Cursed Angel

Chapter 22


It’s been a few days since Mia’s little run in with the Devil and her arm healed quite nicely aside from the tiny reminders that they’re permanent bite marks on her skin. Mia had been cuddling a pillow against her tiny body with one arm as the other clutched the pendant around her neck while listening to music after she returned from training. The music blasted from her headphones while she napped.

Lately, sleep is all the Mia craved. She felt exhausted despite her intensive stamina but she constantly felt sick, tired and drained. Her arm had been nothing but a bother as it constantly sprouted new shoots of pain that often escaped the petals of her lips.

She hadn’t seen Jin since he had fixed her bandages and Lee dropped by too often with Camilla gone on some sort of business trip with her boss. She missed him dearly but Lee made her forget that is until she fell asleep. It was totally different story when it came to dreaming lately.

The Devil constantly tormented and teased her merciless and mixed memories with figments of imagination in it. She always saw the same things – Jin being trapped in some dark space with no escape and fighting for a way out. Mia once considered that the chain was making her skin but she laughed at the preposterous idea and continued to use it.

Rolling onto her back Mia groaned softly and tightened her grip against the pillow and held it like one would hold a stuffed teddy bear in the crook of her elbow while her other hand settled on her chest where the swirling pendant lay underneath her slender fingers. It would look as if she had unconsciously stroked the pendant while thinking with ultimate concentration had it not been for the steady rise and fall of her chest to indicate she was asleep. Her headphones had slipped off her silky hair and looped on her neck as she pressed on with her nap.

Another whimper escaped her lips as the mark became white. Mia’s deep breathing stilled and her grip on her pillow became lax. Suddenly Mia’s back arched off the sofa and then crashed back onto the sofa. She sat up ram rod straight and opened her eyes. They were glowing silver but its glow was dull unlike her other times when she transformed herself.

She snatched the pendant up and ripped it from her neck and smiled after hearing the satisfying breaking of the soft metal links on the chain. “This has been holding you down for too long, Mia!” Needless to say, Mia was having another type of awakening not just in power but a spiritual awakening of her soul and divine energy.

The Awakened Mia hopped off the sofa and made started to shift the furniture away. The scrapes and creaks of furniture being moved across the wooden floors filled the room. Even the cream white rug had been tossed into the next room.

Mia dug around for chalk and miraculously found some in an old box of things she never unpacked when she moved into the apartment. Drawing a magic circle on the floor and covered it in archaic language before placing the pendant in the midpoint of it. Summoning her lance and extending the staff until it matched her height.

Placing it directly in line with the pendant and bracing herself by standing with her legs slightly apart and her divine energy worked through her lance as it made the magic circle glow. The pendant began to absorb the energy and levitated. “It’s a containment gem. It has a life within it. It’s a male life sign. The creator was rather clever with the design. If it is opened it consumed the surrounding and people.”

Mia was not herself in this Awakening; it seems that through this awakening an angel smith was summoned through her. But Mia was aware of everything that was happening. “Perhaps a resistance barrier could help. It would take weeks to craft, considering the strength needed to repel the forces. However a make shift one could be made to enter and exit.” Mia’s heart sung at the idea and the angel left her with the knowledge to construct the containment orb.

Mia fell forward onto all fours when her Awakening had ceased. The lance dropped noisily and clanged against the wood. Why would Jin give me a chain that contained a person in it? Why does it have such a foreboding aura? This is obviously the Devil’s aura. Mia searched through her books in her study. She regretted not keeping up with her mage training lately and her memory turned rusty on demonic creations.

After what seemed like an entire night of countless books and internet searches. Mia found a legend on the demons transferring entities to a place of containment. Often called Limbo and gives the demon freedom to take form in the real world while mimicking appearance. It’s often used to prolong the life span of the demon in the human realm.

It didn’t quite match up to Mia. Further her research reached the ungodly early hours of the morning and Mia speculated why would Jin need this type of power and what was his Devil gene making him do. Her thoughts were interrupted by someone coming through the door. “Mia, Mia?” she heard Jin’s voice but he froze.

He saw Mia sat among all the open books in her lounge and the pendant that sat in the magic circle and her lance lay across her lap. His facial expression changed to a sinister one and lunged at her before pinning her to the floor. “No, pet, not when I’m so close. You’re not going to crack this secret of mine.” The Devil snarled and showed his form to Mia.

It was a mess of chalk dust and books being scattered along with all of Mia’s notes flying about the room by force of his disturbance. Mia panicked slightly as her lance rolled away from the two of them and the Devil caught sight of it from the corner of her eye. “Aww… it’s so far away, pet.” “No! Jin! Come back, fight this.” Devil Jin threw his head back and laughed. “Jin’s a bit busy, pet.” “Let. Me. Go.” Mia snarled and fought in his hold.

The Devil was being too protective of this. It made him seem like he actually cared about this. ”Devil, let me go!” Mia screamed. “No!” He smirked, “I kinda like you under me.” He chuckled when his talons came into play.

Mia then rolled them over using the Devil’s weight as a counter balance. His eyes widened at the shock that she had just turned them both. She crushed her knees into his chest so that he would let go. Coughing, slightly the Devil propped himself up on an elbow against the floor and watched Mia scamper towards the Lance.

Mia charged at him and swung the lance at him. The Devil caught it just below the spear head and pulled her forward. “No, pet. Put the toy away now.” He grinned at her with a sick grin and pushed her and removed her lance from her. He broke it in half and stalked towards her as Mia rolled onto her bum and scooted backward. “Scared, Mia?” She huffed and threw him a dirty look. “No”, she scoffed. “You should be. You look like you’ve run out of options.” Hoisting her up as his talons clawed at the front of her shirt, the ends barely grazing against her skin, “C’mon, Mia. Let me make marks on you again. You’ll like it.”

“Where’s Jin?” she quaked but didn’t waver her look. “With me.” He growled as his demonic voice surfaced. “Lies! Then why the pendant?” She pushed off and put distance between each other. “How am I supposed to know what your lover boy plans?” He threw her a disgusted look. “Bullshit. You’re always with him. You’re in his mind so why?!” She yelled.

The Devil was irked and decided there was no use hiding anymore. The pendant began to shake and glow red. It shot from its spot in the magic circle and ended up in his talon arm and dangled the chain at her as if taunting her. He quirked an eyebrow at her.

Her mouth hung open when realisation dawned upon her. “No…”

“Yes, pet.” He grinned, “Proud of my little creation?”

Mia shook her head as she slumped against the wall, “How long has he been there?”

“The day before I woke you up.” He replied absolutely bored with the conversation.

In a flash, the Devil stashed the pendant in his pocket and ghosted towards Mia. He watched her teary eyes and trapped her. “What’s wrong, Mia? Didn’t like my kisses? Or when I touched you?” he smirked at her with mock hurt.

“No! You’re lying. That wasn’t you!” Mia fervidly protested.

“No, my little angel. That was all me. You have so much of my magic in your body; I could almost claim your soul.” His eyes glittered darkly. “Mia, you’re so special to me, I want you and your blood.” His hand gripping at her chin to tilt it to meet his eyes. She slapped him immediately. He retaliated by punching the wall beside her head.

“Don’t make this difficult, pet. I’m asking nicely. Submit to me or I take you in pieces.” He growled at her.

Mia’s eyes dilated in fear but hardened in anger. “You’re so stubborn, babe. It could kill you.” The Devil made for a grab at her but she side stepped and jumped to kick off his waist to escape the grab. Mia felted drained immediately as a red aura crawled about the room and clung to all the walls and its apertures “Defend all you like, babe, your toy is broken and you’re trapped in her with me.”

Mia made for a start into the other room looking for something else to attack him with but she was restrained to the one room only. Mia almost sobbed at the circumstance. Being carelessly unaware, she was thrown into the glass coffee table and the glass rained over.

“My stubborn little pet needs to be put in her place.” He smirked when his boot settled onto her neck and pressed her into the shards of glass. Mia rolled out of the grip before his boot crushed her neck. Don’t worry, I won’t kill you. But that doesn’t mean you’re walking out of here. He thought to himself as he watched the fear of death flash before her eyes.

Mia finally decided to attack him as he hurled fists of fury at him, the Devil merely deflected and gripped her forearm and sunk his claws in. She screamed but didn’t give up as she switched to her kicking combos. Her roundhouse kick caught him squarely and she flipped back to nurse her bloody arm.

All she could do was keep it cradled for a bit and watch the Devil cautiously and she danced across the room to grab the broken staff end of her lance. Mia ran towards to create a bit of a force before sinking it into his back. He growled out in pain as he felt the blessed metal sink into his essence and not his mimicked body.

Mia sighed slightly when she saw him slow down until she saw him straighten up, “Awww crap!” Mia thought. When he made for a grab at her waist, Mia tried to escape but she sunk to the floor to escape but he toppled over with her. “Let me go, Devil!” she panted and stared with worried eyes despite the venom in her voice.

She kicked him away as she titled her hips a little. Mia knew how sloppy she was fighting, but there wasn’t enough space. Her body was rammed into the side counter and he had pushed her head to the edge.

Mia felt woozy as the blood dripped from her temple. But she had to survive rather than being taken by the Devil. “Ohh… that looks like it hurt, babe.” He smirked despite his sore and bleeding side that still had the lance staff within. Mia tackled him once more and gripped and pulled it out before delving it deeper. The Devil let out an inhumane cry and used his telekinesis to slam her against the wall as he dropped to a knee onto the floor. Standing up, he released her and gripped at her throat and slammed her into the floor. All he heard were her cries of pain.

Mia swore she saw stars and her vision swam slightly. The Devil was on all fours while he hovered over and strangled Mia. “You’re making me regret sparing that night I was going to kill you. But your blood is too tempting.” He licked of the trickled that strained Mia’s cheek. Mia shuddered but struggled to breathe against the pressure on her windpipe. Throwing her head back she spotted the spear head end of her broken lance.

She fought against the sleepy sensation that overwhelmed her sense and kicked his injured side and watched him crumple over her. She scrambled to turn them over and for her to hold his arms down between her legs as Mia straddled his waist. “Give Jin back, Devil.” He chuckled at her words.

Mia wasted no time punching him with all her force. “You only look like him; I don’t need to spare your face.” Mia was unaware of the arm that ghosted and sunk into the leg. She stilled and hissed as she watched the blood seep through her sweats. Mia hurled over him and grabbed the lace spear and shoved it into his chest.

The Devil threw her a dirty look that would make her shiver in fear but it falter slightly until the smirk played up until the Pendant floated between them and Mia watched it with a shocked look as it glowed red.

“What are you doing?” She screeched at him as she tugged at his shirt collar with angry purple knuckles. He grinned at her and cupped her cheek and trailed the talons along her cheek to scratch her. She moved her face away a little too late and stabbed the lance deeper into his chest. The Devil dragged out a long shaky breath and shattered the pendant before her. Along with the pendant, all the glass shattered and rained down on them while the lights blew out. Mia screamed and covered her face with her bloody and bruised arms to shield herself from the glass.

When all the glass had finally settled on the floor, Mia noticed she was alone in a dark cold ruined room. Between her parted legs she saw the remaining shards of the pendant. Her mind was reeling at the sight and the memory trigger off how it became obliterated before her eyes.

“See you soon, my pet. We’re not done here yet.” His eerie demonic voice filled her head and room.


After that there were no signs of the Devil and the red aura from the room had been sucked from it. Mia trudged with heavily scuffed sneakers to her bathroom and she slumped against the wall as she hauled the first aid kit out from her cupboard and stumbled to her bed.

Mia stabbed herself with the injection before going to work on the wound but she couldn’t do it. Fetching her phone from the night stand, “I need help, Lee. But I also need no questions asked at this moment. Can you do that?” she spoke softly and cried into the phone before passing out from pain and blood loss.


The Devil watched Mia try and clean herself up before disappearing back to the mansion. He yanked out the bits of the broken lance and hissed in pain as he tightly wrapped his torso. He threw a glare at the broken lance. He tried to obliterate it but it seemed to disappear as it was no longer need in this realm.

He knew it would be a while before he could do anything else. Not matter. My little pet has a setback that buys me time and I’ll make sure that setback is permanent. He growled and curled his bruised fist.

I’m going to personally drag my little into hell with me.
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