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Breaks x and x Songs

By the time Kurapika and Leorio had reached the finish line or what he assumed was the finish line taking into account that it was finally the end of the field and the collapsed hunters laying on the floor, everyone had already finished.

“About time you got here.”

Kurapika sees his friends approaching him and notices that a couple of people were missing.

“If you’re looking for Sakura she said she had things she needed to do and Chase was dragged away by Maya somewhere.” Gon updates Kurapika on the situation.

“What thing-”

Hanzo gasps in realisation in the midst of his question. “She must be doing her other job!”

“Oh yeah didn’t we find out that she was that famous idol or something.” Gon says as he vaguely remembers their meeting.

“I’m starting to doubt whether that chick is actually an idol,” Killua comments.

They all couldn’t help but silently agree with Killua as they had already experienced a day with her and seen all her… quirks.

“Well I believe in her!” Hanzo declares before he get’s out a camera and disappears.

“Oi! Wait for me!” Leorio shouts out and runs after Hanzo with his phone in hand since he didn’t have a camera.

“Do they even know where she is?”

“Probably not.”

“Let’s go find her too!” Gon suggests excitedly not wanting to be left out.

“No way I don’t want to waste my day off looking for her,” Killua complains.

“Day off?” Kurapika asks confused, although it does explain why the others had already left before he even got to the finish line.

“The examiner told us that the next phase will start tomorrow morning so we could do whatever we want until then.”

“Is that so.”

That does make sense, now that Kurapika thinks about it they had been running the whole night without any sleep but if the examiners are nice enough to give them a break the next phase must be tough.

“Yep so I’m going to eat as much chocolate as I can!” Killua announces and runs off to find some sweet treats.

“Killua!” Gon calls out after his friend but Killua doesn’t stop running. “Ah! That jerk is trying to leave me behind!” Gon completely discards the idea of finding Sakura and races angrily after Killua.

It didn’t take long for Gon to catch up to Killua but of course Killua had no intention of leaving him behind in the first place. He knew that Killua had slowed down his pace so that Gon would catch up to him quickly.

“Ah.” As he watches Gon hug Killua and yell out “got ya!” in the distance he realises that everyone had left to do their own thing and he was standing in the middle of the field all alone looking like a complete loner…

“I guess I’ll go get something to eat.”

Meanwhile Hanzo and Leorio had found Sakura but as Hanzo predicted she was right in the middle of a concert.

“Ugh! How are we going to get in?!” Leorio yells over to Hanzo over the raging crowd in front of them.

“I don’t know about you but I’m going to use this!” Hanzo shows Leorio his ticket.

“Where did you get that?!”

“I pre-ordered it about 7 months ago!” Hanzo tells Leorio triumphantly.

“7 months?!”

“Yeah, otherwise they’d be sold out,” Hanzo says with all seriousness.

“Sheesh! Is she that good?” Leorio asked shocked, as he couldn’t imagine that weird girl being that famous of an idol.

“Of course! Now if you’ll excuse me… Sakura-chan!” Hanzo shows his ticket to the security guard then races through the crowd, knocking out people that were in his way.

Music starts playing.

“So is everyone ready?” Sakura shouts from on stage to the crowd, which sends the crowd into frenzy.

“Hai!” Hanzo along with the others in the crowd shout back.

“Well then, here I go!”

Sakura starts singing.

“A summer breeze comes knocking again~

I open up just to let in the sun~

And all I hear are those fleeting tweeting notes they carry away~”

“You’re the best!” I spent the day with her you know?” Hanzo yells out and brags to the random person next to him, who completely ignores him.

Whilst Hanzo had been admitted entry into the concert, Leorio was still stuck outside with the security guards.

“Can’t you guys just let me in? I happen to know her.” Leorio tries to talk to the security guards into letting him in.

“No ticket. No entry.” One of the security guards simple states with a stoic look on his face.

“No you don’t understand. I mean I literally just spent the whole day with her,” Leorio tries to further explain his connection to Sakura.

The guards just look at each other before bursting out in laughter.

“Ahahaha! Yeah and she kissed me!” One of the guards says mockingly.

“I’m serious! Just ask her!”

“Yeah, yeah we will,” the guard assures Leorio sarcastically as he starts pushing him away from the gate.

But Leorio wasn’t about to let himself get pushed around so he used his nen to sucker punch them both in the chin and knock them out.

“That’ll teach them,” Leorio remarks with a smug grin, although it was quickly erased from his face when he turns around to see Kurapika looking at him with something akin to disappointment.


“What they pushed me first, besides why are you here? I thought you weren’t interested in idols.” Leorio tries to shift the topic off him.

“First, I never said I wasn’t, and second I was going to get something to eat before I saw you do… that.” Kurapika explains and refers to Leorio sucker punching the guards, which was a complete waste of nen in his opinion.

“Eh, so you are interested in idols, I knew you were a man!” Leorio puts Kurapika in a headlock and rubs his fist into his hair, jokingly.

“What do you mean by ‘I knew you were a man’?” Kurapika glares at Leorio a little and manoeuvres his way out of the headlock. “And yeah, I happen to enjoy listening to music, is that so wrong?”

“So you only like the music, not the idol?”

“Well it’s not that…” Kurapika trails off as he catches a glimpse of Sakura on stage. She looks like she was having a lot of fun singing up there and he had to admit, this image of her fit her way better than a hunter. Why did she become a hunter anyway? She said that she didn’t like fighting and she doesn’t seem like she needs the money, being a famous idol and all… so why?

Kurapika couldn’t help but ponder on the question his mind had stumbled upon and he completely forgot he was answering Leorio’s question.

“pika… Kurapika!” Leorio claps his hands right in front of his face to snap him back to reality.

“Yeah, what?”

“You were saying ‘it’s not that’ then drifted of into dreamland,” Leorio reminds him.

“Huh? Oh right, what was the question again?”

“Just forget it and go in already, the concert might be over already!” Leorio gives up and drags him through the gates.

“Wait! Leorio, I never said that I wanted to go in!” Kurapika yells at Leorio who was currently trying to make his way through the crowd to the front.

“It’ll be fun, you said you liked music right?”

“But I… oh, never mind.” Kurapika decides to just go along with him as he notices that they were already more than half way to the front.

Leorio somehow manages to get both of them to the very front where they meet Hanzo who was dancing around excitedly to the music. He didn’t notice them at all even when Leorio tapped him on the shoulder, in fact Hanzo unknowingly made Leorio smack himself in the face. That action made Leorio really mad and he seemed to have made it his mission to not only get Hanzo’s attention but also annoy him so much that he wasn’t able to concentrate on the concert. He was able to get Hanzo’s attention but Hanzo wasn’t about to let himself get distracted and tries to punch Leorio without taking his eyes of Sakura. The people around the backed away, only a little though, as they wanted to remain as close to the stage as possible. Kurapika just sweat drops at the scene before shifting his eyes to the person on the stage.

After watching Sakura singing and dancing on stage, he starts to understand why she would be popular. Her voice was good, her songs were nice to listen to and he had to admit she wasn’t bad to look at, in fact he would say she was rather… cute. Although he couldn’t help but feel a bit of sadness as he watches her singing and dancing so happily up on stage. He was reminded of his friend back at his village that had told him her dream of being the number one idol in the world. That should be her up there…

‘Ah! What am I thinking!’ He shouts at himself for thinking such things. It wasn’t Sakura’s fault for being an idol and it’s not like if she wasn’t an idol, that his friend would’ve been in her position. It just wasn’t possible now.

But even with that thought in mind he still couldn’t bear to look at Sakura anymore without feeling that way, so he kept his head down for the rest of the concert.

After the concert comes to an end, everyone begins filing out of the concert space disappointedly since they wanted it last longer. Kurapika, Leorio and Hanzo decided to remain just outside the gates and take a breather.

“That was awesome!” Hanzo shouts and shot his hands in the air.

“She was better than I thought,” Leorio admits.

“Of course she was and how did you guys get in?” Hanzo questions both Leorio and Kurapika, remembering that Leorio didn’t have a ticket and he doubted that Kurapika had any.

“We used our hunter skills to sneak in,” Leorio informs Hanzo proudly, although he really shouldn’t be.

“What! That’s so not fair, do you know how much those tickets cost.” Hanzo whines as he recalls the price. “Well I suppose it doesn’t matter after all I’m happy to pay any amount to see my Sakura-chan!”

“What about me?” Sakura suddenly appears behind them.

“Gah! Where did you come from?!” Leorio splutters embarrassingly before turning around.

“Isn’t that supposed to be my line? You guys are in front of my concert.” Sakura brings up the point Leorio seemed to have forgotten.

“To see you sing of course!” Hanzo shouts happily. “I still can’t believe I’m talking to you!” He adds so excitedly that Kurapika could’ve sworn he saw huge sparkles in his eyes.

“Um ok… anyway, did you guys like my concert?” Sakura asks, honestly wanting their honest opinion.

“It was alright,” Leorio says, earning a punch from Hanzo.

Sakura didn’t seem to get offended by Leorio’s feedback and turns to Kurapika, hoping for a good comment from him.

“It was nice.” Kurapika felt a little awkward in saying this since he had been thinking a lot of negative things and had practically had his head down for most of it. “By the way, don’t you have other work?” He tries to change the subject so she wouldn’t have the chance to ask him further questions.

“Not really, the only reason I even did this concert was because I was in the area.” She answers him nonchalantly. “People just set things up for me at random. I’ve never actually said yes to any of them but they set things up for me anyways.”

“Isn’t that a really bad way of doing things and how does the ticket thing work then?” Kurapika asks curiously.

“Well the tickets are valid anywhere and I find it easier this way. I’m pretty busy with hunter things and I don’t know where the job will take me. Besides I don’t like set things, I’m a more ‘go with the flow’ kind of person,” Sakura explains in a very nonchalant manner.

“Ok now I believe you’re the same person,” Leorio says after hearing her explanation and seeing how it reflected her behaviour in the previous phases.

“What kind of hunter are you?” Kurapika asks as that part peaked his interest.

“I’m a blacklist hunter,” Sakura replies casually.

“Why?!” Hanzo yells, as he didn’t want his idol doing such a dangerous job.

“Why not? There are bad people in this world who need to be caught,” Sakura simply states.

“But that doesn’t mean you have to do it. There are a lot of other blacklist hunters,” Hanzo tries to reason with Sakura.

“Well there are some criminals only I can catch,” Sakura says, her eyes turning serious.

“You don’t mean the… Genei Ryodan?” Leorio cuts in with a question that catches Kurapika’s entire attention.

“Huh, of course not! You’ve got to be absolutely insane to take on those monsters!” Sakura shouts with exaggeration.

“Hear that Kurapika? She thinks you’re absolutely insane,” Leorio nudges him.

“Don’t tell me you actually tried to catch them?” Sakura asks him with more concern than shock.

“Didn’t you hear about Yorkshin?”

“That was you? Why did you do that?” Now she sounded more angry than worried. “You could’ve died!”

“You’ve heard about the massacre of the kurata clan right? Well I happen to be the only survivor and it’s my duty to avenge my brethren,” Kurapika answers swiftly.

Kurapika’s prompt answer causes Sakura to become silent. There were a lot of things she could’ve said back but with the things the way they are now she couldn’t possibly say them.

“Well, the important thing is that he’s alive and he’s focusing on finding his brethren’s eyes right now so…” Leorio cuts in, trying to get away from the topic as soon as possible. He gestures to Sakura to stop talking about this by making swiping movements in front of his neck and shaking his head.

“I get it!” Sakura says, a little more forceful than she meant to. “Sorry, I just… don’t like the thought of a friend dying.”

“…You consider me a friend?” Kurapika asks doubtfully, after all they had only met yesterday.

‘Crap!’ Sakura realizes her mistake. She quickly tries to think of a way to fix it, only to find out that she didn’t need to say anything.

“Oh, so you’re one of those people,” Leorio comments.


“You know, the people who thinks everyone they meet as their friend.”

“Uh, sure.” Sakura decides to go along with Leorio’s strange theory.

“So does that mean you think of me as you friend?” Hanzo asks excitedly.

“Um… I guess.”


“What’s with all the yelling?” Killua suddenly appears.

“Did something good happen?” Gon pops out from behind Killua.

“We’re friends now!” Hanzo announces and puts his arm around Sakura.

“No fair, I want to be friends too!” Gon jumps towards them and hugs Sakura.

“Both of you get off, you’re hurting her.” Leorio tries to pry them off Sakura.

“I can’t breathe!” Sakura yells out as Hanzo was now squeezing her shoulders whilst Gon was hugging her waist very tightly, squeezing the air out of her and Leorio was only making them squeeze tighter.

This didn’t last long though since they all lost their balance and fell to the ground. They all looked at each other and started laughing.

“Idiots.” Killua says with a smile.

Kurapika felt compelled to smile himself. He was relieved that the conversation with Sakura about him trying to catch the Genei Ryodan was over, he didn’t mind telling her about it but she seemed to act how Gon, Killua and Leorio did. While he was grateful to have such caring friends, he felt that it was better if she didn’t get involved in his affairs.

“So when you guys are finished, how about we all go get something to eat?” Kurapika suggest, remembering he didn’t get the chance to earlier and he doubts the others did either.

“Sure,” Hanzo says as he picks himself off the floor then extends a hand out to Sakura.

“Sounds good,” Leorio agrees.

“Will there be chocolate?” Killua asks, imaginary cat ears popping out.

“Killua you just ate a whole bunch earlier.” Gon points out to him.

“You can never have enough chocolate,” Sakura cuts in.

“I like you a little more by you saying that,” Killua says.

“Let’s take a look around town for a good restaurant and I’m sure they’ll all have desserts.” Kurapika proposes to which, everyone agrees to.

They start walking around the town, looking at the menus and looking through the windows to see what kind of restaurant it was before deciding to go in. They looked at a couple of restaurants but not everyone agreed on it so they continue their search deeper into town until they arrive at a certain café.

“Gah!” Gon yells and backs away from the window of the café.

“What’s wrong?” Killua asks but doesn’t bother waiting for an answer and looks into the café himself.

When he sees what probably shocked Gon, he doesn’t back away but he also doesn’t say anything and just stares. This made everyone else curious so they all decide to follow Killua’s example and look through the window.

“Whoa, is that?” Hanzo starts.

“I think it is.” Leorio responds.

“What do you people think you’re doing?” A voice from behind them spoke.

“Gah!” They all yelled when they had turned around and saw Maya behind them.

“How did you- you were sitting over there just a second ago.”

“She used her nen ability.” Chase appears beside them.

“Gah! Stop doing that!” Leorio shouts at Chase angrily.

“You know I just walked here right?” Chase asks, confused as to why he was shocked at him. “Anyway, why don’t we take this inside, you guys are kind of causing a scene.” Chase hints to the people around them who were all staring.

“I’m very sorry for the inconvenience,” Kurapika apologizes to the people then quickly guides his friends inside.

Luckily there was a vacant big table inside and they were able to change tables in accordance to the number of people without any problems.

“So, what were you guys doing here?”

“What does it look like? We’re having lunch,” Maya answers, a little annoyed that they had interrupted her lunchtime.

“That doesn’t mean you eat each others faces!” Gon shouts with flailing arms.

“He does know what kissing is right?” Chase asks Killua who only shrugs in response.

“We’re dating, so of course we kiss.” Maya says candidly.

“You two are dating?!” Everyone yells out in shock.

“Why are you shocked?” Chase refers to Sakura.

“I felt like it was the right reaction.” Sakura shrugs.

“Anyway, what’s wrong with us dating.” Maya asks, irritation clear in her voice.

“Well it’s just that you’re… and he’s…” Leorio bravely starts only to receive a death glare from Maya, which only worsened with every word he said. “…Nothing.”

“Why don’t we order some food?” Chase suggests while trying to calm Maya down.


They all told Chase their individual orders who in turn places in their orders for them to a waiter.

When their food arrived at the table, they all couldn’t help but stare at the cake in the middle.

“Stop staring at my lunch.” Sakura picks up the cake and places it in front of her.

“Are you serious? You can’t have that for lunch,” Leorio states incredulously.

“Hey, I don’t tell you how to live,” Sakura retorts.

“But still…” Kurapika begins but is stopped by Chase who puts a hand on his shoulder and shakes his head.


“Did you just take a photo of me?” Sakura asks Hanzo who wasn’t trying to hide his camera at all.

“Yep, you’re so cute!” Hanzo replies and continues taking more photos from all kinds of different angles.

“Oi, send those to me too,” Leorio says.


“So I can sell them,” Leorio responds without shame, he could feel the money already.

“Don’t bother, people won’t believe that it’s me,” Sakura informs him.

“What, why not?!”

“Haven’t you noticed how I’m not even wearing a disguise yet no one has come up to me, with the exception of this guy.” Sakura points to Hanzo who was still taking photos even with this information, since he had no intention of selling any of his photos of Sakura anyway.

“Now that you mention it… why is that?”

“It’s just in a person’s nature not to be able to recognize something if they are seen in a different circumstance. This works well for me so I just go with it.”

“That was a deep explanation.”

“Yeah well, that’s just how it is, honestly people can be so stupid sometimes.” Sakura stabs her fork down into her cake, which made Kurapika jump a little.

‘Why did it feel like that was directed at me?’ Kurapika thought.

“Okay… so anyway, what do you guys think the next phase will be?” Chase decides to clear the air by asking a question that relates to all of them.

“Oh, not this again,” Leorio groans.

“Did I say something wrong?” Chase asks confused as to what part of his question could’ve possibly made Leorio look so dejected.

“No, it’s just at our original hunter exam, that question was also asked and some idiot told us what he thought. We all believed him only to find out he was completely wrong. I ended up studying for nothing!” Leorio shouts the last part out angrily, as he remembers the pain.

“I don’t think writing out cheat notes counts as studying…”

“I still read the things before writing it down didn’t I!” Leorio defends himself.

“Anyway, what’s your nen ability?” Killua disregards Leorio and turns to Maya, still wondering how she was able to sneak up on him, outside the shop earlier.

“Hah? Why should I tell you-”

“Maya can create portals to anywhere she’s been before or to anyone she’s come into contact with.” Sakura cuts in and answers for her friend.

“Sakura! Don’t just tell him!” Maya yells at Sakura, as she did not want potential enemies to know her abilities.

“What, he’s gonna find out later anyway.”

“How does she make the portals?”

“Oh, she-”

Maya stops Sakura from revealing any more information on her abilities by stuffing a huge chunk of her steak into Sakura’s mouth.

“Gah! It burns!” Sakura yells, as she makes very dramatic choking actions before falling off her chair.

“…Don’t tell me she doesn’t eat meat.” Leorio asks with disbelief and wonders how she was even alive.

“Honestly… I have no idea,” Chase replies while shaking his head.

“That sounds like a really handy ability.” Kurapika turns to Maya, deciding to ignore what just happened with Sakura.

“Thanks,” Maya thanks him for the compliment, although he could tell she didn’t really care what he thought.

Seeing as how well it worked with Maya, Killua tries to ask about Chase’s abilities but immediately received a ‘don’t you even try’ look from him, which was surprisingly terrifying.

“Why don’t you guys tell us your nen abilities now, since me and Maya have already told you ours.” Sakura proposes when she had recovered from eating the meat by balancing the taste out with a lot of cake.

“Huh? What makes you think that just because you told us your abilities, we’ll tell you our-“

“I have the ability to focus my nen around my fist and make it a super punch and I can also make blades from two fingers and release a bunch of aura from my palm. I thought of it using Janken!” Gon answers without hesitation.


“Killua can change his aura into electricity, Leorio punches one thing but make it so it comes from a totally different place and Kurapika has these five cool chains that each have their own ability and he also gets crazy powerful when his eyes turn red-”


“Ah.” Gon covers his mouth with his hands and looks over to Kurapika with an apologetic look.

“It’s fine, it’s not like my scarlet eyes I’m keeping my scarlet eyes a secret.” Kurapika reassures Gon.

“Whoa, wait. Aren’t scarlet eyes those creepy red eyes that are worth over two billion jenny?”

“2 billion?!” Maya yells out in shock but sits back down when she the attention her outburst received. “Where did you get that kind of cash?”

“I didn’t buy them, I was born with them. I’m a kurata.”

“A what?”

“They were the massacred clan mentioned in the last question of the second phase of the exam.” Chase tries to act knowledgeable by mentioning the only place he’s heard about the ‘kurata’

“Oh Chase, it’s cute to see you try and look like you know stuff when you don’t.” Sakura, who had remained silent, finally speaks up.

“Oh and you do?”

“Well, she did get the last question right, which shows she knows more than any of you.” Maya brings up a good point.

“Wasn’t that just a guess?” Kurapika asks, a little offended that Maya said there was someone else who knew more about the kurata, when he was the only actual kurata.

“Yeah, it was,” Sakura says and abruptly gets up from her chair. “Any who, I’m going to get more cake.”

“Geh, how did you finish the whole cake already?!” Leorio says, dumbfounded at the sight of her clean, empty plate.

“Don’t doubt the sweets master!” Sakura proclaims and gladly leaves the table to avoid further questioning on the topic she never wanted brought up ever again. Although honestly, she didn’t know whether to be relieved or seriously pissed Kurapika hadn’t noticed yet. Was he seriously that much of an idiot to not notice such suspicious signs?

‘Well it’s not like I really want him to find out…’ She sighs and stares at the array of cakes and sweet pastries in the display cases at the counter.

It’s better for Kurapika to remain oblivious, for both her sake and his.

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