The Sequel: The Year of Separation

Chapter 4

With Rae's talent, she couldn't believe she missed seeing Abby and Serenity literally blow up at each other.

Of course, what happened last night had been keeping her distracted. Rae could recall getting ready for school and pissed Abby told her to meet in Thea's dorm pronto. Rae quickly threw some books in her bag, not even sure if they were the right ones and left her cozy bed.

When she entered the room, Abby sat on the bed tapping her foot, Thea was playing with a necklace looking very nervous, and Kylie glanced up at Rae with a confused expression.

Rae shrugged her shoulders and plopped into the wheelie chair and spun around. She wondered if they would miss some classes. That would be great.

Finally, Serenity joined and seemed taken aback that we were all in her room.

She asked, "What's going on?"

Abby stood up, "We need to talk about how you can't keep a promise."

Shifting eyes around the room for a clue, Serenity stated, "I don't know what you're talking about?"

Determine to prove her point, Abby replied, "Oh really. Then care to explain why I got to see pornographic images of Chase and you in his mind or better yet,” Abby was becoming louder, “hearing it from Chase's own mouth that you've been dating since freshmen year." Abby turned to Kylie with beady eyes and accused, "And you knew about it!"

“Yeah, I found out yesterday." Kylie responded nonchalantly.

Abby yelled at her, "And you support it!"

Kylie stood up, not really wanting to agrue, "Abby, I'm not fond of the idea, but I'm not going to force her into something she doesn't want."

Serenity huffed at Abby’s actions and tried to reason, "So what! It's my life and I can do whatever I want."

Abby said bitterly, "I know you've been doing everything, including him. Don't you ever think about the consequences?"

Serenity stayed silent waiting for Abby to stop. "What happens later on when we die? Chase will have a wife and kids. Will you be able to handle that he'd moved on without you? Because if you come back in the next life not wanting to stop Gabriel, you're not only dooming yourself, but the very covenant that we've sworn to protect, the world from Gabriel's wrath, and even your own sisters." Abby paused sounding tired, "I'm sick of it too, Ella. But I'm not going to let you ruin this for all of us."

"I'm not going to ruin anything. I just want one chance to be happy. One time, then I can live out the rest of my years in the same purgatory we've been in since the dawn of time. I'm sorry Justine, but I'm not going to let you boss me around telling me what I can and cannot do," Serenity said sternly.

"We made a pact and so far we all have kept up our end. Why do you get special privileges to break it?" Pointing her finger at Serenity, Abby hissed in aggravation.

Serenity responded back, "I love Chase. I'm sorry you don't approve, but I'm not following your stupid rules. If you want to fuck Pogue go right ahead, I don't care."

Abby yelled, "Unlike you, I actually keep thy word."

Serenity turned back aspirated, "I promise not to mess up your next life if it means anything to you then."

"I think we've established that your word means nothing to me anymore," Abby muttered in a low tone.

Serenity glanced around the room and said defeated, "At least I'm finally doing something right, then just following the leader who's afraid to lose control of everything, including her heart." She vanished out of the room leaving everyone in those awkward silences.

Abby mumbled, "We should go to class," before walking out the doorway.

Fun times this morning right, Rae thought sarcastically.

As she sat in her assigned seat by Caleb for English, her stomach tied into a knot. Rae wished she could sit somewhere else now, because she didn't feel obligated or deserving to be in Caleb's presence, especially after what happened last night.

Rae drove down the deserted road to the colony house where William Danvers lived. After hearing Caleb say in freshmen year that his father died, she had to figure out if it was true. She doubted Caleb, because he shifted his eyes.

It might not seem obvious, but after studying Caleb for years now, he didn’t have an unfortunate twitch I speculated when first meeting him. No, whenever he was lying his eyes would flick away, Rae deducted.

It was a couple days ago they, being Serenity, Chase, Sarah and Kate, were at the pharmacy picking up things. Rae was going to the cashier to pay for some pop rocks, soda and Mentos when she saw Caleb getting medicine from the counter. Rae went behind him in line and saw the prescription was for Gorman Twoberry.

"Doing errands, again?"

Caleb turned around to Rae surprised, "Yeah, what are you doing here?" He glanced down to see Rae holding Mentos. "That can't be good."

Rae laughed, "I just want to try and see if the rumors are true about them exploding in soda."

After she paid, they were walking down the aisle and Kate said, "Hey Caleb." He gave a nod and she continued to say, "Did you hear about the dead kid?"

Caleb seemed shaky as he replied, "Yeah. Yeah, I did."

Kate asked, "Did you know him?"

His eyes shifted a little when he said, "No. No, he just transferred in."

Kate went on, "Yeah, I heard he lived on Reid and Tyler's floor."

Serenity mumbled to Rae, "A lot of people live on their floor. Just because they're popular doesn't mean they know everyone on this good earth."

Rae stood rooted to her spot, if she knew one thing, Caleb was unsettled with the idea of this dead kid. She knew for a fact, he didn't know the kid, but something about the mention of him was making Caleb off.

But what? Rae pondered.

"Rae are you going with us to the movies or not?" Serenity asked.

She glanced up, "Oh sorry. Spacing out a lot today. Who's going?"

"Chase, Serenity, Pogue and me are going to see that Brad Pitt chick flick. Want to come?" Katie replied with too much enthusiasm for her taste.

Rae fidgeted trying not to make a disgusted face. She thought, Yuck. Being stuck with couples in a gooey movie, no way in hell. And apparently Caleb was going to hang out with Sarah. Double Yuck.

"I'm going to have to pass, but thanks," Rae replied politely.

Serenity asked, "How are you going to get home?"

Rae shrugged her shoulders and started for the door, "I'll walk. Have fun."

As she stepped out, Caleb followed her and offered, "I can give you ride back. I just need to give this medicine to Gorman."

Rae paused with a sudden idea.

Gorman was from a line of servitude to the Danvers' family and if I was correct, Gorman would never take medicine. Not even if he was dying. So the medicine had to belong to William, after all if he did die, Gorman would have left by now.

"Okay, thanks."

And that's how she found out where William lived in the colony house. She would visit him almost every day, telling him stories about her new life, how Caleb was, and about the others. It was on this one particular night, that she met Evelyn during one of her visits.

At first Evelyn was confused with some stranger talking to her 'supposed-to-be-dead' husband.

She said, "Who are you? This is private property. Gorman?"

Rae stated unease, "Evelyn, I just came to visit Will."

Her eyes squinted in anger, "You." She glanced over to William and turned back to Rae, "May I talk to you outside, Lucinda."

Rae followed knowing this wasn't going to be good, after all she was a depressed, alcoholic that had no outlet to blame anyone. "How dare you show your face around here? You were supposed to protect him and look at what he's become."

"Evelyn, with all due respect, I did my job." Rae replied trying her best to stay calm.

Evelyn scuffed, "You failed miserably. Because of you, he's like this."

Rae began to argue at her low blow, "I didn't make him use. He did that all on his own."

She yelled back, "Your right. You just sat there and laughed at his antics which encouraged him. Because of you, he kept using because you were the only one who found it soooo amusing. Well, is it amusing now that he's a cripple. Now, that he can't even say one word. You not only took away a husband from me, but a father to Caleb."

Rae bit her lip, "I'm sorry Eve…."

She stopped Rae sentence, "Don't say sorry to me because I will never forgive you, Lucinda. If you want to apologize say it to Caleb. He at least deserves to know the truth why his father is the way he is. Now leave and don't ever come back here."

Rae nodded and as she turned Evelyn said, "I hope for your sake, you take better care of Caleb. He's the only thing I have left."

"Rae, are you okay?" Caleb asked beside her. Rae nodded her head and made a promise to herself that she would make sure nothing bad would ever happened to Caleb. After all, she was the one who destroyed his happiness.

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