Cursed Angel

Chapter 21


The next morning Mia awoke with a start and found herself still in her party dress. She felt absolutely sick and miserable. Her make up still covered her skin; it had become dry and irritable to the skin. Her dress began to scratch against her skin and become a bothersome item rather one that would aid in making one feel sexy. Her heels were dumped neatly at the door. It almost mirrored her current state of mind as one stood perfectly upright while the other lay fallen over and straps carelessly folded out.

Mia then inspected the place and then realised she’s at the Kazama Mansion once more. The last thing she remembered was passing out against Jin’s strong chest. He must have brought her straight to the mansion instead of her apartment.

The sick feeling washed over her like a tsunami and it sent Mia stumbling to the bathroom. Stripping the dress hastily as she reached, she sunk to her knees and dry heaved into the toilet. She weakly held it and listened to the tinkling of the chain around her neck as it rapped against the toilet bowl stand.

Once the feeling had passed she felt the burn in her arm and cussed under breath at the sensation. Mia hurled herself into the shower after clumsily discarding the hair pins and jewellery on the sink counter top. The hot water was refreshing to Mia. She didn’t feel so sick but she was exhausted. Mia made quick work of cleaning and scrubbing of every bit of makeup and hairspray from her being before exiting the shower.

Mia inspected her reflection as she finished towel drying her hair. Her eyes seem just sunken from lack of sleep and her eyes seemed a bit darker and duller while her skin looked a little ashen. But the most concerning thing were the small scars on her lips. She couldn’t fathom what caused the marks.

Clad in her towel, she walked into the bedroom and found Jin sitting on her bed. “Hey, sexy!” A husky masculine voice filled the room. He sized her up while his teeth sunk into his bottom lip and eyes hooded. Mia screamed in response and ran back into the bathroom and secured the lock.

“Babe, I was teasing. I just came to leave clothes for you.” He spoke through the door after he gave up on knocking against it for a response. Mia huffed and waited until Jin had left the room. Peering into the empty room, Mia quickly dressed into the sweats and the tank that was left behind for her. Mia went back to the bathroom to fetch her mess of belongings and spotted the necklace that was gifted to her last night.

Slipping it over her head without much thought, Mia winced when she felt her arm sting again. Her miserable feeling faded but she felt slightly different. Jogging down the mansion stairs, Mia saw Jin in the lounge flicking through his phone.

Mia walked over and pulled his phone away and sat on him. “Babe, what are you doing?” Jin chuckled at her sudden confidence. She stared at him with a slightly glazed over look and her endearing smile was traded for smirk. Fucking finally, the Devil rejoiced.

Dominating her immediately, the Devil pushed her down on the sofa. “Good morning, Jin.” She cooed sweetly and gazed at him with the most deceivingly innocent eyes. The Devil went crazy as he kissed her lips and bit down on her lip reopened the bites from last night where he made her lips bleed.

Sucking at the blood, a never before heard moan escaped from Mia and he became drunk with the assault on his senses of taste and sound. He loved the fact that Mia kissed back with equal fervour and demanded more from the Devil.

Eventually he pinned her down and restrained his newly enthusiastic and intoxicated partner. His tongue made sinful patterns on her neck and chest and sucked lightly against the sensitive skin of her collarbones.

He continued to feed his lust as his bite grew sharper and his hands slid under her tank to lift it slightly. Jin’s hungry mouth left a deep impression on her neck as he sucked at her to leave a hickey. He grinned at the purple flower that bloomed on her skin.

Mia seemed iffy and struggled in his grip, “What is it, doll?” He taunted her with light brushes of his fingertips on the taut skin of her stomach, making goose bumps rise. He pressed butterfly kisses to the pot his fingers traced over. “Quit teasing!” She begged. He couldn’t help but chuckle at the effect to which she growled at him. “Alright, Kitten, will you let me feed from you?” He asked as his tongue wet his bottom lip. Mia did nothing but nod.

The Devil was giddy with the thrill and picked up her arm. He could feel his drool surfacing as he sunk his fangs into her forearm. His eyes immediately hooded in pleasure and he watched Mia cry out rather softly in pain. When he broke the skin, her blood tormented his taste buds and seduced his senses into a type of hazy euphoria.

He became greedy and bit all along the arm until there were angry red marks amongst the pink scars on her skin. He closed every bite as he lapped up the blood with his tongue. However on the last bite on her palm, the real Mia switched back.

The soft moans and cries of pleasure were replaced by a terrified looking Mia and her shouts of protests. Mia became aware of her state of almost undress and yanked her arm away and slapped the Devil with her bruised hand on instinct. Her blood stained his cheek and his beast within lost all control at the action.

“Why does it always feel like you please me without trying?” his finger wiped the blood away and he placed his finger to her lips. “Have you tasted your own blood, Mia? You’re so addicting.” The Devil groaned as he buried his head into Mia’s neck and inhaled before he passed out. Mia was so freaked out by what just happened but her light headed feeling made her pass out due to the blood loss. Even if the Devil’s hand was on her lips and smeared her blood on them.

The Devil came too quickly after Mia passed out and gazed at Mia who was sound asleep now. He kissed the blood off her pouty abused lips and lazily sent a maid to tend to her arm. Even if there was no bleeding, it still risked infection.


Mia groaned as her head felt heavy she elevated herself on her elbows and sat up. She hissed when the weight fell on her arm. Rounded eyes stared at the newly bandaged arm. It was tightly wrapped and there were slight pink tints on the bandage itself. Memories of the Devil feeding off her filled her memory. It made her shiver in fear.

As if on cue, Jin stepped into the lounge with salves and new bandages. He dropped his head when he realised she was awake. “I’m sorry, Mia…” he spoke quietly.


It’s quite a lie. I regret nothing. She was delicious. The Devil feigned his hurt and regret as he sat down next to Mia. She sat up and watched Jin with weary eyes. “Jin, are you going to be fine fixing up my wounds?” he nodded, “He’s had enough for today. He won’t interfere.” Lies! I want more but I may kill you accidentally. He still refused to make eye contact.

Mia watched his strong nimble fingers unroll her bandaged without making her feel pain. Mia gasped at the sight of her arm. Haha! They’re so pretty against your creamy skin, pet. Jin dropped his head onto her shoulder and nuzzled it in some sort of attempt to console both of them.

His fingers went to work as it spread across the cool salve onto her cuts and began to tightly wrap the new fresh against them; she only winced when he secured the bandage in place. Mia cupped his face and pecked him lightly, “It wasn’t your fault.” Mia reassured Jin and smiled at him. A corner of his mouth twitched in an attempt to smile back.

“Call Lee to keep you company tonight.” Jin got up and left. I’ve got work to sort out tonight.


It was a quiet night at Mia’s apartment, the soft snores of Mia and Lee echoed as the two were asleep after watching movies again. No one could blame them for it. Lee made it a fun night with video games and lots of food and fizzy drinks. The night ended up with quiet talks between them during the movie. He was one of the few people who knew how to bring joy to Mia’s life because he would do anything to protect her and her smile.

It was about one in the morning when Lee rolled over and kissed the floor when he ran out of sofa to roll on. Groaning he sat up sleepily and watched Mia sleep peacefully. He knew she would wake if he carried her to bed so he tucked a blanket around her and headed to the guest room in her apartment to crash. Camilla was working late hours again and said she would stay with a friend so Lee avoided the empty flat.


Camilla walked the dark halls of the Zaibatsu and searched for Jin’s office. She headed down the familiar route and entered his office. She found him lazily looking through a file. “Back again, Camilla?” he hadn’t even lifted his head from the file. Her breath hitched in her throat when he spoke. “I—I –I… “

“You what, Camilla? By the way, you weren’t very good at covering up your tracks. Lu was a nice surname, too bad it doesn’t belong to you.” Camilla flushed as she stood at his glass desk. He approached her and tugged at the hem of her skirt. “Stop, Jin!”

“Why? Is it because of your boyfriend?” His husky voice made the hairs on the back of her neck stand up. She knew she was in danger. “I really don’t think it’s that otherwise the other night in your office wouldn’t have happened nor would you have approached me at the party.” He hummed as he lifted her skirt and pushed her against the desk to sit. “Jin! It was a mistake.” She stammered out. “Was it?” His deft hands made quick work of the buttons on her blouse. “I don’t think it was.” His hand roamed the newly exposed skin. “What about Mia?” she asked with her heart in her throat. “What about her?” Jin questioned darkly as his eyebrow quirked at her before rubbing his hands along her inner thighs. “Jin…” was all that Camilla could breathe out and he smirked at her flushed expression.

“Stand up, babe. The skirt needs to go.” As soon as Camilla stood up, Jin spun her around and pressed his hand to the back of her neck and pushed her down into the glass table with force while his other gripped her arm and twisted it behind her back. Her own arm was trapped under her own body weight and Jin’s grip was unrelenting. “Please tell me why my father has sent you?” he asked in the most mock sweet voice.

He pressed down on her neck and she gritted her teeth. “Kazuya—“, Jin snarled at the name, “wants you back and unite G-Corp and the Zaibatsu.” “Lies!” He roared and squeezed her neck making her gasp for air. “What was so important in the Zaibatsu that you needed in?” He questioned with anger. Camilla stayed quiet. “Oh so we’re not talking.” He twisted and tugged on the arm behind her back. Camilla cried out at the sharp pain, “Very nice, babe. But talk to me now.”

The talon claw rippled into appearance on around her neck, Camilla quaked under his grip. “So why are you here, Camilla? Did you think those stupid desperate kisses would stop me from noticing the files on your desk? The Zaibatsu lab files are restricted content from my office. Your little feeble attempt was quite amusing.” He laughed sadistically while the demonic voice dripped into Jin’s normal deep tone.

Sliding his hand up her hair, the Devil yanked her by her ponytail, “I suppose if let you go now, you run back to my father and I can’t have that happening.” Camilla stuttered and spluttered her pleas for mercy through the newly added strain on her back as he bent it in backward position. “That was terrible, hun. It’s almost like you want to be here with me and not leave.” Camilla sobbed as she knew her end was near. “You were a fun toy to play with…”He sighed before his hand that restrained her arm released to flip her over and simply snapped her neck to the side and watch her go limp in his grip.

“Boo… the mess. I can’t leave it here.” The Devil let his wings sprout quite comfortably before fetching the body and heading into the pitch blackness.


Kazuya sat in his office and oversaw the covert operations that G-Corp had been running that night on the latest base that the Zaibatsu had attacked. The Tekken Rebellion Force troops had been so strong against the Zaibatsu but they were greatly outnumbered that night.

A sickening crunch of bone and skin against the cold marble of his office was heard; Kazuya Mishima picked his head up to find a limp Camilla lying before him. She looked fine until the angle of neck was inspected.

“The next time you want to borrow things for bioweapons from my company, seek me and not send in an organic approach. Quite weak, Mishima, she gave away everything and lacked subtly.” The Devil taunted as he gazed at the older male with brilliant gold eyes. “What’s so interesting in my gene that you need information from the Zaibatsu when I still exist within you? In fact the gene originates from you.” Devil Jin questioned as he folded his arms across his chest.

“Jin suppresses you so often, I was curious as to if you were stronger than mine. However with the Kazama bloodline mixed in it may have diluted the strength.” Kazuya scoffed and sized him up with a dirty glare. “Wrong.” Kazuya’s left eye glowed at the response.

“The Kazama bloodline strengthened it since now Jin has some natural clean aura to cling to while I feed off it. Unlike Ms. Jun Kazama who was chosen to be your source to feed from.” Devil Jin smirked lopsidedly as he watched Kazuya ball his hands into tight fists. “Temper. Temper, Kazuya! Tell me, when last did you Devil surface?” Kazuya vaulted over his desk and hurled himself at the Devil.

The Devil toyed with Kazuya by ghosting in an out of grips. The Devil had delivered excellent punches and kicks against Kazuya until Kazuya fell to the floor. “Too bad, old man. I think I want my gene back, you’ve abused it for too long.” Hoisting Kazuya up by the collars, Jin bared his teeth in a wicked manner that even sparked fear in men like Kazuya.

The Devil reached into Kazuya’s chest and removed a black wisp. The blood splattered from his chest and marked Jin’s face. Kazuya watched the last few seconds of his life with glazed over eyes and the river of blood that poured from the slack jaw.

His body crumpled to the floor and Devil Jin sighed, “Maybe I shouldn’t have killed him. G-Corp was about to mount forces and declare war against the Zaibatsu.” The Devil used his dark power to revive Kazuya. “Have fun trying to get your Devil gene back!” He left Kazuya gasping and resting against the foot of his desk. “Your son is the only one left with it coursing through his body.” He left as his cackles echoed the office.

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