Khan's Mystery Girl 2


Kirk is lost in Space with no Crew! Struggling with her own abilities, our Mystery Girl seems to be in her own hell.; Two worlds must find a way to become one -. ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!

Scifi / Mystery
Julie Hull
Age Rating:

An Abandoned Puppy

Kirk’s POV...

“God damn it!”

A voice echoed around the deserted Bridge – Except for Captain Kirk, sitting in his chair staring out the viewscreen at the look-alike Earth planet... Until he was snapped back into reality, making him jump slightly in his chair.

“What is it? I’m busy here.”

Kirk was so grateful to hear his chief Medical Officer’s voice, even if he did sound angry. He was so used to his friends grumpy manner.; Ever since he first met the guy on the shuttle to Starfleet, Bones’s attitude had always amused him. Even if he had acted otherwise. Leonard was the only guy who stuck by him at the academy, no matter what he did.

“Sorry, Captain. A little busy here.”

Another voice came through, interrupting him from his thoughts. So this meant he wasn’t alone... Kirk normally wouldn’t like it when his crew didn’t respond almost straight away, but he knew they both had a lot on their plates; What with the Enterprise’s warp core malfunctioning, causing the ship to lose control and half the ship’s crew in Sickbay or recovering in their quarters.

Kirk jumped right into action, pressing his finger down on the communications button so he could respond to his Medical and Engineering officers. “Bones! Scotty! It’s so good to hear your voices.” He quickly blurted out with enthusiasm.

“Tell me, you didn’t just call me for that,” McCoy stated with a hint of annoyance in his voice.

“No, of course not!” Kirk responded back. He had to get himself back into check; there was another situation on his hands. He had only been Captain for just over a year now and everything was coming at once.

“Get to the point. I have patients here that need my help more than you do.” McCoy continued on in his usual manner.

Kirk slowly took a deep breath before saying... “Have any of you two noticed anything strange happening in the last few minutes or so?” Or however long it was since he and Spock arrived on the bridge, to find it completely empty and then a few minutes after Spock started acting strangely before he too vanished. Was he next?

“Unless you’re talking about a mad manic and his three... Whatever you want to call them.”

Kirk quickly interrupted his friend. “Bones, I’m serious!” Although he was right; Khan and his family were the strangest they had come across. Especially Alicia! What was it that Khan really wanted? He knew that Khan wanted his crew back and get his revenge on Starfleet. Even though his plan had been stopped by Spock, Kirk still had the feeling that there was more going on than that. He just wasn’t sure if Khan was behind all this or if it was the planet in front of them. Either way, he had to find out what had happened to his bridge crew before it was too late.

“What do you mean by strange, Captain?” Scotty interrupts his thoughts.

Now, how was he going to explain without sounding like he had gone crazy... What the hell? Both of them had seen at least one girl self-beam from one ship to another so why would this sound any more insane? “As anyone vanished in front of you?” He asked. Now that did sound wrong – There were plenty of other things he could have said. Does it even matter? Still means the same thing.

“That sure isn’t funny Jim. That girl is almost in a coma-like state and could very well slip away any moment.” McCoy moaned back.

Tropical of Bones to think I’d insult a girl so close to death. Actual deep down, he couldn’t believe his best friend would think that low of him. Maybe when they first met, he wouldn’t have given a damn. But since meeting Chris and Bones, he had become to realise that he did care.

All this didn’t matter now, though. His Bridge crew could be hurt or even worse... No, he wasn’t going to go there. He would get his crew back safe and sound. Even if it was the last thing he did. “Bones, I’m not talking about Alise...”

“Blood-Y Hell!” McCoy suddenly interrupted him. Sounding very surprised and struggling to form his words.

Kirk could still understand what he was saying, the reason was a mystery to him; Bones only talked like that when something in possible was happening. “Bones, what is it?” He asked. Wondering if it this was now spreading around the ship. He surely hoped that wasn’t the case.

Everything all of a sudden went very quiet, except for a few gasps, but even they were getting fewer and fewer until not a sound was heard. Kirk thought for a moment that he truly was alone now - Until he heard a very loud bang. So loud, it made him jump right out of his chair in fright.

“Oh, no. No. No!” Scotty’s voice came a second later. Until all went quiet, once again.

Kirk slowly turned around staring down towards the arm of his chair. He had the feeling... He was a lost puppy and his owners had just abandoned him; He had just witnessed the disappearance of his crew as if they had just vanished right in front of him. But no, all he could see was his chair sitting in the middle of the room... Where it should be. It sure sounded like his crew had gone as there was no more voices or any other noise coming through the communicator. It could just be his Medical and Engineering officers had cut themselves off. But for some reason, Kirk did feel alone. It was the same feeling he had as a child while growing up. Basically till the moment, he became Captain and had gained a family and now even they had been taken from him.

All of a sudden, he felt the urge to press that button again, but he held himself back. What good would it do anyway? He knew now that no one would answer. He truly didn’t want to confirm his thoughts either. Instead, Kirk took a slow look around, hoping it would bring his crew back. When the workstations remained empty, he took a deep breath and wondered what he should do now.

Kirk knew he hadn’t been trained for this and there was only one reason why. And for the first time he was taking in the effects of what this could do; No ship can be manned by one person alone! Especially, with no warp core. There was one thing, he knew he should do and that was to get a message to Starfleet. But with what happened with Admiral Marcus, he wasn’t quite ready for that step. Anyway, he always liked to work things out on his own.

He took that moment to settle his eyes on his Science officer’s Chair, where is First officer had disappeared. Kirk knew he might find the information he needed about the planet on that very station, but the thought of vanishing too, held him back; Spock vanished right after touching that control panel. Just like the rest of the bridge crew did. He didn’t know how that linked to the rest of the Enterprise Crew. There was no way, everyone else was using a panel at the same time. But he still stood firm just in case he was wrong.


Came a faint whisper, interrupting Kirk from his thoughts. Taking that moment, Kirk quickly spins around, but only to find no one there. He made a complete turn as he took a quick tour of the Bridge.

“Jim, help me!”

The voice came again just before he heard the doors swish open, behind him. Kirk quickly turned back around... so quick, it felt like his feet hadn’t left the ground.

There in the doorway stood the very person, he thought he might never see again. But the only person he truly wanted here right now. Not that Kirk didn’t want his crew back - He did! They were family after all, but if he had to choose one of them to be beside him, helping work this all out, would be none other than the guy walking towards him, staring around in confusion; which he was sure was showing on his own face. To be honest there would be one other person to add to that. Even if he was acting more Vulcan than human. Kirk was certain that if he could get Spock to lighten up a little; they could be the friends. But the big question was... How?

“Jim, what the hell is going on?” McCoy’s very words snapped Kirk out of his thoughts. “One minute my Sickbay was full of patients and then you make a joke... Which for some reason made them all vanish into thin air and on top of that, I find an empty ship. Even the Bridge, except for it’s Captain.” McCoy went on in his usual way, before bringing his face right up close to Kirk’s. “SO, WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO THE CREW?” He screamed.

“I wish, I was responsible for this...” He started to answer, making his friend take a step back in shock. Kirk knew that Bones didn’t really blame him; It was just the way he acted when the impossible happened. “At least, then I would know their whereabouts.” He finished saying.

McCoy’s face was suddenly replaced with ‘I’m not impressed’ look. “As amusing as that sounds... What are you going to do about getting my patients back?” He glared back.

That was a very good question. What was he going to do?

“Well...” McCoy looked on waiting to hear what his ‘Captain’ would do.

Kirk quickly looked away. He couldn’t continue looking at his friend for a moment longer. That look in his eye; That glare of hope that he ‘The captain’ would know what to do... He always knew what to do!

As Kirk stared back out through the viewscreen at the look-alike Earth planet. For the first time, ‘The Captain of the Enterprise’ had no idea what to do and worst of all how to get his family back.

Chapter two

“Is that what I think it is?” Is friend suddenly asked.

Kirk didn’t have to turn around or ask what McCoy was on about. He knew is friend was now facing the same way he was and seeing for the first time what was in front of them. “It can’t be... We aren’t even in our solar system.”

“So if it’s not Earth. Where in space are we?” McCoy asked.

“Your guess is as good as mine,” Kirk answered before silence surround them both.

As the silence stretched between them, Kirk knew the only way to answer McCoy’s question was to risk is life or, at least, the possibility of vanishing like Spock did. But for some reason he remained where he was; He had this feeling deep down that he should stay away from the monitors and his gut feeling had never steered him wrong, yet.


“Yeah, Bones.”

“Yeah, what?” McCoy responded.

“What were you about to say?” Kirk asked, thinking that maybe this was getting to his friend more than he thought. When McCoy didn’t answer, he slowly turned to see a concern look staring back at him. That look only appeared when McCoy was seriously worried about him. “What?” Was all Kirk could manage to say. He could never tell him or anyone how he really was... Most of the time he didn’t need to; His friend knew him too well. But mainly it was because he couldn’t deal with McCoy fussing over him – And those hypos sure did hurt!

“Captain. Please, help me.”

Now that wasn’t McCoy speaking unless he had learned to speak without moving his lips. So, who did say that? Someone wanted his help, someone who knew him by name. Only McCoy called him Jim, everyone else called him by his rank. This person was trying both, to get his attention. He slowly turned around where he could see the whole bridge. And as before, there was no-one else here, except McCoy. That voice had sounded so soft as if it were a female. It reminded Kirk of how his Mother used to speak to him as a child. His Mother surely wasn’t here or would ever speak to him as softly as that.

“What is going on inside that head of yours, Jim?”

Now that was definitely McCoy’s voice; He heard it loud and clear. Kirk took one last look around him, there certainly was no-one on the bridge unless they were hiding, but there weren’t any hiding places – And why would someone calling for help be hiding from that very person? One thing was certain, though... He was the only one who could hear them. “Do you hear that, Bones?” He found himself asking, just to be sure.

“What I’m I supposed to be listening to? The deafening silence or you asking silly questions.”

Kirk knew he should come back with is own sarcastic remark. But that wasn’t what was coming out of his mouth... “Someone calling my name very softly; Like a mother soothing their child.” A distant memory that he had forgotten or at least pushed to the back of mind was now resurfacing itself. He quickly turned to face McCoy hoping and praying he hadn’t said that last part aloud.

McCoy’s next move answered that for him... He suddenly pulled a scanner out of nowhere and started swinging his arm around. Now, where could he have possibly kept that? (He wasn’t wearing his medical belt or anything else that could hold a scanner) Now, Kirk was truly regretting his words. He instantly reached out for McCoy’s hand – Missing it the first time as McCoy moved up to scan his face, But he certainly caught a hold of his wrist the second time and stopping it in mid-air. “I’m fine, Bones.” He heard himself say while lowering that hand away from him. “Now, put that thing away,” He ordered. Kirk slowly let go of McCoy’s hand, but ready to grab it again should his friend continue to scan him.

“Not only have the crew disappeared.” McCoy started to mumble as he lifted his head to face the ceiling, before lowering it again with a sarcastic look on his face. ” But, the Captain of the ship is hearing voices.” His face instantly turned serious as he started crossing his arms in front of him. “God, help me!” He finally said with a lift of his eyebrows.

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