The Sequel: The Year of Separation

Chapter 23

No one was going to be getting any sleep this week or possibly the next week depending on how each of them took the treatment. The worst case was Chase, which was located down the basement. It was absolutely terrifying hearing Chase's earsplitting screams echoing before the door was shut.

This affected Serenity the most. After all she couldn't do anything besides support, give the medicine and wait. This was where Abby and Kylie help out. They took care of the twins to free up Serenity.

Upstairs in Thea's room, Reid lay still with his lips clasped tightly shut. "Maybe I should put him in a calming stage again?" Thea said a little worn.

Tyler sitting on a chair said, "Thea you've been doing that all day. You need to take a break or else you'll be rolling in pain too."

She sighed and wiped the beads of sweat off his forehead. "I just hate to see him in pain," Thea whispered.

Tyler stretched his arms, "Thea, can you go down stairs and see how the rest are doing?"

She gave one more glance a Reid and replied, "Yes."

She walked down the stairs to where Kylie was holding Chastity. Kylie asked, "How's Reid holding up?"

Thea shrugged her shoulders, "He's in a lot of pain, yet he hasn't said one word. I think he's trying to tough it out."

Abby was rocking Austin, "I have to say I'm definitely getting a work out carrying this kid."

Thea glanced around, "Where's Rae?"

The basement door opened with a slam making the babies cry and a howling of yelling echoed from the room downstairs.

Serenity was crying as she said defeated, "He's cracking. I can't get through to him. He's asking and begging me to stop. To kill him." She beseeched them, "Help me, please."

Thea with a determined look on her face went down and shut the door. Tyler in the corner of the upper stairs peeked his head out, "Is everything okay?"

Serenity was bawling on Kylie's shoulders while holding Chastity, "Thea went down to calm Chase."

Tyler's eye brows rose, "She's been calming Reid all day. I sent here down here for a break."

Abby placed Austin down in a small crib they set up in the living room, "Tyler come with me." They both went down and this time Chase's pleads were accompanied with shrieks from Thea.

In a couple minutes, Tyler brought up Thea, who was twitching and squealing in pain.

Kylie shouted, "Take her in the car and drive far way until she comes to her senses." Tyler nodded and Kylie was left quietly hushing the babies and Serenity. Kylie glanced up to shaking Reid looking down the steps and Kylie said shocked, "Get back into bed Reid!"

He held the railing tightly, "I heard Thea…."

Serenity went up and allowed him to use her as support, "She's fine Reid. The emotions finally got to her, so Tyler took her away from the house." Reid gave a nod and stubbornly walked back to bed by himself. Serenity on the other hand began to weep on the stairs.

Kylie waved her over, "Come over here, deifiúr." And just before Reid had made his grand entrance, Serenity was crying on Kylie's shoulders once again.

Down in the basement Chase was clenching his hands so hard together that they were drawing blood, his face was a deadly pallid color and his body contorted by the immense pain. "Kill me, please. Stop it! Help me, make it stop," he shouted out loud.

Abby shouted loudly, "Chase calm down. Everything will be okay." But Chase kept yelling like he couldn't hear her anymore.

Maybe the pain was blinding him, Abby thought to herself before focusing on his mind to hear Chase's mind call out, When will the pain stop?

Abby said soothing, Chase. It'll stop soon.

Abby? Fuck! It feels like my body being ripped into piece, Chase responded back.

Abby tried to get his mind off the pain, I want you to focus on the idea of your kids, of Serenity.

Chase grunted and said to Abby mentally, How are they?

Abby replied, They're great. Do you know what your son did today?

His body was beginning to relax from his ridged position, What?

I was changing his diaper and he decided to decorate the wall and ceiling with pee. Chase chuckled and his screams became silent.

"Is he okay?" Serenity asked.

Abby nodded her head, Chase, Serenity's back.

He let his hand out for Serenity to hold. Quickly Serenity kissed his hand and Abby lay on the other couch. Abby glanced over to Chase and Serenity holding each other's hand and knew the worst must be over.

"Tyler are you kidnapping me?" Thea said after twenty minutes of being incoherent and wailing.

He smiled in relief, "Welcome back Thea. I thought by the time you come around we'd be out of the state."

She sat up a little more, "I feel better now. Let's turn around and go back."

He squirmed in his seat, "Thea?"

She glanced over, "Yes."

"Reid wanted me to take care of you while he was down. So maybe we should get a burger or something and then go back."

"But Reid needs me," Thea pleaded.

Tyler smiled, "Please don't make me break my promise. He'll be fine for you to get some food."

It was later that night when Thea and Tyler entered the house. Thea went quickly up the stairs to find Reid curled up in a ball. She sat on the edge of the bed and Reid called her name softly.

She asked, "Do you need something Reid?"

"Thea, why did you get me that? I hate chihuahuas. It's like a small rat." She stared at him realizing he was sleeping.

Wrapping her arms around him she softly replied, "Don't worry Reid I'm allergic to dogs."

In the living room Tyler walked around the couch to see Kylie laying with the twins on a couple of blankets instead on the air mattress they set up earlier. He began to peel off his shoe when Kylie's arm bent backwards searching for him. He sat down next to her and offered his hand. She took his hand then turned to face him with a sleepy expression. She asked, "How's Thea?"

He continued to remove his other shoe with one hand, "Good. I made her eat and take a break. How about you? The twins give you trouble?"

She shook her head, "Na. Austin eats and sleeps while Chastity, which I have to admit is a little high maintenance like her mother, just needs to be rocked to sleep," she paused in thought, "but you have to do it standing up."

Tyler smiled as he joked, "Know all the tricks of the trade, have we?"

Kylie modestly said, "Only the basics."

He placed another pillow down and asked, "Why aren't you using the air mattress?"

Kylie opened her eyes, "I would have if Abby didn't go downstairs. She was going to block the other side so they wouldn't fall off."

Tyler patted his pillows and asked, "Do you want to move to the air mattress now? I can block the other side."

Kylie smiled and replied, "It would be more comfortable, but I'm not taking the risk waking them up."

She scooted closer to his body as he laid down and made a sniffing noise. Kylie asked, "What? Do the babies need to be change?"

She was beginning to turn over when Tyler stopped her, "No, but I smell blueberries and peaches on your shirt."

She gave a quiet laugh, "Oh that would be the baby food."

He shifted his head down, "Baby food? Aren't they too young to have that, Kylie?"

Kylie buried her face into his chest, "The babies didn't eat it. I did."

Tyler asked amused, "Why?"

She replied with red cheeks, "I was starving and I didn't get to the grocery store yet. So the only food left was the baby jars. By the way, most of the meats were nasty, well except the turkey and gravy. That was okay."

He chuckled, "Oh Kylie. What am I going to do with you? You could have called me and I could have picked you up something."

She let out a yawn, "You were helping Thea and I was simply taste testing the food to help determine what they should eat later on."

Kylie thought after Tyler would get home she would go do the shopping, but all of a suddenly exhaustion hit her. So tomorrow she promised herself, she would go shopping and bring some stuff for Rae and Caleb.

Kylie pulled up the blanket to share with Tyler and he asked, "Did you make a list for the store?"

She was slowly nodding off, "Yeah, it's on the fridge. If you need anything just add it on and I'll get it tomorrow."

Tyler kissed her forehead and said, "Good night baby." She gave one more smile and said groggily, "Night, baby boy."

When she was fast asleep, Tyler quietly placed his shoes back on and grabbed the list. With one more smile at Kylie peacefully sleeping with the twins, Tyler headed out to the store.

It was later in the night, in the colony house that Caleb began to whimper. Rae slowly got up from the floor and wiped his brow saying, "Its okay Caleb. I'm here." This was the first time he actually let his true pain show in front of Rae.

You see when she was there Caleb wouldn't say a word. He held it in. So she thought his addiction was a bad as Reid's. But Rae later realized when she went out he let go and only Gorman would know.

How did she find out this little trick of his?

She just closed the front door saying she'd be back soon and realized she forgot the keys inside. So when she opened the door his screams pierced the silence.

Going to check on him Gorman held her back, "He doesn't want you to see him in pain." Gorman led her outside with him, "I'm asking you Raechel. Give him time to just let go." She agreed and sat outside for a good two hours before making a loud entrance.

"Why do you have to be so damn proud?" Rae said tiredly. His eyes peeked open and she asked, "Do you want me to leave so you can a…let loose?"

He shook his head and more sweat perspired from his brow, "I feel better when you're around."

She grabbed the rag and wiped his face again, "I don't want to make you angsty, but I saw two more days. So the worst is over, babe."

Caleb gave a small smile and replied, "Good." Rubbing his forehead lightly with her hand he soon fell back to sleep. He mumbled softly, "Love you."

Rae stopped for a second in surprise, and then continued her motions until Caleb was peacefully sleeping. Knowing it was safe she kissed his cheek and whispered softly, "I love you, too."

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