Glimpsed in the Light


The first one was Knut. He was a fat squashy Niffler made of some brown velvety stuff, and Scorpius was sleeping with him draped over his face. Knut wore a ragged red flower behind one ear, and at the moment he had a hole in one of his side-seams, with white fluffy stuffing poking out.

Draco pointed his wand at the hole, and whispered 'Reparo!' No point doing it while Scorpius was awake, going by the fit he had thrown when they had simply attempted to trim his hair with Luna's wand.

Then there was Guppel, who was stuffed between Scorpius' cheek and the pillow, his string arms tangled together. Guppel (Xenophilius Lovegood had named him after an obscure 18th century wizarding cryptozoologist) was a Gulping Plimpy, and, in Draco's opinion, hideously ugly. But when he had complained to Luna about Guppel, she had snickered into the crook of Draco's neck, and said that it was 'sweet'.

The last one was clutched tightly to Scorpius' chest with both his arms. The last one was – Bear.

Bear had never had any other name, when he had belonged to Draco. He was just Bear, and Draco had loved him fiercely, loved him to threadbare shabbiness. He'd slept with him every night. And when he had started at Hogwarts, he would have died if anyone had known that he cried sometimes, silently, at night, for both his mother and Bear.

Draco had told Luna, haltingly, one night, about crying at night in his first year, because she was the sort of person you could tell things like that to, humiliating secret things. She had held him very tight for a moment, and then gone so soft and cuddly against him that he laughed quietly into her hair and said that she was like a teddy bear herself.

And in the morning they had gone together and found Bear, more worn and shabby than ever, and Luna had gently tied a green ribbon around his neck, and they had given him to Scorpius.

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