The Sequel: The Year of Separation

Chapter 8

It had been two days after the private funeral for his father and so far Caleb hadn't come out of his room, yet. Rae could recall what happened that week; from the end of the fight at Putnam Barn until now. The day after Caleb's father past away, Rae caught a vision of Sarah leaving. Walking down to her dorm, she saw boxes stack up with Sarah's stuff. Rae said, "You're leaving."

Sarah jumped startled, "Yeah, I need a change of scenery."

Rae sat on her bed, "Sarah I know you're freaking out, but he just lost his father and he needs you."

Sarah folded a shirt and confessed, "I can't do this. I like Caleb, but this is too much. I was almost killed."

Rae rebuttal back, "Yes, you would have been, if it wasn't for Caleb. You owe him at least this, so I'm asking you to stay for him. He trusts you, Sarah, and doing this will only hurt him more."

"Trust me, I tried dealing with it. But I can't," Sarah said.

Now thoroughly pissed off, Rae hissed, "For once can you think of someone else, besides yourself. I don't care if you don't feel the same way, but I'm begging you to stay until the funeral is over. You may be able to leave him, but I'll be the one watching him fall apart because you couldn't do this one thing."

Sarah glanced over, "You really care for him."

"Yes," Rae replied.

Sarah shook her head, "I'm sorry, but nothing can change my mind."

Rae bit her tongue from lashing out, "Fine, be a coward. But just letting you know, he'll never take you back once you break his trust."

Sarah sighed, "I wasn't planning on ever coming back. Rae, I'm going to talk to him and tell him the secret is safe with me. But this life isn't for me."

Rae stormed out of the room wondering why she had to add another blow to Caleb's wound. All Rae could do now was wait and be there for him. And for Rae, patience wasn't one of her best qualities.

The private funeral had taken place on Monday and was held for the sudden death of his 'grandfather'. This was the first and last time she saw Caleb, who was gloomy and broken. Not the confident, over the top, happy boy that annoyed her.

As Caleb threw some dirt over his father's casket, she would have given anything to have the old Caleb back. At the closing of the burial, Caleb, Gorman, and his brother's, with the exception of Chase, helped bury his father and place a small marker down.

Rae waited for most people to leave, so she could say her last goodbye. Standing on the mound of earth, she read the marker and placed a black rose, a white carnation and one white tulip. They symbolized death, remembrance and forgiveness.

Letting her eyes slowly scan across the tombstone, it said:

Our only care should not be how long we lived our life;

But did we live our life to the fullest potential god gave us.


Yep, that sounded like Will. Rae choked back a sob as she said, "Forgive me, William." Rae needed to get out of there fast and started to walk toward the wooded area for some privacy to compose herself.

"I told you to never show your face here again!" Evelyn said spitefully.

Rae was slowly falling apart and said deadpan, "I may have lost William, but I've kept Caleb alive." Evelyn wasn't in the right mind now. Rae figured it was mostly because of guilt for being the one responsible for killing her own husband and possibly being loaded with alcohol.

"Barely, if I hadn't begged William too give up his power, Caleb would have been dead."

Rae answered bitterly, "No. William's dead because you tricked him into thinking this was the only way to protect his son. I said I would protect Caleb from anything and you went ahead with your own plans. I might be blamed for him becoming an addict, but I will never be blamed for his death. That lies in your hands."

Out of anger, Evelyn swung her hand across Rae's face, "How dare you say that. I loved him! I loved him and you're the one that took him away from me."

"Mother." Caleb stepped in between them and helped Rae up from the ground.

"Caleb?" Evelyn said in distress.

"Don't ever lay a hand on her again," Caleb commanded.

Evelyn gently placed a hand on his shoulder saying, "You don't understand the situation."

Caleb shrugged his shoulder in disgust, "The only thing I understand is that you convinced my father to will his power away, after I told you not too."

He led Rae to his car and said to Gorman as he passed by, "Make sure my mother get's home and doesn't do anything rash."

They sped down the twisty road to the dorms in complete silence. By the entrance Caleb turned to her, "Are you okay?" Rae was speechless. Here he was, just found out his mother basically killed his father, and he was asking her if she was okay. Rae nodded her head and he faced the window, "We're going to talk later."

Rae said, "Okay."

There was no more room for conversation. He needed to mourn on his own. Rae said quietly as she got out, "If you need a place to stay the night, my room's open, or Kylie's house." Caleb was still like a stone, but gave a nod in understanding. She shut the door and he drove away without another word.

Rae now sat in her dorm, hoping Caleb would return back to school, but four days had passed and no one had heard from Caleb. Rae knew where he was exactly, locked up in his room, but she dared not intrude his privacy. When Caleb was ready, he would come, she hoped. A buzzing of her phone went off and she glanced down to the caller id. Caleb.

She jumped up scaring Kylie, "It's Caleb!" She tried to make her voice more normal than the squeaky tone she had just a second ago. "Hello?"

Caleb said in an indifferent tone, "Rae, I called the boys and we all agreed that we need to talk. Where should we meet?"

Rae glanced over to Kylie, "At Kylie's house. I'll tell the girls." He hung up without saying goodbye.

Closing her cell Kylie asked, "What did he want?"

"Remember when you said we'd explain later. Well later has turned into now," Rae replied.

As the four girls piled into the car, Kylie said, "I'm going to call Serenity and tell her to take Chase out for the duration of their stay."

Abby asked timidly, "What should we tell them?"

"Everything?" Thea added sadly.

Rae gripped the stirring wheel, "We leave out the dying part. Understand! Caleb's all ready under enough stress. He doesn't need another added worry of keeping us alive. Agreed?"

Thea said, "Good enough for me." And the others nodded their head in agreement. Rae parked in the drive way filled with a black hummer, silver mustang and a yellow Ducati motorcycle.

Rae gave a deep sigh, "Looks like everyone's here." She stepped out of the Escalade and thought grimly, here we go again.

Abby said beside her, "You can say that again."

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