Cursed Angel

Chapter 5


Something was entrapping him in his sleep.

A cackling evil laugh echoed in his mind and Jin knew then what was happening. Now I’ve got you in a place you can't run away from. The voice withdrew and Jin was left with silence. It seemed as it was over but he was careful; he knew it was suspicious. But there was nothing but darkness….

All at once, Jin was thrown back into all his old memories of Mia. It was uncanny how Jin managed to cut ties and shut everyone out except her. She somehow broke through every barrier of his. Maybe it was her warm smile or the way she wasn’t intimidated by him. Maybe it was the way she treated him. She made him feel human.

He loved when she stopped by every afternoon after school despite her busy schedule and endless activities. He loved the evenings where she would stay for training. He would teach her and she would learn so quickly.

His heart sang the night she accompanied him to his family company ball. She looked so beautiful. But Jin never said a word because the Devil just wanted to sin. Wanted to taint her. Steal her innocence and make her less important to him. Even with that sinister intention in his mind, Jin managed to give her a chaste kiss of unspoken words, feelings and desires.

But Jin wanted to be the one who protected her and cared for her. The company then came into his power. He thanked the distance between them even though it killed him. Eventually as 3 years went by his heart hardened and his mind let her go but he never forgot. The Devil was inspired. He had so many new ideas especially with the power of the Mishima Zaibatsu.

All these memories flashed passed him and soon their pace sped up and became blinding until their colours meshed and vanished into darkness once more.

But the darkness became decorated with white shining spots like stars in the sky… in fact he was gazing into the sky. “Where am I?” Jin glanced around and he found himself on the balcony that led out of his room. Everything seemed normal and he was still clad in his flamed track pants and his black t-shirt. He went inside and looked about; he glanced at his bedside clock, saw it was early and went downstairs to the living room. But someone else was already there.

Jin stilled, cautious of who might be in his house. The atmosphere was oddly warm in his inherently unwelcoming home for once and he heard the crackling of fire in the living room. The large couch that sat facing the roaring flames in the fireplace was occupied by a petite figure. He drew nearer and the figure turned around from their seat on the couch, "Jin, hey, are you ok?" the soft sweet voice asked with a tinge of worry. She got up and waited as he approached her.

"Mia!" he sighed with relief. "Uh...yeah I'm fine." He gave her a smile and he embraced her, engulfing her small built and squeezed, only letting go when she gasped for air. He gave a soft chuckle and released her but before she could recover her breath, he stole a quick gentle kiss from her.

"Jin!" She giggled as he smiled at her and she blushed violently. He thought of how pretty she was in front of him clad in her blouse and skinny jeans. He found her simplicity attractive. "Jin, why are you staring at me like that?"

He replied, “No reason." She blushed again. He got closer to her, "You don’t know how cute you are when you do that." She didn't say anything, merely hid her face in his chest, he laughed again. He moved a bit and placed his hand under her chin and drew her up to kiss her. He bent his head down to her and his jet black bangs brushing against her cheek and he kissed her, savouring her sweet taste. And for once when he did this and thought about this, guilt was not gnawing at him. It felt good to just be with Mia. Her arms shot up and one wrapped around his neck while the other ran through his hair. He was aware of that as he enjoyed the feeling.

His hands wrapped around her small waist and he laid her down on the couch on her back and got closer. He deepened the kiss but Mia broke it off as she pushed her hands against his chest to give herself space. "Jin what are we doing?"

He sighed as he straightened and let her sit up. "I'm sorry, Mia. But I can't help the way I feel for you and I know you like me too. I always stopped it because I was afraid of hurting you…"

She hugged him tightly, "I didn't know, but you've been so strong and I know you could never hurt me, even with your gene, Jin." She pulled out of the hug and smiled at him. He returned with a sad smile as she comforted him but she stopped that smile as she quickly gave him another hug.

He pulled her back and teased her, "Mia, these hugs aren't enough…" Before he could complete his sentence she kissed him. He enjoyed the tenderness of her kiss. At this moment he felt only warmth in his chest. The moment was perfect.

Of course it's perfect; she all yours now. Just claim her already. Make her yours for the night and make sure she can’t walk straight for a week… at least. The Devil’s wicked voice came in.

No! Jin pushed away the Devil's evil intentions once more.

You know you want to; look how your body reacts to her. You should embrace it.

No, I won't hurt Mia like that.

But it’s the kind of pain she would enjoy!

No, she won't. Consider this conversation, if you want to call it that, over.

After Jin broke away from his thoughts he noticed Mia was lying flat on the couch watching him with concerned orbs. She canted her head to the side to look at him. "Everything ok? I noticed you were in a bit of difficulty and you looked like you were in pain." Her face twisted with worry.

"Hey, relax, I'm fine." He smiled at her and pulled her up, kissing her chastely. He had craved this intimacy between them for so long. He would say he even desired more but it was just an urge he could ignore. He trailed hot kisses against her jaw line, nipping softly at her neck as he peppered his lips against her throat. Mia’s soft gasps were thrilling to him and urged him to continue his ministrations. Sucking softly at the skin at her collarbone, her soft moan sent him off the edge. She had no idea how intoxicating she was to him. Jin revelled in her reactions and pleased her. Her hands ran through his hair gently and tugged on it whenever he bit her.

But suddenly there were no hands in his hair, and the heat between them disappeared as he felt everything go cold. Mia’s soft skin felt unnaturally hot, but like liquid. He was not kissing her neck but he felt something else. He opened his eyes and to his horror, he found blood and a gash on her neck. As if she had been bitten.

He glanced to his hands and saw the talon hands clutching her waist. His mind screamed and reeled at the sight beneath him. He looked at Mia. She was drained, pale and lifeless. The coppery taste filled his mouth and he inhaled the scent of her blood.

Devil! What did you do? Jin growled.

I've done nothing wrong; you however have let your emotions get the better off you. But you know how I crave the taste of her blood. You've provided me with my frenzy. Maybe I'll drain her entire body. It's that sweet and addictive. She's a delectable treat that we've merely tasted.

We? You did this to her!

He had changed back to his human self and he stared at Mia in a fretfully; he shook her at her shoulders. "Mia… Mia… Say something!" She said nothing and her body was motionless in his arms. He looked at her face. Her eyes were glassy and glazed over - wide and fearful. Unshed tears had formed in them. He never wanted her to cry because of him. His heart contracted painfully as if all the love was sucked out of it.

He was still looking at her, she was like a rag doll now… an old used doll. Her hair lost its sheen and scent. It stuck to her forehead and looked shaggy from her struggle. Her beautiful mouth that once held the most stunning smiles was now twisted in pain. Her arms were bruised and scraped by talons as she fought against the pain that was being inflicted on her. But the most disturbing thing to Jin was her neck. The flesh was ripped apart jaggedly making her blood flow freely as it trickled down over her shirt and onto him. He felt disgusted, as he knew it was a sin to torture an angel of such innocence.

The blood flow slowed and her skin paled and all her colour was lost. The blush from her cheeks and the pinkness of her lips were gone forever…

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