Cursed Angel

Chapter 15


It had been a week since Jin's last visit to Mia's room. He was rarely around for the week. The butler had informed Mia that Jin was a busy man and sometimes would leave Japan without notice and only return days later due to business. Mia turned her attention to the ceiling and sighed heavily in frustration as she lay on the bed. She was stuck in this room and she was becoming tired of it.

It had reached the point where Mia had memorised her room perfectly. She twirled the string of her frill top for a few moments before she rose from the bed. She stretched, and her spine popped into place, satisfyingly. Mia huffed in annoyance as brilliant brown eyes searched the room for some sort of activity. She started towards the door.

She popped her head out from behind the door to peer into the hallway. Neither the butler nor her nursemaid was in sight. She expelled a sigh of relief. She stepped out and her eyes swept the hallway. It was tastefully decorated with rich wooden furniture and ornaments. The walls were a soft sandstone colour giving the ambience of a cosy area. Mia walked towards the steps on her extreme left, but stopped. She decided to peek and check if Jin was around. Her muscles seemed to soften against her motion. All that sleeping has made me lazy, maybe I can train today, she thought with a spark of excitement.

For some reason Mia stopped at the room that was opposite hers in the hallway. She stared for a few moments as curiosity gripped her. She settled her hand on the rounded doorknob, shivering in reaction and pain shot through her arm. But she ignored the chills and the throbbing sensation, and twisted the doorknob; the door swung open in reaction. It creaked as it did so. Mia wasn't affected by the unnerving sound.

The room was unnaturally cold and a damp smell prevailed. It was unsettling and suffocating to be in there. The room was awfully dark, despite the bright day it had been. Mia's fingertips grazed the wall in search of some source of light. Success struck when a switch was felt by her touch. She flipped the switch, and simultaneously the door slammed shut. She flinched at the sound, but the sight that greeted her now did frighten her. Mia took in the room's appearance in horror. She felt mildly ill just gazing.

The once exquisite walls were marred with angry slashes. Mia recognised those as talon carvings. She unconsciously rubbed her forearm that bore healing scars that matched the ones on the walls. What was going on in here? The question was obviously rhetorical, as Mia had more than an inkling of what happened. Mia's gaze moved from the walls to the bed. The pillows were obliterated, and the filling was strewn about. The sheets were torn, but not with angry slashes. They were punctures, as if someone trying to grip while struggling. Mia gasped as there was blood on the sheets. Mia knew that was Jin's blood.

Her gaze seemed fixed on the scene, as she could imagine how Jin suffered here. She could imagine his tortured cries and screams. She snapped out of it, gasping and breathing heavily. She realised how vivid the image was. She tried to calm down, but the silence was unbearable to her after some time. She cringed and decided it was a good idea to leave.

She approached the door, looking over her shoulder to throw a troubled look at the scene behind her. Mia grabbed the doorknob, but it triggered her. Her arm pulsed and her wrist burned, as the mark glowed white. She jumped back from the door as it fell into darkness, as if it was masked by a mass of blackness.

"Hello, my pet! Fancy you visiting me." A drawling wicked voice filled Mia's ears and Jin’s form morphed from the blackness. It looked like Jin and sounded like Jin, but it wasn't him.

"I was just leaving." Mia said, with courage in her voice. She had seen the Devil before, but he still intimidated her.

He stepped forward and Mia took two steps back. His look was menacing, as his cruel mouth tugged into a sinister smirk. "Really? It seems like you're just getting settled in." he stepped forward again, and she stepped back again, but her calves hit the bed and she halted to a stop. Mia paled at her position.

"What's wrong, love?" he sneered. Mia growled in response. "Oh, so feisty! I like that." He drawled once more, but his demonic sound came through. Devil Jin stepped away from her. He grinned maliciously as he crossed the room removing his coat and tossing it onto a chair in the corner of the room. He leaned casually against the table, which was next to the chair, as he rolled the sleeves of his formal shirt up. Mia wouldn't be unnerved by his presence. Her arm throbbed once more and she gritted in pain. He smirked once more.

"Is something bothering the little angel?" He jeered, trying to edge her on.

"The bastard who stands before me?" she smirked back. He stifled a growl. He chuckled darkly, and his eyes flashed gold. He approached her, "Don't you dare come any closer!" Mia yelled a little too loud for her liking. Dammit. I probably sound scared. She panicked internally before returning to a controlled composure.

“Or what, hun? You'll punish me with your angelic power?" he laughed mirthlessly. He stepped, and she snarled in warning. And then he disappeared. Mia was startled and looked around.

He ghosted into appearance behind her and placed his hands on her shoulders. "Looking for me, love?" he breathed into her ear, as he bent his head toward her neck. Mia tried to jump away, but he spun her to face him and pushed her onto the bed. He strangled her, as he straddled her to hold her down. Mia struggled and he laughed at her misery. "You have no idea how much fun this is for me." The hands around her neck turned into the talon claws and scratched her delicate skin. He had weakened her fight to the point that she stopped writhing against him. "Already giving up?" She merely glared at him.

"Pity! Such fine features to be wasted… Or shall I make use of them before killing you?" Mia's eyes widened in horror at his words. They dripped with ominous intent. Her voice betrayed her by not screaming her thoughts.

Suddenly he released his grip on her throat, but didn’t remove his hand from her neck. Mia coughed and hacked under him. He watched her with amusement glinting in his gold eyes. "Relax, sweetheart. I'm not going to do anything to you yet. I merely want to talk." Mia managed a scoff. He raised an eyebrow while he dragged a talon across her neck slowly. She pulled back to cough in reaction, and he smirked at his control over her.

He liked the fact that she would fight, but she wasn't stupid with her actions. He brought up her arm between them and he gazed at it for a moment, as if in thought, before locking eyes with Mia. Her arm was decorated with three raised white slash scars, and her angel mark that was currently white. "Hmmm… I'm sorry about those." He said with an almost genuine voice, as the tip of his nose traced one scar lightly. She watched him with dilated pupils as she gazed at the handsome demon, that had his eyes closed and traced her skin in a sensual way. It betrayed her mind and body when she felt the fire in her stomach rage into life.

Shaking her head internally, she watched him open his eyes. They sparked with a kind of interest while he watched the goose bumps that he left on her skin. “But I want to talk about your mark. Interesting little thing, huh?" she gazed jadedly at him.

"Love, for a conversation to occur I need your response, so please, communicate with me." Mia didn’t put in an effort to reply to him. His eyes flashed and she panicked. He ripped open one of the three slashes. Mia howled in agony.

"Seems like you found your voice for that." He scoffed haughtily. The blood trickled down her arm. "Boo. Now I'll have to change the sheets, pet." He licked at the blood that flowed onto his knuckles. He watched her as he did so and Mia glared at him and bit the inside of her cheek. "I'm still waiting for your response, or do I have to provoke another from you?" He taunted her as he drew near the open wound and inhaled the scent of blood. His eyes flashed red for a moment.

Fear gripped Mia, but she inhaled deeply and responded to him, "What's so interesting about it?" her voice came out rough yet neutral.

"I'm inside Jin but he can kiss, touch and hold you – yes, I saw your little moment with him last week in your room – yet I can't touch you. It burns for me. I'm hurt because of that, you know. I too would like to indulge in your soft features." He caressed her cheek and she flinched away. He ignored her withdrawal from his touch. "So my question is, do you react the same?” He shifted his gaze to her white mark.

His talon traced her slash scar teasingly, as Mia thought about what he said. "It tingles." Her reply was short.

"Tingles, huh? You know what else tingled for me? Those slashes on Jin's chest and back –"

"That was his body -" Mia now cried in pain as he ripped the second one open. She didn't realised how her tears flowed freely.

"Even so, you marred my instrument of operation and even threatened to damage it further." He replied coolly and business like.

"You attacked me; I didn't want to do it." He opened the last slash. Another cry of pain.

"I didn't want to do that."

"Liar!" she spat venomously.

"Maybe, but there is one thing I want to do." He kissed her roughly. He ravished her with a force that bruised her lips. Mia panicked, and tried to struggle against him, but his weight held her down. His kisses were nothing like Jin’s ones. These were rough and driven with lust. He bit down hard on her lower lip and drew blood, sucking at it before he pulled back. He watched Mia beneath him.

Mia was a mess, as her hair was mussed and splayed across the sheets. She was crying and she didn’t even realise it. He enjoyed how bruised her lips were, and the small bead of blood that had spread and coated her lower lip. She was shivering under his grip.

"Still burning me, love." He gripped her throat.

Mia begged, "Stop! I'm not doing that, please. Please, don't."

"But you wouldn't want me to even touch you even without the angel power." Mia quietly sobbed, for what he said was true. "ISN'T THAT TRUE?" he roared and hit her across her temple, but then grew quiet in an instant. She sobbed while a warm trickle flowed down the side of her face.

He placed his ear to her chest. "My my, I did give you quite the fright." Mia's chest rose and fell heavily. He eyed her neck with blood lust pulsing through him. "I've yet to devour an angel like you, pet. I've dreamt about it many at times. Jin doesn't share the same excitement, though." Mia tried to writhe.

"Stop, sweetheart. I'm not going to hurt you."

"YOU LIE!" her voice rose above her sobs.

He laughed cruelly, "Yes, it is a lie," and he sunk his fanged bite into her neck. Mia stilled at the bite in shock. She cried even harder, and finally screamed when her body felt on fire. Her head spun at the loss of blood. She pushed against his shoulders to get him off her, but the Devil was crazy with bloodlust and continued to feed off her.

Mia’s arms felt heavy and she let them slump as she gave in, unable to fight anymore. She shut her eyes and savoured her last living moments, thinking that she was about to die. She was so helpless against the Devil.

She then realised she was fine. She opened her eyes and the room was in immaculate condition like hers and bright. It was everything opposite to what the room had been previously. She gasped and stared at her arm; it was fine. The slashes were nothing but raised healed scar tissue. She sat up and placed a hand to her neck and her temple; there was nothing there either. She jumped off the bed and looked at the bed. Her skin crawled as she recalled what happened. She exited the room and went to the stairs.

The Devil ghosted into sight and lay on the very same place Mia had been on the bed, watching the door shut. He smirked as he recalled her perplexed expression. His smirk cut even more when he realised his obsession for this little angel had grown even more. He began to laugh maliciously, not so quickly, my pet!


Mia had been in the dojo for the last hour, trying to sweat the trauma away. She hated the Devil. He was a sick bastard and he enjoyed what he did to her. She hated how defenceless she was against him. She hated how easily he took advantage of her. Jin has been distracting her and it made her vulnerable, and he knew that. She punched the punching bag with anger and screamed at it. She executed combos so swiftly, delivering them with precision and power. She snarled aloud as her roundhouse kick cleared the bag clear off its hook. Mia sighed, and fetched the punching bag, placing it back on the hook. She tightened her gauntlets and took her fighting stance.

"Ouch! That poor punching bag." Jin's voice was heard. Mia threw him a glance as he leaned against the door. He chuckled as he stepped into the dojo. He was in training gear; gauntlets, flamed black pants, footpads. Mia eyed his mark that showed he carried the gene. "Babe, what's wrong?" his smile ceased.

"Nothing." She lied and continued to go at the punching bag with aggression.

He deftly kicked the bag away and took its position. Mia blinked in astonishment as her punching bag disappeared. "Tell me." He said coolly. It wasn't friendly, nor was it threatening. It was almost a command.


"Will you talk to me?"

"I am."

She gave a curt reply. There was silence as he looked at her. "I thought you weren't in Japan"

"I wasn't. I got back at three this morning. I've been sleeping. You weren't in your room, then I decided to train and I found you here." More silence.

"Mia." She attacked him. He was swift as he floored her and seized her hands to her sides. "Mia!" He purred. No! No! NO! her thoughts yelled to her. She growled at him and fought against him despite her bound position. She glared into his soft brown eyes that screamed concern.

She immediately stopped her hostile behaviour. Her rage escaped her. "Sorry," she mumbled as she looked away. She could not look him in the eye.

"Hey, you ok?" He nuzzled her neck lightly. She sighed and nodded but still didn't look at him. "Will you tell me what's going on?" She was silent for the moment. He kissed the sweet spot between her collarbones. "Please" he whispered gently. Mia tried not to react to Jin's affections, but inhaled sharply when he kissed her, and she felt Jin smile against her when he said please. Her arm also tingled slightly.

He brushed his lips against the ticklish spot on her jaw as he traced light kisses along it. But he was met with no reaction. "The room opposite my guest room in the hallway…" she began, and he immediately stilled in what he was doing.

"Mia, you shouldn't have gone in there…"

"Well, I didn't expect it to be the Devil's little torture chamber." She snapped, now looking at him. Jin was surprised by her outburst. Mia apologised once more.

He searched her eyes intently and then quietly spoke. "Are you ok? Did he do anything to you?"

"Just mind games but it felt so real even though nothing had happened." Mia explained as her eyes glazed at the memory.

Jin sighed and nuzzled her once more, "At least you're fine." He kissed her cheek. "Now can we spar? I've been in need of some decent competition."

Mia smirked, "You're gonna get your ass kicked."

He smirked back at her, "That's pretty big talk for the one who was taken down by me already." He winked and she giggled.


Mia flew across the dojo sliding on her side, and collided into the wall. She groaned as the pain bloomed at her hip. Ahh… That actually hurt. She thought soberly as she rolled on to her stomach, her palms cushioning her from falling face forward into the floor.

Raising her head, Mia watched for an unsuspecting attack, but her vision was met with flame printed pants. Mia cranked her neck up to gaze at her sparring partner, who had a smug look on his face and a triumphal smile on his features.

Sliding her bare slender leg in a sweeping motion as she rotated her hips into a sit position she aimed for him. Jin was sharp as he evaded the sweep kick. Mia took the opportunity to side roll away from Jin. He lunged at her but Mia performed a spring motion, and spiralled to create distance in her jump.

Landing neatly behind Jin, Mia back looped her kick caused Jin to fall forward. He caught himself and smiled at her playfulness while she grinned. Perfect. She thinks Jin is having a ball with her. I’m so tempted to not hold back anymore and ruin her here and now. The Devil contained his mind and continued with the playful work out.

He jolted up and spun around to meet her in fighting stance. He launched himself into skilled combos that were executed with control and strength. Jin fights with so much passion. Her mind awed at his ability in fighting. Mia evaded his roundhouse kick by ducking, and jumped to axe kick Jin in his back but he caught her leg in one lazy movement. Same mistake as last time. She gets cocky too early.

He chuckled at Mia’s surprised reaction. He enjoyed the view of her glistening skin and the flush that decorated her cheeks. He looked at her with teasing brown eyes and winked cheekily. Mia gasped as it took her a moment to register what Jin had done. He took advantage of that moment, and let go of Mia’s leg causing her to crash to the floor, quite ungracefully. She groaned in pain but didn’t fail to make a swift recovery.

"Still won't stay down, I see," he laughed even more when she nodded vigorously and ignored the furious blush that stained her cheeks. It taunted him. They exchanged more punches and kicks; Mia seemed to have the upper hand until his feint kick caught her. She had walked straight into his tactic.

Mia rolled and back flipped into him. He gripped her legs, and drove her to the floor face first. Mia was stunned. He seemed like he was two steps ahead of her. She flipped onto her back and glared at him. He gave a grin of satisfaction. She rolled away from him and rose in one swift motion. Jin hurled more attacks at her that sent her retreating in motion.

All Mia could do was deflect, block and keep her stance. There was no window of opportunity. Exhaustion had finally hit her, and she then realised how tired she had grown through the entire work out. She felt drained and weak. She felt as if her body temperature rose by ten more degrees.

Then she came into contact with a icy surface that cooled her body down. Jin has corpse-thrusted her body into the wall. Mia felt the cold seep into her; the chill had her shivering, but made her look like she quaked with fear. "Uh Oh… I'm done for now." Mia thought as she watched Jin in his avenger position.

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