The Sequel: The Year of Separation

Chapter 7

Today was the day, the Fall Fest dance, Caleb's birthday, and a battle soon to happen at the Putnam barn. Thea woke up on the comfortable mattress and stared at the ceiling wishing everything would work out.

Turning to her left laid Reid, fast asleep, which was a relief since he only tossed and turned last night. Most people that share a bed with Reid do not end up 'sleeping' with him, but last night they just shared the same bed and fell asleep. No big deal.

After Kylie left the hospital, Rae invited Caleb and Sarah to sleep over at Kylie's with them. But Caleb denied the offer and decided to stay with Evelyn. It seemed they were all trying to spread out and protect the people they knew, including them. Reid asked, "Can I come too?"

Thea simply replied, "Yes."

Ever since the marriage project, Reid has been seriously taking the whole husband thing to heart; carrying her books to class, buying her lunch, and surprisingly he hadn’t been out with any girls except her. And now with the whole incident, he's been by her side most of the time, which made Thea's job so much easier. The question was what would I do with Reid until the dance?

Glancing down at him again, he appeared to be peaceful sleeping, but amusement encircled his body. She leaned closer puzzled, until Reid said, "Like the view, darling," and opened his eyes catching her watching him.

Thea said embarrassed, "I was just making sure you were still breathing. You take too much of a shallow breath when you sleep."

"Good excuse Thea-"

She shoved him causing him to fall out of the bed. Thea put a hand over her mouth in surprise and to stop herself from laughing. And she finally asked, "Reid, are you okay?"

Thea waited for him to respond, but nothing. She crept over his side of the bed and two arms pulled her over. Thea, of course, squealed in surprise and Reid started to tickle her. She tried to squirm out, but he pinned her to the floor. "Stop! Garwin, no….," she laughed, "Please! I can't breathe."

He finally stopped allowing Thea to catch her breath. She said, "You suck. I can't even retaliate because you're not even ticklish."

Reid smirked down at her, "I know. More fun for me." They stared at each other for a couple of minutes, with Reid still straddling her body to the floor, and all of his emotions went haywire again.

Thea tried to seem unfazed and said, "Mind getting off."

Reid snapped out of his daze and got up, "I know what husbands do. They cook breakfast for their wives."

Thea sat up and doubtfully asked, "You know how to cook?"

Reid was already to the door when he said, "No, but how hard could it be?"

As Reid left the room she sighed. I guess I should get the fire extinguisher, before he burns down Kylie's house, Thea thought.

In the bathroom, Kylie was curling her hair for the dance, which Tyler asked her to go with him last week. As she set the curling iron down on the counter to grab a new section of her hair, Serenity stood by the doorway and said horse, "Going to the dance, I see."

Kylie faced her and asked, "How are you feeling?"

Serenity shrugged her shoulder and said, "Better, but my throat still hurts and I'm soar all over."

Kylie went back to her hair, "You should take some ibuprofen and get some rest."

Serenity whined, "I've been sleeping for the past few days. Tell me what's happening?" She said more excited and trying to incline to something, "Anything new?" Kylie glanced over trying to seem cool, but she bit her lip out of habit.

Serenity moved closer, "What's wrong?"

Kylie took a breath, "Serenity I don't want you to worry because we got everything under control. But Chase might need more help than we thought."

Kylie glanced over to her and Serenity asked, "What happened?"

Kylie sighed, "He's out of control, Ella."

Serenity glanced up from the floor, "I need some pain meds, now." Kylie opened the medicine cabinet and gave her two ibuprofen and a paper cup filled with water.

Serenity gulped them down and said, "I'm going to lay down in bed again." Kylie watched her go out of the extended bathroom to the bedroom.

Kylie was almost done now and said, "Ella, we have a plan. Thea left to guard Reid and Tyler will soon pick me up. When I get at the dance I'll give an excuse to use the bathroom and take my car, which Thea drove, and at the Putnam barn I'll somehow give the potion to Chase. Hopefully it'll end this little drama." Kylie walked out saying, "All I need for you to do is rest and….Serenity?"

No one was in sight.

She huffed, "Go to my bed and rest, my arse." Kylie slipped the potion into her purse and glanced at the clock. 10:30. She went down stairs and stared out the window waiting for the Hummer to come. Ben jumped up on the windowsill to watch as well. Kylie asked worried, "Why is it taking him so long? It's getting closer to Caleb's birthday. Do you think he's okay?"

Ben watched the rain fall and said, "If he doesn't show up soon. We're going to have to come up with a different plan."

Later on, Thea panicked now as the bell tower at the school went off indicating it was 11 o'clock. She tapped her foot waiting for Kylie to show.

Apparently Tyler said she decided to meet them there. This, of course didn't make any sense because Kylie had no mode of transportation left, unless she decided to go with Serenity.

Reid and Tyler leaned against the wall watching Sarah and waiting for Caleb's call.

"Psstt…." Thea turned around to see Serenity in a fuchsia colored gown.

Thea asked confused as ever, "Where's Kylie? She was supposed to bring the potion."

Serenity glanced up at her perplexed, "Potion?"

Pulling Serenity out of view, Thea replied, "Yes, the potion to help Chase slow his addiction down."

Serenity said, "Son of a B…." She stumbled and grabbed the wall for support.

Thea held her steady, "Are you still sick?"

Serenity waved her hand, "Never mind that. What is Chase doing?"

"Chase is planning on taking Caleb's power for himself. He thinks if he adds more power, he'll be fine."

Serenity asked, "Where are they fighting?"

"The Putnam Barn," Thea responded nervously.

Serenity went still in motion, "Chase is here."

A yell came from Reid, "Caleb. Caleb are you there?" He said to Tyler, "Something happening."

Thea glanced around to see no Sarah in sight.


Serenity slid down the wall holding her head with her hands. "He's gone."

The rain began to pick up as the boys went searching for Sarah. When they came back, Tyler asked, "Did you find her?"

Reid said overwhelmed, "No." Reid glanced over at Thea and Serenity and looked up at the clock, "It's twelve minutes past eleven."

Tyler check his watch and said, "Happy birthday, Caleb."

"Tyler James Simms!" Everyone turned to see Kylie angry in a drenched and muddy dress. She stomped over placing the vial into Thea's hands and turned to Tyler.

Serenity grabbed the vial and said, "I'm going to the bathroom." Thea could feel determination and let Serenity take care of the situation. Right now she decided to give Tyler and Kylie space to talk, or in Kylie's case, yell.

Kylie said sarcastically, "A nice suit, tickets, hmm….seems like ye got everything. Oh except you forgot to pick up your date. Because of you I had to ride in the pouring rain on that stupid scooter, which happened to break down half way…."

Thea placed a hand on Reid's back, "Want to dance, hun?"

Reid looked away from Tyler getting scolded and smirk, "Yes, dear."

At the Putnam barn, the fight had been going on for about fifteen minutes and before Caleb ascended, well, he was getting his ass kicked.

"Trying to impress your date," Chase said jokingly. Rae would have laughed if he wasn't trying to kill Caleb. Glancing from behind the table that Sarah was floating above, she saw Caleb getting thrown out the window.

Chase walked out of the barn and she said, "About time." So now it was her chance to get Sarah out of harms away. Dragging her outside, away from the fight she muttered, "Gees, Sarah. You should lay off the donuts."

Turning back, Chase was squatting in front of Caleb, "Say it! I."

Caleb was beaten badly and was giving up as he repeated, "I."

Chase said, "will you."

Caleb choked out, "will you."

Caleb hesitated and Chase waited for him to say it.

"Nothing!" Rae yelled behind him and kicked him away from Caleb in the mud.

Chase got up rubbing his jaw obviously surprised, "Rae?"

She stood in front of Caleb and said, "If you want him, you're going to have to go through me first."

Chase laughed annoyed and shocked, "I don't want to hurt you. I just want Caleb. So move out of the way."

"Sorry, can't do Chase," Rae said.

Chase shrugged, "Fine we'll do it the hard way."

His eyes turned black and Rae dodged his orb of energy. Zoning into her psychic vision she twisted and did a back flip easily avoiding his power balls.

All of a sudden a vision of Serenity intruded her vision and she got hit for the first time and flew a few feet back. Getting up Chase was running for Caleb and Rae's anger was at its highest. Fire burst from her hands and she threw a ball cutting Chase off. Chase stared at Rae shocked and scared. He decided to go on defense and headed for Sarah.

He was about to reach her when Serenity popped ahead of him. Chase froze in his tracks and she held out her hand. She said worn, "Chase don't do this. Please, take my hand. I can help you."

He stared at the ground defeated and whispered, "I can't. There's no hope for me."

She begged Chase, "I'm not giving up on you. Please, just drink this." He took the vial in his hands and glanced at her wearily. "If not for yourself, do this for me." He chugged it back and his shaking hands stopped. Serenity hugged him close to her in the rain relieved and Rae went over to Caleb.

She bent down and shook Caleb's shoulder a little, "Caleb. Caleb, come on. Wake up." His brown eyes began to open and focus on Rae. She sighed and brushed her hand against his cheek, "Hey."

He smiled still a little confused and replied back, "Hey." Pulling him up he asked, "How did you get here?" He took in his surroundings and became immobilized. She followed his eyes and saw Chase and Serenity embracing.

She moved his face back to her, "It's over, Caleb."

Thunder cracked above them and a new power filled inside Caleb. He stared at Rae not entirely sure what just happened as Rae stared back with tears stinging in her eyes.

Rae thought if she stopped the fight sooner more than one life could be saved, but that was not the case. Evelyn had just influenced William the Third to will his powers to Caleb. No matter if you solve one problem, it seemed more would appear and never give them a break.

At the hospital, Pogue's eyes snapped open wide as the curse was lifted. Examining his environment, he noticed Abby's body slumped over the bed halfway holding his hand. Her face was turned toward him, allowing him to take in Abby's puffy cheeks and the residue of tears that had ran down her face. He smiled happily to see she was okay.

Squeezing her hand, she stirred awake and gasped, "Pogue!" Abby enveloped him in a hug and Pogue grunted. Abby slowly backed away while releasing new tears, "What's wrong?"

He smirked as he brushed her tear away, "Nothing. You just give bear hugs, don't ya?"

While his hand lay on her cheek, she placed her hand on top of his, "I'm just happy your okay." Apparently they were two peas in a pod, Pogue thought.

He replied, "Me too."

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