Cursed Angel

Chapter 12


Horror struck Jin when he realised who he was going to face. Not that he was scared; it was more like worry. Worry about whether or not he'll see himself through this fight alive, if it goes as bad as the others.

Jin blinked and the arena appeared before him. It had a high tech look to it. It was dimly light with eerie blue lights and the arena itself was cold with concrete covering the floor and walls.

Getting up seemed like an effort to Jin. But before his chest was halfway above the ground, a strong kick connected with the side of Jin's bare torso. His body slid a few feet due to impact. He placed one hand on the ground to steady himself and coughed. The cough felt like it vibrated through his entire body. New pain spread through him and he groaned aloud. His lungs took the opportunity to savour the oxygen that was lost.

A cool voice resonated through the arena, "So you're just as soft as your mother. Except she was coughing up blood, at this point. I should know, I was the one who broke her and I watched her suffer." The voice was low, gruff and dangerous. Jin felt his blood boil at the mention of his mother's unfortunate situation. Footsteps echoed of the concrete and a figure stopped in front of Jin. It knelt down to face him and Jin looked up.

He was greeted by a man, dressed only in pants, fighting gauntlets and foot paddings. This person was muscular like Jin, but leaner due to being older. His torso was bare but decorated with scars. One in particular, stood out in the centre across his entire chest. His hair was shaped sharply in an upward style and his face, with handsome pointed features, was marred with scars as well. His mouth was thin and set in a sneer.

But his eyes were the most unsettling of all his features. His right eye was a deep unfathomable black, while his left was an eerie red, which figuratively burned anyone who was brave enough to gaze into. He wrenched Jin up by his neck, "its pathetic looking at you like this." A sharp pointed eyebrow quirked with loathing. He smashed Jin into the ground and kicked him aside.

Jin stood up and steadied himself. "Kazuya Mishima!" He spat the name with disgust, like it was poison. Jin's tone was laced with anger.

Kazuya delivered a punch that had Jin stumbling where he landed roughly against the wall. He closed the distance between them and strangled Jin against the cold hard concrete. "Speak with a little more respect, boy." Kazuya growled out.

The pressure seemed to increase on Jin's neck with every word. Kazuya's voice was menacing. "I wouldn't be so cocky if I was in your position. But then again, I've never been in your position." He smirked and loosened his gripped slightly. He didn't want to make it too easy.

Jin turned his head to the side and spat out the blood that had filled his mouth. He laughed at his father's words and it bordered on hysteria, almost sounding like the Devil himself. Kazuya's smirk began to dissipate. "Respect? You don't deserve it, you sick bastard."

Kazuya's handsome features contorted and then returned to expressionless. But his eyes spoke the rage that he felt. "Guess you need to be taught…" and with that Kazuya's fist pierced Jin's torso. The crackling of electricity was heard.

Jin felt like his body was on fire as the electricity coursed through him. He hissed at the painful sensation as the blue energy engulfed him. Kazuya stepped back and watched the last of the electricity work itself through Jin's body.

Jin slumped into a heap on the floor. Kazuya turned on his heel to walk away, seeing that his work was done. "To think, he is to be my legacy. He's nothing but a weak link." His lips curled into a sneer at this thought.

Suddenly, he froze on the spot and was engulfed by surging red electricity from Jin's kick. Kazuya connected with the floor. Growling, he vaulted off the floor and was ready to kill. "Seems like you learnt how to kick." He scoffed at Jin and steadied himself into fighting stance. Jin said nothing.

Jin launched himself into a roundhouse combo of kicks and punches. All were successfully executed, and blocked by Kazuya, until Jin's last move when he switched to a left right combo and finished with a spinning hook kick. The kick caught Kazuya sweetly in the face, which caused the corner of his mouth to bleed. He wiped the blood off with the back of his gauntlet.

Kazuya retaliated by executing the agony spear followed by the demon slayer. Jin was immediately floored and his head spun as it took the brunt of the damage. Jin made for a quick recovery but Kazuya greeted him with a lightning uppercut. Jin made contact with the floor once more. Jin tackled him from the floor. Kazuya, now on the floor, tried to injure Jin but Jin kicked him off and back rolled creating space between them.

They both rose from the floor. They charged, sending a fist of fury at each other. Their fists collided and their auras expelled. The force separated them and crashed them into the extreme end walls if the arena.

Jin's vision swam for some fleeting moments but still managed to see Kazuya coming towards him. He raged with axe kicks and heavy fists but Jin evaded until his vision was clear. "Evading? Typical Kazama spirit." Jin feint kicked Kazuya causing him to hunch over and finished him by axe kicking and driving his head to the concrete that became rubble upon impact.

The fight was equally matched and neither would give in. Both men were both bloodied and bruised. They were covered in cuts and injuries and were exhausted. Then Kazuya unleashed his Devil gene. "Oh fuc-"Jin couldn't even complete his thought as Devil Kazuya smashed him into the wall of the arena. The concrete cracked upon impact. Jin was winded and he fell forward onto all fours.

He began to cough up blood. That can't be good, thought Jin as he looked at the crimson liquid. His senses became hazed by the blood loss. His body was failing him now. His head snapped up as he remembered Devil Kazuya.

Jin's arms gave in and he pressed his forehead to the cool concrete. Talons dug into his back as Devil Kazuya seized him. They left markings along his already scarred back. The talons threatened to tear his skin open. Jin was standing up now and he swayed woozily. The Devil cackled as Kazuya drove the talon claw into his chest, warm liquid dripped over Jin's body. The last thing Jin remembered was seeing his father's crazy eyes filled with sick glee as he killed him so gruesomely.


“No!” Jin bellowed at the top of his lungs. He grabbed his chest and checked. There were new scars there. Jin grimaced at that last nightmare. He was so drained now he thought he'd pass out. But the pain was too intense for him to float into unconsciousness. Jin decided to check if he had broken anything so he sat up slowly. His ribcage ached dully; something was definitely bruised there. He threw himself back, too tired to bother about the pain.

There was a sudden light breeze that danced over his skin, cooling his body that glistened with sweat. Jin sighed, “Now what?”

“Hello Jinny!” Jin groaned. “Aww, Jinny, I'm hurt. I thought you would be excited to see me. Wouldn't you like to know how Mia is?” Jin bolted upright. The Devil form of him was lounging in a throne-like sofa. The only difference was the Devil had his talon claw

“Mia? What did you do to her?” he ground out in a gruff voice.

Devil Jin feigned innocence. “Nothing. Honestly, I only woke her up.” Making a mock halo with his talon claw. “Oh, but she is quite something. Lovely thing to taste.” Devil Jin bared his white sharp teeth as he said this.

A snarl was ripped from Jin's throat. “Don't get me wrong. I haven't done anything. Just being close to her, was enough to drain her aura and drink in her scent. I'm just messing with her pretty little head.”

Jin stopped his rage and questioned, “How?” His voice was low and tense.

“She's currently sitting in her room with conflicting emotions and confusion."


"Well, Jin is giving her attention and almost kissed her."

Jin was enraged, "WHAT?"

"Do try and keep up, Jin, need I repeat?" Jin said nothing but charged at Devil Jin.

Devil Jin raised his talon hand lazily and bound Jin to a wall. "She doesn't deserve to be hurt like this."

"Oh, but she does, Jinny. You do know for one to exist, the other must not. Its kill or be killed and frankly she's not the type to kill me first since I'm using your appearance. So she's done. But for being sinfully tempting, I'm making this personal." A malevolent smile graced his features. Jin fought the force that held him to the wall.

Chains then clamped over his body to hold him down. The cold metal against his skin didn't even make him flinch. Jin writhed and struggled under his bounding elements. The Devil approached Jin, "You should have seen her. She was so cute." His smirk grew wickedly. "She would stare with big brown eyes, and when she was confused her luscious lips would pout or part. It was rather inviting. I applaud your self-control." Jin growled with rage and the Devil cackled in glee.

"You know, Jin, her skin is really soft especially when I – meaning you – kissed her cheek. I quite like her; her tiny yelps of pain was enticing when I was dressing her wounds, not too long ago. The smell of her blood seemed like something exotic."

Jin felt sick upon hearing this. He realised how close the Devil was to Mia. That should have been me. He lost himself in thought about Mia, but was disturbed by his spinning head. The Devil was gripping Jin by the bangs and smashed his head against the wall.

"Pay attention when I talk, Jin" his voice was low and treacherous. Jin's head hung in pain. The Devil wrenched Jin's head up, and he cussed profusely. "Play nice or Mia suffers the consequences of your recklessness." Jin fell into quick silence.

The Devil sneered. "Hopefully, I'll return, Jin. That is if I can draw myself away from Mia." Jin glowered at The Devil. Then Devil Jin pulled out the pendant to exit Limbo. "Oh, Jin, one more thing."

The Devil turned back to face Jin, he raised his talon claw until it was in line with Jin's chest and then moved his hand in a strangling motion. Jin threw his head back and howled in agony. His back arched under the chains. The Devil cackled sadistically and left Limbo.

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