Cursed Angel

Chapter 7


Jin lunged, but was instantly frozen by the Telekinesis used by the Devil. He increased the force on Jin causing him pain and discomfort. He snarled against the pain and looked at the Devil. The Devil did it once more and Jin yelled in pain. “Very brave of you to try and attack me in human form only. But we both know if we have to do that only one of us will survive…”

“Yeah, I'll put you back in the pathetic hole you dared to crawl out of!” The Devil slammed Jin's body against the floor with much force.

“Is that so? “ The Devil’s tone had become sinister. Jin rose from the floor, his jaw dealt a bit of damage and the blood oozing from the corner of his mouth was proof. He wiped it away with the back of his hand.

“Leave Mia out of this, she has nothing to do with you, Devil.”

“That's a lie and you know it. Don't lie to yourself, Jin! Her kind will always want me to be gone. I actually thought I killed them off before. But it seems like unfinished business now.” His last words impacted.

Devil Jin looked down to Mia where his heavy boot lay on her shoulder and back. He was filled with rage and he applied force crushing Mia's small figure to the ground. “Your kind just have to come back and ruin my plans.” She cried against the gag and attempted to scream but she choked on it further. More of her tears fell and she seemed like a sponge filled with liquid; as the Devil crushed her, more blood oozed from the chains.

Jin bellowed in protest and struggled against the death grip of the Telekinesis. He felt the pressure on his throat. It felt like a collar of thorns wrapped around his neck, slowly being pressed further and further into his flesh as it became smaller and smaller. His air passage became constricted and he gasped for air. He inhaled quickly to stay awake. His vision was swimming slightly. With every attempt at moving, the grip seemed to tighten. But something caught Jin's attention. He was watching Mia now through his swirling vision.

She was tired and drained, Jin could see the exhaustion washing over her and leaving her dazed. She was passing between consciousness and unconsciousness. Devil Jin hoisted her up, “Oh no, you are not going to pass out. That's making it too easy.” Jin didn't understand what he meant by that.

Devil Jin tugged at the chain, sending her body rolling roughly against the floor, unwrapping from the large bloodied chains. Her small frame slammed into the wall. Mia ripped off the gag and coughed aggressively as she laid there for a moment, before slowly picking her head up to glare at the Devil. Her eyes seemed ablaze and she got up using the wall to support herself, even if it earned her more bruised and scratches.

Devil Jin smiled sickeningly as he watched her suffer to stand. Suddenly Jin’s vision wasn't swimming anymore. He watched Devil Jin and he knew exactly what had happened. Mia stood and said she'll fight. “Wonderful!” Devil Jin replied.

“No, Mia, don't do that! You are going to get yourself killed!” Jin suddenly heard a sickening crunch and saw blackness for some passing moments before he was graced with vision again.

It was him from where the sickening crunch was emitted from. “Hush up, Jin. Let her do what she wills. Even if it means walking into her own death.” The Devil watched her with glittering excitement in his eyes. He practically drooled at the heavy scent of her blood in the air.

Pain rushed over him and Jin was soon aware of the broken bones in his body. Jin could only watch. He was unable to move or even get up. Devil Jin laughed at the misery he had delivered. He looked sardonically from Mia to Jin before wrapping part of his chain around his hand, almost mesmerised by how Mia's blood shone on the metal and dripped downed between his talons. He licked the blood of his hand, his eyes darkening to unfathomable black with an eerily red glow. He was in frenzy. He had lost all control. He moved with lightning speed and pinned Mia against the wall as he choked her.

“I want more of your blood! You tease me with mere droplets. The blood of ‘his’ little cursed angel is but a forbidden fruit I crave.” The Devil growled as his tongue lapped against the blood on her skin.

“Leave. Her. Alone.” Jin was yelling at the top of his lungs. He felt helpless as his protests fell on deaf ears. Mia was terrified by his word. She pressed herself further into the wall as if she would escape that way. He pulled her closer.

“You sick bastard, let me go.” Mia seethed at the Devil. Despite her fear, she was still fighting. Jin watched her struggle, but then he noticed Devil's talon hand move back and close around something resembling a blade.

“Mia! Watch out!” Jin knew he was going to hurt her; the Devil turned back to smile at Jin.

Devil Jin then bent his head to Mia's ear. “No.”

He then drove the blade into Mia's tiny body and watched as she gasped and choked and her eyes went glassy. Jin thundered his fury and anger seethed through his blood as he saw Mia's body slumped.

Jin woke up shrieking in pain and anger. He calmed down slightly when he realised he was in his room. "It was only a dream!" he heard his voice echo weakly. He swore under his breath and then he heard cackling.

Looks like somebody is in a mood. Did you enjoy Limbo, Jin? It was especially created for you. The devil's voice drawled in his head in a mockingly sweet tone. I try to impress you with my small attempts and efforts. Notice me, Senpai! He laughed at his own words.

You make me sick! Go Away!

Ha-ha! That was merely the beginning, Jinny! See you in the morning! And he was gone.

Jin exhaled with some relief and relaxed himself against his pillows, his mind still buzzing from the trip to Limbo. Every bit of pain felt so real and everything was so vivid as if it had actually happened.

Jin felt like he was about to be violently ill as he remembered Mia in the dream. Bruised bloodied and in pain. Absolute hurt etched in her face. Jin refused to ponder on it anymore. He calmed himself down with a bit of meditation and fell into a restless and dreamless sleep.

The last thing on his mind Mia... My Angel...

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