The Sequel: The Year of Separation

Chapter 6

Kylie placed a clean bucket beside Serenity as she laid in one of the guest room beds. Serenity had caught a nasty flu and refused to go to the nurse, so as long as Serenity could keep down fluids she was able to stay put. Going down the stairs Ben said, "Kylie you should get some sleep. You've been taking care of her for two days in a row.

Kylie plopped on the couch exhausted, "I can't. I have to make sure she'll be okay."

Ben asked, "What about the other girls?"

Kylie shook her head, "Abby and Serenity are still mad at each other. But that's moot point, Rae said she had a vision of Pogue getting hurt, so both Abby and Rae are unavailable. As for Thea she went with Sarah to visit Kate in the hospital. She's keeping an eye on the boys and updated me on what's going on. So it's just me."

Ben sat on the couch beside her, "I hope Abby and Rae got there in time."

Kylie rubbed her forehead, "I hope so too."

In the meantime, Rae didn't have enough time to tell Kylie the full situation. Yes, Pogue would be in a terrible accident if they didn't get there soon. But what Rae never expected was Chase to be behind it. Abby raced faster down the deserted road and Rae tried to focus on the vision again.

Pogue sat on his motor cycle a good distance from Chase. Chase said, "Come to save little Miss Muffet, have we?" He continued to yell in a children's rhyme, "Well you're too late." Pogue revved his bike as Chase said, "A spider came and sat down beside her and frightened Miss Muffet away." Pogue charged at Chase on his bike and Chase's eyes flickered black. As Pogue was inches from him, Chase lifted Pogue off the bike throwing him to the ground.

After he struggled to get up, Pogue threw off his helmet and yelled, "You hurt Kate and I'll kill you."

Chase walked closer to Pogue saying, "Hurt her? I only used her to get to you. It's you that I'm going to hurt." He paused, "And you're just my bait to get to Caleb." Pogue then began to twist and scream in pain until the blue Escalade skidded to a halt.

Abby flew her door open yelling, "Get the hell away from him Chase." Rae slowly got out evaluating the situation. Chase was now being ruled by his addiction. Abby threw a punch and he dodged around having fun with her.

Soon he held her in a head lock and said, "Abby, this dance was fun, but I have to go. Give the boys the message that it was me." He quickly used to knock her out. Rae already checked on Pogue to see if he was still breathing.

Chase laughed, "Sorry Rae, but this delay is already going to long." Before she could get to him, she was feeling her eyes get heavy.

The last thing she heard was Chase saying, "Thanks for the free car."

Rae zoned back to see Abby clenching the steering wheel tightly. We weren't going to make it.

Abby pushed the petal hard to the floor and said, "We can't win this fight because we don't want to expose ourselves. I need you to get in the back and keep an eye on him. At least we can try to contain the chaos." Rae wedged herself into the back seat and checked the future again.

Abby replied, "Good. I'll see you in the hospital." Abby skidded to a stop and got out of the car again. This time Rae wondered what Chase would be up to once he was in Kylie's car.

Back at the dorms, Thea was now in the bathroom of Sarah's dorm calling Kylie to inform her on Kate's status. Thea said, "Kate's stable, right now." Pause. "The doctor said she seemed to be bitten by many insects. Spiders." Pause. "I don't know Kylie. Insects and spiders seem to be in all the same category to me." Pause. She glanced over to see Sarah watching her conversation, "Is that so?" Pause. "How's Serenity?" Pause. "Alright I'll talk to you later. Bye."

She could feel fear shaking throughout Sarah's body. Sarah asked, "Is Serenity, okay?"

Thea smiled, "Yes, she's fine. Sarah you need to relax."

Thea set a wave of calmness throughout Sarah's body and Sarah replied, "Sorry, I'm just freaking out about the dream I had last night."

Thea sat by her, "What happened?"

Sarah shuddered, "All these spiders were crawling everywhere, including over me. And now Kate's in the hospital because of…."

Thea sent another wave and said, "Everything's going to be alright. I promise."

Someone knocked on the door and Sarah got up saying, "Caleb." Thea excused herself to the bathroom again, only this time to give Sarah and Caleb there space.

As Thea sat on the toilet seat, she could hear their conversation and Caleb was asking about Kate and Pogue.

The door gave another knock and Sarah said, "Maybe, this is Pogue now."

The sound of the door opened and Caleb's voice said, "Pogue's been in an accident." Thea stood up to peak into the room and the first Caleb turned into Chase.

Chase hushed him, "Stop right there and close the door."

With death glares, Caleb warned him, "Don't hurt her. She has nothing to do with this."

Chase countered as he used a spell on Sarah, "Whether she lives or dies is entirely up to you." Shit. Chase was a frantic addict. She could practically taste the craving and desperation for power, the unsettling loss of rationality, and major hints of regret and shame.

Thea searched the bathroom for a hiding space. She couldn't get caught. Spotting an empty hamper by the toilet, Thea climbed inside.

After talking, it got silent and Caleb flew into the mirror and landed on the floor right in front of her. She wanted to get up and stop Chase, but knew giving herself away would only make things worse. Chase said, "Do you see my problem here." He chuckled darkly, "I like to use…a lot. Only, no one told me about the effects, the damage. Addiction." He was heaving off anger, jealousy and despair as he said, "And we both know what happens now, don't we?"

Caleb turned over in the shards of glass and was in serious pain and anxiety. "So…." Chase placed his foot on top of Caleb's chest, "the way I see it is, add your power to what I already have…."

Caleb cut Chase off by saying tauntingly, "It won't stop the aging, your father obviously found out the hard way."

Chase bent down and crushed his face with his hands, "My father never had this kind of power…."

Caleb replied back, "It doesn't work like that. It's the body that wears down, not the power." Chase was overflowing with denial and on the verge of hysterics, so Thea gave a small wave of calmness so he wouldn't kill Caleb right then and there.

He said, "Just think of yourself as a sacrificial lamb. You are already there golden boy, why not go out as a real hero. So tomorrow night, at the barn, where it all started. A birthday party, just you and me." He truly meant every word he said. He tapped Caleb's face, "It's either you or them." Thea knew that his threat to scare Caleb was empty and overshadowing him was lots of guilt and shame. He laughed and was bitter as he said, "Brother." He kissed Caleb's cheek and shoved his face to the ground leaving Caleb lying on the floor.

Thea sat in the cramped hamper waiting for them to leave. All she knew was that they needed to meet immediately because Chase wasn't in control of his actions anymore.

As it was, Kylie hated the idea of leaving Serenity alone in her condition, but this was one heck of an emergency call. Never in all of her years protecting these families did they ever try to kill each other for power; well except Gabriel, but he didn't count.

"Spiders are definitely a signature form of a casting spell in the Putnam family line. I wanted to get a better look at Kate just in case though." Ben said in the passenger seat of her second car, Jet Black 2005 BWM 3 series.

Keeping her eyes on the road, Kylie stated, "You will. Just remember not to move too much in my bag." Parking at the hospital Kylie grabbed her big purse and said, "Show time."

Walking through the lobby she saw Thea pacing back and forth, while Rae sat on a chair reading a magazine. Thea's head picked up and called Rae's attention. They both seemed relieved as they all walked over to the elevator to reach Kate's and Pogue's rooms.

"How are they doing?" Kylie inquired.

Thea dropped her head, "Not so good."

Rae added, "Kate and Pogue are stable now. As for Abby, not so much."

"The boys are holding in there, but they're really pissed at Chase." Thea glanced around to make sure no one was overhearing their conversation.

Kylie bit her lip and tiredly said, "Great. Speaking of Chase, do you have any idea where he is?"

Nodding her head, Rae replied, "He went back to his dorm as if everything was fine. And he won't be doing anything until tomorrow. He's sticking to his plan." Once exiting the elevator, they turned down a hallway to find Tyler and Reid guarding outside Pogue's room.

Kylie dropped her purse to the floor allowing Ben to get his look. Distracting the boys, Kylie gave them each a hug and asked, "How are you guys doing?"

Tyler said sadly, "Okay, I guess," while Reid shrugged.

Kylie asked as if she didn’t already know, "And Pogue?"

Tyler glanced over to him and Kylie saw Abby sitting by him holding his hand. "The doctor says he's stable. Have you gotten any sleep?"

Kylie shrugged a little, "Not much. I've been taking care of Serenity. She has the flu." Ben went inside her purse as Abby's face turned to Kylie in anger. Kylie swiped her purse up as Abby, with a few bruises, joined Kylie.

Abby jerked her shaking finger at Reid and commanded, "Watch him." Reid nodded his head and Abby left out the door without a second glance.

Kylie sighed and told them, "I'll be back later. I just have to check on Abby. See you at the dance Tyler." With the four of them outside in the hallway, Rae led them to an unused room.

As the door was shut, Abby asked, "What do you mean Pogue is under a spell, too?"

Ben jumped out of the bag and Rae blurt out from all of the tension, "I guess the cat's out of the bag…Sorry."

"I can sense it. That's what has been keeping him and Kate sedated," Ben said.

Abby cursed and said, "This is all Serenity's fault. If she wasn't so busy screwing around with Chase, she might have caught on that he was beyond addiction, a murderer for pete's sake. Because of her carelessness, Pogue is in the hospital, and Caleb is being threatened to give up his life!"

Rae said quietly, "It's not Serenity's fault. I mean she couldn't directly tell him to stop using because that would give away our secret, even though later on they'll find out, so really all that time was truly wasted." Rae was getting more worked up as she continued to say, "And it was Chase's actions that lead him to becoming an addict. Serenity did not force him to use and abuse his power."

Thea piped in, "Chase didn't know he would get addicted until he found his real father. He's not really in control of his actions."

Hitting the wall with her fist, Abby yelled, "It's still his fault. Chase did these awful things. It was his decision!"

Thea’s head shot up in anger. "He's addicted, you moron! Which means, you lose your common sense and only obsess over one thing- for him it's trying not to die."

Kylie coughed grabbing their attention, "Guys, can we focus on the issue, right now. Tomorrow he's going to try to get Caleb to will his power over to Chase. We need a plan."

You didn’t need the power of empathy to feel Abby’s rage. She said, "I'm staying here," and left the room.

Kylie turned to Rae, "Do you know what Caleb's plan is yet?"

Being a head of her thinking, Rae smirked, "He's going to face Chase head on at the barn. Alone. As for the boys, Caleb's sending them to the dance to protect Sarah."

Pacing the room in deep thought, Kylie finally said, "Okay, then Rae you're going to the Putnam Barn to make sure Caleb doesn't do anything stupid. Thea we're going to stick with our men."

Ben said, "Isobel."

Kylie glanced at Ben, "Yes?"

He continued to say, "If I remember correctly, I can make a tonic to slow down the addiction."

With wide eyes of surprise Rae said, "You can do that?"

"The human might be gone, but the warlock is not," Ben replied smiling like the chestier cat.

Thea asked hesitantly, "Is there any way to get rid of the addiction permanently?"

Ben nodded his head, "Yes, but it's quite a long, painful process."

Leaning against the wall Kylie added, "Since nothing bad is going to happen tonight, get some sleep. Ben and I will make the tonic tonight for Chase. If anything changes, Rae, call me."

Rae winked, "Will do, chief."

Kylie hesitated knowing she was going against Abby's number one rule, but said, "If anything should go for the worse, I want you to use your abilities. We can deal with the explanation later. Right now we're focusing on keeping the lines alive."

They all agreed and departed their separate ways. When Kylie got back home, she was dead beat tired. But for Ben and her the night wasn't over. After checking on Serenity, they went down stairs to make the concoction. Ben said, "I'm so happy you have opposable thumbs. It makes this so much easier."

Kylie put the topper on and asked, "Are we done?"

Staring at the tonic swirling in its tube Ben said, "That should do the trick."

Ding-dong. Kylie glanced down at her watch to see it was 1:11 am. "Who could that be?" Ben asked.

She flew up the stairs and ran to the window to see Tyler on her porch. Opening the door, Kylie asked worried, "Is everything alright?"

Tyler gave a sheepish grin as he held his hands up indicating for her to calm down, "Yeah. I just came to make sure you were okay."

Kylie let him inside, "I'm fine."

"I figured I would help with Serenity." Tyler glanced over her again with a worried expression.

Kylie was touched, "I think she's over the hump, but I can't let you get sick. Do you even know how to….?"

Tyler smiled pushing her toward the upstairs, "Kylie, I can handle it. And I am a doctor, after all."

She rolled her eyes and gave a small giggle, "Your right. How could I forget Dr. Simms."

He laughed as he order her, "Now doctor's orders. Get some rest."

Kylie turned to face him and hugged him, "Thank you. You really don't know how much I appreciate this."

He held her tight in his arms and Kylie wasn't sure if he said, "Anything for you," because it was whispered so quietly.

What did I know? A rough patch was ahead for all of us, but just hugging Tyler right then, gave me reassurance that everything would eventually turn out alright.

She broke away from him and said, "Night, Tyler," and went to her room passing out on her bed.

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