The Sequel: The Year of Separation

Chapter 2

Down the hall Kylie was power walking to her required class for the whole student body of juniors. In freshman year, they had to take Swimming, sophomore year it was Music Appreciation, which Rae excelled in the difficult instrument called the triangle, and now the junior class was demanded to take Home Economics. On her way down she was bombarded by a group of freshmen.

One girl asked, "Are you Kylie Evans?" Kylie nodded her head and glanced to see how close the classroom door was.

Another girl with dark red hair said, "Oh it's so amazing to finally meet the girl that held the best party of the year as a freshman."

The girl before said, "If you ever need anything we'll get it."

The red head added, "My names Sam and this is Val."

The bell was going to ring any minute, so Kylie said awkwardly, "Thanks guys, but I have to get to class." They moved to the side quickly and apologized as Kylie left. She thought, Freshmen are so weird. Finally, Kylie plopped into a seat in front of Tyler and by Rae.

Rae asked sarcastically, "Were you passing a kidney stone in the bathroom. What took you so long?"

Kylie laughed and said jokingly, "Yes. It was quite painful."

A young woman of small stature wrote on the board and said out loud, "I'm Miss Peters and welcome to Home Economics." She turned to face the class, "Now while I take class role I want you to find an opposite sex partner. Make sure it's the partner you want because once you choose there's no going back."

This is the part where people scope the room trying either to find the smartest person or a friend. Rae glanced over to see Sarah getting up to ask Caleb, so she quickly threw a paper at him. He looked over at Rae and she asked, "Want to be partners?"

Caleb put his fingers on his chin stroking his invisible beard. Rae was getting irritated at his antics because Sarah would be over to him soon.

Caleb nodded his head yes and said, "Under one condition?"

Rae arched an eyebrow, "And what could you possible want from me?"

He leaned in, "You have to put 100% in half of the work."

She groaned like the idea would torture her, "Fine. I'll do it." Sarah stood behind Caleb hearing that he now had a partner and turned to find someone else. Inside Rae was smiling with glee.

As for Abby, she had been surrounded by couples. Kate without hesitation grabbed Pogue's arm and glared in Abby's direction. On the other side were Aaron and Kira, who was running her hand through his hair as she babbled about how they make good partners.

Abby turned to ask Chase, but Serenity stated out loud, "I call Chase," making him laugh hard. Great who the heck was I going to be partners with?

A creepy boy beside her began to turn toward her and a voice said in front of her, "Want to be partners?" Abby looked forward to see Eliot.

She smiled and said in relief, "That sounds good to me."

Kylie, on the other hand, turned in her seat to face Tyler and said in a southern accent, "Howdy partner!" Tyler cracked a smile while Reid rolled his eyes annoyed his usual partner for about everything had been taken lately by Kylie.

He glanced around and noticed Thea a few rows down. Taking two steps at a time he sat on Thea's desk making her glare at Reid.

"Get off. You're going to make my desk smell like an ass's ass."

Reid said heartened, "I will if you agree to be my partner."

Thea responded snarky, "Or you can get off and I'll think about it." Reid loved this hard to get game she played with him.

He said cocky, "Time is ticking. I have so many other offers."

Thea waved her hand and said sarcastically, "Really? I just got this gut feeling you're lying. Did Tyler leave you partner-less again?"

Reid smirked at Thea before replying back, "Thea he's a dude. Now if you want to be my partner ask me nicely."

She didn't even break into a smile and Reid got down on his knees and dramatically begged her, "Please Thea. Be my partner or else I might die."

The whole class had turned in their direction and Thea could feel her cheeks burning. Thea rolled her eyes, but could feel under that ham act that he truly wanted to be her partner. He was even nervous and anxious for her answer.

Thea sighed, "Just this once, but you own me big time."

Reid got up and said playfully, "Anything for you, doll face." Thea didn't need to rely on studying his emotions because his ice blue eyes held genuine sincerity.

Miss Peters coughed grabbing everyone's attention, "Now that you've picked your partners we will begin your life journey in this class. Throughout this year you will be given certain projects that will give you a taste of the real world. The more you put into your project the better grade you will receive.”

She began to roll a huge wheel with colorful blank papers at each strip. "This is the career wheel. I will ask each of you to step up and spin the wheel. Whatever the arrow lands on you will pick the piece of paper and find out your job and salary. Who would like to go first?" A lot of people raised their hands excited to find out what they would become.

"Mr. Collins." Chase went to the wheel and spun it and hit a red color paper. "Read it Mr. Collins."

Chase smirked, "I'm an Editor."

Next. "Miss Channing." Abby announced, "Waitress."

Next. "Mr. Danvers." Caleb glanced up, "Farmer."

Next. "Miss Tunney." As she scanned the paper her face dropped to a frown, "Veterinarian."

I'm allergic to dogs and cats. Reading her mind for a second, Abby gave a small smile and thought that's karma bitch.

Next. "Mr. Garwin." He strutted over with confidence and stared at the paper he landed on. "Mr. Garwin please say your career."

He muttered, "Religious worker." Pogue tried to cover his laugh with a cough.

Next. "Miss Hastings." Thea tripped up to the wheel and spun it. She read with a faint blush on her cheeks, "Model."

As she past Reid he said, "That's hot."

Thea replied, "And I'm still way out of your league, Garwin."

Next. "Mr. Goodwin." He smiled, "CEO."

Aaron came down, "My turn to get a high paying job." After spinning the wheel he picked his paper, "A magician." He crumbled the paper, "that's a stupid job."

"Miss Bennett." She bounced to the wheel and said disgusted, "I'm an animal breeder?"

Rae snickered to Kylie, "Well we know how much she loves nature. She'll be a natural at it."

"Miss Preston." Rae read out loud, "Oh for the love of…."

The teacher scold, "Language."

Rae mumbled, "An accountant."

As she sat back at her seat Caleb said, "Apparently, math is your calling."

Rae said bitterly, "Oh shut it, Old McDonald."

"Miss Snider."

Kira told Aaron, "I'll get us a good job to support us." And a second later she revealed, "I'm a garbage man! That's a disgusting job."

Serenity said to the girls, "I see no problem with it. Do you Rae?"

Rae shook her head, "Nope sounds like the ideal job for her. Let the trash take itself out."

"Miss Evans." Kylie bit her lip as she read her career and relief swept through her, "Photographer."

"Miss Wenham." Sarah read hers, "Telemarketer."

"Mr. Simms." Tyler went down to the wheel getting the feeling he was going to get a sucky job. He glanced down at the paper and sighed, "Nurse."

Reid whistled and said, "Hellooooo, Nurse."

As he sat down by Reid, he punched his shoulder, "Shut up. Mine's not that like yours bible thumper."

"Mr. Parry." Pogue impatiently waited for the wheel to stop. Picking up his paper he smiled, "Bartender."

Reid sulked, "Damn, he got an awesome job."

"Next Miss …."

Mrs. Peters said, "Alright class since everyone has their job. I want a full report on your job and that includes a trip to the facility of your job. I will need a signature to make sure you have fulfilled this requirement. It'll be due in three weeks."

The bell rang and Kira marched over to Mrs. Peter's desk. "Mrs. Peter's there must be some way I can pick a different job. One for a woman of my stature…" Abby rolled her eyes as they left the classroom.

"Kira shouldn't complain. She could have got sewage maintenance like Brody," Abby said.

Serenity added as she pulled her hair, "What about animal breeder. Mrs. Peters doesn't understand that nature and animals don't like me."

Kylie laughed, "Rae remember when Serenity freaked out after stepping on what she thought was a snake during training. She ran into the car mumbling how she despised nature."

Rae smirked, "Yeah, Thea left the windows open so the car won't be so hot later on…."

Serenity had just finished training and she was going to get her drink under the tree when she heard a crack. Looking down to see a long brown snake a scream escaped her mouth and she quickly poofed into the car for safety. Locking the doors, she shouted to the girls, who were laughing, "I'm done! With the stupid bees, insects, and now a snake, I'm staying in the car where it's safe from nature forever." The girls laughed hysterically as Rae picked up a stick.

Rae said sarcastically, "This snake seems real dangerous."

Serenity slouched down pouting and heard a small noise beside her. She turned slowly to the seat next to her and a squirrel stared at her. She screamed again when it decided to jump into her lap. Fleeing the car in panic Serenity fell out of the door backwards with the squirrel jumping off her butt to the forest.

"Shut up. That wasn't even funny," Serenity whined.

They walked down the hall and two girls waved at them. Kylie ducked her head down knowing it was Sam and Val.

Rae confused by their motion asked, "Why are those girls waving at us?"

Thea shook her head saying, "I don't know.

Kylie muttered, "I think they might be freshmen groupies. They want to know when my next party will be."

Serenity smiled while cheering on, "You should have one. It'd be fun since it wouldn't be a ploy to get Abby her memories back."

"I don't know. Ben won't allow it, especially after the last one shattered his antiques," Kylie responded while shifting the books in her arms.

Serenity replied mischievously, "I'll make you a deal. You start to plan a party and I'll get the permission from Bennie, okay."

Kylie smirked at her antics, "Okay."

Rae punched the air, "Hell yea!"

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