Cursed Angel

Chapter 17


The Devil growled in the shadows as he watched Mia being hugged by this stranger. This guy is already putting me in a foul mood. The stranger squeezed lightly on his angel. Who the hell is this guy? The Devil thought with anger and jealousy. He stifled his second wave of growls by clearing his throat. Mia realised what was going and she chuckled.

"Jin, I would like to introduce you to my good friend, Lee Ivanov. We met during the King of Iron Fist tournament while training in the common dojo."

"I rather not remember it coz I got my ass handed to me that day." The Devil threw Lee a cold look then put his hand out to shake Lee's. Everyone seemed to miss his eyes flashing gold. Lee took his hand and gave a firm handshake. I don't like this guy one bit. The Devil bit back another growl and forced a smile.

"Pleasure to meet you, any friend of Mia's is a friend of mine. Interesting, maybe we'll cross over in a match in future." He spoke coolly. Mia threw him a suspicious look. He smirked back. Don't look at me like that doll, I can be friendly when I want too. I want to throw him out of this apartment right now. Better yet, maybe out the window. How dare he touch Mia?

There was a flash of lightning and a clap of thunder. Lee flinched as he looked out the window and saw the rain cascading down, "Well that's my cue to leave. My baby will get drenched in this weather. She just got a new paintjob too."

Mia pouted, "I was hoping you could stay a little longer."

Lee smiled charmingly, "Mia, I'll visit again very soon. There is too much catch up on since you've dropped off the grid." He proceeded to make his way out but stopped by Mia, his strong frame enveloped her tiny physique in a crushing hug. "It's good to see you again, Mia."

The Devil wanted to rip his throat out. She's mine. And yet he seemed forgotten in the shadows. He bit back a snarl as he watched him hug Mia, Lingering hands… he seethed. He fumed internally and the monster in his chest was livid as he watched Mia smile broadly. Only I control that happiness. He thought, greedily drinking in her appearance and the bells of her laughter and her pearls for teeth that she bared.

The little angel didn't even feel his gaze on her. Lee was walking towards the door, Finally… the voice in his head spat. He stopped at the door and turned, Now what?! The voice thundered. "You may want to restock your fridge because house sitting is a tough job." He rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly and chuckled sheepishly. Mia assured him it was no fuss. The hell it wasn't …

The Devil took a moment to analyse his reactions and behaviour towards Mia's friend. He thought quickly and shrewdly in a cunning way. He smirked when he realised how he could make this situation work to his advantage. He snapped out of his musings as he heard the click of the door as it shut close. He snapped his head up, making sure to slip back into character. He smirked internally and clamped down the hysteria.

"Jin" her voice called out with uncertainty and a shiver ran down his back, Delicious. The bloodlust in him went through the roof.

"Here, Mia." He called quietly while staring out the window. His voice sounded very far away.

"Why are you hiding here?"

Drawing you in, of course. He thought maliciously. "It's a nice view from here." His tone was low and distant. He took a slight step forward. Half of his features were obscured by the darkness despite the light in the room. She glanced up at him, missing the dark glint in his eye. His features were hard and stony. She bit her lip as though nervous about the thoughts that ran through her mind. Those full plump lips…

He softened his features and wrapped a strong arm around her tiny waist, and pulled her flush against him. "What's wrong, Mia?" he asked softly.

"You were unhappy about Lee's presence, weren't you?"

Unhappy was an understatement. She bit her lip again. The monster in his chest snarled. He wanted to relish in that action himself, to make them swollen and puffy- and make them bleed.

He sighed, squeezing on her waist lightly. "Not unhappy…" She threw him a pointed look. "Just jealous." He finished lamely and looked away as if ashamed of the confession. Mia giggled and planted a kiss on his cheek, "Jin, there's no reason to be jealous because…"

Mia abruptly halted her sentence. Huh? What was that? He snapped his head to look at her with curiosity. He was met with image of his little angel blushing furiously and concentrating very hard on the button on his dress shirt. He smirked with delight. This ought to be interesting.

"Pray tell why I shouldn't be entitled to jealous." His voice dripping with scorn and pushed her away gently to put distance between them and crossed his arms across his broad strong chest.

Mia blinked in surprise, still taking in what happened in that one fluid motion. She craned her neck to stare at him. Her brown eyes were wide with shock and her lips were parted. "Go on." He ordered with authority in his voice. She gasped and rushed her reply, "Well, it's because all of my friends knew, I had interest in you only, no one else mattered." Inwardly he was in hysterics, I thought as much. Mia looked at the floor awkwardly. She squirmed at the naked confession that she expelled.

So lost in thought she didn't realise he had pulled her flush against him. His hand swiftly tilted her head to meet his gaze. Surprise widen her eyes as stared at his eyes, they changed colour. "Jin, they're doing that again..." She trailed off but didn't break her unwavering regard. "Doing what?" He asked in a low indifferent tone.

He obviously knew because he was doing it on purpose. She lost her voice. Speak or I'll make you scream. His other hand found its way to her neck, fingers ghosting over her skin. His touch was making Mia tense; she was fighting against how it made her react. Naughty angel. His eyes were raging embers and raw with emotion despite his passive mask. "They've changed colour again." She said quietly. "So?" he retorted hardly.

She flinched as his arm wrapped a little tighter. "Jin…" she said painfully. He sighed and loosened his grip, "The emotion is mutual but I still don't like how some guys are around you, it's always been like that." She smiled and shook her head. "Lee counts as one?" Jin nodded curtly. She giggled, "Lee has a girlfriend that he's crazy about and if it's not his girlfriend, he has his motorcycle – it's his baby." Jin scoffed still not convinced.

"You don't see how you're looked at." He went dead silent and Mia's smile and giggles faltered. The Devil savoured in sick glee at how he was able to diminish her emotion within moments. He ducked his head to her ear, brushing his lips lightly against. Mia struggled to compose herself; she was so flustered at his close proximity once more.

He smirked as he watched her tiny chest rise and fall rapidly. "Mia…" he said seductively. His warm breath fanned over and down her neck, Mia's body responded as a shiver racked through her. She nodded weakly. It seemed she had lost her voice. "You're Mine." He said softly.

His tone hid all ill intent behind those words. Mia placed a small hand on his chest as if steadying herself against his frame. She glowed slightly and his demonic urges desperately clawed at his insides. Giving into his cravings, he decided to act upon them.

Mia only noticed when his hair brushed against her neck. He placed urgent kisses against her exposed skin. She sighed and relaxed against his frame. The Devil was going crazy with trying to hold his laughter back. I control my little angel now.

He carried her to the sofa and Mia shifted to sit beside him. Oh no, you don't! He pulled her onto his strong body. He deftly kissed her, deepening it at the right moments. His bloodlust was killing him. He really wanted to kill her and savour her blood. In the haze of senses, he seemed to lose himself. Mia's strangled whimper brought him back.

He had bitten into her lip and made it bleed. The bead of red liquid sat invitingly on her bruised lip as she pouted out. Her eyes filled with hurt and slightly watery. He licked it away and kissed her bottom lip gently and stared at her with wild eyes, darkened with lust. Mia was blank in that moment as she quickly blinked back the blurry vision. She seemed a bit shaken, "I'm sorry, Mia. Truly I am…" he said apologetically and looked away. Obviously playing her emotions, No, I'm not. That was invigorating.

Mia shook her head, reassuring him she was fine. She made for a shift off him but he wasn't ready to let her go. He gripped her waist, "Stay with me." Still looking away blankly. Mia pulled him to make eye contact, her features softened at his hurt gaze. She shifted, he sighed thinking she was leaving but she merely nestled herself under his chin and relaxed. This angel of mine loves me too much; too bad Jinny isn't here to see all this.

Time had stretched own for a bit and the weather had gotten worse again. The flash of lightning awoke Jin. He sighed tiredly, the sofa wasn't that comfortable. Mia was sound asleep on him. He casually shifted her onto the sofa to let her sleep. She moaned and sat up almost instantly. "You're going?" she asked, voice filled with sleepiness.

He raked a hand through his perfect hair and glanced at his watch as he settled it on his wrist comfortably. "I have to leave soon; I've got work to attend to." He lied with ease but played the perfect grimace across his lips. The look seemed to mar his handsome features. He straightened his dress shirt and pocketed his phone from the coffee table. Mia huffed and pouted, "You always leave too soon." "Believe me I would love to stay the night." He winked and Mia flushed. He bent down to her and kissed her hard.

Mia's arm expelled a surge of pain, it ached but she kept to the kiss. The sensation continued until her arm felt ablaze and she broke contact and withdrew into the sofa, nursing her wrist but with a scowl. Jin looked offended as he misunderstood. He mumbled an apology and left in one quick moment.


The Devil pretended to brood his entire drive home to the Kazama Manor. Once he arrived, he made himself comfortable. He was mentally going through all his angles and doubled checked his trump cards. He had the upper hand in everything. He strolled over the documents on his desk. A thrill went through him; G-corp finally caught one. He smirked; they played right into his hand.

Truly the Devil had nowhere to be nor did he have work. He just enjoyed his thinking time as he always came up with new ways to ruin Jin. He went over his to do list once more in his mind as he settled into his single seat couch in his office. He realised he was quite a busy man, and I've been told sloth was a sin by me. He chuckled darkly.


She watched through the rain as the brown haired male jumped onto his beloved burnt orange bike. She watched him settle his helmet and take off down the street. The female waited under a store porch until the rain reduced to a drizzle. She began to walk the block, red heels clicking against the wet concrete with each elegant stride. She deftly side stepped a puddle and turned right. A soft gasp escaped her as she walked directly into the chilled wind; black coat swiftly swishing and wrapping around her defined calves. Slim hands made for a grip at her hood as she pulled closer to stop it from slipping off and revealing the auburn hair that was hidden beneath.

A black car with dark tinted windows pulled up beside her. The car idled there, the engine softly rumbling. The woman tilted her head to view the car, she eyed it with wariness. She opened the door of the backseat and slid in smoothly. The female sighed softly as she settled slightly and noted the car was in motion. Perching on the edge of a seat was not exactly settling in. Smoothly, the hood slid off and delicate fingers combed through the mass of relaxed curls. Her hair splayed out and clung around her torso lightly. Her doe like eyes fixed on the window and she was lost to her musings.

"Your hair is longer than I remembered." A gruff masculine voice filled the darkness in the car. The female froze for a moment and the continued running a hand through her luscious hair but not offering a reply. The voice hummed low in response as if her silence was an answer to contemplate and she noticed a hand reach out and twirled a curl in their finger. She shifted and swept her hair behind her shoulder. "It grew." She snapped. Then, as if immediately regretting the loss of composure, she sighed as she shook her head lightly.

"It would seem our paths cross again in terms of work." He announced in a drawling tone. "What makes you think this is work?" She almost ground out but she regained composure once more. The man laughed mirthlessly, it made the hairs on the back of her neck stand up. "Either, you believe in rather long holidays or you've been building a new identity." "I'm merely dropping off the grid." She replied coolly.

"Oh?" the voice scoffed in amusement. She shifted to glance at the opposite seat. The light was poor but she could make out the strong side profile of the man. She noted the upward flick of his hair, the scar that marred the strong plane of his cheek and his full lips tugged into a sneer. "I commend your bravery, using your actual first name. Kind of easy to find you."

"I'm not hiding." She retorted tersely. He smirked as he inclined his head to face her. She caught the red glint in his eye and the female paled slightly. "Now, now, Camilla." She flinched at the mention of her name, especially how her name sounded of his lips. "I don't want any trouble, I merely demand cooperation." Voice filled with authority. His voice changed to pure malice with his following statement, "If not, you will be forced to comply." She glared in the direction of where his face would be but it was futile in the darkness. "It would be a pity if something happened to Mr. Ivanov on his way home." He drawled. "Stay away from him."

The male picked up on her voice threatening to crack with the underlying emotion. "Oh, I don't want him, I simply want his friends." "Why?" she tested as nothing ever came good from this man. Trouble clung to him like a shadow. "One of them happens to be my son." Camilla gasped and her doe eyes widen with worry. "Don't get me wrong, I just want my son to come back home." He lied with such ease. Camilla doubted his intention given her previous encounters with this man. ''Camilla," he coaxed, "my business differs from family, I understand your doubt." This didn't seem to sway her. "I want to have no part of this." "When I said Mr. Ivanov was not my target, it didn't mean he held no interest to me. He proves to be a rather key factor between us."

Camilla worked her jaw; she wanted to bury her knife in his throat. God, she hated this man. Her hand ghosting over her thigh, where her dagger lay concealed beneath the layers of her dress and coat.

The car seemed to move into an area with more light as more light filtered into the car. He laughed as he gazed upon her glowering look. "No need for that toy of yours, Camilla." He smirked as strong fingers coiled around her slender wrist. His tone sent a shiver racking through her spine, she hated this man for putting her on such edge. His touch made her skin crawl.

Moments seemed to pass by and she noticed the car slowing down. She twisted her wrist in his hold and his lips tugged into a cruel smile as he tightened his grip. She finally wrenched her wrist free and scowled at him, tempted to wipe that stupid smirk off his face.

"Don't touch me." She warned roughly. "You're in no place to make demands." Camilla scoffed and noted how the car stopped, she was getting out. Anywhere was better than here. She opened the door, "It's a matter of respect an individual, Mr Mishima."She almost spat the name like it left a bitter taste in her mouth. She closed the door and walked away from the car gracefully.

As the door closed, rather noisily behind the female, Kazuya was rather pleased with himself. "Make sure Mr. Ivanov gets home alive." He chuckled darkly and his driver nodded before punching a message into his mobile phone and hits send before taking off.


Kazuya Mishima was not a mean man, well in his perspective. The man saw himself as an efficient man. He was cold and calculating and ever watchful for opportunities. He was an opportunist. He recognised the proper… incentives – he smirked at the word – that would get a job done. He was shrewd as well to take caution with the opportunities that presented themselves.

So with this outlook in his head, he used it to progress. Kazuya knew it all boiled down to survival for him. He learnt to always let things favour with him despite the odds. His life was testament to the way he lived by. Besides he liked getting his way. So difficulty was a weak opponent in his arena. He bore more than enough scars, both physically and emotionally, to prove his outlook.

So to this situation, Kazuya smiled wickedly, because he was killing two birds with a single stone. He learnt of how this little angel stirred excitement in his scientists at G-Corp. They've even spoken of the possibility of assimilating the genes of this entity and make the Devil Gene immune to the angel power. "It's just a matter of sticking her under a microscope."

Kazuya's mood darkened as his son came to mind; he caught the red glint in his eye catch in the window of the car. Jin was being cocky and confident; he was foolish to think G-Corp would not notice his activity. Jin was asking for a war and Kazuya was glad enough to deliver purgatory to him.

This little war was merely their free world chess game. Ms. Okumura was Jin's Queen and she was vulnerable. And that meant so was Jin. So Kazuya was planning for the Queen to fall and he seemed confident in his plans. Once Jin is weak enough, he could claim the Devil Gene and destroy Jin; too many Devils can't run free in this world. His fist curled and tightened in eagerness.


Mia sat in her apartment, dazed in shock. Her wrist was calm with a dull ache that her entire arm feel as heavy as lead. Fingertips brushed her lips against the tingling sensation. She wished Jin didn't misunderstand, but she couldn't blame him she was morphing into angel mode that point. Her eyes were changed and her arm burned. Normally she could fight the pain but this time it felt like a white hot wire was pressed to her skin. She scrambled across the sofa, from one end to the other, to get her phone.

Her calls were ignored, just as she expected. She let out a noise of frustration. It's these misunderstandings that put them on edge and created unwanted tension. He would shut her out because of this and this seemed to have frustrated her even more since she grew accustomed to Jin's new behaviour. Now her frustration grew to anger. She growled and kicked over the coffee table. She groaned and retrieved the table and set off to her room for uneasy sleep.

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