Cursed Angel

Chapter 16


Mia pressed her palms to the wall in support as she slumped against it. He inhaled sharply in Avenger position. Mia closed her eyes and braced herself for the worst. Jin’s fist landed soundly right beside her ear. Mia’s eyes flew open in disbelief but yelped loudly as his other fist closed in on the other side. He had caged her in between the wall and his body.

Mia panicked as the fire in her stomach burned her body again. She found herself staring at his chiselled and bare chest. She only realised how close she was to Jin when she could see the sweat that coated his muscular body and a single droplet that fell from his bangs and down his neck. It seemed to trail all the way to his collarbone and chest. Mia swallowed hard against the lump her throat. They shared the same breath due to their close proximity, and it left Mia flushed and bothered as she was highly aware of how close his lips were.

Mia looked up to his face. His jet black bangs hung over his face and softly brushed against her face. Behind the bangs hid the most intoxicating eyes. They sparked like fire as they came to life and the ember colour sneaked in. There was mischief in those eyes. Mia let out a breath that she didn’t realise that she held, just gazing into them. His strong mouth pulled into a smirk as he heard her and felt the light touch on his skin. "Jin" was all Mia could breathe out in a shaky voice.

He didn't dare break eye contact with her. "Yes, Mia?" he asked. His voice was husky and laced with playfulness and his tone was so seductive. He shifted to close the invisible space that was between them both. They were chest to chest now.

Truthfully, as romantic as this looked, the Devil was in hysterics on the inside, but he had to concentrate on what he was doing first before he enjoyed the results of it.

Mia shifted to try to move away, but it was to no avail. It seemed impossible. He's just so strong… He bent his head to her ear. Mia shivered as his lips brushed the shell of her ear. His smooth, deep voice filled her. "Mia, don't fight!"

"Jin, enough of these games, please." Mia protested and tried to created space between the two of them by pushing off his chest but once again, a failed attempt.

"What if I'm not playing a game?" Mia stilled at his question and stared at him. He pulled back to look at her. Her lush lips parted as she tried to think of something to say, but she was at a loss for words and her voice was caught in her throat as she choked on her heart that had also been trapped.

In that same instant, Jin captured her lips. The kiss was soft and uncertain at first. Mia’s heart felt like it was about to explode from the euphoria he had given her. The kiss became steady and confident. His lips were soft and gentle against hers. He relished in her enthusiasm.

Mia's mind shattered at what was happening, and then her mind dulled. She melted into Jin's kiss. It was one not of lust but passion. It was soft, slow and lingered. Her hands moved from his chest to his hair and her fingers got lost in the thickness of his hair.

The kiss was gentle and sweet. After a few moments, Jin pulled away and Mia just seemed still with eyes closed. Jin broke the kiss and panted, "Breathe, Babe." He said softly. Jin kissed a soft spot just below her ear and Mia moaned in appreciation. She exhaled heavily, and she felt him smile into her skin.

Jin connected their lips once more as he overpowered her with another kiss. It was different this time. The kiss was strong, demanding, craving. His kiss left Mia breathless but he paid no heed because the Devil was now losing his control. He was so intoxicated with her taste.

His hand roughly grazed her jaw as he angled her head to tilt up to his kiss as he deepened it. Mia panicked as this was a whole new rush, and something nagged at her as Jin’s kiss became dominant and painful.

Mia pushed him away and tried to catch her breath. She looked at the murderous eyes that flashed fire in gold. The Devil was pissed. She denied him when he needed her. He was so close to drawing blood from her, he was sure he was distracting her.

Mia stared at him as he seemed to calm down. Jin slowly leaned into her and Mia watched slowly. “Relax, Mia.” He spoke coolly as his free hand caressed her jaw line, and tilted her up to his level. “It’s sinful to be that addictive.” He smirked at her.

She looked at him with confusion and he deftly pecked her, catching her by surprise. Her wide eyes watch him worry his bottom lip with his teeth. The Devil was actually stifling a laugh instead of giving her a look of suggestion, as he watched how dazed and dreamy her expression seemed.

“By the way, babe, I won.” He laughed. Finally Mia snapped out of it and protested at him, but he turned on his heel and exited the dojo leaving behind a very confused and dazed Mia.


It had been a few days after the incident in the dojo, and Jin had just changed just like he told Mia he would. He had spent time with her ever since then.

Mia awoke to the sound of steady breathing. Her sight cleared to a black shirt stretched across a strong defined chest and sturdy muscular arms wrapped around her. She sighed, she didn't even realise she fell asleep. She shifted to peer over Jin's shoulder, stopping to see his tattoo peak out from under his shirt, to view the bedside clock. It was late afternoon. She shifted back into place as Jin's strong arms tightened around her. She blushed at his possessiveness. She glanced up at his sleeping form.

His handsome features were relaxed and in a state of peace. His bangs fell all about. Mia moved them out of the way to admire him. He had such strong planes for facial structure. His eyelashes rested on his soft smooth skin. She enjoyed watching him as he slept and dreamt peacefully. She stopped at his full lips.

She felt the blush creep up onto her cheeks as she thought of their kiss. Mia sighed softly with content as she thought about how Jin spent the day with her. They did nothing special. He merely spent the day in her room talking. There were many whispered confessions and giggles along with stories exchanged.

The Devil had replaced Jin perfectly, as he always invaded Jin’s daydreams and dreams of Mia since the attack in the park. He was able to say all the things the real Jin had wished, had longed for and craved.

Somehow they fell asleep together while watching a movie. Jin's sleeping form shifted, nuzzling Mia's neck. And he told me he didn't like cuddling. Mia stifled her giggle so as not to stir him from his pleasant slumber. He sighed and his breath danced across her chest playful. She tried not to shudder in pleasure. Mia let her mind wander aimlessly as she played with his hair in an absentminded manner.

After a few moments, Mia was pulled out of her thoughts when Jin shifted again. She bit back laughter due to his soft hair tickling her under her chin. She smiled, and let her mind drift off again. She didn't get far with her daydreaming because soft lips grazed her delicate neck.

"Good morning, sweet." His deep voice greeted sleepily. His lips pressed against her chest before he settled his chin lightly on the spot to gaze up at her intensely. His ember orbs bore into her. Mia forgot how to breathe for that moment then found herself greeting back but rather shyly.

"Mmmh… That was one of the best sleeps I've had in years." He purred and winked at her. Her cheeks stained pink as he flustered her.

"Jin, you tease." She said, while tugging at his hair lightly. He smirked when she did that and the last of his sleepiness left him.

"You like doing that."

"Doing what?" she asked coyly. She tugged again.

"That…" he responded.

She laughed in agreement. "It so soft." She ran her hand through his hair trying to muss it.

He finally shifted off her. She turned away from him to get off the bed, but Jin was having none of that. He snaked his strong arm around her waist and draw her back. She wiggled slightly until her back hit flush against his chest. "Jin, let go." She said in a mock plea while he squeezed her waist lightly.

Her words fell on deaf ears. He nuzzled her neck while his hand smoothly slipped off her frill sleeve to expose her shoulder and kissed the bare skin chastely. Mia thought she would melt as she closed her eyes while Jin continued kisses up her neck. He stopped at a tender spot just below her ear. "You know, Mia" he said as he ceased the kisses, "I could give you a real reason to pull my hair." He nipped her ear lightly as Mia squealed at his forward flirt.

"Jiiiin!" she tried to wiggle out of his grip. He chuckled at her innocence and smirked.

"Relax, I'm only teasing, hun." He finished huskily, before kissing her cheek. Mia's cheeks were blotched red and she swore he could felt the heat coming off them.

She stilled while she waited for the furious blush to wear off. She began thoughtfully, "Jin, I have to go back to my apartment soon."

"Hmmm?" was Jin's reply as he burrowed his face into her neck.

"Jin..." Mia said in a tone to get a proper reply from him.

"Forget the apartment." He said, his tone hurt because she had interrupted him. "Stay with me here." he kissed her jaw as he urged her. "Actually, forget this room, move into my room." He flirted. "Better yet, move into my bed." He said cheekily. She smacked his bicep. "Owwww, babe, I meant it innocently." She turned to face him with a serious look. He sighed in defeat, "Ok we'll go to your apartment soon. But did it really have to be discussed now?" He pouted as Mia smiled.

But then her mind drifted back to her unattended and unkempt apartment. Jin broke her thoughts, "This isn't fair, and I won't be able to sleep in such comfort again."

"Too bad, I'm going." She made a move to shift off the bed, noticing his loose hold on her.

Jin caught on immediately and grabbed her, trapping her underneath him, and pinned her wrists down for extra measure. "You can't go if you're trapped." He spoke in a low tone. Mia flushed violently after taking note of Jin's close proximity. She stared at his eyes. He'll keep me here forever if he kisses me. Mia thought, remembering what happened in the dojo.

Jin leaned in while Mia turned her head. His lips met her cheek and he groaned. He frowned, his hand found the back of her neck and he crushed his lips against hers. Mia relaxed against him despite the tingling of her arm. He broke their contact, "How does tomorrow afternoon sound?"

Mia blinked as if taking in his words slowly, and then she beamed at him. "Really, Ji-"He silenced her with a kiss.

He grinned wolfishly at her, "Yeah, Mia."


Mia stepped into the glass elevator that overlooked the surrounding skyline. Her delicate frame rested against the metal grip bar. Jin stepped in behind her and stood opposite her. Mia felt her tummy knot while her arm tingled again. Her jaw worked against the sensation as pain shot up her arm from her wrist. She sighed in frustration.

Mia picked her sleeve up slightly to view her watch. Her watch informed her that it was late afternoon. Mia glanced up and found Jin's steady gaze had settled on her. His handsome features were set and expressionless, yet his brown eyes sparked with interest as he watched her. Mia's eyes flicked to the glass, watching the dull environment.

She became intrigued by the raindrops on the glass and lost herself in her musings. She internally cringed at the thought of the unpaid bills that were probably left behind on her floor and how dirty the apartment would be with the lack of cleaning in the past few weeks. She remembered how her bed was still undone from the night she left it for her walk in the park. She went pale as the flashes of her encounter with the Devil flooded back. Her tummy knotted itself over for possibly the third time.

Mia flinched as Jin's hand settled lightly on her shoulder. She hadn't realised he stepped towards her. She tilted her head up to search his eyes for emotion. There was a flicker, and then nothing. In the same moment, he huffed and his bangs fell into place to block his eyes. She felt a bit bad for him. He didn't even want to be here in the first place.

The elevator dinged on her floor and she examined the hallway. It seemed damp with the brewing weather. Mia stepped out and made her way down the hallway. The knot in her tummy slowly loosening and uncoiling. She felt Jin's eyes on her as she walked. Mia looked about, taking in how the neutral coloured walls looked sick in this dreary weather. She internally blanched at the ominous feeling.

She halted at her large wooden door. Her apartment seemed to be one of the better ones in the building. She placed her hand on the cold door handle and unlatched it. The knot tightened to its optimum and made her uneasy. Pushing the feeling back she pushed open her door, noiselessly. She turned to Jin, who was scowling at the floor. She signalled for him to wait there and turned to enter before he could even suggest input. He scowled again.

The door opened up into the lounge, it was beautiful and very sleek in its design, outlined by wall high windows. It streamed in poor light because of the miserable weather. Mia stepped silently across the carpet, but she halted and twitched in instinct. Mia sensed the intruder and she was ready to attack. She closed her eyes and focused, she opened her eyes and her version enhanced with her angelic power. Her arm sprouted a new shoot of pain. She gritted her teeth. Brilliant silver eyes scanned the environment to locate her trespasser.

Mia pounced on the figure, using the darkness as the element of surprise. A cry was heard. Jin didn't panic as the cry he heard was masculine. "Ow! Leggo of me! Mia! Leggo!" the voice hissed and yelped in pain. The voice cussed even more in thick accented English. The English morphed into another language; it would seem Mia was inflicting more pain.

Jin recognised it to be Russian. Jin stepped into the apartment and hit the switch. Light flooded the room immediately and revealed the intruder. He was trapped in a triangle lock by Mia and she was cranking his muscular arm. Mia looked up to see who he intruder was and she gasped. She relinquished her hold immediately. She realised this was no intruder.

"Gee, thanks Mia. Use my own move against me." She chuckled ruefully and rose from the floor. The "intruder" rose as well. "Sorry I thought there was an intruder in my apartment." She smiled at him. Apparently, the person before them was seen as friend and not foe. Jin looked at him to take in his appearance. He was slightly shorter than Jin was, with baby boyish features and spiky messy brown hair. Jin observed the stranger’s eyes had a unique shade of green. Mia embraced him in a long hug. The stranger seemed to squeeze her back lightly.

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