Cursed Angel

Chapter 13


The wall disappeared, followed by the chains. Jin was feeling the aftermath of the pain. It felt as if there was a chainsaw ripping him apart, from inside out, down the middle of his torso. Ugh… I hate that feeling. He thought mildly. He landed on all fours and his head spun. His vision was spotted by black dots. I need to get out of here before I crack… physically. He added sombrely as he coughed violently. He sat in a kneeling position. That pendant is the key from here back to reality. I just need to get out and hopefully trap the Devil here. Mia needs me…


The Devil laughed silently. He's almost hopeful. His strong shoulders ceased its movement when he recovered from his amusement with Jin's optimism. A knock on the study's door was heard. He pocketed the necklace and allowed the person to enter. An intern assistant bustled in with a large stack of paperwork. The Devil lost his mood and the handsome features of Jin twisted into a grimace. He growled and the intern yelped and rushed out.

He hated the responsibility of keeping up appearances. He loved being twisted and manipulative but that came at a price. The Devil enjoyed being a badass but he was not stupid. He was clever and precise. He smirked as he thought of the irony. His method to chaos had order.

He skimmed over the details of the papers. And then it struck him. He remembered the stress Jin had of keeping a war from breaking out. His company was currently defending the scale of world balance. But upon these sudden reminders, the Devil decided to make Jin's life a little more difficult with a few questionable deals made as CEO of the Mishima Zaibatsu. Hopefully G-Corp will catch on fast enough. His smirk grew wickedly.

The paperwork was done within a matter of time, and then boredom set in. He stood by the large window that overlooked the natural landscape and sighed in frustration. The Devil lit up when he decided to visit Mia. He crossed the study to the door, pausing for a moment in the mirror to fix his shirt and hair. I am the Devil after all, Vanity doesn't escape me.

He exited the study into the hallway. To his immediate right was the door to Jin's bedroom, and down the hall to the left were the two guest rooms, which were on either side of the hallway. He passed the door closest to the study and sneered. He bit back his laugh and composed himself, and preceded to the last door where Mia resided. Upon reaching the door, the nursemaid exited and informed him that Mia had taken painkillers and was drowsy from her dosage. Internally he growled with impatience, but he softened ‘his’ features to feign concern. The maid assured him that Mia was fine and the pain was not serious.

The Devil thought of what to do since play time had to be put off until later. Jin's butler, an elderly man who had been passing through the halls, approached his Master and suggested he spend time in the dojo. The corners of Jin's lips tugged as he realised it survived after Limbo. The motherly looking maid urged him to go and assured him by the time he was done, Mia would be awake.

He strode to the dojo and decided to indulge in training. He needed an outlet for his pent up emotions. Two and a half hours rolled by and so did another burst punching bag. The sand oozed and spilled over the floor. His butler smiled, "Master seems to be back in routine after his injury." Jin huffed as his taut muscles relaxed after the workout. There was a dull ache to them. He crossed the dojo to his bench, reached for his towel and wiped the sweat off his chiselled chest. The Devil decided to head for the shower. His muscled relaxed further under the soothing water. It wasn't long before his shower was over. He caught sight of ‘his’ reflection and decided to inspect as he never gave thought to it and merely duplicated Jin. He caught sight of a mark on his right shoulder. The Devil turned around to view his back. A neat scar line marred his beautifully tanned smooth skin. The scar snaked its way down to his left hip.

The monster in his chest rumbled as he sneered, Bloody lucky shot! I must remember to repay darling for this. He pondered on how to do so, but his musings were interrupted by Jin's butler. "Master Kazama, Miss Mia is awake." Without a second thought, the Devil headed to her room.

Mia froze on the spot. She wasn't expecting Jin to be here in her room… shirtless. It’s not that she hadn't seen him in that state before, but for some reason her mouth went dry. She flushed as her mind went back to the events of yesterday. She saw his unwavering golden gaze settle on her, as he leaned against the door after tossing his towel on a nearby chair. The blush crept up on her and he smirked. Great! He knows what I was thinking about! Mia pouted.

"Sweetheart, are you listening to me?" Mia flushed violently as she pulled herself out of her ponderings. She lifted her head to look at Jin. His full lips tugged in a playful smile.

"Sorry, my mind was elsewhere." Her words tumbled out and she looked away.

The weight of the bed shifted as Jin sat down. His hands expertly graced her chin and tilted her head gently to make eye contact. "Tell me where you got lost" his voice was soft and his eyes resembled swirling gold. Has his eyes always been like that?

She stuttered her reply, "Nowhere far from here."

The corner of his mouth tugged and cocked an eyebrow, "Here?"

Mia's eyes widened when she realised Jin twisted her words. She spluttered protests. He chuckled huskily, "Relax, babe, I'm messing with you." Mia sighed, but he didn't move away. He pressed soft kisses to her jawline. She tensed and sighed again. She's even weaker under my touch. He thought malevolently.

He shifted off the bed to fetch his towel. "It healed?" she blurted out as her gaze ghosted over the scar on his defined back.

Jin grimaced, "It was a gift from the Devil." She inspected him closely and noted the other scar on his forearm.

Mia frowned, "At what cost?" she challenged.

He sighed, "Do we have to talk about it?"

Mia insisted, "Yes, because I've hurt you, Jin."

Jin let out an exasperated sound, "Then, what have I done to you?!" he snapped at her, roughly. His eyes held all the pain and anger that drove that question.

Jin turned to leave the room. "Jin… WAIT!" Mia called desperately.

Beg for me, my sweet angel. He thought wickedly. She got off the bed but fell to the floor, her hand knocked over a glass and went crashing along with her. "MIA!" Jin roared. Mia flinched in her heap and expected a berating.

Instead Jin rushed over to her and scooped her away. Thankfully, the shattered glass didn't harm her. She cowered into herself, as if trying to escape Jin's touch, as she expected a rebuking. He pressed his lips against her temple and engulfed her tiny physique with his strong arms in a hug. He apologised profusely for snapping at her and upsetting her.

Mia was stunned, What the hell? She thought to herself numbly. She then realised she was hugging his bare torso. "Uhhh… Jin!" She squeaked as he nuzzled her neck. She recoiled; he pulled back and shocked eyes settled on her.

The shock diminished when he saw the blush that stained her cheeks. "Oh, I'm sorry I've made you uncomfortable." He smiled so charmingly to her. She mumbled an incoherent response. C'mon Mia! You're not 16! She scolded herself mentally.

Mia snapped out of her thoughts as Jin's voice filled her ears. "Mia, may I try something?" Mia pondered for a moment then nodded due to being unsure of what to say. He set her down on the bed and then his forearm and hand rippled into the Devil Talon. Mia yelped and flinched back, almost hitting her headboard.

Jin's normal arm caught her and soothed her. "Relax! I'm controlling it so nothing bad will happen." She hesitated as he closed the space between them, but she allowed it. The dark purple aura glowed off her skin. She gritted her teeth against the sensation of pain that consumed her body. She paled and broke into a cold sweat. Her mark turned white hot. She tried to fight the pain. The aura was gone and she fainted.

The Devil sighed in irritation. It is pathetic to see how weak you are. He growled at her while fighting back his urge to strangle her awake. After a few moments, she groaned and her eyelids fluttered open. "What happened?" she asked weakly. "Hush!" he growled demonically. He placed the talon to her temple and induced sleep. Now, look what you made me do! He sighed, irritated.

Well, since the damage is already done, might as well break it. He flicked his wrist and the talon lazily expelled a wisp that wrapped around Mia, and then it was gone. Mia then whimpered in her sleep. He looked over her. Those pink lips pouted as she whimpered again.

Aww, she's scared! He chuckled darkly. His talon traced her delicate jaw lightly and down her neck. He stopped there as his blood lust increased. He resisted the urge to carve into her flawless flesh and make her scream for her life. "It won't be that easy for her." His talons scrapped over her neck to her collarbone, leaving fine red lines. He chuckled again and quietly left the room.

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