Cursed Angel

Chapter 3


Mia seemed entranced with Devil Jin as she observed him. Although it was a fleeting glance, it was enough to serve as a distraction for the Devil. Devil Jin’s arm shot out and enclosed around Mia’s neck as he drew her close. Shuddering under his grip, Mia squirmed when his hot breath attacked her skin as he growled at her.

The force of his hand around her neck choked Mia, and she thrashed about as the talons scrapped on her skin with just enough pressure to break the thin membrane. The lack of oxygen sent Mia’s injured head spinning and throbbing. She threw her head back in an attempt for relief but it made her see stars, causing her to struggle even more. Devil Jin did nothing but watch with darkened bemused eyes, chuckling at the sight.

Mia’s struggle faltered and began to slack. Tiredness began to overwhelm her and, letting death take her, she stilled to savour her last moments. Devil Jin huffed and dropped her before she died of strangulation.

Mia collided with the wet earth once more. Splaying out her palms on either side of her head, coughing and hacking as the oxygen now burned in her throat and lungs, Mia tried to lift her body off the ground.

“I wouldn’t try that if I was you.” A deep demonic voice cut the air. Mia was greeted by a sharp kick to her ribcage. The pain shot through her body, making her arms and legs give out and flattened her once more.

Mia rolled over with a hiss as she ignored the pain that bloomed in her side. “Jin, st-“ Another kick. This one had more power, hurtling her through the air and creating some distance between them. She couldn’t keep lying around in pain; she knew she had to do something even if it meant fighting him.

Mia finally stood up, staggering slightly to face the Devil. It wasn’t her first time facing something weird. She had her fair share of witnessing supernatural beings and she knew about the Jin’s Devil gene and power.

Snapping back to the moment, Mia scanned the area for the Devil but there were no signs. Just then, Mia’s ears caught the sound of flapping wings and felt a sudden gust wind. Devil Jin’s wings drew in air strongly to give him flight. But she still couldn’t see him; looking up was useless with the heavy rain. Mia anticipated him by straining her senses for the slightest clue of the Devil.

She heard him coming from just above her. Mia dived to the side to evade whatever sort of attack he had. Unfortunately, the dive sent Mia rolling and the bruise on her side protested. He shifted in a split second and hovered above her. “My patience is wearing thin and you’re wasting my time, you worthless creature. Your body emits a Divine energy yet you do not use it. Do you even know that it courses through you?” He questioned as if he were intrigued.

Mia said nothing in reply but threw him a glare. “Your type was always like this.” He smacked her to the side. “Too proud for your own good. I devoured the last celestial mage… or so I thought. Tell me, Mia. How did you manage to hide your Divine power under my nose for so long?” He made for a grip at her but Mia dodged and launched herself into a sprint away from him.

She thought she was escaping him until she heard the rattle of chains. Without time to register, Mia tripped as the chain secured itself around her clothed ankle. A simple tug on the chain had Mia being roughly dragged back towards him, while cuts and bruises drew themselves onto Mia’s skin.

Mia came to a halt but a rough boot settled on her shoulder blade and the back of her head. It pressed her into the dirt, muffling her growl. “No, no, pet! You’re not getting away that easily. Did you think I would let you leave so soon? The fun is only beginning.” He said with glee. Mia growled at his sadistic amusement. He yanked her up by her ponytail making her yelp in pain. She mustered up the strength to kick him square in the chest.

“Yeah, fun.” Mia spat at him.

Targeting the spot on his chest, Mia continued to deliver kick after kick and finished by crashing his face to the ground with a roundhouse kick. For extra measure, Mia decided to axe kick the Devil into submission, but he caught her leg at the last second. Chuckling, he lifted himself off the ground while clutching her leg. “I’m not Jin, pet. You better try harder if you want to make a decent attack.” He said smugly.

Using her as a counterweight, he propelled her into the nearby rock display. “Pathetic.” Mia hissed as she felt a sting and heard her shirt rip after crashing into the boulder. She rolled out of the mess and jolted up only to slump against the very rocks she fell on. Her body was exhausted and ached. Mia ignored the uncomfortable sensation of the stone pressed into her back.

She looked for the cut and found it on her arm. She folded up the ruined sleeve and exposed the gash. She couldn’t see it but it oozed crimson and she watched it drip down her arm in rivulets. The Devil approached her, “Need help there?” His eyes darkened upon see the blood.

Mia finally decided to switch to attack. She charged at him. He anticipated the attack coming towards him, but Mia feint kicked and used the angle to kick off his chest to create more distance. She sprinted a bit before she saw the laser of energy blasted at her. A black flip helped her dodge it. The smell of burnt grass filled her nose.

Mia stumbled into a stance and placed her palms together before reciting a chant in an ancient language to summon a Divine weapon. Separating her palms a lance materialised before her. Gripping it, the metal stretch out in length and the lance head extended.

Mia dropped her head for a moment to breathe. Magically summoning divine weapons always exhausted her. This was always a last resort for her because her fighting style normally sufficed. Normally. She thought mildly.

“A Divine weapon? Angel wants to play?” He smirked at the underlying meaning to his question. Mia threw him a look of disgust and pointed the lance towards Devil Jin as if taunting him. He closed the space to make an attempt at a grapple. Evading swiftly, Mia sidestepped but followed with a rapid counterattack, trying to fight off Devil Jin. The clashing sound of metal against metal was heard. It was tough to find an opening within his erratic style of fighting. There! Mia finally found one, dodged a clawed uppercut and cut his torso neatly. The thin line of red stung and the Devil hissed.

With lightning reflexes, he caught the lance and broke the head. Mia jumped back and gasped at her broken weapon. She knew she wouldn’t last if she summoned another one. For a while, all she did was dodge and evade the powerful attacks, but she was tired and her body couldn’t keep up. She could tell by the near misses and close calls. Her luck ran out soon, when Devil Jin kicked her broken lance out of her hand and caught her arm in his talon grip. He grinned psychotically before clawing at her skin, leaving behind four slashes on her uninjured arm.

Mia collapsed to the ground. Her body couldn’t take the exhaustion. It washed over her and made her pale. She was bleeding quite a bit. A dripping crimson claw gripped her face and lifted her up. She watched the Devil, too tired to make a noise. Her head spun and she was blacking out. “Awww… Someone is out of it already. C’mon, don’t make it so easy for me. I’d hate to see such a pretty face being wasted.” He threw her to the floor. Mia thought it was finally over but she knew he wouldn’t leave her just like this.

Slowly she got up, ignoring all the screams of agony from every inch of her body. Mia heard the rattle of chains once more. Devil Jin slowly uncoiled the chain from around what used to be his fighting gauntlet. She made for a dash as the chain whipped through the air towards her. Kicking it aside, she finally picked up her broken lance. She dropped it in a heartbeat as pain shot through her arm. Her mark glowed hot white and Mia blanked out.

The Devil stopped to observe the petite girl who suddenly dropped to all fours. Finally, she sat on her knees and threw her head back. Her eyes were silver white. He watched as she gripped the broken lance. It glowed with a heavenly blinding aura before modifying into a scythe. It was truly beautiful, her staff was covered in archaic symbols and the blade was nothing but raw energy.

“An awakening?” The Devil hummed.

The Devil watched her move. It was surreal. He had seen awakened mages before but this was one of a kind. Despite his interest, he wanted to destroy her. Consume and ravish her energy. He craved her as if he were deprived and starved his entire life.

She charged at him. “Finally, things are becoming interesting.” He evaded her in order to catch her from behind with his chain. He smirked in victory when the chain wrapped around her petite waist securely. She sliced the metal in half with the scythe. He growled. I don’t like this…

In a burst of rage, the Devil unleashed attack after attack on Mia. But her Awakened form kept her toe to toe with him. She finally got the upper hand when she cut him down his back right between his wings.

His skin burned once more and his shoulders slumped as he landed on the wet grass. He had finally had enough and he pinned her down. The Devil had lost control, all he saw was red.

He strangled her yet she barely struggled. He channelled the red electric aura of his anger into his arm that held her down. She froze and screamed in pain. He sneered at the enticing sound. She threw her head back and her aura changed before she passed out.

The Devil was about to devour her. STOP, DEVIL! Jin’s voice roared and echoed through Devil Jin’s mind.

Stop being weak, Jin! Think of how much more powerful you would become.The Devil insisted.

I don’t care. Leave her alone. Jin protested for Mia’s life.

You’ve never objected when we killed before. Why her? Do you actually love her? The Devil questioned with curiosity.

No. Jin weakly replied.

I see… The Devil hummed in response.

Devil Jin gave in, “Sparing her now just means dragging out her death, Jin. I’ll leave her for now…” And the Devil left him. Jin collapsed onto his knees as he felt the dark aura flow out of his body for the moment. It was just as vile and painful as merging with Him, his body constantly being altered between transformations. His arms felt on fire as the muscle that made his limb and gauntlet one began to rip apart and disappear.

Covered in injuries, Jin crawled over to Mia’s limp body to check if she was still breathing. She had been still since the Devil had his hands around her neck. Her pulse was faint but steady. Jin breathed a sigh of relief before passing out next to her.

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