Cursed Angel

Chapter 14


Mia had slept for three long days. She tossed and turned and even screamed, but she didn’t wake. She had made remarkable recovery after those three days. When she awoke, she stayed in her room and avoided Jin. But how long could she ignore a man within his own house?

Mia was pissed at Jin. He confused her, he flirted with her and he even took advantage of her weakness with him. Who the hell does he think he is? She huffed as she paced her room. To engrossed with her rant, she missed Jin entering. When she turned and found the handsome man slouched up against her door, she yelped and jumped. “Glad to see you’ve made a full recovery.” He said quietly. His smooth voice sent shivers down her spine. His intense gaze settled on her and he smirked. Mia’s stomach did back flips but she scowled as she was supposed to be pissed with him.

He walked over and caressed her cheek, “I’m so sorry for being an ass.”

Mia swatted his hand away. “So you know you’ve been acting like one.”

That’s fucking brave, princess. The Devil sneered inwardly but grimaced. “Look Mia I’m trying to apologise here; take it easy on me.”

“Take it easy? Pfft! You’re joking right, especially after your Devil decided to go ballistic on me.” Mia shot back.

The Devil growled inwardly but appealed to Mia. “I’m sorry I lost control. I got low and he took advantage of that. I had no idea he would be after you.”

“Neither did I.” She spat back.

“Mia about that night…” Jin started slowly. “What happened to you?”

“An awakening… a second one actually.” She continued to explain to him about her power and training and how her life had changed. The Devil knew what happened, he just had to make Jin seem unaware of what happened that night. He knew that her blood belonged to a long line of mages who were entrusted with Divine power from the angels to keep the balance within the world. He hated them, and he obliterated those years before Jin. So how did this one survive?

The Devil wasn’t keeping himself in check and his chocolate brown eyes flash gold. Mia’s voice was what had snapped him back into reality. “Have they always done that?” She asked in an almost whisper. He cupped her cheek again and this time she didn’t fight. She looked entranced as she stared at him with parted lips; almost as if in awe.

“Done what?” He asked quietly as he stroked her cheekbone with his thumb. She shivered at the action as she listened to the timbre of his voice.

“Your eyes…” Mia trailed of as she stared.

“They haven’t always done that.” He replied but snaked his arm around her waist and pulled her in. He chuckled as he heard her breath hitch.

Dammit! Mia thought as her heart raced. The hand that cupped her cheek traced her jaw line and down her neck, ghosting over her collarbones before moving to her waist. Mia pushed against his chest to put space between them, but the Devil was having none of that as he squeezed her hip softly.

“Jin… stop.” Mia protested.

“But why?” He lifted a hand and tilted her head to look at him. Her neck now exposed to him as he worked soft kisses. Mia’s head spun with the heavy scent of his cologne and the heated trail he left on her neck. His kisses were warm, yet sent chills down her spine. He tormented her as he traced Mia’s collarbone with his tongue.

"Jin…" She finally managed to breathe out.

"Mia?" he spoke in a husky tone.

A knock on the door was heard, and Jin swore under his breath. Mia shivered against him. He sighed and stepped back while she approached the bed and sat down. Jin looked pretty irritated as the elderly butler stepped in. "What is it?" Jin growled out, yet the man did not flinch. "Forgive me Master Kazama, but Miss Mia needs her check-up now, and your trainer has requested an extra training session with you." Jin sighed again. "I'll be in the dojo in a few." The butler bowed, "Thank you, Master Kazama."

The butler then turned to inform Mia of her doctor’s arrival in a few minutes and left. Jin sighed once more and walked towards Mia. He placed his hand on headboard and bent down to kiss her forehead. "Babe, if everything checks out well maybe we'll do some training together soon." Mia just smiled at him as he pulled away and headed to the door. He turned around and winked at her. The fire in Mia’s tummy exploded as if gasoline was added. Jin's behaviour was… different and it confused her. She was curious and wanted to know why. He did assure her he would tell her, so Mia decided to wait. But what also got Mia excited was that she would finally get to train again.

A few moments after she snapped out of her mood, she remembered she was supposed to be pissed with Jin. She threw a pillow in the direction of where Jin once stood. Flopping onto her bed, Mia retrieved her cell phone. She hadn’t touched it in weeks but it was fully charged.

It was blown up with messages from Lee. Mia smiled. Her best friend didn’t forget her and he was worried sick. She quickly texted she would be home soon and that she would explain. After sending the messages, Mia tossed her phone somewhere on the bed as she waited for the doctor.

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