Let me forget

Reunion x and x Encounters

“Wow! That building is so big!” Gon exclaims.

“Calm down Gon. I’m sure we’ve got the wrong place like last time. Now where’s an unsuspecting, rundown shop…” Leorio says and starts looking around with suspicion.

“Actually Leorio we’re at the right place.”

All three turn around at hearing the familiar voice.


“It’s been so long!” Gon exclaims and races over to give him a big hug.

“I’m surprised you came.”

“Well, I don’t want to get into any accidents,” Kurapika responds, purposely putting emphasis on the last word.

“Can you believe it’s been two years since we passed the hunter exam.”

“…Yeah.” Kurapika had a solemn look on his face as he remembers everything that has changed since then.

“Ah! Sorry I forgot that-“

“Don’t worry about it. I’m just focusing on retrieving all the eyes of my brethren nothing else…” Kurapika reassures his friends.

There was an awkward silence as everyone recalls their encounter with the Genei Ryodan in York shin. It was not a good memory for any of them, especially Kurapika.

“Well it’s good to see you’re moving on.” Leorio says and puts his arm around his friend in an effort to comfort him. But he didn’t get the result he wanted as Kurapika brushes him off almost immediately.

“Thanks, but I haven’t forgotten about revenge. Collecting the eyes is just more important. Now can we please stop talking about this and go inside?”

“O-Of course!” They all agree and follow Kurapika into the building.

“Leorio what were you thinking!” Gon whispers or more like yells at Leorio when they got inside and hits him in the arm for emphasis on how stupid his comment to Kurapika really was.

“Ow! That hurt you brat!” Leorio responds and retaliates.

Kurapika watches as his two rowdy friends went at each other and a smile couldn’t help but creep its way onto his face. It was nice to see that they haven’t changed. It gave him a sense of nostalgia, which made him feel down again at the thought that he might lose them in the future like his clan.

“Don’t worry we won’t be dying anytime soon.” Killua appears next to him.


“You were thinking about losing us weren’t you? Well don’t worry Gon and I are not weak enough to get killed that easily. I don’t know about the old man though.”

“I heard that!” Both Killua and Kurapika turn around and saw their two friends puffed out on the floor from their fight.

“Thanks Killua. That makes me feel a lot better.” Kurapika gives Killua a timid smile. Although it was little creepy how the little silver head knew what he was thinking… could he read minds?

“Hey guys! Did you miss the greatest ninja in the world?!” All heads tilt upwards towards the voice to spot the owner on the ceiling.

“Hanzo!” Gon jumps up to greet him.

“Hey Gon! I see you can jump higher than ever.” Hanzo comments before jumping down the moment he would land at the same time as Gon.

“Isn’t this nice! It’s like a reunion of class 387!”

“Kukuku.” An eerie laugh fills their ears.

Everyone froze as they heard the very creepy laugh and it was even creepier since none of them could see the psychotic magician.

“Aren’t you guys forgetting someone?” A flurry of cards flew towards them and when they could open their eyes without fear of their eyes being gouged out, guess who appeared in front of them…

“Hisoka!” Everyone shouted in reunion.

“What are you doing here?”

“The same as you guys. I still need my licence for some jobs I had in mind, plus… this is a good chance to see my apples ripen. Kukuku.”

Everyone feels a shiver run down their spine at the last part.

“…Is my brother with you?” Killua asks quietly as he cautiously scans the entire room for Illumi.

“Unfortunately no. He said it was a waste of time and that he would just kill anyone who gets in his way.”

Killua gave out a sigh of relief at hearing that. “…That sounds like him.”

“Eh hem. Well not including Killua’s brother… now it’s like-“

“Don’t forget about Pokkle...” Hanzo interrupts.

All of them decide to give Pokkle a moment of silence… except for Hisoka, but he was still quiet.

“Just goes to show how much things can change in two years…” Kurapika had meant to say it only to himself but everyone ends up hearing it.

And more gloom…

“Come on guys! Don’t be sad! This is supposed to be a happy time! Reunion yay!” To everyone’s surprise it was Killua who tried to cheer them up. “A lot of good things happened as well you know!”

“Killua’s right! Don’t forget the good things like learning nen and getting stronger and-!”

“Leorio! I think everyone’s good now and we’re attracting a lot of attention from the others here.” Kurapika cuts Leorio off and reminds him of their current surroundings.

Leorio pipes down and looks around the room and just like Kurapika said a lot of eyes were on them and the owner’s faces did not look happy.

“Getting all excited over just learning nen.”

“They must have just past last year.”

“I bet they only know the basics.”

The whole room was now filled with mocking laughter. Really they were starting to look like a bunch of schoolyard bullies. It’s better to ignore them but it seems the rest of them weren’t going to let those comments slide like Kurapika.

“Let’s show them who just knows the basics,” Killua suggests.

However before Killua could get started, Hisoka had already made the first move. He threw a razor sharp card at one of the offenders… or an innocent bystander… either way there was going to be a bloodbath. To everyone’s surprise though, a teenage girl intervenes before any blood was spilt. She had managed to catch the card in between her index finger and middle finger.

“You guys are acting like a bunch of school kids!” The anonymous girl shouts and throws the card on the ground. “We’re all hunters here who cares who passed the exams first, the possibility remains that one of them could be super strong, you never know!”

Everyone in the room just stares at her as she continues to rant on about how strength comes to those who try hard and other things like that. Nobody was really listening though, they were only curious about the person brave or stupid enough to interrupt a fight between hunters then lecture them afterwards and it wasn’t a surprise that they were. The girl looked about 15 and was wearing pretty casual clothes for someone taking part in the exam. But it was apparent she was a skilled person with the way she caught Hisoka’s card so easily. She was wearing a plain, white T-shirt, black skirt, a pink hoodie with sleeves long enough to cover part of her hands, black, thigh high socks and black, ankle high boots. She was what you would call a typical teenage girl that really didn’t look like hunter material, but hunters then again you can’t really judge hunters by appearances alone.

“Ok, I think they got the point.” A different girl around the same age drags the girl out of the circle that was created when people had gotten closer to take a closer look.

“Maya let go! I’m not finished yet!” The girl flails around in her friend’s grip.

“Yeah, yeah.” Her friend utters, completely ignoring the girl.

The people part to let them through since they didn’t want to get kicked by the girl thrashing while her friend drags her away.

“That was weird…”

“Looks like I found another apple kukuku.”

A sweat drop runs down everyone’s face at Hisoka’s comment. ‘Good luck little girl.’

“I feel like I’ve seen that girl before.” Kurapika mumbles to himself.

“Eh? Kurapika you have?” Leorio questions Kurapika, as he had overheard.

“…Yeah.” Kurapika replies while he tries to dig deeper into his brain.

“Oh! I know where you might’ve seen her!”

All heads turn to Hanzo.


“On TV! She looks a lot like the world famous idol Sakura-chan!”

“Wow Hanzo you seem really excited about this.”

“Of course I am! She’s originally from Japan!”

“So you think that was her?”

“No mistake! Her hair is normally up when she’s performing and I never thought she would be a hunter but the pink hair and pink eyes, it’s definitely her!” Hanzo’s eyes lit up and looked almost like they were on fire.

“Um ok… anyway Kurapika I didn’t think you were into that kind of thing.”

“I’m not. But that does kind of explain why I thought she looked familiar… I could’ve seen her while I was travelling.”

Although Kurapika came to accept that conclusion, something still didn’t feel right… it felt like he was forgetting something really important…

“I’m going ask for an autograph!” The sudden outburst cut his train of thought. It came from Hanzo who somehow got out a notepad and pen from somewhere…

“An autograph from an idol… I could sell that!” With that thought in mind Leorio was on board as well.

‘Seriously does that guy ever change?’ Kurapika thought with a little amusement.

Both of them begin to head towards the direction where Sakura disappeared but before they could even take a step the microphone came on.

“Testing 1, 2… Ok.”

Everyone focused their attention on the TV and as expected it was Beans who was addressing them.

“Thank you all for coming.”

‘Like anyone had a real choice.’ Kurapika thought, which was what everyone was thinking as well.

“We will now commence the hunter 10-year exam. Please step into the main hall when the doors open.”

The huge double doors opposite of the doors they came in from slowly opens. Everyone files into the room silently since no one knew what was going to happen once they walk through the doors. Nen auras can be felt all around, spiking up or calmly surrounding their users for protection.

Nothing happens as the gang walked through but as soon as the last person enters, the door slams shut and those like Kurapika who were on high alert had activated gyou and saw nen climbing up the walls and start covering the ceiling. The whole room was shaking so hard it was like a massive earthquake was occurring in the room. No one was shouting ‘what’s going on’ or anything though. There was some looking around but other than that everyone seemed calm and ready to take on whatever was coming. Well it was to be expected. Everyone in the room was a professional hunter or by title anyway…

“What’s going on?!” Trust Leorio to break the silence.

“Calm down Leorio. This is a hunter exam remember and one where everyone is already a hunter. Unexpected things are bound to happen.” Kurapika attempts to calm down his friend who was freaking out. Really how on Earth is this guy considered a professional hunter?

“Kurapika’s right so stop acting like a scared little girl you’re making us look bad.” Killua adds, unhelpfully.

“Who’re you calling a scared little girl?!” Leorio retorts.

“Who do you think?”

“I’ll show you who’s the scared little girl-“

“Why is it that when someone needs to be called a coward the term ‘little girl’ is used? What’s wrong with calling someone a scared little boy?” A different voice interrupts the argument. It sounded familiar, where did he hear that voice again.

“Ah you’re!” Gon exclaims and points at the source.

All heads turned to the direction their friend was pointing in and standing there was none other than the girl who caused the scene earlier, her friend who dragged her away, who was currently fuming, and a boy who Kurapika assumed was another one of her friends.

“It’s you! Can I get your autograph?” Hanzo pushes past her friend and presents the girl with the notepad and pen he got out earlier.

“Huh?” The girl tilts her head in confusion at the sudden request.

“You’re the world famous idol Sakura-chan right?” Hanzo enquires eagerly.

“Pff! What? Of course not! I just… happen to look a lot like her! Haha…”

‘Wow this girl was not good at lying…’ Kurapika couldn’t help but think.

Hanzo was about to say something back but before he could her friend shows up in between them and pushes him away from her.

“Back up buster!” The girl’s friend warns Hanzo.

“Who are you?” Hanzo questions her looking really annoyed as she was in the way of him and his idol.

“The name’s Maya and I don’t like the way you’re treating my friend,” She introduces herself and continues to glare at Hanzo.

“What! I was just asking for an autograph,” Hanzo retorts and glares right back at her.

“Exactly! She’s a hunter now not an idol, so treat her like one.”

“Maya you just gave me away!”

‘Actually you gave yourself away first…’

“Come on. Just one please!” He turns back to Sakura and shoving the pen and pad in her face while she was politely trying to turn him down, and at some point, Leorio had joined in.

“I think you guys should stop bothering her.” Kurapika decides to intervene. “Sorry they’re not exactly what you call normal,” He apologises for his friends.

Sakura averts her attention away from the two and focuses on Kurapika.

“It’s ok. I’m kinda used to it.” Sakura assures Kurapika.

Sakura escapes from the huddle Hanzo and Leorio had created around her and walks up to Kurapika. At first she just stares at him without saying anything. He figured she was staring at his tribal outfit. It’s not exactly what you call stylish but it was a symbol of his clan so he was proud to wear it. But after a while he notices that she was no longer looking at his outfit but rather him. She was staring right into his eyes. Kurapika tries to read what she might be thinking but her facial expression wasn’t giving away anything. Her lips were set in a straight line and her eyes were devoid of any emotion. It looked like she was waiting for him to do something but he didn’t know what.

“Um… so I’m Kurapika and you’re… Sakura right?” Kurapika attempts to clear the air.

Kurapika’s words seem to have snapped her out of whatever trance she was in. The light came back into her eyes, but she still stared at him a little bit more before blinking once, twice, then smiling.

“Yeah.” Sakura replies with a forced smile, but Kurapika didn’t notice.

What Kurapika did notice though was that Hanzo and Leorio was still at the same spot asking for an autograph… but Sakura’s with him at the moment. Did they not know she was gone?

Sakura sees Kurapika looking toward the direction of the two and decides to answer his unspoken question.

“Don’t worry, they haven’t gone crazy. I made a copy of myself to stand there so they wouldn’t notice I was gone.” Sakura explains, before she snaps her fingers and the two crazed fans, well for Leorio it’s greedy, seemed to have finally notice she wasn’t there anymore.

“What happened?!”

“She just turned into a bunch cherry blossom petals!”

Hearing the outbursts Kurapika looks over to the spot he assumed she was standing and just like Hanzo had pointed out, all that was there was a pile of pink flower petals or cherry blossom petals as Hanzo had mentioned.

“It’s easier for me to make something if I make it out of cherry blossoms than if I just make it straight out of thin air. I like to picture of the thing I want to create as a jigsaw puzzle and the petals are the pieces. ” Sakura explains further. “Let me show you how I can create a gun.”

Sakura holds out her hand and petals swirled around above the palm of her hand before slowly coming together. Kurapika could see how this process could be seen as a jigsaw puzzle. Soon the petals were transformed into a bunch of gears and pieces, which into were placed in their correct places, well he was assuming, since he didn’t exactly know the total make up of a gun. After all the little pieces were put together the petals swirled around them to create the metal features that cover the inner workings of the gun so now it actually looks like a gun instead of a cluster of random mechanical pieces. The completed gun plops down onto the palm of her hand.

“For the record it doesn’t actually take that long for me to make something but I just wanted to show you the process in slow mode so you’d get it.” Sakura informs Kurapika while she twirls the gun in her hand.

“But doesn’t it waste more time and energy if you do it this way?” Kurapika enquires.

“I guess it does but I have to for the things I make to come out right. See I need too make all the parts and know where they’re supposed to go so it works.”

“Wow…but-“ Before Kurapika could even finish his sentence Sakura cuts him off.

“It’s my ability so butt out!” Sakura puffs out her cheeks and glares at Kurapika although it wasn’t very intimidating… until she pointed the gun at him.


There wasn’t even a click before the bullet was fired so it really caught Kurapika off guard. He didn’t have time to react but luckily she wasn’t actually aiming to hit him, either that or she was just a bad shot. The bullet had only zipped past the side of Kurapika’s head cutting only a few strands of hair.

“What was that for?! You could’ve killed me?!” To say the least Kurapika was stunned at the sudden act of violence.

“That’s what you get for doubting me.” Sakura answers as if it was the most obvious thing in the world before blowing the smoke off the gun. “By the way one of the perks of making your own weapon is that you can tweak it here and there to make it better.” She straightens her right arm and drops the gun, which turned back into a pile of petals once it hit the ground before disappearing completely. “Bam!” She had a smug look on her face but then her friend taps her on the shoulder.

“Um… Sakura?”


“I think you hit somebody…”

“Pff I did… not.”

She did. Apparently she didn’t think about the people behind Kurapika and she probably should have because now there was a person lying on the floor groaning with a huge burn mark on their chest.


“That wasn’t a normal bullet was it?” Kurapika questions Sakura with slight fear, as that could’ve been him.

“No it was not,” Sakura confirms.

“And you shot that near my face!” Kurapika shouts in disbelief.

“Well to be fair you’re not the first person to annoy me…” Sakura begins while averting her eyes away from Kurapika.

Before Kurapika could lecture her on how dangerous that is not only to others, but herself as well a speaker went off.

“Congratulations!” At the same time the announcement started a hole under appeared only under Sakura.

“Uh… oh…” Was all sakura was able to get out before gravity pulls her down into the hole and as soon as she was through it closed back up.

“Sakura!” Maya yells after her friend.

After not getting any response she gathers her nen to her right fist and punches the floor where Sakura had fallen through. The ground shatters and Maya was preparing to hit the floor again this time with her left fist but the floor begins to regenerate itself. All the broken pieces were going back to the hole Maya had created and was fixed completely before her other fist made contact. However that didn’t stop her from pounding the floor in over and over again even though the floor kept regenerating again and again after each blow.

“Maya stop it! You’re just wasting your time and energy!” Chase tries to hold her back and stop her from hurting herself.

“Chase let go! Didn’t you just see what happened? I have to go save her!” Maya tries to struggle out of his grip.

“She doesn’t… need…. saving!” Chase tries to assure tell her but it was really hard when the person you were trying to reason with was trying to smash your face in.

“What do you mean?” Maya stops struggling to listen what possible explanation Chase could have to support his statement.

Once Chase was sure that she wouldn’t go berserk on the floor or him again. He points at the guy Sakura had accidently shot. Unlike last time the guy was just lying silently and unmoving on the floor.

“What about him?”

“Think about it. Before he was still moving but then you guys looked away because when Sakura and um… that guy.” Chase gestures at Kurapika.

‘That guy?’ Kurapika was a little annoyed at the lack of manners but being the mature person he was he decides to… steal the guys thunder.

“The guy lost consciousness at the same time the announcement started and Sakura fell down the hole.”

“…Right.” To say the least Chase was not all that happy that Kurapika took his moment away from him but since he too was …mature he brushes it off with a smile and Kurapika smiles back as well. Although it was very clear that both of them were shooting daggers at each other even under a facade of smiles.

“…So basically the hole appearing under her and taking her away was a good thing because it means she passed the first phase.” During their ‘staring contest’ Killua seemed to have grasped what they were saying and decides to steal the moment away from both of them.

“Hey I was going to tell them!” Kurapika and Chase yell in union. Killua just put on his cat face and smiles back at them.

‘Smart idiots.’ Was Maya’s only thought as she watches the two sulk. She could never understand why some people make it their life goal to look smarter than another pushing aside the fact that she was a little annoyed she didn’t realise it herself. ‘But I was distracted! My best friend fell down a hole!’ If anyone asks that’s what she was going with.

While the group were talking and arguing amongst themselves they had forgotten that they were in a room with other people and that those people had overheard them… the whole room was soon a battlefield. Everyone in the room seemed to have figured out that the exam had already started and were aiming to pass the first phase. Auras went off like crazy all around, no one was planning to play around… well except a certain creepy magician. They watch as he crept up on his unsuspecting preys and cut off one of their heads clean off with a card. Poor guy never saw it coming. He was about to proceed with the others but the same thing happened. Like what happened with Sakura a hole appeared under Hisoka and it looks like this wasn’t an ordinary hole. Unlike Sakura who just allowed the hole swallow her up, Hisoka tries to avoid it by attaching his bungee gum to a wall and pulling himself out of the way. What he didn’t expect was the hole actually trying to suck him in and even Hisoka had a hard time getting free. Deciding that it wasn’t worth the effort he deactivated his bungee gum and let the hole swallow him up with an “Oh well~” and that freaky smile of his plastered on his face.

“What just happened?” Leorio was the one to break the silence, as everyone was still stunned at what they had witnessed. They weren’t so much stunned at the headless guy lying on the floor but at the fact that Hisoka was swallowed up by the hole.

“The hole must be there so people can’t take out more than one person.” Kurapika explains before Chase had the chance before turning to him and smirking. Chase was going to retort but seeing this Maya hit him over the head.

“We don’t have time for your stupid rivalry! We’re going to have to fight each other at this point!” Maya yells at Chase and she was right. ‘Congratulations!’ was being heard over and over again and the people in the room were disappearing like no tomorrow. It looks like the first phase was more about speed than anything else.

“Well I’m going to find someone to kill so I’ll see you guys later.” Killua announces but before he left Gon shouts.

“But I don’t want to kill anyone!”

His friends didn’t know what to say. They felt the same way, well expect for Killua and maybe when push comes to shove Leorio but they could see that Gon didn’t want to fail either. This was the final phase of the hunter exam all over again.

“Relax. You don’t have to kill anyone.” Maya suddenly chimes in.

“Huh? But we saw both Hisoka and Sakura kill someone and then pass,” Kurapika reminds her.

“Well putting aside this Hisoka guy. I know for a fact that Sakura didn’t kill that guy. I’ve known her for about 6 years now and she has never killed anyone.”

“That may be true but she’s a hunter-“

“She passed the exam 5 years ago.”

“…” Everyone was shocked when Chase stated this fact.

“How old is she?!” Leorio shouts out of disbelief. He was the only one who voices it out loud but everyone was thinking it. The girl looked no older then what 15?

“She’s 17.” Maya answers him with a blank face. She was really getting tired of these people only judging on looks.

“Oh so she passed when she was 12. That’s pretty impressive haha.” Leorio scratches the back of his head. He could feel the annoyance bouncing off of her.

“I suppose it is to an old man.”

“Who are you calling old man?! I only turned 21 this year!”

“…Eh?!” Maya’s eyes widens and her jaw drops open. A vein could be seen popping up on Leorio’s forehead.

“Well you got to admit you kind of deserved that Lerio.”

“It’s Leorio!”

“Ok enough! We’re wasting time so let’s get started already!” Kurapika finally snaps. He really didn’t want to fight his friends and hearing that you didn’t have to kill made him all the more motivated to pass. He didn’t like failure.

“Kurapika’s right. Come on guys we can do it!” Gon yells excitedly.

Everyone else even Leorio who had snapped back to the matter at hand by Kurapika’s outburst were all determined to pass the first phase as well.

Looking around at all the determined faces in front of him Kurapika announces the starting signal. It just felt like the thing to do at the moment.

“Ok break!”

The next moment everyone disappears to find their target. Hopefully there were still some people left for them to knock out.

“Hey how did you guys do that?” Leorio was left dumfounded, as everyone had practically vanished into thin air. Speed was not exactly his strong point but he didn’t let that get him down long and dashed into the combat zone.

All of them managed to pass. Turns out the only reason why a lot of people passed really fast at the start was because they had the element of surprise on their side. As time went on everyone had put their guard up and it was a lot harder knocking someone out who was prepared for you.

“Phew! That was harder than I thought!” Leorio breathes a sigh of relief.

“What’d you expect? Everyone here is a professional hunter.”

“We probably wouldn’t have made it if they weren’t.”

“Never mind that! We have to find Sakura before that psychopathic maniac does anything bad to her!” Maya shouts with concern for her friend.

Kurapika was a little worried himself. He hadn’t seen her after dropping down a hole himself and the person who passed right after her was Hisoka. Who knows what that crazy clown would do. ‘I hope nothing bad happened to her.’

“Hey guys!” Sakura suddenly pops up behind them.

“Gah! Don’t do that!” Leorio jumps back from shock.

It looks like they were worried about nothing though. She looked totally fine.

‘I guess I was worried about nothing.’ Kurapika thought as he watches Leorio shouting at her for scaring him.

“Sakura! You’re ok!” Maya pushes Leorio aside and hugs her friend. “What have you been doing all this time?!”

“Um yeah, I’m fine.” Sakura looks at her friend confused as to why she was so worried. “Oh and I’ve been playing cards with this really interesting guy!”

‘Wait playing cards why does that sound bad…’ Kurapika thought as cards to him have now been forever linked to…

“Hey, guess who~” A shiver runs down everyone’s back when that eerie and familiar voice reaches their ears.

“Oh hey Hisoka!” Sakura smiles and waves to the man behind them.

“That’s who you’ve been ‘playing cards’ with?!” Leorio asks with disbelief and uneasiness clearly present in his voice.

“Yeah and why did you use quotation marks around ‘playing cards’?” Sakura asks back and did the quotation marks sign around playing cards as well.

“Did you think I did something else with this cutiepie?” Hisoka intervenes with that signature smile and laugh of his.

“Did you actually just play cards?” Kurapika asks looking sceptically at the clown.

“Of course. She was bored so I offered to play with her while she waits for you guys. Besides I need to wait for her to ripen a bit more before that~”

“Haha he says the funniest things.” Sakura smiles, oblivious to the fact he had just announced that she was his prey.

‘Ok maybe there’s something wrong with her head…’ Kurapika concludes.

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