Cursed Angel

Chapter 9


Devil Jin (posed as Jin) stalked off to the limo from the dojo. He instructed to be taken "home" while he slid into the leather backseat. He needed a little time to plan things out. Once he got home, he settled into the nearest seat, that being the single seat sofa, his posture relaxing slightly as he did so. He proceeded to pull something out of his pocket; the tinkle of a chain against a pendant was heard as he let the chain unravel.

He held it up until the pendant was in line with his eye. Devil Jin seemed to be examining it. His eyes flickered as he watched the black and white wisps twirl gently. A dark chuckle stole its way out of him. One is in an Abyss of Limbo with nightmares to suffice for eternity and the other lies in hospital in a comatose state. How do I add to the misery?

The question was obviously rhetorical because by now Devil Jin had everything figured out. He smirked as he caught sight of the weak glint of the pendant. He raised his free hand, allowing it to ripple into his Devil Talon. He waved his palm across the pendant and curled it into a fist. An eerie red was now surrounding the crystal. It trembled slightly, suspended in the air while it absorbed the redness. The jewel now glowed a dark crimson. By now Devil Jin was smiling maliciously. Time to wake up my girlfriend. He got up, pocketed the little piece of jewellery and left the house.


Jin hit the invisible wall again. "Bastard!" he managed to cough out as he sunk to-what seemed to be the floor. His lungs cried for oxygen, his fists screamed in exhaustion and his heart hammered against his chest dangerously. "Such a low, dirty trick he used. Scum! What else would you expect from such a fuc-"

Jin's rant of slurs and cussing was interrupted by him howling with a pain that made his body protest even more than it originally was. He trembled, and the screams became growls. Careful, Jinny! I can still hear you and I exercise my power at a tenfold within Limbo. I told you this was created especially for you. I just hope you enjoy the surprises I have. Enjoy!

The pain ceased and Jin slowly took in the oxygen his starved lungs craved. After a few moments, he sat up slowly staring into nothing but darkness, feeling the dull ache in his rib cage as if each pair of bone were yanked apart, kept on that tension, and then released.

Suddenly a perfect circle of white light shone down on Jin. He found himself in the exact centre of the circle. That can't be good. He got up too quickly and ended up stumbling. He rolled away. But he was still at the centre of the circle. He got up once more but landed back first to the apparent floor as if someone had swiped him off the ground at his ankles. Jin groaned as his torso ached more. He rolled over and got on all fours. He was breathing heavy and he decided he would get up on the count of three. One… Two… Three!

At the exact moment the floor gave away and Jin yelled as he fell into the depths of the unknown.


Devil Jin smirked as he reached the hospital. He gave a tight yet dark smile as he bit back the urge to laugh hysterically. Regaining his composure, he walked into the hospital. His body oozed the stature of being in control. He walked tall, as a cocky and confident man, and he strode with purpose to a certain private ward.

When he entered the room, he saw a girl in deep sleep, her mouth still twisted as if she was in some sort of pain. Devil Jin asked the two hulking bodyguards to leave and he locked the room behind them to avoid any disturbance. He stood at her bedside, inspecting her. Her condition had improved greatly, but she still looked weak to him. Her complexion was still ghostly pale. He removed his trench coat and rolled up his sleeve. His hand rippled into the Devil Talon once more. He raised his hand over her torso. The Talon expelled a dark aura.

Thin black smoky wisps wrapped up and curled around Mia's being. But a wash of weak white energy repelled it. Even when unconscious, she still fights. He sneered at her, and his once brown eyes flashed ember like flames coming back to raging life. The Talon expelled a stronger aura. This time, the same dark wisps but there were purple crackling cords of energy that tightened their hold around her.

She wriggled slightly. The links of the intertwining cords and wisps tensed as she moved. The energy seemed to force itself into Mia, like excess cream trying to absorb into skin. Her struggle grew. By now, snarls ripped from her mouth and the mark on her wrist glowed with a flickering brightness. Her back arched off the bed. Devil Jin wanted to avoid noise so he intervened and whispered into her ear.

"Relax. I'm just trying to help you." He spoke perfectly in Jin's voice; there was no trace of the Devil tainting his words. He smirked inwardly as she immediately relaxed. She caves at the sound of his voice. Trusting is such a foolish move.

He resisted his urge to laugh again as he thought this. His smirked widened maliciously as he watched her mark returned to its usual tattoo appearance. The inner beast in his chest growled as he watched it.

She had absorbed the dark aura. For a few moments, she remained ever so still. Suddenly, she gripped the sheets and thrashed about the bed. Her back arched off the sheets once more and then collapsed. Mia's eyes flew open and she made for an attempt to vault off the bed.

He held her down by her wrists as big brown eyes, showing sparks of fury, gazed into molten gold ones. His palm burned as it was over her mark, and the monster in his chest growled again. He was so tempted to kill the spirit that drove that fury in her eyes. But the fury dissipated into genuine shock as her eyes widened. The heat in his palm reduced to a mild sting. "Jin…" she recoiled into herself and withdrew her arms, rubbing her wrist anxiously.

She bolted upright. Immediately with open arms, pain greeted her. She took a moment to process what was happening. Devil Jin watched lightly, almost amused, but there was some caution to his never wavering gaze on her. She removed her sheet and inspected herself. Parts of her body were bound by bandages. Bandages that hid ugly scars and wounds. Almost confused, she glared at them as they clung and hugged her being. Devil Jin smirked; this is merely the beginning of your bruises, pet. A chuckle escaped his lips.

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