The Sequel: The Year of Separation

Chapter 24

Conclusion of Junior Year

I don't understand how I got this honor of wrapping up the year. Gees why couldn't Kylie just do it? Anyway, what can I say?

Coach Ham-is a saint for not letting me swim this year

Serenity-always leads to fun, crazy trouble

Reid- annoys Caleb constantly; a plus in my book

Kylie- a cool cat that usually backs me up

Chase- funny as heck; those comments to Caleb were hilarious

Thea-a doll

Ben- he's so much fun to pull pranks on. Like how the one time I had a mouse attached to a string and threw it at him. I said, "Come on kitty. Get the mouse." His face was priceless

Tyler- doesn't piss me off

Aaron- amusing

Provost Higgins-what a creep…definitely has a crush on Caleb

Abby- stick in the mud nun

Kira- bimbo

Pogue- idiot

Sarah- dumb shit

Kate- Ah, what can I say to describe her. Horrid, retched Bitch, a waste of skin, two timing leech that ruins everything.

And that's a list of people I like to well, not like. Good wrap up? No? Well, fine I'll be more serious.

The end of this year I can only wrap up as a year of separation. I've barely seen any of my sisters and their guardies after the treatments from their addiction. The only good thing that has happened this year was that the Sons of Ipswich were cured and have a new bounce in their steps. It was as if a weight was lifted off their shoulders.

What I do know was Abby spent most of her time in front of the television eating Ben….Haha gottcha! No she was eating Ben and Jerry's ice cream. I guess it was her new best friend to get her through the summer and dealing with keeping a distant eye on Pogue. Thankfully with training she was able to eat a pint of ice cream a day and not gain any weight.

Thea and Reid spent most time together in his club house, preparing for the school year. Fun fact! Reid's mom set him up with a surprise blind date, but Reid told his mother he was already involved with a girl. To stop his mother's nagging of not knowing who his girlfriend was, he promised to introduce his mystery girl at his mother's fundraiser. Too bad she isn't real.

Serenity and Chase were cherishing the true meaning of parenthood as they stayed up at all odds in the night trying to put their fickle twins to sleep.

For Kylie, she's been crazy busy since the beginning of summer. Besides practicing butch ball and training boot camp every day, she was now holding a summer job at a café; which I still don't get why she needs do it if we are beyond rich. I've never seen Kylie be so active, like…Abby.

I'm just waiting for Kylie to collapse from exhaustion.

As for me, yours truly, I seemed to be cursed with not being able to mention the dying factor to Caleb. It seemed no matter how much I tried to tell him, something would interrupt me…or maybe deep down I waited for the wrong time to ask. I really just don't want him to know.

Damn, why does this guardian stuff have to be hard?

And that's it. Kylie and I were hoping somebody would have knocked some sense into Parry or maybe Abby would snap kill Kate. Hell, I thought I'd kill her once. But nothing. Just another unexpected, messed up year at Spencer Academy.

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