Glimpsed in the Light


He could see her sitting there, knees drawn to her chest, moonlight touching her cheek and hair and downcast eyelashes. She was very still.

'Luna,' he said, and went, and dropped down next to her. 'Here; I brought you a blanket.' He wrapped it around her, and she gave a little sigh and wriggled round to curl into his side.

'I was just thinking about them,' she said softly. 'The ones who died… it's seventeen years now, the space between a newborn child, and a woman or a man.'

Draco rested his chin on the top of her head, breathing in the sweet familiar smell of her, and she placed her hand against his, aligning the fingers till they fit. She laughed suddenly, the sound soft and a little bittersweet.

'Look at how far we've come since then,' she said. 'We got married, even though everyone said we were crazy – '

'They said you were crazy,' said Draco. 'They said much worse things about me.'

Luna gave a little huff of laughter and leaned back against him. 'We had children – we've made a family. I'm getting creasy sort of lines on my face.'

'I have creasier ones,' said Draco. 'And, though it wrenches me to admit it, my hair is thinning.'

This time she laughed properly, and twisted round to face him. 'It's been wonderful,' she said softly, and there was that look in her eyes that still gave him a spreading warmth inside his chest.

'Thank you,' they both said at the same time, and then smiled. And Luna reached up and laid her palm on his cheek, and they were quiet for a while.

Then she sighed, and snuggled closer to him again, and he held her tightly to him.

'Remus Lupin,' she murmured. 'Professor Lupin… and Tonks. Teddy was such a tiny thing… Colin Creevey, he was so brave, and he was just a child. And Lavender, and Fred, and poor Professor Snape…'

Draco bowed his head silently over hers. A single tear was tracing a slow path down her cheek, and he brushed it softly away with his knuckle.

'They have found a brighter day,' Luna whispered. And they sat in quietness for a long time, holding each other and remembering those who had paid for their peace with their lives.

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