Cursed Angel

Chapter 2


Training was a complete bust for Mia. She had no focus while she practiced and ended up kissing the floor on too many occasions to count. Storming out from the dojo, she took to the streets to cool off. It worked to an extent as the streets were quiet and tranquil.

Stumbling upon the park, Mia walked the crunch path to her favourite spot. It was an old wrought iron bench with a wooden seat that was long forgotten due to it being covered in creeper vines. Despite its age, it weathered through the elements because of the big tree not more than five steps away. Its great strong arms fluffed with healthy green leaves sheltered it perfectly.

Mia dusted off the bench for her to sit, sighing as her foul mood began to dissipate. In a way, she actually felt disappointed. Mia revelled in her emotions, whatever they were; she was all or nothing. So when she had a miserable mood she liked to stew in it thoroughly to channel into her training.

But Mia was also glad the mood was gone because it made her lack focus to do anything constructive. She breathed in the crisp air and shuddered as she exhaled a faint cloud. She remembered the last time she sat there in that very position.


It had been such a tough day at school, from sliding across the hallway on her butt to being late to her worst teacher’s class. Mia was ready to go back to her dorm room and sleep. However, the day took a turn for the worst when a flustered senior ran into her, “P-p-please return this book to Kazama-san!” Before Mia could get a word out the girl took off in the other direction.

Great was the first word that popped into Mia’s head. She had to search for Jin Kazama without getting beaten by his fangirls for getting too close to their Senpai. After a fruitless search, a black car with double tinted windows pulled up to the school. Mia knew that the vehicle was definitely for Jin.

Racing towards the car, she saw Jin ready to hop in as he had opened the car door. “Jin! Jin! Wait!” She skidded slightly, only to be caught by the collar by Jin’s large hand.

He gave her a gentle smile that shook her heart. “Slow down! Where are you off to?” His deep voice reached Mia’s ears.

“Y-your b-book!” Mia held it up to him while she panted. He smiled once more at her cute action.

Mia was doing double takes whenever he smiled. Kazama never smiled, so why now? “You know, you could have handed it to me back at home.”

“Not stopping over. I got detention so I’ll be heading straight to the dojo later.”

“Wait! Detention?” Mia looked to her feet as Jin questioned her. “Why, Mia?” Jin’s smooth voice commanded her to answer. Mia couldn’t bring herself to look at the handsome boy that stood before her. “Mia, look at me.” He said sternly.

“Jin…” Mia squirmed under his piercing gaze, as she looked him in the eye.

“Young Master Kazama…” A voice interrupted the scolding Mia was about to receive.

“Tell Master Heihachi, I’m only going to attend training today. I will serve whatever punishment he has for me but I have something to sort out.” Jin spoke with full authority and it intimidated yet awed Mia that this gentle young man before her could be so powerful in presence.

“Jin, what are you doing?” Mia shakily questioned him.

“Where do you have detention?” Jin asked quietly as he pulled her by her wrist and steered her back to the school

“Ms. Uchida…” Mia was almost afraid to answer. She had never seen Jin like this.

“Of all the teachers, Mia.” Jin groaned in annoyance.

Mia snapped up her head when she walked into Jin’s built back. A furious blush dusted her cheeks with embarrassment and she stepped back to find herself outside Ms. Uchida’s class. The teacher threw Jin a glare. “Ms. I was to tutor Mia this afternoon since she was having trouble with her class. May I help her now through detention as I am busy later?” Jin smoothly lied and gazed at the woman in front of him.

Mia cowered behind his large physique expecting a further berating. “Just this once, Mr. Kazama. Also, I expect Ms. Okumura to not be frequenting detention so get on with it.”

Detention flew by in a daze for Mia. This boy before her had given up his afternoon to sit in detention with her and help her finish her homework. Before she knew it, she was walking out towards the park; towards their spot.

“We still have an hour before training, do you want ice cream?” Jin questioned as the two had settled on the bench. Mia’s eye sparked at the sound of ice cream and nodded in agreement. Chuckling, Jin patted her head gently. But his attention diverted when his phone rang. His face fell and paled when he saw the caller I.D. Upon answering the call, a lot of indistinct yelling could be heard, and Mia grew concerned as Jin’s features set into a passive expression.

When the call ended, Mia looked to Jin expectantly. He gave her a sad smile, “I have to go now. Maybe we’ll get ice cream some other time.” All Mia could do was nod at his words. He spun on his heel and he was gone in flash, leaving Mia to sit on that lonely bench while watching his figure disappear in the distance.


Heart heavy with memories, Mia escaped the special spot to wander the park. The slight chill had her tugging at her sleeves and rubbing her arms to create some feeble attempt for heat. Mia ignored the cold and settled on a bench as she realized roaming was pointless. Slumping into the seat, she tilts her head backwards to sigh a puff cloud into the air and watch it mix with the air. Mia closed her eyes and enjoyed how still the night was. She wasn’t sure how long she stayed like that until the rain fell on her face. Gasping at the cold sensation, Mia’s eyes flew open to watch the drizzle as she righted her posture. Giggling at the light tickle of the droplets on her skin, Mia enjoyed the tranquillity the rain brought.

However, as the rain intensified Mia jumped to her feet and started jogging down the gravel path, shuddering with every step because of the cold. It made her clothes feel heavier against her as it stuck to her. Her eyesight blurred when her bangs clung to her forehead and got in the way of her eyes.

Suddenly, something caught Mia by the base of her ponytail and launched her into the ground, making her gasp in shock. The force sent her face first into the damp dirt. Propping herself up on her left forearm, she wiped the dirt away with the back of her right hand. Mia was infuriated at the cheap shot attack.

She rose slowly from her fallen position but froze when she heard the cruel laughter echo from behind her. Turning on her heel, she was met with quite a frightening sight.

In the heavy rain, Mia made out the creature that stood before her. His aura was dark and chilling. He stood tall and he seemed to mingle with the darkness. The warmth of his golden eyes were betrayed by the sick sharp toothed grin that seemed to be etched into his pale skin.

Mia wasn’t stupid; she knew to run when she saw danger. Sprinting in the opposite direction, she searched for a place of light to escape this monster of the dark. She ran along the park path that was lined with overhead lamp posts, taking comfort in the weak light.

Unfortunately, the demon caught up to her much quicker than she expected. Mia gasped when she ran head first into his chest. She jumped backwards to get away, her movements sloppy because of the cold heavy rain.

Seeing the demon a little more clearly, Mia noticed the dark tribal markings on his chest and the training gauntlets that had morphed into claws with sharp talons. Coiled around one of the demonic claws was a chain which gleamed dangerously. Snapping her head up upon hearing a growl, Mia finally looked the monster in the eye for the first time. His golden eyes peaked out from under his bangs and the sharp planes of his face were strong as a grin split across his face.

Mia’s breath hitched as fear gripped her for the moment. Her heart was in her throat and the blood pounded through her ears. It had been far too long. “Jin…” was the only word that escaped her cold quivering lips when recognition hit her like a punch to the gut.

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