Cursed Angel

Chapter 18


Camilla finally approached the familiar grey building. Each stepped slowed as the cold had reached her bones. Her red heels were stained with water droplets and her coat felt paper thin against her. Stepping into the lobby, Camilla let her senses be engulfed by the warmth and the cosy atmosphere. It was almost a place she could call home.

Trudging on, she stalked to the elevator and waited until she reached her floor. Upon hearing the ding, Camilla was being steered by memory to her apartment that she shared with Lee. Sighing in relief as she shut the door behind her, Camilla began kicking off the dangerous looking heels and shed her coat before she collapsed on her white sofa in a lateral position.

Camilla inspected the big modern apartment, “Lee, I’m home, babe.” She called out in a singsong voice as she combed her curls with slender fingers. She was met with no answer and that caused her to sit up immediately. “Lee…” She called out once more and there was a lack of response.

Camilla searched the apartment but she discovered that was entirely alone within the apartment. That’s strange, he’s always home before me and judging by the time he left he should have been here long before me; Camilla went back to the sofa to fetch her phone.

Calmly she dialled his number but he didn’t pick up. Panic and fear gripped her and her mind wandered off to Kazuya and whether he had anything to do with this. She slumped back into the sofa and got lost in thought about Kazuya and his intentions. Sure, she wasn’t perfect but she wouldn’t hurt family.

Time became a lost concept until the door creaked open and Lee stood leaning against the frame. “Hey, boo…” He said quite tiredly. Lee stepped in and shut the door behind him. He slow stepped before losing balance and staggered towards the nearest wall. “Lee!” Camilla called out as she rushed to see him but he had collapsed to floor. “Oh my god! What happened to you?” she swallowed thickly and gazed at him. Lee lay unconscious on the floor. He was cold and wet from the rain.

The right side of his face was scattered with scratched and bruises. There was a trickle of blood creeping from under the damp hairline at his temple and a deep gash slashed across his cheek in a downward fashion.

In fact, his entire right side had taken the damage. His leather riding jacket was tattered and ruined while his jeans had rips and his skin littered with more scratches. Camilla had heaved him up and plopped him onto the sofa and fetched the first aid kit.

Discarding his jacket, Camilla settled his head lightly on to her lap as she cleaned and tended to the wounds. Despite his resting state, he flinched whenever the ointment stung him or burned for him. Camilla was so scared, but she was glad Lee was alive. She wrapped his bicep up tightly and check his wrist for a sprain or swelling. It seemed fine.

She checked the rest for any broken bones but Lee seemed fine until she saw the bruise on the side of his torso. Hissing at the sight of the blood that created light lines along his torso in the direction of the cause of his injury, she could only conclude he had fallen off his bike. But if the bike is damaged how did he get home?

She tugged at his shirt as she lifted it up his defined torso. Lee groaned out in pain as she shifted his body to ease the ragged and stained material away from his body. Camilla made quick work as she quickly bound and wrapped up the slashes and riven flesh.

Camilla then left Lee on the sofa to clean up herself in the guest bathroom. She then headed upstairs to the bedroom and changed clothes before heading to the kitchen to pack away the first aid kit and fetch painkillers along with water for him and brought it back to the lounge. Carrying a towel along with her, she wiped him down.

Camilla noticed she had left his shirt lifted so she went near and tried to ease the material back down but when the towel brushed against his skin, Lee stirred from his sleep causing her to freeze. “Don’t be taking advantage of me while I’m out cold, okay?” He spoke in a small sleep filled voice and looked at her with a lopsided puppy like grin. Camilla scoffed and then chuckled.

“I’m trying to help you and you think I’m trying to rape you in your sleep. Sheesh, it’s the last time I ever help you.” She grinned at him. His mischievous green eyes twinkled with excitement as he watched Camilla smile.

Lee tried to shift his position from the couch but yelped at the sharp pain from his side. Camilla caught his arm and helped into a sitting position at a slow and easy pace to lessen the feel of the pain. Lee gulped down on the pain killers while Camilla fetched him another shirt. “Babe, what happened to you?” She asked as she tossed him the soft material.

“Freak accident. This car swerved into my lane to I tried to evade him but I lost balance so I ended up sliding on my side with my bike on me. It ended up under the car and caught on fire. I managed to crawl away though.” He explained as he furrowed his eyebrows at the memory.

Camilla gasped and looked at him with concerned eyes. “Hey, come here.” He speaks calmly and beckons her to join him. She walked uncertain of her own steps. “I’m fine now and that’s all that matters. No need to look so worried.” He said as he entwined his fingers with hers and played with a lock of her hair. He gave her a cheesy smirk and she giggled softly.

“I’m glad you’re safe. I don’t want to lose you, Lee.” Camilla spoke quietly and threw herself into Lee’s arms and hugged him. And at that very moment she knew she had to protect him and there was only one way to achieve that. Sighing at her decision she nuzzled into Lee’s neck and cried silently.


A Week And A Half Later

That night was spent comforting each other. Lee mended her heart while Camilla tended to his injuries around the clock. At the moment Camilla had been anxiously sitting in a very expensive waiting room. She had fixed her hair for the hundredth and switched her legs to cross over and sit.

Truthfully, she was pissed but she knew that going in guns blazing would be an entire disaster. She had to play this cool and tread carefully to make sure everything worked out in her favour. Business taught her that deals could go very messy if not handled properly.

The receptionist had allowed her to go through. Camilla swallowed the lump in her throat as her hand clasped the doorknob. She took a deep breath before opening the door and stepped inside. “You came more quickly than I had expected.” The familiar gruff voice drawled.

“Let’s just say you have a way of making sure one can never turn you down.” Camilla responded with strain as she sat down on the cushy red seat and crossed her legs in a ladylike manner. “How is Mr. Ivanov doing, Milla?” Camilla hissed softly at the use of the name. “Just fine.” She responded tersely and canted her head to side.

Kazuya Mishima quirked his sharp eyebrow in question with a lopsided smirk, “Really?” She scoffed, “Was it necessary to attack him?” Camilla huffed, she was utterly vexed. “Are you trying to say that I was the one who attacked Mr. Ivanov?” He smirked. “Are you sure you aren’t mistaken of his motorbike accident?”

“And who told you of the accident, Mr. Mishima?” She questioned in the tone that seemed to irk him. He was tempted to throw the ornamental letter opener that was in his hand. Instead he resumed twirling it to keep him distracted. “Come, Camilla. Let us forget the incident and wish Mr. Ivanov a speedy recovery. After all we are here to discuss business, aren’t we?” He leaned back in his executive chair and propped his elbow on the arm rest to support his head as his fist was gently placed against cheek. He gazed at her with the most intense gaze that Camilla had ever seen.

She would be a fool to say that the man before her didn’t scare her but she ignored her fear. She was doing this for Lee. She was doing it for both of them. She could have sworn to god she saw the red in his eye gleam. She felt the chill that shook her spine that caused her to sit up in a much straighter position than she expected. He grinned as he watched her quiver.

“Yes. What do you propose, Mr. Mishima?”


The Devil was pissed. He huffed as he settled into the chair in his office. Business wise the company was thriving however his employees were rather unsettled. He glanced over all the tasks that had to be accomplished to throw an eventful and enjoyable party. He was annoyed how humans had to be socially happy to ensure they were efficient and optimal. He could have sworn hell survived just fine with torture methods and reined by an iron fist but hey to each their own, right?

He hated how petty people could be at times. That’s why he never really gave much thought to their life before he devoured. However he loved when the pettiness became desperation, he loved how they would cling to the last string of life and beg. He truly enjoyed snuffing out the light behind the eyes.

But of late, he lost the satisfaction from those actions. It was weird to him because it had been a habit that was centuries old yet he seemed bored. He assumed it was a phase of bad appetite or it was just his obsession with a little angel whose wings were clipped by him.

Just thinking about it drove him crazy, his eyes were gold and burning brightly and his bloodlust was in overdrive. No one could blame the Devil for being this way; he went cold turkey without Mia for a week and half. He ignored her calls, denied her visits and didn’t respond to her messages.

Now the Devil didn’t do this to control himself but he did it to torment Mia and make her crave him as much as he craved her. He also was still playing his mood on her, making her think he was upset with her and just reverted to being the cold guy that everyone sees.

The Devil smirked at the way he manipulated things. This party was great opportunity to welcome the King of the Iron Fist tournament, impress business associates and rekindle with Mia and still outshine any company that dared to oppose the Zaibatsu, including G-Corp.

Speaking of G-Corp, He wondered about the number one rival that had stilled its activity for the last few weeks. He knew something was up. He just wasn’t sure. All he knew that his Devil gene thrived through a man named Kazuya Mishima and he felt its powers. It was him but an older version of him. He should have taken him when death gripped him at the last fight he had with the real Jin.

The Devil said he would wait on G-Corp’s actions because he was sure the Zaibatsu’s activity was stirring up a war, the tension was in the air. He wouldn’t lie; the constant vibe of fear that hid behind the nervous laughs and forced smiles made him stronger. The danger loomed in the air and yet society was playing it off as they were in paradise.

Drawing out of his pocket he pulled out the crystal that held the smoky swirls. It had lost its red glow but it still looked ominous to anyone who observed it. Grinning at it, the Devil knew what was going on within.


Jin had been running. His lungs were giving out. He was fine all this time; the Devil seemed kind enough to give him these resting periods but usually threw him into situations where he had experienced pain beyond belief. Other times he would just see what the Devil was doing as him in the real world. However he never saw Mia. When he did, it was always an illusion and he knew it. He fought every illusion to stay sane.

Today was no different; he had been quietly napping on the sofa of what looked like his old apartment, the one he stayed at when he stayed at after his grandfather was declared dead, until G-Corp police units came crashing through his door and windows.

Hitting the ground running he worked on an escape from the apartment with ease however nothing was ease. Another unit was hot on his trail as he ran down the dirty alleyway. Kicking over the bins he began to run towards the outskirts of the familiar city. As if on instinct he wound and weaved through the buildings and streets. It reminded him of the days he did underground fighting just before the Iron Fist tournaments.

However the blur of lights began to fade, the loud sirens and the barks of dogs began to merge and distort it until it died in the silence. Jin didn’t stop running. It could be a nasty trick. However sound became an ally once more when he heard the snapping of a twig beneath his feet and the familiar crunch of each dent in the ground as he ran across it filled his ears.

This was no time for forest bathing, he thought humourlessly as he continued to run. His speed had slowed until he was in deep into the thick Yakushima forest. A thousand memories flashed across his mind for the moment but he halted so he could remember how to breathe.

He was about to take off again but he heard a very sweet melody. His heart panged and felt heavy in his chest. Despite his jelly like legs, he drifted towards the melody. He found himself at the old house that his mother and he shared.

She sat on her knees while sang sweetly to the four year old who lay sprawled out on the worn out fluff rug by the fire place. He pouted at the wooden ceiling while she ran he hands through her son’s abundant hair. He drifted off to sleep as she continued her ministrations.

Jin leaned against the frame of the door and watched the two. He wished he could back to these simpler times. His mother had turned back to him. Her eye sockets were hollow and were black, “You’ve forgotten everything I taught you. Look at you, Mr. Jin Kazama, CEO of the Mishima Zaibatsu. Look at the chaos you threw the world into.” The voice said weirdly. It wasn’t his mother’s sweet gentle voice anymore.

“Maybe I should save the world while I can. I never loved you. I made a mistake passing on my teachings to you. You threw away everything the Kazama family stood for. You’ve truly become your father’s son.” The demon version of Jun Kazama grabbed the sleeping four year old Jin. Her slender fair hands morphed into sharp black claws around the child who still remained asleep. The memory blacked out at that point.

“Okāsan!” Jin’s voice bubbled and burst in his ears. The Devil marred the one memory of his mother he cherished the most. He was terrified of the images he said. After calming himself down, he reminded himself that Jun Kazama was not capable of that. She was a kind woman who taught him everything good. She always protected him.

His heaving chest had settled and he still wandered the darkness. The darkness now twisted and turned as colours surfaced from beneath it and became a familiar surrounding he hated. He heard the crowds cheering and felt the heat from the salient lights. Covering his eyes with his arm he felt the hot material of his gauntlet come into contact with his forehead. Creating a small distance from his arm he gazed at his arena and spotted a familiar head of orange hair.


Mia had been having a rough time. She had so much to catch up; she lost weeks of studying and training not to mention work. Despite her job being part time and not really necessary as Jin had suddenly taken up her financial care, she still took it to keep her busy and sane. Her idle mind drove her insane.

She had been working long hours at the café and even helped after hours to get back in her boss’ good books. Mia loved being active again; she smiled and took care of customers and treated everyone with the utmost respect and had manners but behind those smiles she was hurting.

Jin had been ignoring her and he didn’t want to see her. She had no idea how to fix this with him especially since he had refused any type of contact with her. She had been exhausted at work because she was losing sleep over Jin. If she wasn’t thinking about it she was working out in the dojo since she rested enough in her coma.

The café was about to close and she had been wiping down tables when the door’s bell chimed as someone stepped in. Sighing she made her way to the front of the café to get the customer. “Dine in or take out?” She had asked quite tiredly. “How about take away to your place?” Mia’s head snapped up to teasing green eyes. “Lee!” She grinned at the boyish looking male who flashed a charming smile in her direction.

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