Cursed Angel

Chapter 4


Hours passed and when Jin awoke, he was surprised to be lying in a hospital bed. After analysing his surroundings, he checked himself. His torso was wrapped tightly with stark white bandages but the slight pink of a bloodstain surfaced on the material. His entire body felt heavy and he groaned in pain as he lifted himself from his sleeping position.

Panic flooded him as he remembered everything that happened to Mia. All her bruises and injuries flashed through his mind. He hated himself for what happened to him. He never meant to hurt her. Cradling balled fists in his lap, Jin cussed out at the Devil for his fine work.

You speak as if I am the only one at fault. Look at what she did to us. Jin’s hand ghosted over his bandage where the cut lay beneath on his torso.

That wasn’t her, was it?

No… The Devil hummed, refusing to elaborate.

“Where is Mia?” Jin tested his voice after what felt like decades.

She should be dead! The Devil growls at him.

Shut up!

A nurse walked through the door, “Mr. Kazama. Glad to see you’re awake. I’ll call your doctor.”

“Wait, wait. Where’s Mia?”

The nurse stopped and turned to Jin, “Ms. Okumura is in the next room.” She said with a tone of sadness.

“How is she?”

“Your doctor had best explain that, sir.”

After what seemed like hours of battling through check-ups and tests, Jin was finally able to go to the room next to his. He sucked in a lungful of air before he entered. He found it extremely hard to breathe when he settled his eyes on Mia. She lay there, limp and exhausted. The dark bruising around her eyes told you she was out but she wasn’t resting.

Jin felt the pang in his chest. He hadn’t seen Mia in years and suddenly his Devil went ballistic on her. She had changed so much since high school, but he was sure she was still the girl he fell for. Her hair didn’t seem as shiny as it was and her skin was ashen in hue. Guilt ate at him as he watched the petite figure wrapped in bandages. Her arms were damaged and will forever be marked. He was sure he had cracked a rib or two. Moreover, the internal bleeding didn’t help her condition. So much damage to her body sent her it into shock so the doctors had induced a coma for her.

Jin sighed heavily as he sat down next to her and took her hand in his. She was so delicate compared to him. Running the pads of his fingertips over her red angry knuckles he promised her he would make things right. Don’t make promises you cannot keep. The voice haunted his musings.

And with that he left.

Jin was discharged from hospital that day after making a few quick calls to keep the event hushed. He was annoyed with the day. He huffed as he slid into the black car and rode back to the Kazama mansion. The ride home was agonisingly slow and brought death by boredom. Jin couldn’t stop thinking about Mia.

Can’t believe the little brat survived… The Devil hissed. I don’t know why you’re even trying. You’re just prolonging her death.

She doesn’t deserve to die! Jin yelled at him.

We’re just going to kill her once she’s out again. She could be the end of us, Jin.

Then let her end us. She would be doing a good act for the world. Jin huffed.

Your self-righteous side is a complete fool for think that. You have unprecedented potential in your palm and you want to throw it away. The Devil snorted.

After last night… yes.

Fine, be at your will for now. Things will get worse for you, Jin Kazama. I let you off too easily. You’re going to regret trying to save this last glimmer of hope. Her flame is almost out. I’ll make your worst nightmare come true. The Devil had done an outstanding job of threatening him but Jin didn’t heed it. He was used to the Devil torturing him and throwing empty threats.

But this time, there was something … something different about that threat. It was repeated. Whatever it was, it didn't mean too good news for Jin. It seemed as the Devil was hell-bent on delivering Jin's punishment. He shrugged off these thoughts mentally. Soon he arrived home. The night was long and draining for Jin. He felt a wave of exhaustion wash over him. He needed a shower and clean clothes and probably some sleep.

He walked into the expensive mansion. Every inch of the house was tastefully decorated and furnished with classy warm fabrics and furniture, yet it had an almost icy feeling. A house but not a home. Jin sighed at this thought. He made his way to his bedroom, tossed his cell phone on the bedside table and walked to the bathroom. He removed his coat and stared into the mirror as the sight of blood on his pure white shirt caught his attention. It almost disturbed him. Her blood!

He closed his eyes and opened again and there was nothing. He was only imagining things from last night. Something he wished to never spill. You know, Jin, I normally crave the blood of victims but she irked me to the point that I just wanted to decimate of her. But after last night, there was so much pleasure in just spilling it across her flawless skin. I could only imagine the frenzy I could get by merely tasting it. The Devil sounded hysterical as he thought about this. "Look, Jin, it's on your shirt, now imagine it on the talons after they've sliced her skin. The carvings in her sk–"

STOP! Yelled Jin out aloud and he connected his fist with the wall. He collapsed to the floor, on his knees. He's not just going to kill her...

Has it only occurred to you now, you pathetic weak fool?

Go. Away. Each syllable laced with the danger of his anger.

Good, Good, give into that anger. The Devil taunted.

Jin exhaled and calmed down. No! Never!

It doesn’t matter. You're weak and you know it, you've lost your reason to fight against my power. You’re slowly going to succumb and lose your mind to me. We will be one whole rather than two halves fighting against each other. Your soul has saturated itself in my dark energy, there’s no escape to the inevitable. The Devil sung out in a sadistic tone of excitement.

NO –

And the Devil was gone. Jin just silently got up.

Jin removed the shirt and let it fall on the floor in a silent crumpled heap. He opened the shower before he removed the stained bandages and his remaining clothing and stepped under the hot rushing water. At first, it stung his body as he was cold and the water filled his fresh wounds. After the pain ebbed away and numbed, the water relaxed his muscles as the droplets put pressure and gave relief.

He thought he would train before sleeping. Not out of habit, but as a need to keep to his sanity. It was long before he stepped out. He examined the wound on back. It was a neat, long red line that started at his right shoulder and continued down his back and ended at his left hip. His body seemed to ache the more he looked at it. Soon Jin tended to wounds and got dressed. Clad in black tracks that had a flame on one pants leg, he felt a tidal wave of exhaustion hit him and decided he would train after waking up. Jin dragged himself to bed; he moved the white sheets and lay down on his tummy avoiding the greater pain in his back. He let himself be engulfed by the sheets and closed his eyes and drifted into sleep. Jin's slumber was restless and he tossed and turned despite his body screaming protests at the pain he endured when he moved. He wanted to wake up but he couldn't. Something was entrapping him in his sleep.

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