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By Samsayia

Drama / Scifi

Chapter 1

For Kururu Souchou it had been a normal day of work. The yellow Keronian had been sitting at his computer in his lab collecting and analyzing data on the Hinata's all afternoon, as well as surfing Earth's internet to his pleasure. “Aki…" he mumbled, turning away from his monitor and sifting through a small stack of papers with lines and lines of binary data that he read like his own language. Work needed to be done on one of the mechas, but he couldn’t recall quickly which one. Keroro had the team take a few different ones out for a joy ride a few days ago, basic shenanigans. Some needed joint work, and one needed an oil change, but...
“….Ahh, kuku…” Kururu muttered as he pulled out a system report of the Kero-Robo. It detailed more damage than he cared to work on today. He turned back to his computer and typed as he scheduled himself the maintenance work three days from today and then turned back to his monitoring statues. The screen illuminated his glasses as he pulled up security feeds from around the house and then from around the city. As he scanned the different feeds he noticed a shadowy figure slipped into the house. “….Oho?” It was barely a glimpse, and it was moving fast, making him wonder if it had been a glitch. ‘There’s no glitches in my systems…’ He reminded himself.

“Computer command, set motion tracking to camera—“ He started, when the ground shook beneath him and he fell from his chair. An explosion shook his lab from behind him, and came from somewhere towards the entrance of his lab. He pushed himself up to his knees, and quickly jumped to his feet. "Did I leave the eCevalator on?!" he gasped, panicking as he ran off in the direction of the explosion with his white lab coat flapping behind him. He turned swiftly around the corner from his over-sized computer and he saw the entrance of his lab was blown apart. Debris covered the ground in a tangle of machinery, fluttering blackened ash, and the stench of smoke and burning metal and rubber filled the air. "Who-?" he whispered, taking a step back as horror cut into his mind. Alarms, alarms! His alarms should have caught this intruder, and should have reacted faster than the organic mind. He stopped for a moment to listen to any other signs of life moving within his lab. When he heard nothing he slowly stepped back again and pressed himself to the wall as he scanned his surroundings. He needed to arm himself, and his weapons storage was on the other side of his lab. The quickest route to his weapons was back to his computer and take the passage up the other side past all his bookshelves. Brushing off a sensation of panic, Kururu straightened himself to refresh his coolness.

He took two slow steps forward and took off in a sprint to get to his weapons storage. In his mind, whoever was in his lab must have meant serious business if they used explosives to destroy his security system's artillery. As he came up to his computer Kururu felt a hand seize his shoulder. He was thrown to the ground with a force stronger than his own running momentum, and a crooked blade was put to his neck. In the dim light Kururu saw the faint silhouette of a Keronian with armor around his left arm and leg. His attacker’s right eye glowed a machine-like red and it scanned Kururu over and over. "Souchou-san…" said the attacker. His voice was gravely monotone and semi-synthetic and modulated. And it didn't take him very long to figure out who it was.
"Lance Corporal Zoruru of the Garuru Platoon," said Kururu with distaste. Zoruru was a cyborg Keron working for the Keroro Platoon's worst enemy, the Garuru Platoon. He was a skilled assassin and was trained in the arts of the ninja. Though Kururu had never bothered to look into Zoruru's past. In terms of hand to hand combat, Zoruru was far more powerful than Kururu and it made the current situation a potential threat. "Well, what do you want?" he demanded, annoyed by Zoruru's random appearance and attack. “Why use explosives in MY lab? You could’ve just slipped in,” Kururu scolded the ninja. “Oi, do you know what it’s going to cost to fix all that? Ku,ku…ku…”

Zoruru continued to scan him over in silence and ignored his questions and scolding. Kururu stiffened and felt as if Zoruru was getting information from him without him knowing. "ANWSER ME!" Kururu suddenly shouted as he suddenly kicked Zoruru back. Zoruru had let his guard down and he stumbled back. This gave Kururu time to get up and he darted towards his weapons storage. He had barely made it around the corner when Zoruru reappeared in front of him and stood between him and his weapon storage.
“The least you could do is say something, kuku…!" he growled backing up.
"Souchou-san…" Zoruru said again in a dead tone. "You must….return."
Kururu blankly blinked at him as he took a few steps back. He gave a little thought to what Zoruru could mean, but he was also planning a way to get past him. "Return?" Kururu asked, "You mean to Keron? There’s no need to have you come here to tell me that. An email would have sufficied…" His voice was lighter as he wasn't enjoying this unfair battle. No one but Dororo was meant to battle Zoruru, and especially not Kururu without any of his weapons on him. Tactics-wise, Zoruru picked a perfect time to barge in. As far as Kururu was aware the ninja slipped past all his security and caught Kururu unarmed and otherwise just having a normal day at work.

"The time has come, EXE," as Zoruru spoke Kururu's gaze widened from behind his glasses.
"Kuku…what did you just say? I don't know what you're talking about…." He said, trying to keep his cool. He blinked away his own reaction and dug in his lab coat pocket. "Kuukukuku! Now, get out of my lab!" He spat at the cyborg. He pulled out his remote and press the center button. “Pochito!” Not that it would do much other than sound an alarm to his comrades. He had programed it for other uses today but he had one auxiliary tie-in for a distress call. Zoruru said nothing and began moving towards him, as he  casually slapped the remote out of Kururu’s hand and almost immediately Kururu took off running away. His heart pounded in his chest and he knew Zoruru would be around every corner. He began making random and radical turns throughout his lab and slowly made his way to the entrance. "Get out of my lab!" he shouted again as he slammed his shoulder into one of the smaller book shelves and knocked it over. Ignoring the pain in his shoulder, he continued running through his lab. By glancing through the cracks in bookshelves he saw Zoruru one moment, but looked back and saw him missing the next—a quick game of cat and mouse.

"What do you want?!" he demanded, knocking over more bookshelves and machinery in a desperate attempt to slow down the ninja or at least make the pursuit hazardous. 'Damnit, I need a weapon!' he thought. Why wasn't the rest of his security system kicking in?! He stopped behind one of the bookshelves and dug into his lab coat pocket only to find the remote to the Little Policeman III missing. In the moment he was resting Kururu saw Zoruru's shadow looming over him. "Ugh!" he cried, and ran the opposite direction. His energy was draining from all the running. Only a few yards from Zoruru did he stop, realizing that Zoruru hadn't even done anything yet. It was obvious he had come for Kururu, and he was succeeding so far by catching Kururu defenseless and panicking him. The running alone was stupid on Kururu’s part—he already wore himself out. 'Do I really need someone to come save me?' He thought. It was impossible to fight Zoruru without a weapon of some sort, but he'd have to try or surrender. ‘Where IS everyone!?’

Kururu turned around to face Zoruru and dropped his left shoulder, letting his lab coat fall before he tore the rest of it off threw it aside. He pushed up his glasses up with two fingers and stood ready to fight him and made it clear that he wouldn’t surrender. "No weapons," Kururu said, hoping for a fair fight. If Zoruru could smile then he probably would have when he let his one blade attached to his left arm be dislodged, and fall to the ground with a loud clatter. To Kururu the challenge was strategic stall time; to Zoruru it was little more than a very sarcastic joke.

"The time has come, EXE," growled Zoruru.
Kururu shrugged non-chalantly as he brushed off the frustration of being cornered by an enemy in his own lab. There was no chance of him winning so he’d have to stall the ninja without wearing himself out much more. “Kuukuu…get out of my LAB!” Kururu shouted as he lunged forward at Zoruru and threw the first punch—a straight left jab down the center. His fist stopped on Zoruru's metal plated face as the ninja withstood the full force from the punch and was seemingly unaffected. Zoruru lifted his right hand slowly. Kururu, anticipating Zoruru's attack, jumped back and put his hands up. Zoruru jumped forward and smacked Kururu upside the head sending him back further. Kururu landed forcefully and rolled as his face flushed. 'So much for that,' he thought, at least he wasn’t apart from trying. Now aching all over Kururu struggled to stand and once on his feet Zoruru closed in on him and ducked his head into Kururu’s chest and threw him back against a wall. Kururu was stuck staring at that machine-like eyeball again, feeling helpless all over again.
“Kukuku….tch…how annoying…” He muttered.

"You'll live," said Zoruru.
“Oho, really? That’s cool…” Kururu muttered. The sarcasm was well reflected as Zoruru lifted his blade to strike. Kururu turned his head away and braced for it as the ninja hacked at him. Zoruru's blade cut deep into his headphones and sent an electrical shock into blade and up into his cyborg arm and head. He became an electrical light show for only a split second before he was blasted back across the lab. The hacker looked away until he heard Zoruru fall to the ground somewhere. His headphones had a padded lining that had protected Kururu from the shock. And he could somewhat relate to the feeling, in all of his work he had been both shocked and electrocuted a few times. “How’d that make your eardrums feel? Kuuuukukukuku!” Kururu called after the cyborg. As Kururu turned and walked off he stumbled and put his hand out to lean on the wall. He noticed how hard he was breathing was, and he leaned against the wall and slowly lowered himself to the ground, sitting on his butt.
A familiar voice called from the entrance of his lab. Kururu remained where he was and pulled the top off of his headphone and felt around to examine the damage. A red Keronian marched into his lab. "Kururu! Are you alright? I heard your shouts from the control room—what happened?” Giroro asked quickly as he knelled at Kururu's side. "Zoruru," Kururu replied casually, as if Zoruru hadn't gotten him as panicked as he had. "I fought him off," he added sarcastically. Giroro looked at him with disbelief. "Why didn't you call anyone?" Giroro asked as he rose to his feet and offered Kururu a hand. "I can get Natsumi to take a look at your wounds if you want," Giroro suggested as he helped Kururu up. The sergeant major paused as he looked over at Giroro curiously.
“Wounds?” Kururu asked.
"Yeah…You're bleeding," said Giroro.
Kururu jumped at Giroro's observation as he pointed out a thin trail of blood that was creeping down Kururu's left arm and down to his waist. The gash was deep and Kururu was suddenly overwhelmed with pain and he dropped to his knees. Giroro quickly adjusted his weight and caught him. The throbbing, pulsing pain quickly surged through Kururu and he thought he'd faint right there. "H-hang in there. I'll get help," Giroro gasped, reaching into his belt to pull out a small communication device. "Tamama, copy!” He barked into the device.
Tamama's chirpy cheerful voice came through the receiver. "Yo-desu! Tamama ten-four!"

Giroro kneeled down to Kururu and pulled his arm over his right shoulder. "Kururu's badly injured. Call Natsumi, STAT. That’s an order!" he said into the receiver and with that he put the device back into his belt. "Use your right leg to help me walk you out of here," he said to Kururu. He looked over  and noticed Kururu’s eyes rolled back and in the few seconds it took to call Tamama Kururu had become unresponsive. The Corporal forced back a sense of panic and summoned all of his strength to lift Kururu over his shoulder as he marched off to the house.

Giroro made it out of the lab and down the first corridor when he caught sight of Natsumi and Tamama. "Kururu!" she cried out running towards the two.  Kururu knew quite a lot about her, even more than was socially acceptable. 'I can't stand this…' Kururu thought, remaining unresponsive as Natsumi lifted him carefully into her arms, and wrapped him in a towel. Giroro's voice rang through his ears, "Kururu, hold on! You'll be alright!" before he blacked out.

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