The Sequel: The Year of Separation

Chapter 5

Thea tapped her pencil on top of her desk waiting for Home Economics to start. She was worried with Serenity and Abby still furious and guilty at each other, plus Rae was feeling gloomy all day.

"Alright, class, your projects on your careers were outstanding. Now we move on to the marriage project. Add together your annual salaries with your partners and that's how much you'll have to spend." She paused and said, "Use it wisely because you need it for the wedding, reception, and possibly the honey moon. Point of this project is to budget your money and seeing what it takes to make a real wedding. So have fun and include lots of details. Due in, let's say, five weeks."

Rae stared at her paper as she asked Caleb, "How would we ever meet? A farmer and an account."

Caleb pondered for a moment and said, "I went to you for help with the finances of my farm and I fell for you. So I got into a financial crisis three times before I got the nerve to ask you out."

Rae turned to him with a small smile, "And why did I fall for you?"

"Because you have a thing for men in overalls," Caleb joked.

Rae snorted, "How could I forget that? The real question is how did you propose to me?"

Caleb smiled, "It's a surprise."

Kylie who was beside them said, "Oh your story's cute. Want to know how we met?" Kylie indicated to Tyler and herself.

Rae said in a proper tone, "Do tell."

Kylie folded her hands together, "Well, it all started when I was on my job, taking pictures of the ocean, when a bird shit on me. A person walking by said it was good luck."

Kylie rolled her green eyes and continued to say, "Anyway, that year the ocean was filled with lots of those dreadful jellyfish things. And luck would have it, I got stung by one of them, and I sat on the beach crying and cursing like a sailor, until this young gentlemen offered to help me." Kylie pointed to Tyler, who was laughing as she made up a story off of the top of her head. "I told him, 'Don't pee on me. I know it's a cure for a jellyfish sting, but I'd rather burn.' He sat down by me and laughed."

Tyler cut in, "I told her, 'Well you're in luck because that's definitely not on my agenda today.' I took wet sand and placed it on her ankle where the sting was. I knew that's another remedy. I asked her, 'Is that better?' She glanced up at me and said…."

Kylie cut him off, "No."

Tyler looked at her saying, "No?"

She smiled, "I told him, 'No. I'd feel much better if I took you out for dinner.' And that's how we met."

Thea smiled at their stories and turned to Reid who was in deep thought. She said, "Be careful Reid, you might hurt some brain cells there."

The bell rang and as they started to leave, Reid smirked at her and said, "I have an idea how I woo you to put a ring on it, fiancé?"

Thea amused at this entertaining idea, asked, "This should be interesting. How did you propose, darling?" Excitement, joy and happiness radiated off of him; it was slowly creeping up into her as well.

He didn't even think for a second as he said, "We're in a crowded area, like this, which included your parents that didn't approve of me. But it didn't matter, because I wanted the world to know and so I got down on one knee", Reid actually did and shouted in the hallway, "Will you marry me, Theadora," he asked in a lower tone, "What's your middle name?"

"Elizabeth," Thea responded.

Reid continued with his story, "Theadora Elizabeth Hastings, will you be my wife?" Thea tried to control her emotions, but Reid got the best of her.

She said, "Yes, yes. A thousand times, yes." She jumped into his arms and she kissed him full on the lips.

Breaking away Reid stood there in shock and Thea could feel her cheeks beating red. She patted his face, "I like it. Nice acting by the way. See ya."

As Thea retreated down the hallway she could sense a big amount of disappointment and anger from Abby. Thea losing all control of her emotions had said to Abby, "Oh shut up. Don't act like you haven't got lost in your emotions before." She stormed off trying to find a place of solitude.

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