Cursed Angel

Chapter 20


It was the day of the Zaibatsu party. The media had been harping on about it for the past week and it was the most anticipated parties while being the most exclusive. The guest list seemed to go on forever with well-known names from corporate to entertainment to fighters.

Everyone had been planning in being dressed to the nines and no one spared the expense in their outfit. Everyone was out to impress and strike gold in their respectful field, the party was about connections and making social circles tighter and strengthen the pockets of many.

Mia sat nervously in her room as she waited for her friend. She fiddled with her phone while trying to nap. She just hopes she doesn’t regret anything tonight. Lilly burst through the doors and announced her arrival. She was followed in by two maids with bags in hand and hangers with protective cloths over them to hide away the garments.

“It’s a good think I’m attending this event and not just making a trip to be stylist today.” She sassed Mia through the entire process of getting her ready. Soon Lilly left and promised she would meet her at the party itself.


Camilla and Lee rushed about trying to dress and be on time for the party; however Camilla still didn’t know she was going to face Jin. Especially, since he rejected her that night in her own office. Her cheeks burned as she remember how she sat dumbfounded after he left and quickly became conscious of her state of undress. She had righted herself and left the building before anything else happened to her.

Now she stood in front of her full length mirror and gazed at the brunette clad in the dress that flattered her curves and made her skin tone seem much creamy than it was with the stark contrast against the black material. It teased so well when her leg peeked out from the large slit in her dress.

Lee wound his arms around her waist from the back and kissed her cheek. “You look stunning tonight, babe.” All Camilla could do was nod and smile at him as they made eye contact through the mirror.


The party was in full swing when Jin Kazama arrived to his own event. He made his way and greeted all the superiors that were on his guest list, made small talk with international guests, ignored the media except for taking pictures. He made his announcement of the tournament and made a delightful speech that left everyone applauding him. He made quick work of his formalities before settling in to celebrate the night.

Finally, it took forever. No wonder Jin hated this. Even I hate it. The Devil thought sombrely as he scanned the dining hall for a familiar face but it was just a sea of facades and fake smiles. He could see the sins being committed before him and his power made him intoxicated without the need for alcohol. Still Jin Kazama watched his empire at work while he twirled his champagne flute lazily.

“Hello, Ms.Lu…” He spoke coolly as her arm settled on his shoulder and she gazed at him with flirtatious eyes. “Do you ever miss anything?” My little angel who I haven’t tasted in weeks maybe? “I like to be alert.” Her hand slid down to his chest. “And what have you observed?” She asked seductively. “Mr. Ivanov would not be pleased to see you like this so behave for now.” He removed his hand and scanned the crowd again.

His eyes flashed as he saw a figure leave the room. It’s her! The thrill went to his head. He placed his empty glass on a rotating tray that passed him by and headed off in that direction. He watched the familiar auburn hair dance away with a graceful dress that impressed him. Where is she going?

The Devil followed her deeper into the hotel as he loosened his tie as he walked along the hallway. He heard a faint whimper coming from one of the dressing rooms and the door was slightly ajar. It was Mia. He crept in through ghosting so he wouldn’t make the door creak. Really love dark rooms, so much easier to morph and move. Mia stood parallel to the mirror and tried to fix her ruined eyeliner that her tears mixed with.

She struggled with the tissues from her beaded bag that lay atop the dressing table with an eyeliner that was angrily tossed down and rolled and clinked against her untouched flute of champagne on the table. The Devil merely watched her and drunk in her appearance. She was so stunning.

Her auburn tresses were pulled back and held loosely with a few pins while her dress would blow minds. The sheer black material held the top of her dress to her skin as it clung to the small of her back along with the small sleeves that rested on her shoulders while the dress seemed to disappear at her waist and right hip in small but tempting cut outs against her skin as the material clung to her figure. The slit on the left of her dress left just enough to the imagination to envision her legs.

The Devil smiled like a wolf who stumbled upon its prey as his eyes danced over all the exposed skin. But his trance was cut out because Mia’s voice filtered into his ears. “Stupid Kazama… Asks me here and ignores me to flirt with other women…” She grumbled under her breath. Finally fixing her eyeliner, she straightened up and shifted her dress slightly.

“I heard that, by the way…” his deep voice cut across the room and Mia supressed her gasp of shock and fixed her attention on the mirror and fixed her hair. Jin approached her and wrapped his arms around her dainty waist. “Jin!” She squeaked and froze as she saw him in the mirror. His head canted towards her ear as he spoke to her. “I said we would we meet.” He voice falling into a hush tone as his hot breath across her ear and down her neck.

“Jin Kazama! Let me go! Go back to that woman who was flirting with you.” She wiggled in his grasp but he tightened. “I want to stay with you.” He hummed as he dropped his head into the crook of her neck. “Bullshit!” Mia snapped. “You’ve ignored me for weeks and all of a sudden you need me.”

She broke out of his hold but his grip tightened on her wrist and pulled her back until her back collided with his chest. He suppressed a groan. “Mia…” He cooed, “I’ve been acting stupid lately.” Mia scoffed as he tried to touch her again. “Brilliant, Jin. Anything else you want to update?”

His fingertips traced over her bare back and watched her stiffen; Mia suddenly forgot her feisty attitude. Jin placed a hand over her styled hair and canted her head to the side while the other hand slipped off the tiny capped sleeve and pressed a kiss to her shoulder. “I want you, Mia.” He spoke quietly.

Mia tried to fight of the feeling of his lips on her skin but she couldn’t. She had missed it too much. She craved it too much. “Lies.” She protested weakly. “Not lies, darling. I’ve missed you so much.” His kisses trailed up to her ear. He nibbled at her earlobe before licking over the shell of her ear while his arm snaked to splay his hand on stomach in the most sensual way. Mia was unaware of the moan that escaped her lips. His warm slender fingers that brushed at the cut outs on her hip made her gasp.

“More lies.” She breathed out. He spun her around and picked her up by her thighs. “Jin!” She yelped. The material parted at the slit and gave him room to wrap Mia legs around his torso. She blushed and stuttered protests. “You can do this to me when we fight but not when were together?” he chuckled.

“Stop it. I’m pissed at you! This shouldn’t be happeni- ahhh!” Mia’s vehement protests were cut short when she came into contact with the cold surface of the mirror. She threw him a dirty look despite the pink dusting on her cheeks and her dilated pupils. “Jin Kazama! I’ll beat you senseless if—“Mia’s curses were cut off once more when Jin had claimed her lips for himself.

A familiar pain shot through her arm but she ignored it while she threw her arms over his wide shoulders to support herself. He kissed Mia feverishly while his hands traced her sides, stifling her tiny moans with the kiss. Jin broke the kiss when he felt Mia struggle for air. “Does that lie to you, Mia?” he asked with small pants as he pressed his forehead to hers.

Mia gazed at Jin with curious eyes. She couldn’t focus properly as their heated breath mingled together. Sensing what Mia had thought, Jin dipped his head once more and sealed Mia’s lips with his. The two quickly tangled together and thrived of the closeness, the heat and the physical contact. Despite being chest to chest, they still wanted to be closer.

Suddenly Jin stopped and wouldn’t look at Mia, “Jin… Jin?” Mia called out to him. She hissed in pain and gripped at his clothed biceps while her mark seared her. “Hello, Mia…” A voice drawled and it made her skin crawl. She squirmed to get out of her position but Devil Jin pressed her against the mirror and secured her wrists above her head while cocked his head at an angle to stare at the sight before him. “It’s been awhile since we met, hasn’t it? Did you miss me? I missed you an awful lot.” The once warm hands felt cold and dangerous. “You know, it’s not fun watching you through Jin or…”

“Or?” Mia croaked out. She had ignored the throbbing arm and had a feeling what he was talking about.

“In your dreams, Mia. Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten about that.” He chuckled in a sick manner. He stared at her with a quirked eyebrow. A smile seemed to split at his lips and his tongue darted across his bottom lip.

“I did.” She retorted bravely. She knew she was lying and she was pretty sure he knew too.

“Come now, Mia, it played out similar to this. Remember you were all hot and bothered by Jin’s touches –“ The Devil let his free hand roam her body, Mia whimpered for him to stop “—and you craved more!” His hand had made its way to her hips and it brushed over her bare thigh. Mia begged for him to stop. “Ah… and that’s exactly what you started to do when you heard my voice. You’re breaking my heart, sweetheart.” “Like you have a heart…” she spat at him.

Mia regretted those words immediately as his hands changed into talon claws and the free one enclosed around her slender thigh. The talons threatened to break the skin. Mia cried from the pain her arm inflicted. “Don’t cry… you’re too beautiful to cry! However –“He dragged them across the width of her thigh and left thick welts behind. It made Mia scream in manner that the Devil found pleasurable. “You’re so pretty when you cry out in pain.” The talon that gripped her wrists let go and used it to tilt her head up so he could dominate her.

Ravishing her lips until they bled and became swollen from the abuse, the Devil revelled in her crying that intensified and the tremors that rocked through her body. Her fear rattled her entire frame and he loved it.

Slowly he stopped and gazed at her as Mia cried with the back of her head against the mirror. He watched the sparkling tears trickle down her eyes and throat. “You’ve been so strong and bright for so long, angel. It’s delicious watching you now. You’ve lost your glow and the light behind your eyes has dimmed.” The Devil spoke in a whisper almost mesmerised and entranced by her. “Give in to me. Give me your grace and give me this blessed soul to feed my tortured soul. He longs for it.” The Devil continued while he kissed the tears off her skin.

Mia looks at him but it is not brown orbs but the silver grey that he had once seen before. “You’ll never have this soul or this grace. Mia has been able to withstand you. Jin deserves to be freed, Devil!” “Oh? I guess not yet. I will claim her for mine.” He replied in a bored tone and Mia’s head lolled to the side. He sighed fixed himself back into Jin’s ordinary appearance.

Mia’s head snapped back up and her eyes were wide with alert and fright. “Calm down, darling. I think you passed out from crying too much.” Mia looked at him confused and then realised she was wrapped around Jin and flushed again. The Devil groaned internally. “W-what happened?” she asked quietly. “You mean you want a replay of what just happened, sure I’ll show you.” He chuckled and dipped his head teasingly close to Mia and watched her flush and her orbs grew to saucers.

Pecking her sweetly, he set her down delicately. Mia had completely missed the welts on her thigh and gave her full and undivided attention to Jin. “Basically things got a bit heated and I got carried away because we were fighting.” Mia remembers quite vaguely what Jin speaks about, “and anyway I want to give this to you.”

Mia gasps when he pulls out a delicate chain with a pendant that is surrounded by a ring of smaller sparkling stone. She watched in fascination at the way the large gem swirled with smoky wisps within. “Its actual wisps that will never die.” She was shocked when Jin said that. “Here—“he said softly as he spun her around to face the mirror and placed the necklace around her neck.

Her arm twitched in reaction and the pendant had an odd but cold feeling against her skin. Mia should have known better but chose to shrug it off.

“Are you still mad at me?” Jin asked shyly and rubbed the nape of his neck while he stared at Mia. He bit his lip in anticipation of her answer.

Mia internally groaned at the sight of the lush flesh that was being worried by Jin’s pearls called teeth. Mia couldn’t stand being mad at him so she forgave him. “No, Jin. I forgive you. But don’t shut me out like that.” She pleaded to him. Jin placed his hand top her head and kissed her forehead, “Never, darling.” Mia giggled. Jin then moved back and lopped his hand into Mia’s, “Will you accompany as my date for this party?” he cheesed her and Mia giggled even more and nodded.

And with that, the two returned to the festivities.


The rest of the evening went off without a hitch while the Devil continues to carry out company duties. It’s not so bad when Mia was beside him. He enjoyed when his angel was there so he could feed off her. He loved draining her energy. It gave him a high that even blood could not give him.

The hour was early and suddenly the Devil felt this weight on his shoulder, he found Mia slumping against him. “That tired, are we?” There was some incoherent muffled answer from Mia but she just nodded into his chest as a definitive answer.

The Devil had moved Mia to a car and back to the Kazama mansion. Upon being left alone the Devil picked Mia up and scanned Mia, with hungry eyes, and his eyes burned brightly as he set her down on the bed.

The Devil wanted nothing more than to devour her right there but he had to see how well the pendant works on her. He seemed somewhat satisfied since he drained her of her aura the entire night. The Devil willed himself to leave her alone and crash in the other room.

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