Glimpsed in the Light


'Mummy! Mummy! No-flakes on your eye-lashes! No-flakes! No-flakes on your hair!'

Scorpius lunged down at his mother from his perch on his father's shoulders, and Draco just managed to prevent him from falling. 'Scorpius! Stop that right now.'

'Mummy, no-flakes! Look!'

Luna laughed up at them both. 'You have snow-flakes on yourself too, darling! And so does Daddy. It's winter!'

'Wing-ta! Wing-ta!'

'Winter,' said Draco firmly.

For some reason, this seemed to make Luna laugh even more. 'Isn't 'wing-ta' the right way to say it, my lord?' she teased, and reached up to cup his face in her red-mittened hands, brushing away snowflakes.

He bent forward and kissed her forehead. 'No, it is not. It's winter,' he murmured against her skin, and a little shiver went through her that wasn't from the cold.

'Daddy! Daddy, Dad-dy…'

It was absolutely no use, Draco thought, trying to steal a romantic moment with one's wife when there were children around. He was going to arrange for his mother to babysit at the earliest opportunity. Or perhaps Xenophilius. Scorpius loved the Quibbler, and had, embarrassingly, been quoted in several of the paper's articles. (Scorpius Malfoy, 2, told the Quibbler, 'I wants to find Snorkack!')

Luna stepped back from Draco reluctantly, with a last caress to his chin and a rueful half-smile. 'Come on then, sweetheart,' she said, and reached up to take Scorpius from his shoulders. He wriggled and giggled and grabbed her tightly round the neck with fatly bundled arms, giving her soft baby kisses on her mouth.

'Let's fly you over the snow, shall we?' she said, and set him down, taking hold of one of his hands. Draco took the other, and they crunched on through the snow gathering on the ground, swinging Scorpius between them as he shouted gleefully. Luna was laughing again, her eyes bright and her cheeks softly pink, and snowflakes were shimmering on her tilted emerald beret and her eyelashes and her loose hair.

He was definitely going to arrange a babysitter. And then he was going to take Luna on another walk, with no distractions. But for now, Draco thought, it felt good, just walking with his wife and son through the crisp winter snow.

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