Cursed Angel

Chapter 10


She stared at him, "What's so funny?" Her eyes glittering with a rage that was kept under the surface. "I'm so happy about your recovery, and that this experience hasn't changed you at all; it's such a pleasure watching you being you." He swiftly lied to her. Her rage diminished in seconds and her tiny mouth made a small ‘o’. She almost forgot to yell at him for just crashing into her life after three long years.

She shifted but hissed as she felt the dull ache. A frustrated sigh escaped her as she flopped back. "How long am I going to be here?" she frowned at the ceiling. Devil Jin drawled his reply as he approached her, "Actually, you can leave today!" He bent over her face to see her expression.

Her beautiful features twisted from a frown into a smile. He turned and walked to the foot of the bed, finding himself bored and restless. She sat up and beamed at him. I cannot wait to destroy this little angel's light! The monster in his chest snarled with agreement.

He could feel a psychotic smile creeping its way onto his features. He remained composed though. He stared at Mia with eyes that were impassive yet smouldering. This was a sign of his inner conflict between composure and psychotic glee. Her pretty face contorted in confusion.

In that moment, that inner conflict was wiped away and hidden. His expressionless mask was back on. The light in her eyes flickered a moment, and then diminished as his expression darkened a little. It unnerved her to an extent. He inwardly smirked as he could feel her squirm under his steady gaze.

A moment that felt like forever passed, and a smile graced his features. "Shall I go sort paperwork out, darling?" Mia snapped out of her hypnotic state and gave a rather distant answer, "Yeah…sure." He left Mia seated on the bed and exited the room.

Mia felt it easier to breathe now. The sick knot in her tummy loosened ever so slightly. I swear I could feel the light being sucked out of me. She thought as frantic questions dashed about her mind. She thought her head would have exploded if she didn't know better. Now the randomness of the questions formed a pattern. They kept repeating themselves in her mind until it was almost shouting and screaming at her. She figuratively cringed away.

The main questions that surfaced were: Why did my mark act up? Why do I feel different? Has Jin's eyes always flashed molten gold? Did Jin always have those darkened circles around them and did he always look so menacing in his dishevelled state? And why was Jin being so warm? His cold demeanour had been abandoned and he was being affectionate, more than unusual.

She closed her eyes for a moment, pinching the bridge of her nose and sighed. Maybe she was getting ahead of herself and she was overreacting and imagining things. She took a deep breath and began to think slowly. She was so lost in thought, she didn't hear the door unlatch and Jin enter the room.

"Darling?" Mia glanced up into furrowed eyebrows and deep brown eyes that you could get lost in. There was neither ember flash nor smouldering molten gold staring at her. "Is everything ok?" The question was laced with concern.

She feigned innocence and smiled brightly. "Of course, are we ready to go?" Jin nodded at her in reply. The wheelchair came in to escort her to the car.

Jin watched her go by in the wheelchair. In the back of his mind, he cussed at his carelessness. If he didn't keep himself in check she would grow too suspicious. He was going to need to take his time with this little angel of his. He hissed when his mind emitted the last syllable. It was like a profane word that left a horrible taste in his mouth. His handsome features twisted with distaste for a brief moment. Then he stalked off to follow Mia. As he passed the mirror in the foyer, everyone in the world seemed to miss the smouldering embers that flashed in Jin Kazama's eyes.

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