Cursed Angel

Chapter 19


“Lee! He- Oh my god! What happened to you??” The grin on Mia’s face fell immediately as she looked at the baby faced who had a plaster across his temple and forehead and grazes along the side of his face. Yet he was standing before her and smiling.

He rubbed the nape of his neck awkwardly and grinned, “Motorbike accident?” Mia covered her mouth with a hand and gasped in shock. “Look, no need to fuss. But if you do want to fuss how about over food, please? I’m a bit hungry.” He winked at her and Mia giggled for the first time in days.

Mia ran back to the kitchen to fix up a little snack bag for her and Lee. It was a little perk of working at this café. Free food for the employees at the end day. She grabbed a marked brown paper bag and tossed a few muffins and a tray that she loaded two iced coffees in and took off back to Lee.

The door closed behind them, Mia slipped into the driver’s seat and Lee crashed in the passenger seat. “What’s this I hear about you on work overdrive? Don’t you like your home?” Lee asked immediately.

Mia scoffed with dry amusement, “Home is where the heart is, right?” and tightened her grip on her steering wheel. “Trouble, huh? When did it happen?” Lee asked with some interest as he began to open the take away bag. Mia smacked his hand away. “That’s for when we get home and to answer you other question, it happened about a week and a half ago.”

“You mean the afternoon I was at your place?” Mia hummed in response. “Ahh… just before my accident.” Mia slammed the brake a little too hard.

“Mia! What the fu-“

“What?!” she nearly screamed. “After I left your apartment I had the accident.” Lee shrugged as he leaned back into the car seat. Dropping her head onto her steering wheel, “Lee, I’m so sorry I wasn’t there for you.” “Its fine, I can take care of myself, Mia. Besides Camilla is there for me.”

Mia nodded and continued the drive home. Once arriving, Mia got out of the car. She trudged off to her apartment with Lee following behind. The silence was comfortable and yet it was heavy. Maybe Mia was just radiating her guilt for being a bad friend and not being there for Lee and maybe Lee was radiating his helplessness in assuring Mia it was fine.

Upon unlocking her apartment Lee welcomed himself and headed straight to the lounge to sprawl himself on her sofa. Mia headed into the kitchen to sort out drinks and placed the muffins in a tray with some other tid-bits to munch on.

Lee came into the kitchen and back hugged Mia, making her freeze up and yelp. He took advantage on her reaction and snaked his arm and reached for a muffin before escaping the kitchen with a chuckle. “Lee Ivanov!” Mia yelled from the kitchen. “Ohh… I’m so dead!” Lee chuckled aloud as Mia came into the lounge and lightly tried to tackle him as he gripped her wrists and watched her struggle while he sat.

Lee flipped her over and she fisted his chest lightly. “No fair, I can’t do anything to you because you’re hurt.” Lee laughed and flashed his smile before speaking. “But I can.” Lee then proceeded to tickle her until she was about to cry from laughing.

“S-s-stop it, Lee!” Mia tried to protest between her giggles. Lee grinned in triumph. “Finally you’re looking like your old self.” He spoke as he watched Mia sit up and try to catch her breath. “Thanks Lee, I needed this.”

“Anytime, kiddo!”

The rest of the night went by with the two curled up on the sofa of watching movies. Mia thanked god for giving her such a wonderful best friend that she could count on and that he could comfort her. Le was her older brother that she never had and he dearly cared for her. Then Camilla phoned and called Lee home. Lee looked a little excited to go home so she let him go immediately by shoving him out the door while laughing. Lee stopped and kissed her forehead before leaving the apartment.

Mia settled into bed after the wave of exhaustion hit her. Mia sunk into her pillows after she abandoned her clothes for pyjamas. Mia had fallen into a deep yet uneasy sleep. She tossed and turned in her half asleep stated before she passed out completely.


Warm hands held her and touched her softly making her demand more contact. She could feel his hot breath on her skin, it made her skin flush and the red crept up on her skin. Soft shallow kisses teased her in the darkness. She had no voice to make her cravings heard. But she was flipped over and found red eyes staring at her.

“You smell like him…the voice growled out and Mia felt something hot trail along her neck. “Don’t you listen, Mia? You’re mine only.” Mia began to cry out. “Were you expecting Jin, pet?” Mia struggled at the grip the darkness held her in. She tried to thrash about but it didn’t help. “You were so eager for me until you heard my voice. Don’t you like how your body reacts to me?” Mia cried harder thinking that she was done for. “Face it, Mia. I am your guilty pleasure, aren’t I?”

Sinful kisses stained her flesh while invasive hands crept about her form. Mia thrashed but her body felt still while the Devil teased her body. “Stop!” She cried helplessly. “Maybe…” He trailed off. She tried to push him off her even if there was no visible body to push away. “Naughty Mia!” He chuckled before biting her arm and sucked at the blood.


Mia woke up screaming and gripped her hand. Nothing was there. Mia felt like she was going to cry from the way she had been treated in her own dream. The Devil had reached her in her own dream and he wasn’t just crazy on bloodlust.

Mia took deep and steady breaths to calm her down before rolling over to check the time on her clock. It was three in the morning and she had no idea what to do since she was wide awake. Mia cleaned her apartment at the ungodly hour and dragged herself of to the shower to try and relax.

Hair tied in a ponytail and clad in sweats, Mia jogged to dojo to work off the stress. She knew she wasn’t heading into work for that day.


The Devil worked his company into creating the perfect party that was coming up in a few weeks while he worked himself into taunt G-Corp. it was strange to see them be so unreactive. It almost pissed him off but he knew he had to pull the most outlandish strategies to coax them into play. Truthfully the Devil just wanted to play with Kazuya. Everything seemed settled until a knock was heard on his office door. His mood was foul and was not seeking to entertain anyone and their petty sob story. However his interest piqued when long creamy legs clad in heels stepped through and entered.

The Devil wasn’t fazed by her beauty, he had his fair share of devouring beauties and the one that kept his interest was lying in an apartment right now. She was always within arm’s reach but it wasn’t the same for her. “Good day, Mr. Kazama. I believe we have an appointment and we need to discuss a proposal.” Her sultry voice filtered through and made her sound irresistible and persuasive. Clever business technique. He inwardly smirked as he motioned for her to sit. “You seem to know my name but your name escapes me, miss?” “My name is Camilla.” And she graces him with a smile that’s everything but friendly while she sits on his desk and her eyes speak of something forbidden.

“Camilla… last name?” “Lu.” She was curt with her reply. Something’s a miss here. “So what of this proposal Ms. Lu?” “Well, I represent a small thriving company that wants to expand but we lack the resources and means to do so—“ “So you whore yourself out to a big cooperate that will own you but at the same time benefit you?” He asked with a smirk. “It’s quite vulgar when you say it like that Mr. Kazama.” “I value dark humour, Camilla.” The corners of his mouth turning up again as he watched the anger flash through her eyes.

But she puts a smile on her face, “it’s just business Mr. Kazama. My company is willing to do what it needs to do to better itself.” “And in essence lose itself into a big brand name such as my Zaibatsu?” He taunts once more. “Our business juncture is more like a partnership rather than a domination of the other, wouldn’t you think so?” She quips sweetly with fake zeal. “Hmmm… I’m not fond of that, I like to control what I claim to be mine.” His eyes trailed down to her long legs that were now in his view as she sat with one crossed over the other on his desk. She was ticked and felt like that this was a dead end for her. She then tosses a file into his lap.

“Mr. Kazama. I ask you consider this as we have much to offer to your Zaibatsu—“

“Such as promising new counterparts who have a varied range of skills and minds that could push the company to new heights?” He cut her off and completed her rehearsed proposal prompt in a question as he lazily skimmed through the file.

Gritting her teeth she smile and complimented, “Well, you’ve taken the words right out of my mouth, Mr. Kazama.” “Well your company looks decent enough to me and I suppose I can let you aboard the Zaibatsu brand name and continue your enterprise…” Camilla smiled and was about to hop of his desk but he gripped her wrist and pulled her into his lap. “However, if you don’t thrive and contribute to this company, we shall cut all ties and make claims to dissolve your superiors. Don’t bring shame upon the Zaibatsu.” Last thing I need is you fucking up everything I worked on for weeks on end. Also your company pops out of nowhere and suddenly demands an alliance. Someone wants in to the Zaibatsu.

The Devil smirked as he watched Camilla shiver in his lap. “Welcome to the Mishima Zaibatsu, Ms. Lu.” He whispered and her eyes fell to his lips as he spoke. Bingo! So that’s what you’re after, Camilla. “I look forward to working closely with you.” His voice sounded as smooth as silk.

He got up and placed Camilla back on his desk before straightening his dress jacket and heading out his office. He stops at the door. “By the way, Ms. Lu, we have a company festivity coming up soon. It seems you’ve joined at the right time to socialise and meet everyone. Do attend and bring a plus one. But request formally if you wish to do so.” He gave her a demeaning smile and exited.


Camilla wanted to strangle the man. He was infuriating with his arrogance and intelligence. She really wanted to slap him when he manhandled her but she feared what Kazuya would do could be a hundredfold worse than Jin so she went along with it.

She made her way down the building and headed to the car park where an expensive car was parked provided by Kazuya himself. Settling into the red beast, she flicked at her phone and called the presumed buyer. “I’m in. He bought it.” She deadpanned with a poker face as she spoke to Kazuya. “Don’t underestimate him just yet, dear. But excellent work and congratulations on securing your job at the Zaibatsu.” He humoured her drily and she huffed in reply. “Aww, Camilla. Did something happen at you interview?” He belittled her. “Nothing happened. Not yet, or I would have strangled him.” Kazuya’s chuckles were all that was heard over the phone. “Just do what you have to, Camilla.”

The line went dead and Camilla dropped her head onto the steering wheel groaning that she may just hand her body over to her new boss.


The next few weeks flash by with the Devil impersonating Jin in the Zaibatsu and Camilla being close to him, constantly dropping not so subtle looks at her boss while they work and she hated for being this low in her assignment but she had to do it to protect Lee.

Going back to Lee every night was painful because she knew he was in danger and that he was being cheated on. Not that she had done anything yet but she wasn’t stupid, Camilla could see how this would end up.

Meanwhile halfway across the city, a brown eyed beauty worked her heart away in the café and tackled her sleepless nights with intensive dojo training to the point Lee has to bring her away. She worked herself into this routine to keep her mind off Jin and yet she thought about him.

There were nights she forgot about him when Lee dragged her home for movies and junk food, where she would fall asleep in her best friend’s strong protective arms. But there were the nights when Lee wasn’t around Mia was plagued by the nightmares of the Devil claiming her , tainting her and dragging her guilt into thinking what she and Lee had was not platonic but something dirty.

However on one day, Mia was heading out to dojo that evening until she noticed a flashy card on the floor. It wasn’t there when she got back from work. It must have been slipped while she was in the shower.

When she picked it up, it was an envelope that contained dazzlingly beautiful invitation in it. It was the Zaibatsu’s party and King of the Iron Fist tournament announcement. Mia contemplated entering for kicks but now it sounded genuine to keep her mind busy and if she ever meets Jin in the ring, she’ll remember to kick him.

But another piece of paper slips out of the envelope and onto the floor. Mia’s eyes round as she stared at the folded piece of paper. Finger pads graze the parchment as she picks it up. In neat script she makes out Jin’s hand writing.

“Let’s meet at the party. Wear something nice.


Mia wanted to crumple the paper in her hands. No—she wanted to rip into a million shreds and throw it in Jin’s face. The nerve of this bastard! Pretends like everything is fine after weeks of ignoring me and suddenly wants me at a party by his side. Mia fumed as she reread the note over and over. In that moment Mia made a few regretful decisions.

She would attend.

She would enter the Iron Fist Tournament.

She would make Jin regret ignoring her.

She would give Jin a taste of his own medicine.

And with that Mia huffed out of her apartment to visit an old friend. She had to sort a few things out.


The Devil chuckled at how his little pet was infuriated easily as he watched from the shadows in her apartment. He in all honesty just wanted to leave after slipping the invite but he just couldn’t resist when he caught her aura and her scent. He needed something after all this time. Especially when Camilla tries to suffocate him with that poisonous perfume she wears.

He had watched her and fed off her aura but it drove him crazy when she fed her negative emotions. He could feel her anger, her sadness and her loneliness. He would have drooled when he felt her longing for him. Taunting her in her dreams weren’t enough for him he needed more than that.

Heading back to his office he noticed that one of the neighbouring offices still had the lights one, which was weird because everyone clears out by five and it was touching seven when the Devil had returned.

Lazily swinging the door open, Camilla jumped when she found Jin at the door. His handsome profile showed and his strong frame leaned up against the frame of the door. “Late hours, Ms. Lu?” He questioned coolly before stepping forward.

Camilla froze in her chair as she had been sorting some files and she had frantically tried to sort through them. Jin approached her desk and she stiffened by a fraction. “So what are you trying to achieve by working all these intense late hours, Camilla?”

She shivered at the way her name rolled off his tongue and the way he looked at her was frightening and thrilling in a sense but she steeled herself and looked away with coy. Camilla understood why Mia always had a soft spot for Jin. His brown eyes blazed in the most interesting way.

Mia gasped when Jin spun her chair ninety degrees to her right to face him. His hand secured the back rest of her swivel chair while his other rested on the glass desk. He leaned in to Camilla and she almost yelped at his close proximity. This was like when she had her first meeting with him.

“Camilla, I believe I asked you a question.” He spoke in a quieter tone that made her feel on edge. “I—I was just finishing work, Mr. Kazama.” “You sure about that answer?” He questioned her. “Look at me.” He commanded and she snapped up her head to meet Jin’s eyes.

“Tell me why you are really here.” He spoke in a husky voice and Camilla felt pressure on her thigh as Jin’s fingers grazed them lazily. She gasped at the touch and he smirked. “Did you not want this? Were all those looks and lingering touches wrong?” His lips brushed against her ear teasing her into some sort of answer.

“You…” was all she said before she kissed Jin deftly.

Jin leaned back out of Camilla’s reach, “Did I say that you could do that?” His hand fisting in her brown hair before pulling her head back, making her wince at the pain. “Jin… It hurts.” “I know, baby.” The Devil growled out before placing kisses on her neck, making her shiver in the process. Be it from his actions or the strain on her neck, he didn’t care. He knew this wasn’t the real reason why but he decided he would have fun with this to see where it goes. He released her hair and let her breathe for a moment.

Yanking her out of her chair and occupying her seat, Jin motioned her to sit on his lap and Camilla obliged cautiously. Their kisses and touches were nothing like when the Devil was with Mia. There was no spark or thrill or high. Her hands were soft but not like Mia’s. Her lips were sweet but not like Mia’s. Her moans were forced and not like Mia’s. Needless to say, the Devil was obsessed with his little angel.

Eventually growing bored with the nearly undressed Camilla, Jin pushed her off and straightened up. “Take tomorrow off, Camilla, and I’ll see you at the party on Saturday.” He said before leaving her office.

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