Cursed Angel

Chapter 6


Jin sat there with Mia’s limp body on his lap. His broad shoulders had slumped in defeat. After a few moments, they shook as Jin wanted to cry for ruining her and he was angry for his lack of self-control. But more than that, he was pissed at the Devil for taking advantage. The Devil laughed at his misery.

Someone is mad at me. I wanted her blood I merely took what I wanted. It's not my fault she couldn't survive the one single bite I gave her. To be truthful, Jin, I never had such a thrill in devouring her. The Devil said sadistically with much zeal. Every bit of it, I enjoyed from ripping her flesh out to her feeble attempt at stopping me. Her tiny yelps of pain –

Make it stop. Jin could only say weakly. He could only imagine her pain.

I told you, you can't run away from your mind. Let me show what should have been done to her.

The room went dark, with only dim slivers of moonlight flooding parts of it. Mia had disappeared. Jin’s eyes had just adjusted to the darkness of the room when he heard a blood-curdling scream. It was a female. It had to be Mia!

He rushed about the darkness following the sound of her screams, becoming enraged by how she was being tortured. Suddenly she stopped her screams of pain and Jin skidded to a halt. He strained his eyes and ears for any signs of Mia but none prevailed. Then he heard her hiccupping sobs and her voice was hoarse –her throat was dry from her screams of anguish. Jin began running again he found a corridor, the sound was more prominent now, he sped down the corridor.

Her voice was clearer now. She was begging for her life, she was begging for mercy. Jin's heart cracked with every howl, wail and scream of hers. It was like a whip cutting lashes into his back as she felt more pain. The more pain the more whip lashings he received.

"One… Two… Three…"

He could almost feel the searing pain in his back. He growled against the pain and kicked down harder, forcing himself to run faster than he was able to. He wished he could stop it. He knew he would stop it. Her screams were silenced once more.

He finally found a door at the end of the corridor. He panted from sprinting so fast but he couldn’t hear her on the other side. He froze for a moment, silently hoping he wasn't too late. Jin felt like heart that hammered in his chest would be heard aloud. He didn’t know if Mia had stopped screaming or if the blood pounding through his ears overpowered the sound of her.

He opened the door gazing down at a stone floor covered with water and blood. He scanned the dimly lit room and found a bruised and bloodied Mia wrapped in a chain, crying and choking against her gag. The gag was tightly pressed into her mouth. It silenced any sound of hers while managing to choke her as well. Her lips were dried and chapped but her face was tear stained and pink from all the crying she was doing. She cussed the Devil out between her cries but kept choking violently on the gag. He could imagine how her throat burned and closed up at the gagging sensation.

Her tiny frame was enveloped in the rather large chains that were tightly bound around her. She was cold and her body was soaked. The water dripped from her hair and clothes, and mingled with the blood from her exposed wounds, trickling further down to the floor. The diluted blood coated parts of the chains and gave them and even more threatening look. Even the slightest of moves would lead to her skin being bruised by them. She shivered in shock and from the cold.

More of her blood would be spilt. His heart sank to his stomach and he pushed his guilt away. He became enraged and tore into the room. For that moment, nothing else mattered. He didn't care what was going to happen to him as long as he could get Mia away.

Mia's tear filled eyes widened as she saw Jin and she shook her head frantically as if warning him to get away, but it was too late. The rattling of chains against the stone floor was heard and she was dragged roughly backwards towards the edge of darkness at the end of the room. She had fallen on her side and she cried against the pain as she received more bruises as the uneven stone floor grazed her skin.

As she came to a halt, a boot roughly settled on her shoulder. More tears fell from her eyes as the pressure applied to her shoulder hurt her. “Hello Jin!” greeted an icy voice.

Jin knew exactly whose voice that was. The Devil stepped into the dim light and Jin faced his demonic self. He wasn't afraid; he was used to seeing that form of him. He glared at the Devil. Devil let her go now.

He laughed maniacally and he looked down at Mia. “Did you hear that, sweetheart? He wants me to let you go!” He said mockingly and burst into another fit of cackles. She only glared back. He returned with a harsh cold look countering his insane grin.

She turned back to look at Jin. The pain was visible in his eyes, but he waved away the feeling and hoped the Devil hadn't picked up on it. “Awwww, Jinny is so upset his little girlfriend is tied up and hurt.” He was taunting and tugging at Jin's emotions. “Too bad you can't help her, Jin. As much as she would love you to be her hero but she doesn't realise her future is rather bleak and short.” Jin's anger was seething as a psychotic smile spread across the Devil's face as he bared his teeth and fangs.

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