Cursed Angel

Chapter 8


The following morning arrived with just as much dreariness as the day before. It was day two and there was no Mia around for Jin. He sighed as he thought about the events that had occurred. From Mia's encounter with the Devil to being stuck in Limbo with the Devil torturing him with his constant cat and mouse mind games. Jin swung his legs off the bed and looked outside, pinching the bridge of nose and exhaling heavily. There had been a lot of tension for Jin lately with the Devil acting up.

Aside from the tension, Jin had to deal with the physical strains of insomnia, fatigue and the amount of injuries he possessed. And to add to the troubles of this youth, the one person who cared for him the most was in hospital in a coma and was showing signs of instability. He got of the bed and proceeded to the bathroom. He went on with his usual routine and showered.

The pain washed over him and his cuts burned under the hot water. Jin gritted his teeth against the injuries and got out. He examined the cuts once more. The open wounds had been reduced to fine thin red lines. It seems the Devil was healing Jin. Then his eyes widened. He was wondering what the Devil had meant by "See you in the morning." But there was no sign of the Devil. Jin was cautious though, he seemed to expect the unexpected from the Devil.

Jin dressed and headed to work. It was boring and monotonous, and it was only ten o'clock. Jin sat there fed up beyond belief. Looks like being a CEO doesn't have many perks, thought Jin as he smirked to himself.

Let me be the relief to your boredom then, drawled the Devil.

I'd prefer the suffocation of boredom, replied Jin.

You're so mean to me; and after I healed your wounds. I helped you escape the ugly healing process of time so you could go back to training without splitting flesh open. I must warn you that you will still have the scars.

Brilliant! Constant reminders of the time I almost killed someone I love. Jin's reply was thick with sarcasm.

The Devil didn't take too kindly to it. He drove Jin to the floor with pain. He clutched his head as if trying to keep his brain intact. The pain intensified by a tenfold and Jin thought his skull was about to explode. He was sweaty and struggling for his control when suddenly, the pain stopped. You know, Jin, I don't appreciate my efforts going to waste. And I don't take too kindly to ingrates. The Devil's voice was low and laced with anger. Jin tried to lift himself from floor but …

Not so fast, Jin! I told you I wasn't done with you. His voice amplified in Jin's head and the pain returned. He felt like yelling in agony but he refused. Stop being so brave, get it over and done with. Scream in pain. The Devil hissed at him.

Jin said nothing. All he did was growl as he fought back the searing throbbing agony. The pain in his head seemed to have stopped, instead moving to his chest. It felt like his torso was being sawed open vertically. Jin was looking for blood but there was none, as nothing was happening to him physically. The pain intensified once more. It was like a pair of jaws tearing his torso apart. Submit to it, Jin! How long will you fight it?

After moments of struggling, Jin's voice erupted from his throat as a dry cry of anguish. The Devil laughed maliciously. See, your will isn't as strong as you think. And with that, his presence disappeared. Jin gasped as he savoured oxygen and tried to get up. He steadied himself against his desk and walked to the office bathroom. He washed his face and cleaned up. So that's what the Devil was planning. He was making me taste death once more, Jin mused sombrely. It was half eleven. Time to visit Mia.

After two weeks of torture sessions from the Devil, Jin seemed to have found some new hope in his chest as he received news that Mia's condition had improved, and that she was due to wake up anytime soon. Jin felt elated and relieved. After two weeks of visiting her and talking to her for hours on end without any response, his concern was wearing him down.

But today he found out she was listening to him the whole time and had finally responded. She came back, and there's nothing more I could ask for. Jin's smile faltered as he remembered that she would be in trouble once more. I can't stand putting her in the hospital again.

It had been awfully quiet, as the Devil had stopped prying Jin's thoughts for a while. It had been about four days. Jin shook off his thoughts as her entered his dojo and began his workout. Jin had some steam to blow off so he set up the punching bag and began to train.

It started as punches but then it developed into small combos of punches and kicks. He proceeded to roundhouse kicks and eventually channelling his energy into one heavy finisher move which burst the punching bag. Jin sighed, discarded the punching bag into the corner of the dojo and ignored the sand that spilled to the ground. Jin replaced the bag and began again.

After some time, Jin had successfully burst his fourth punching bag. This time, he had swiped it clean off its hook and the bag landed on the floor with a thud, oozing sand as if bleeding. He discarded it on the pile with the other bleeding sand bags and he looked around for a fifth one. He replaced it and was about to restart his workout but was driven to the floor as if he had tripped and was kicked downward all in the same motion.

Jin's head collided with the floor. He picked his head up slowly, groaning in pain, and rested his chin on the cool wooden floor. Then something caught his eye. The thin wisps of darkness danced about the floor of the dojo and swirled with the sand. The two mixed, swirled and formed together into some sort of figure.

The figure formed another Jin. The only differences between the two was that this Jin had dark circles under his eyes – normally this would have made him look tired but somehow he looked more … sinister – which were dark molten gold in comparison to Jin's brown eyes and his mouth was set in a sneer.

"Need a partner to spar with?" Devil Jin chuckled. Jin said nothing but steadied his stance. "Cute, you might as well dig your grave." Jin charged at Devil Jin, delivering roundhouse kicks and an axe-kick. But the axe-kick was caught and Jin was flung across the dojo in a spiralled motion. "Your little girlfriend made the same mistake the other night. But I guess it's because she learnt it from you." His eyes flashed like dimming embers coming to life as he sniped at Jin.

Growling, Jin charged once more and tried to kick the Devil but his leg was caught again. This time Jin countered, kicked off the Devil's chest and back flipped. He steadied his stance in defence as the Devil recovered from his stumble. "Switching strategies, are we? Why even try? I'm inside your head; I'll know your every move."

"I'm not fighting with my mind this time." Jin gave into his rage and launched into a series of attacks. All were either swiftly dodged or deflected. Jin's last kick was countered and the Devil grabbed Jin by his neck and drove him straight to the dojo floor. He grabbed Jin's arm and pulled it back behind his back painfully. Jin gritted his teeth against the pain.

Devil Jin then bent over him, by his ear, and whispered, "You know, Jinny, it's kind of pathetic that you're biting dust because of sand." Jin managed to escape the Devil's hold.

"That's not sand! That's your demonic power! And frankly it's pissing me off."

Devil Jin did nothing but smirk, and replied in a mockingly innocent voice, "That had not been my intention." Jin was about to attack again but Devil Jin pinned him to the wall. "Enough!" Devil Jin's eyes flashed bright gold once more.

Jin struggled in his bound position. "I want to talk to you! I have no intention of defeating you again." A growl ripped from Jin's throat as he listened. "It's about your little girlfriend. When is she going to wake up? I grow bored of waiting and I want to do something fun! Messing with her pretty little head seems like a brilliant idea."

"No! You will leave her alone!" Jin was bellowing at the top of his voice.

"Now why would I do that? She's quite something; fighter, friend and a lover. But you've never took control of her last ability, have you?" Jin panicked realising Devil Jin's intentions. "Let's test it. Taint your little angel – your forbidden desire." He left Jin and walked towards the door, "Oh! Jinny, enjoy!" and he began to chuckle darkly.

"W-Wh?!" The room seemed to be consumed by shadow, and Jin's enraged cry was smothered by the blanket of darkness.

The room returned to normal and Jin wasn't there. However his gauntlets remained and a clink was heard as a small chain fell to the ground. Devil Jin walked towards the gauntlets, picked them up and wore them. He picked up the small chain with its pretty crystal pendant of swirling black and white wisps. "Ahhh … The Abyss Of Limbo! Sweet dreams, Jinny!" And he left the dojo.

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