only allowing two people back here."

Rae grabbed Serenity's hand, "You think they could keep me away from my sister."

Serenity asked quietly to Rae, "Do you still have the letter?" Rae rolled her eyes at Serenity insisting her to give Chase a good bye if it went wrong. Rae knew she would be fine.

Rae responded, "I burned it the first day you gave it to me." She directed her conversation to everyone, "I just came in quick to wish you luck and get a picture before it's too late." They all gather around Serenity and took a snap shot as the doctor came in to check on her.

"You're all dilated, so we can begin pushing," Dr. Kelly said as she looked at Rae confused. "Who are you?"

Rae gave a cheeky smile, "I'm just leaving. Good luck."

Slowly Serenity began pushing her baby every four minutes, "Push, push, push…good. Relax."

This phrase was repeated several times before the doctor said words she would cherish, "One more big push and he's out." Serenity bent up clinging to her legs as she pushed and then the sound of crying interrupted the room.

"Congratulations. It's a big boy." They placed him on Serenity's lap to see him before getting him cleaned up and weighed. Chase extremely proud began kissing Serenity and soon the doctor handed Chase his baby, "He's a healthy nine pounds and fifteen ounce baby."

Abby gravitated over to Austin and let her finger be wrapped around by his small hand. She said choked up, "He's beautiful Serenity."

As Serenity watched this amazing scene the pressure and pain she thought would go away was still there.

Serenity asked a little panicked, "Dr. Kelly why do I feel like I'm going to give birth again?"

She went over to Serenity and said calmly, "That would be the placenta working its way…oh."

Everyone glanced up at the doctor and Chase said, "Oh?"

Dr. Kelly began to check her out and said to Serenity, "I need you to push again Serenity."

Serenity asked confused, "Why…ugghh…."

Chase handed Austin to Abby and demanded, "What's going on?"

Dr. Kelly turned her head toward Chase, "Apparently you're going to have twins."

Abby interjected, "Twins? That can't be possible."

Chase added, "You said there was only one. I have the pictures to prove it."

Dr. Kelly gave an, I'm-just-as-shocked-as-you laugh, "I guess this little one was hiding behind your bruiser of a son. Push Serenity. Yes, that's it…."

Chase still in shock said, "The ultra sound had only one heart beat."

Dr. Kelly stated, "Remember when I said it must be an echo of Serenity's heart beat because it was too faint," he nodded his head and she continued to say, "Well, I was wrong. Now help support your wife with the rest of her pushing."

Serenity was beyond tired and yet the fire spread through her veins knowing she was having another baby.

"And your daughter is out."

Serenity only got a quick peak of her newborn daughter before they whisked her off to make sure she was okay, due to the small size and low four pound weight. Chase feeling surreal walked out of the room to get air.

Abby who gave Austin to Serenity said, "Chase will be okay. He just needs to digest the news."

Sitting in the waiting room Tyler stared at the white wall when Reid said, "It's been over two hours. What could be taking so long?"

Thea reading a magazine lifted her head up, "Shit a bowling ball out of your ass and then you can talk."

Kylie looked over at Tyler and sat up slowly, "I'm going to the cafeteria to get some food. Anyone else want anything?"

Reid said, "Can you get me a candy bar?"

Thea placed the magazine down, "Really Reid. Get him something that won't give him a sugar high."

Tyler asked Reid then yawned, "Why is Thea mad at you?"

Reid whispered to Tyler, "She not. After two hours of everyone’s intense angst she's finally cracking and sucking it in."

Kylie nodded her head, "Get the hospital's free jello, then."

Tyler asked groggily, "Maybe we shouldn't steal patient's food."

Kylie replied sarcastically, "It's not like they're going to gum me to death." She contemplated, "Though it might be nice to have some protection. Tyler, want to help me?"

He was starting to drift off in his chair and replied, "Na, I'm actually tired. Can you just get me a soda?"

Kylie bit her lip and said bitterly, "Sure."

As Kylie gathered her purse and left, Reid nudged Tyler. "What?"

Reid said, "That was a sign."

Tyler said confused, "Sign?"

Reid shook his head in disbelief, "For once in your life follow your dick. She definitely wanted you to go with her and it wasn't about food, dude."

The doors busted open rushing out a baby away and Chase wandered out very pale.

Thea sat up and said his name before passing out onto the floor. Reid quickly scooped Thea up and cradled her in the chair. Tyler helped place Chase in a chair while Rae got them some water.

Reid asked, "Everything okay man?"

Tyler whispered to Reid, "I think he's going to pass out."

Reid said, "Yeah, by the way Thea went down I'm sure he's going too."

Chase muttered, "I had twins."

They stared at Chase until Reid said, "You can't."

Chase glanced up, "I know and yet we did."

Reid continued to say, "We can only have a son the first time. She must have cheate-ouch!"

Thea laid there with a tightened grasp on her magazine, "Serenity would never cheat. So don't you ever say that!"

Reid replied, "Then how else would you explain this. And who died and made you queen of hitting me whenever you like?"

"Yo, hold on for a second will ya." Rae handed the cup of water to Chase, "You guys continue to forget we aren't normal girls. We were made from the powers of the gods, which uses white magic. So the curse on you, the whole passing power to one son, doesn't affect us. Hence twins."

Chase's color was slowly coming back to a normal shade and Tyler asked, "I'm guessing you knew this was going to happen since you're so calm."

Rae jumped up from her chair, "Yep. By the way, I call Chastity as my god child." Chase said the name and let it roll off his tongue.

Now that he knew that indeed these were his children, the idea of having a girl thrilled him. They congratulated him as he went back to Serenity with a smile and apology.

Rae on the other hand went down a couple of halls sensing where Caleb was waiting. "This is unexpected. You sitting by the nursery watching the babies. I don't know if I should feel touched or disturbed." Caleb smiled as Rae turned to the window to see a bunch of babies, "So how is she?"

Caleb said, "The nurse said she's fine. She just needs to be fed some more before they release her. Do you think they'll like the new refurbished baby room?"

She said, "Caleb it's not like we destroyed any of Chase's hard work. We just moved some things around to make room for Chastity's crib and toys."

He said in a mocking tone, "And the touch of pink paint was nothing?"

Rae laughed, "Exactly. Anyway, I guess she got Serenity's charm in her. Chasity surrounded in a room filled with just boys."

Caleb said, "I guess Chase's going to have his hands full with her." He paused, "I can't believe how small she is." He glanced over at Rae, who was staring sadly and wore a pensive expression. "What are you thinking?"

Rae seemed off and she said, "It's nothing." She looked up into Caleb's mocha eyes and somehow she just spilled a secret she didn't even know she had inside. "I never wanted kids before. But now after seeing them, I realize how incomplete my life is. It makes me wish I had one." Rae glanced down, "That's kind of stupid."

Caleb smiled, "No. Everyone at one point thinks about their future. If they're going to get married, have kids, you name it. Is this what you've been worrying about? Not finding someone?"

Rae denied, "I'm not worried."

Caleb placed his hands on her shoulder and leaned his head against hers, "Rae, I know without a doubt you will find someone that loves you more than you can possibly think."

They both went back and looked at little Chastity.

Thinking back, Rae had pictured her wedding day ever since she could remember. Obviously a secret Rae would take to the grave. Always in her fantasy of what her wedding would be, the groom was faceless.

Rae gulped and yet now another thought surprised her. This time thinking about her future, the man wasn't faceless; no, it held Caleb Danvers with his beautiful kind eyes.

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