Freeing Angelus

By Dårdyr

Romance / Fantasy

Soufinders - What does that mean for me?

Change is the law of life. And those, who look only to the past or present, are certain to miss the future.

- John F. Kennedy

Denmark – April 2015:

“Children, it is not funny anymore.” I yell. I am worried. What if something has happened to them? The thought freaks me out. If someone has hurt them, I will kill the person. Slowly and painfully.

“Hey, they will be okay.” Victor says. I look at him. I know that he sees my worry and pain.

“How do you know?”

“I do not.”

‘Auntie, the children are with me.’ Athal say telepathic to me. Thank you dear whoever is up there or down there… No need to discriminate, I sight happily.

‘Thank you letting me know.’


“The children are with Athal in the music room.” I say to Victor. I know Athal did not say, where he is, but that boy loves his music room very too much. Well he loves his piano – I think that he would marry it, if it is legal. Even if it is not… I smile and hide my laugher over the thought of Athal marrying his piano.

“That is good to know.” Victor says and smiles. He has a big smile – it is very handsome, if you ask me. We are near the end of the woods at the bottom of the garden. I do not remember last time I at the bottom at the garden.

“We should turn around.” I say.

“Yeah, we should.” He says. I look at him. He looks at me. It is like we both feel the desire – lust between us. I step towards him and him towards me. Our noses touch one others´. We look in one others´ eyes. We kiss. The kiss is full of passion and desire. You know, when one thing lets to another – Yeah, that is, what happened there. That kiss between Victor and me, let to us having sex. Pretty good sex, if you were wondering…

Next morning.

“Good morning, Lucy. Julia.” I say as I go into Lucy´s room. Since my twin brother does not have long left, I want to spend as most time with him as possible.

“Good morning miss Pendragon.” Julia, Lucy´s nurse says. She is a little pretty brunette with a big smile on her face. I give her a smile as I say: “How is he?” I see the tears in her eyes as she says: “Not good, not good at all, miss. I do not think that he has that long left.” The tears are running down from her eyes. I give her a hug and say: “I think that you are right. It is okay to be sad, but I think it is for the best. Then he can be with Kali again – that is the only thing he ever really wanted.”

“I know, but it…” Julia whispers, and more tears run down her cheeks.

“It is still hard.”

“I… should be conforming… you. Not the other way around.” I look at her and say: “It is okay. I am use to be the strong one.”

“Good morning Summer.” I say as I walk in the tv-room, where she is sitting and watching Pretty little liars. Good show full off handsome men and beautiful women.

“Hey Angel, right?” She says.

“Yeah, that is right. Angelus is my full name. Angel is my nickname. I have a question, if that is alright.”

“Yeah, hit me with your best shot.” She says, pauses the show and looks at me with big eyes.

“When are you born?”

“December 1, 1998. Why?”

“I have a nephew named Athal, who is born also the 1. December 1998. Can you see where I am going?”

“Yeah, can I meet him?”

“Off course. Come on.” Summer and I go to the music room, where Athal possibly is sitting and playing the piano. The walk to the music room takes place in deep silence till Summer breaks the stillness with asking question: “What is Athal like?” I smile.

“I see Athal as my son. He is a good boy – off course I would say that. But he really is. When I am on tours he always looks after my children. My twin brother is very ill, and music happens to be helping a bit – Athal plays to him, when he has time. Athal is an amazing piano player. He is sweet, kind, loving. Well just an amazing boy, who just wants to make a different in our world.” I say with a big smile on my face.

“Ooh.” Summer says while blushing. Her face is totally red. I laugh.

“Sorry. I just love that boy even though I am not his mother, but I love him as if I were.” I say with a big smile.

“It is okay.” Summer says. Her face is still red. We are standing outside the music room. I look at her and say: “We are here. Are you already?” She nods. We walking the door, and I am right; Athal is here, and he is playing the piano.

“Athal, I have bought a guess. Her name is Summer.” I say to Athal.

“Why should I care?” He says.

“Because if I am right, then she is your soulfinder.” As I say this, Athal turns around. He looks at Summer. I think Athal is speaking to Summer telepathic. And I am right they are soulfinders. How do I know this you may ask? Well as soon as Athal spoke to her, she walked towards him and kissed him. Maybe I am just guessing or not… But I am right.

After I left Athal and Summer in the music room, I went to see, what my children are doing. But I did not make it that far, because I ran into Victor. Just looking at him is awkward. Not that he was not good in bed – He is very good! It is just… I sort off care pretty deeply about another person. A person, who always has been there for me, when needed off course. I sigh as I walk towards Victor. The words from Beth Crowley´s song Goodbye remembers me of this. This been Victor and I. Off course it could be worse – I could be pregnant… I had to learn the hard way that salvation has it´s price. But I will never forgive myself that you were the sacrifice. Wonder what she thought as she wrote this words? My heart beats quickly. I am nervous I just do not know why… Please I have been in more awkward situations than most others. I have killed very too many people to insure that the freedom the western countries are known for. Come on Angelus, be brave. You can handle this. Just do like you did, when you killed Osama bin Mohammed bin Awad bin Laden also known as Bin Laden I say to myself. So I fake a smile and say: “Good morning Victor.” He looks at me with a look that points to a high IQ.

“Morning.” He says. What is with him? We are two adults who happened to sleep together – no biggie… Right?! Why does this always happen to me?

“You seem… good.” He says.

“Should I not be?”

“Well, given what happened last night…”

“You thought what? We are adults who happened to sleep together.”

“Yeah… You are right.”

“Is there a problem, Victor?”

“No, not at all.”


“I was thinking. When are you born?”

“I do not see, how that is relevant.”

“I just wanted to know, if you could be my soulfinder that is all.”

“I… do not know. I guess I could be. When are you born?”

“September 20, 1989. You?”

“June 1, 1989.”

“Okay, I just…”

“Hey, it is okay. But there is still a chance.”


“I am born very premature. About 4 mounts to be presides.”

“June, July, August, September. There is a chance… A small one.”

“But still a chance. So do you want to try or…?”

“No, I need to know.” Victor says with a deep passion.

‘Angel, can you hear me?’ Victor asks. Fireworks are sort happening inside off my head. Kind off crazy. Victor Benedict is my soulfinder. What does that mean for me?

‘Yeah, can you hear me?’ It is on purpose I ask him the same question he asked me. As soon as Victor hears me, he looks at me. He moves closer towards me, so he can kiss me. And what a kiss it is… I think I would use the word OMG about the kiss due to the fact that it is that good. The kiss last for well it could be days, years – I do not know. As the kiss ends I look into Victor´s eyes. They are chocolate brown and very deep – I get the feeling I can see his soul in them.

“So could you hear me?” I whisper into Victor´ ear.

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