Puzzle Pieces

Chapter Six

I laid down my sweater in the grass once the camp was finished. I then sat down and slowly laid back, staring at the sky. A small breeze went by, ruffling my quills, the warmth breathing into me. Closing my eyes, with a small sigh, I perked my ears up, listening to the distant wildlife; the birds dominated the air with their song-like cries.

"Now this-" I waved my hand around in the air to gesture to everything surrounding us. "Is camping, not to mention, a vacation." I let my arm flop to the ground.

"Yeah. This is nice… I don't think I've done anything like this in… well… a long time, perhaps, I never did do something like this." I heard his steps get closer until they were next to me. The light shifted and changed, allowing me to know that he sat next to me.

I slit open one of my eyes and looked at him. I looked at the golden glow that came from his skin, then looked at his eyes and watched them glisten in the light. I slowly grabbed a hold of his hand, pulling it closer to my body. He simply stared at me gently, with a small warm smile on his face. I studied his face, a smile forming on mine.

"You know… You're really cute when you smile." I pulled him down next to me and pulled my body closer to his.

"Perhaps… However, I'll never be as cute as you." He kissed me gently for a brief moment.

"Maybe." I snickered playfully.

He ruffled the quills on my head with a loving touch. "It's starting to get late. If we are going to hunt for our supper, we should do it now. Unless, of course, you want whatever food you brought."

I nodded and slowly sat up. "If there is partridge around here, I think I'd like to have that."

"Alright then." He stood and retrieved the weaponry as well as the ammunition. I took my weapon and loaded it up, he then did the same.

I wandered into the woods with him, using the sun to keep track of my direction. "You take one side, I'll take the other." I said, almost questioningly.

"Sounds good to me." He readied his weapon, almost as if he was on a mission.

I smiled slightly at this; he's taking it too seriously but it's cute.

We searched for at least twenty minutes before finding a partridge, calmly feeding off apples in the near distance. I glimpsed to Shadow, readying my weapon; he gave permission to proceed. I aimed, and then shot my .22; it dropped quickly- I suspected a head shot, right where I had aimed. I felt Shadow kiss my cheek gently.

A small purr emanated from me as I began to go over to the bird. I stared down at it for a moment then grabbed its legs and lifted it into the air. I looked at its feathers and just over its eyes discovering it was a female, regular partridge.

"Well, I have my food. Let's find you something." I placed the bird in a large pouch of my hunting vest that hung on my backside. He gave a firm nod.

We continued along our way until we found another partridge. It did not take too long for this. Shadow took his shot and hit it, causing it to flap violently for a few seconds until it settled into a still body that was now to be food.

We both pulled off some of the chest feathers before lying it down, stepping on its wings and pulling by its feet. The insides easily pulled out, leaving the wings and chest meat for us. The insides smelled a bit foul, but it did not bother me, nor did it seem to bother him. Retrieving our breasts, we started to head back to camp, a little bloodier than when we first set out.

We soon found ourselves back; I let Shadow clean the bird as I tended to the fire. Once I had one going I prepared an area for cooking, and I grabbed a bit of canola oil as well as a small frying pan.

"Sometimes, it pays to be over prepared." I looked at Shadow, then to the breasts. He had separated the tenderloin from the rest of the breast and cut the thick part of the breast in half for better cooking. He came over and began to cook. "You know, I could have done that."

"It's fine." He kissed my cheek, "I want to."

"Okay." I joyfully muttered, stretching out in front of the fire, enjoying the intense warmth of it.

I listened to the sizzling of the meat, noticing the gamey smell. Shadow soon nudged me gently and handed me my portion. I sat up and took it carefully. I blew on a small piece a few times before taking a small bite out of it. Flavour exploded in my mouth, the only thing I wished was that it was incredibly tender, and perhaps a bit juicier. I savoured the meal until the last bite.

"Did you enjoy it?" He asked. He had finished his meal long before me.

I nodded, "Should have been hanged for a bit, but it was yummy." I nuzzled my face into his shoulder. "Let's stay here for quite awhile… Like… I don't know… a week?"

He chuckled softly and wrapped an arm around me, pulling me a bit closer. "Of course." He kissed the top of my head.

"I'm happy that you accepted me so quickly… It's a bit strange. Thank you…" I rested my head against him, watching the fire dance, searching for small variances in colour. Soon feeling tired, I closed my eyes.

"Rest…" Shadow softly whispered.

Without much resistance, I obeyed, letting my mind as well as my body to relax. In due time my thoughts deteriorated, blissful sleep taking hold sending me into fantasyland.

I opened my eyes, realizing it was morning time. Shadow was asleep, his arms embracing me. I looked around us, noticing we were in the tent, and that he had gotten some blankets on top of us. I stared at him, watching the cool light fall on his skin and quills. He seemed so peaceful, so relaxed; it was very cute. The minutes passed as I watched him, soon pulling myself closer so I could absorb more warmth due to the cold creeping in.

"Mph…" Shadow began to stir. His eyes soon peaked open, staring into mine. I noticed the pale blue light radiate through his eyes.

He remained quiet, his arms tightening around my body, as he leaned his head forward. I felt our foreheads touch, his nose brushing up against mine before I felt his lips push against mine. I could feel my heart begging to pound erratically, my breaths shortening and quickening; the butterflies in my stomach fluttered about as I gently tugged on his lower lip. His hand firmed up along my lower back, his other running down along my side, goose bumps forming along my smooth body. His lips pushed against mine more, moulding with mine, his teeth gently pulling at my lower lip. I could tell that he wanted more, clearly intending to initiate the next level. I gently slipped my hand to his cheek and pulled my lips away. He looked at me, his eyes were soft, and delicate looking.

"I love you… but let's just relax a little bit… okay?" My voice was soft.

He slowly nodded. "And I love you."

"We should start up the fire again… I find it chilly." I slowly and dreadfully sat up, my quills standing on end to try to keep my body warm.

I heard Shadow chuckle, "Alright, my little vampire."

A slight blush formed on my cheeks. I crawled over to our bags and got some fire starting equipment. Once I had retrieved it, I went out and began to make a fire. I soon heard the zipper on the tent alerting me that Shadow was coming out of our little nest. My ear flicked and twisted, listening to him come closer until he was sitting next to me, his black quills peeking into my peripheral vision. I continued to put all of my focus into the fire. Soon enough I had a strong flame bursting forth, spreading, growing, and hungering. I fed it, watching the soft glow radiate, the warmth becoming overpowering to my sensitive face.

Strong arms wrapped around my waist, pulling me over onto a warm lap. I purred softly, looking up at Shadow, his head falling to rest on my shoulder, eyes closed. Smiling softly, I nestled, soon finding the perfect position. Closing my eyes, I enjoyed the smell of the fire as I let myself relax, wanting sleep to take hold again.

"Shadow…" I muttered after a little while. "Don't ever let me go…"

"I won't… I promise." He kissed my cheek gently, nuzzling gently after.

"… Thank you…" I gripped onto his fur, a sense of safety and reassurance overcoming me. He began to pet me as well as tenderly scratching my head. I simply enjoyed the sensation.

I opened my eyes and looked around. The sun was high in the sky, the fire out cold. I must have dozed off I looked at Shadow; he had fallen asleep as well. I slowly slipped out of his arms and found my body a bit numb from my position, and not being in a proper bed.

"Mph…" Shadow curled up on his side, slightly disturbed from my movement. "Five more minutes…" He muttered softly, barely awake.

I snickered and slowly stood, brushing myself off. I stretched to the sky then stumbled forward while yawning. A warm breeze whipped my quills gently against my body. I sighed softly, enjoying the temperature; it warmed up a lot. It's so peaceful hereI reached for my water bottle and grabbed it, twisting the cap off, slightly cutting off part of the top layer of my skin. I drank from the bottle until my thirst was quenched. Glimpsing at the small cut, I checked to make sure I was not bleeding before disregarding it and placing the water back to where it belonged.

"Cat…" My ear flicked when Shadow spoke.

"Yeah sleepy head?" My eyes fell upon him, a small smile on my face.

"I… just wanted to hear you… to make sure that you were okay." I found myself flustered when he spoke those words.

"… Let's go fishing today." I pleaded gently.

"Okay… We can go in a bit… Just let me wake up some." He slowly forced himself to sit upright.

I prepared the gear despite that it was going to take awhile for him to wake up. I also grabbed a small snack, a chocolate bar mind you, but a snack none the less. I nibbled on a Reese's peanut butter cups and held one out for Shadow to take. He rejected so I set it down gently while I ate most of the chocolate off before setting the peanut butter middle on the wrapper.

"Do you not like peanut butter?" He looked at me weirdly.

"No, I love this peanut butter… I save it for last is all. I find that there is a bit too much chocolate so it ruins it some." My face was a light blush from being embarrassed.

"… You're very cute… and silly." He scooted over and kissed my cheek.

Leaning myself against his body, I finished my snack. "Me ready." I nuzzled his neck before reaching for the blue garbage bag and disposing of the wrapper.

"Mph… Alright." He stood and helped me to my feet.

I brushed myself off briefly before picking up the gear. Skimming the area, I wondered where we could fish; my eyes fell on Shadow for guidance, as he seemed to understand what I was thinking.

"I never came here before, so let's just find a river or lake near here, okay? If there's no fish there then we will just move on." His arm slipped around me and pulled me to his side. His other hand grabbed the bag the swung it over his shoulder.

Smiling, I nodded and let him lead the way, gently placing my hand over his. "You know… you're really sweet when you want to be." I glimpsed into his eyes, my voice filled with love.

He blushed lightly, keeping quiet as he continued to lead the way. My gut told me he did not believe my words. A soft sigh escaped through my lips, deciding to leave it alone for now, wishing only to try to have a good time, to see him happy.

His ear flicked; "Hmm…?" His ears perked up, he seemed to be listening carefully. "I think I hear water." He went towards the direction he believed the sound was coming from. I perked up my ears and could clearly hear it too.

We soon reached its source and sure enough, it was a source of water, a waterfall with a lake to be exact. Smiling, I reached for the bag that Shadow carried here and slid it off his shoulder. I could sense him smirking as I pulled out all that we needed.

"Eager?" I nodded to his question.

Once everything was set up, I cast my line into a calmer section of the water in hopes of catching fish. A glimmer of a fishing line caught my eye. Looking over at Shadow I saw him awkwardly trying to fish. A small giggle erupted from me. His eyes narrowed as he shot a small glare at me.

"What?" He asked not impressed. "I haven't really fished…"

"You just look so awkward with it… Although on second thought, it just makes you look cuter." His cheeks turned a dark red.

"Humph…" He grunted out, slightly turning away from me.

We sat there for several minutes gently swishing our rods in the air to move the lure, slowly reeling in the line little by little; it was calming and peaceful. It was not long before I was leaning myself up against Shadow for some support, my body not wanting to stay upright and tense.

His body shifted slightly, his head turning back to look at me. It was not too long before he resumed his previous position. I sighed when my lure popped out of the water with no bait on it. Damn worms won't stay on. I put more bait on the hook, trying to ensure that the worm was securely attached to it this time. I gently tossed the line into the water once again.

"So… Do you think anything is in this body of water?" I asked Shadow.

"I'm not sure… either way though, nothing seems to be biting. Maybe we aren't using the right bait or lure?" He suggested.

"Pft, I dunno. I haven't fished in a long time. I just remember using a worm and a lure that looked like a fish." I sighed.

"That's helpful." He sarcastically said.

"Mph." I continued to swish the rod in random movements infrequently. "Even if we don't catch anything… It's still nice to sit here." He nodded a bit in response.

All of a sudden, I felt a harsh jerk on my rod, I quickly snapped up my rod to try to hook it in case it was a fish. I felt a lot of pull on the rod, it seems whatever it was, and it was still attached. I quickly began to reel it in, pulling back on the rod swaying it from side to side depending on the resistance.

Shadow had taken interest in what was going on and he had stopped fishing. I soon saw a shimmer just under the water approaching closer unwillingly. I smiled and soon had it close to the shoreline. Shadow quickly grabbed the net and scooped it up onto land.

A large salmon flapped about desperately trying to get back into the water, to escape our clutch. I quickly flipped out my knife, held the fish down, and cut into it right behind the head. Immediately it stopped flapping, blood poured out, and I removed it form the net. I struggled to get the hook out of the fish.

"Here." Shadow reached over and took it from me, then with ease, removed the hook.

"Thanks." I chirped happily. I then took the fish from him and cut open its gut then spilled everything into the water for other sea creatures to enjoy. No eggs came from the fish allowing me to assume that it was a male.

"We could have used that as bait." Shadow scoffed.

"Oh relax. It basically is. It will attract the other fish over. If we catch another we can save those guts." I stuck my tongue out at him.

"Fine… However, that fish is big enough to pretty much feed the both of us." Shadow stated.

"True… We could just catch and release now, or we could eat this guy and come back later for more if need be." I kissed his cheek.

"Let's go then. We don't need to harm something we don't intend on eating." He reeled in his line.

I washed the fish in the water then gathered up the gear. Shadow took the gear and the backpack but allowed me to carry my catch. We made our way back to camp, arriving there much sooner than I thought we would. It was good that we had a water source like that near by.

"I'll clean the fish and cut it up nice for us. I'll let you play with the fire." There was a small smile on his face. "I know how much you like your fire." He chuckled softly.

I began blushing, a smile forcing its way out on my face. "Okay." I handed him the fish once he put down the bag. I quickly went to the fire and took care of it, getting it to the perfect size. I broke out some cooking equipment and got the pan ready with a mixture of butter and canola oil.

"I'm ready when you are, my love." I chirped, looking back at him.

"Just a sec." He finished cleaning the fish then brought it over to me. Two large fillets were what he decided to do.

"Don't ya think that's a bit thick for this kind of cooking?" I asked gently. He just shrugged.

"Do you want me to cut them in half?" I nodded and he obeyed.

I began to cook them, not bothering with any spices. Shadow watched for a bit before asking; "Aren't you going to put like salt and pepper or something?"

"No… I can on your fish if you like. I'm not gonna put any on mine." I glimpsed at him.

"It's fine. If I need any I can add it later." He pat my head.

I began purring softly as I finished cooking the fish, cutting into one of them to make sure it was cooked all the way through. "Dinner is served."

I grabbed a couple of plastic plates and put one fillet on a plate then the other one on the other plate and handed Shadow one of them. I then got some metal utensils and began nibbling at my fish.

"Thanks." Shadow muttered quietly before eating happily. "This really doesn't need any seasoning."

"I know! It's so good!" I indulged myself into the food. "Wild salmon is the best salmon." I praised.

He chuckled and soon finished up; I was not too far behind him. He took the plates then washed them off along with the utensils we used. I curled up by the fire thoroughly satisfied. Shadow soon joined me and allowed me to use his lap as a pillow. He stroked my quills and gently twirled the tips of them with his fingers. I soon found myself quite tired. I let my eyes close, slowly letting myself fall into an unconscious state.

I woke to darkness surrounding me. I felt my head being lifted gently only to fall moments later. I moved my head to view Shadow's face, realizing my head was on his chest. He was staring up at the sky peacefully, his eyes lost, deep in thought. I too looked up at the sky; the most serene and beautiful sight was bestowed upon me. All the stars were out, nothing hiding them or shadowing them, the Milky Way could be seen. It even seemed to hold colour spiralling out from its center. Awe washed over me, my body becoming tingly, yet numb; there was amazement, curiosity, and love. A love for its beauty, its mysteries, its being. I could not bring myself to look away.

"It is quite incredible, isn't it?" Shadow muttered softly, realizing I was awake. "I haven't seen stars like this in a long while…" He kissed the top of my head.

"I've always enjoyed the stars… I always wanted to see them like this…" I smiled softly, "and now I get to see them with you."

He pulled me closer and kissed me gently for a few brief moments. "I love you… with all of my heart."

I found myself flustered; he's so cute. I looked into his shimmering eyes, and deep down, I found that he spoke the truth. "I love you too… with all of my heart." I replied.

"Rest… you look tired." He pushed my head to his chest fluff. Silently obeying, I closed my eyes and focused on his heartbeat. It soon lulled me into a deep slumber.

I opened my eyes finding myself alone in the tent. I slowly crawled over to the door and opened it my head peeking out. "Shaddie…" I rubbed my eyes and squinted trying to see, my eyes not wanting to deal with the brightness.

"Hey… You're awake. Do you like eggs?" He looked over at me.

"I like the whites… hard boiled." I mumbled then curled up where I was. I closed my eyes.

"Any seasoning?" He asked.

"Salt…" I muttered softly. I adjusted my clothes to pad myself from the ground a little more.

After a bit I noticed a shadow in front of me followed by the smell of eggs, my eyes slit open my eyes to find a plate of egg whites sitting in front of me and Shadow sitting down by me outside the tent. I dragged myself up into a sitting position took the plate and began to eat the egg whites with my hands.

"Don't you want a fork or something?" He asked as he nibbled on his own meal.

I shook my head and quickly finished off my plate. I then slipped out of the tent and closed the door. I snuggled up against Shadow and closed my eyes again. I felt his arm wrap around me as he soon finished off his breakfast. I crawled into his lap and rested my head against his chest.

"So am I your bed now?" He chuckled softly.

I shrugged, "Mine…" I kept my eyes closed and listened to his heartbeat.

"All yours." He replied.

"… Mine…" I muttered a little quieter. He just held me closer and tighter.

"I'll never let you go." He whispered into my ear. Minutes later he asked, "So why have you been so tired lately? You seem to be sleeping a lot more than you normally would."

I shrugged, "Maybe it's because you relax me. Maybe it's because I can and I don't have to worry about doing anything, like work. I don't feel like I'm wasting the day, or my free time." He nodded. "I want to sleep for a long time…"

"Don't leave me alone." He spoke with a little concern in his voice.

"I won't. If I decide I want to sleep for a month you're coming with me, and I'm dragging you into my dreams." I smiled at him childishly. He just smiled back softly.

My ears perked up as I listened to our surroundings. "It's… so quiet all of a sudden."

He listened for a moment before responding, "You're right. It shouldn't be this quiet."

"When nature is dead quiet, or when it runs, I take that as a signal to make myself scarce." I looked at the sky. "It really doesn't seem like it's about to storm though. I can't even spot a single cloud." I then looked towards the sun briefly, my eyes watering; "There isn't any rings around the sun either… I wonder what it could be."

"I don't know… but I don't like it." He got up and started packing. "We should move."

I began helping him, "Where are we going to go?"

"Anywhere but here. Somewhere nature feels safe." He stuffed one of the bags into the back of the Jeep.

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