Puzzle Pieces

Chapter Two

I came to full consciousness finding my fangs burrowed deep into Shadow's neck. He was not lively, but he was still conscious. I tasted his sweet blood and took in his scent. I gripped my hands onto whatever they were holding and I felt him move. This is when I realized my wings were out holding his shoulders against a tree. Both Shadow and I were in sitting like positions.

"Don't shoot her Omega… I'll be fine." He spoke softly. "She's just running on a baser instinct."

I was unable to help myself as I took another mouthful of his blood and swallowed; it was the best thing I tasted. I forced myself to pull my fangs out of his neck. I licked the wound sealing it shut, lapping up any blood left behind. I pulled back and fully sat on the uneven damp ground. I looked at what I was holding onto, Shadow's forearms. I gently let go of them and glanced at him before looking away.

He looked at me for a moment then pulled himself up using the tree to steady himself. "Shadow, take it easy." Rouge went to his side wishing to help him.

"I'm fine… Let's move out." He began walking. I looked up at him, seeing his face was quite pale.

"SHADOW, YOU ARE IN NEED OF BLOOD." Omega called out to him while following not far behind.

I looked down at my leg and examined it. The wound was now nonexistent. I examined the rest of my body concluding that everything was in peak condition. His blood is incredible I peered up and slowly got to my feet.

"I'm fine Omega… Aren't you coming girl, or did you take my blood for nothing?" He spat coldly at me.

"S-sorry…" I looked down and followed them, trailing along behind them. "I didn't mean to…"

"Humph." He grunted and continued to walk. I noticed that by the way he was moving his condition was horrible. Moments after he nearly collapsed.

I slipped next to him quickly and helped him walk. "I don't need your help pathetic girl!"

"Shadow stop it… just save your energy…" I hid behind my quills, my eyes burning, tears threatening to run down my face. "Please…" I added very quietly. He must have noticed, he never fought or said anything since.

Once we were in close proximity to our mission, I looked up wondering where Omega and Shadow could hide. "Shadow, you should stay with Omega and assist Rouge and I from afar."

"No. I was told to retrieve information from their database, and that is what I am going to do." He urged and pulled himself away, standing on his own.

"Shadow, you're not in the proper condition, what if you put our mission in jeopardy." I tried to reason.

"You already put this mission in jeopardy. Perhaps you should stay behind and let Omega do everything you were supposed to accomplish." He growled back.

I glared, "You are really starting to piss me off Shadow The Hedgehog. Maybe I should have su-…" I cut my sentence short and covered my mouth breathing deeply through my nose.

"Pathetic." He huffed. I sighed trying to let it go.

"Can we not kill one another until the mission is completed?" Rouge nitpicked.

"Humph." Shadow and I grunted in unison causing us to shoot unimpressed looks at one another. I then peered over to Rouge to try to break the mutual dislike between Shadow and I at this moment.

With a small sigh, I muttered, "Let's just get this over with then."

Omega used his jet pack extension to slip up to the roof of a tall building while activating his invisibility cloak allowing complete virtual invisibility.

I looked over to Shadow and Rouge, then to our targeted building. They gave me a swift nod when Omega was ready and we approached the building while cautiously avoiding and looking out for cameras. We quickly made our way to the top of the building; we slipped into the air vents undetected. I looked around and got a sense of the air vents, and then I pulled out an electronic map in which it would lead us to our proper destination.

Glimpsing at Shadow to see if he was ready for a moment, I then peered back at the map and leaded the way through the vents until the main computer room lay right below us. Carefully cutting through the metal with a small G.U.N. made gadget that was quite similar to a Bharat metal cutting gas; I made sure to keep enough of the metal attached that I could easily bend it without the metal square breaking and falling to the ground, inevitably giving away our position, and our overall presence in the building. Slipping my head through the hole that was just big enough to peek though, I noticed two individuals in the room. They were armed. I signalled Rouge and Shadow to notify them, I also told them to stay put. Shadow's facial expression clearly gave away that he was not pleased with this but he did not reject what I was planning.

I used my powers to enable invisibility and slipped down quietly to the floor. Approaching the individuals, both happening to be male, I knocked both out simultaneously allowing clearance for Rouge and Shadow. Rouge gently lowered Shadow down to the floor using her wings. Shadow and I quickly began to work. Within a few minutes, we had accomplished our goal, our mission. An alarm rang loudly a few moments later, I growled and looked over to Shadow.

"What the hell did you do?!" I snarled.

"What did I do?! What did you do!?" He fought back.

"Now is not the time for this, we need to get out of here!" Rouge pushed us to the ventilation shaft above us. I looked up and saw the hole I made that allowed us to get down to the ground.

I quickly looked behind us, security quickly coming through the doors. They had armed guns, and determination; this mission is definitely failed. Abraham is not going to be happy about this.

"Surrender now or we will fire." The representatives from the security called out.

"Go on you two, I'll handle them." Shadow pushed us back.

"Oh no you don't!" I grabbed him and pulled him into Rouge. I focused and induced Chaos Control on them specifically, sending them to Omega. As quickly as I did so, the representative opened fire, taking out my right knee. I fell into a crouching-sitting position.

"Should we capture her and detain her, interrogate her?" One of the younger men underneath the representative called out. The representative gave a swift nod.

Don't you dare! I growled internally and forced my body to stand. Next thing I knew I felt something wrap from behind me, encasing my body, and electrifying shock of electricity ran through me, at first I thought it was just shock, but I quickly realized it was an electrified net. I lost control over my body due to the shocks and felt my body spasm uncontrollably on the floor violently. It seemed to last for several minutes, completely draining my energy. After a few moments of relief, I realized I was being mounted and pinned. Struggling to get free I felt more hands hold pin me; sharp pain followed by a jolt of worry over came me, realizing there was a needle in my neck. I was unable to perceive anything after that.

I awoke, the lighting was dull, and the room remained dark everywhere except for where I remained. I looked around, feeling something around my mouth; a cloth was tied tightly around my head disabling speech. I sat on an uncomfortable chair; bindings were on my feet, arms, wrists, and torso, hands clasped behind me on the back of the chair.

"She's awake. Shall we let her speak?" One man, his face and torso shadowed.

"Yes." A woman spoke, her tone critical. I quickly concluded she must be in charge.

The man stepped forward into the light; however, he had a black mask over his face disabling me to apprehend any features. However, his voice was all I needed to remember. He removed the cloth and stepped back. I kept quiet and stared hard into the darkness. Where am I and what do they want Who are they?

"Now, tell me, what were you and your little friends doing in the main computer room, what exactly you did, who ordered it and why." The female spoke out calmly.

"I will not say anything either than this; no matter what, you will never get any information out of me." I shuffled as best as I could in my seat.

"Well then, boys, let's say we have a little fun. We could beat it out of her, or do something much… worse." She coldly stated, almost relishing in the idea. The men laughed, clearly enjoying the idea of breaking me down into spilling the beans; or perhaps they were also relishing in just simple violence or maybe something even worse.

"Let me have the first go at her. I haven't been able to do this sort of thing in awhile." A ragged voice called out from behind me. He stepped towards me and soon placed himself directly in front of me.

He grabbed onto my shirt, and just as I was expecting to be punched, something much different happened. My shirt was ripped off my torso exposing my bra. He giggled like a schoolgirl and whipped out his knife, cutting my bra right in the middle allowing it to fall to each side gently, completely exposing me.

I simply glared up at the man and slowly smiled, maniacal laughter began shaking my body until I was unable to help but laugh full fledged. Darkness enveloped me in an aura signifying my first dark form transformation. Looking up at the man once more, I stared into his soulless eyes and smiled thinking: you're going to die first.

His body language told me of his confusion, and that is when I decide to take matters into my own hands. I burst the rope into flames and quickly manoeuvred out of the chair, lunging at my prey. Once his warm body was pinned to the cool floor I bit into his neck ripping out his throat. Blood sprayed all over my face and body, drenching my body and clothes in crimson. Gunfire let lose, the sound ringing in the small room, my ears desensitizing.

I pulled up a barrier, the bullets deflected off it causing rickashay. One of the men yelped as his leg was hit with a metal fragment. I focused and gathered all my energy into me and let it loose; Chaos Blast enveloped the area weakening the building's structure as well as eliminating any life within a five-mile radius.

Once the blast dissipated, I heard the building creek with weakness. A few moments later, it collapsed on top of me. I grunted, having difficulty breathing as well as feeling some sharp pain from the materials above me slowly crushing me. I took as deep of a breath as I could and focused. Using my mental strength, I summoned psychokinetic powers to lift the debris off my body allowing my escape. Crawling out, I soon found firm footing and worked my way down to the ground. I slowly began to walk, returning to my normal state of being feeling completely drained and devoid of all energy.

I did not pay much attention to my surroundings as I walked. There were what seemed to be some abandoned buildings, and there were trees in the area, either than that, nothing was memorable. I stumbled along in my existence for what seemed like half an hour to an hour before I faintly heard someone call out to me.

"Girl… Is that you?" I thought of Shadow for a split moment, the memory of it becoming very vague. "Hey!" I felt someone grab onto me, I quickly realized someone was in front of me having me peer at their face. "What happened to you?!"

"Shadow…" I muttered, the realization of his presence perceived me. I fell into his arms tiredly, ready to pass out. "I wanna sleep… I'm… so… tired…" I muttered almost childishly, feeling more drained than I previously had felt. I gently let my eye lids close; instantaneously I slipped into unconsciousness.

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