Beauty From My Pain, A Warrior Cats songfic


Hollyleaf has felt nothing since she killed Ashfur and left the Clans for the tunnels, is she going insane or is it all not real? Warrior Cats songfic for Contest Fandom 3, enjoy!

Drama / Mystery
Karoline Willmott
Age Rating:

Beauty From My Pain

Hollyleaf was in the camp, happily sitting to the side of the clearing.She felt bubbly inside but that didn't last for long because her clan mates began to fade away. Jayfeather disappeared.......Lionblaze disappeared.......Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw disappeared.....Every cat she knew had vanished into thin air and she was left in the darkness.

Hollyleaf only saw one brown tabby cat at the far end of the clearing; Leafpool. Hope glinted in the black cat's green eyes as she ran to the medicine cat for help, she only did the same as the other cats. Hollyleaf held out a paw no one would reach out for and she lowered his head, holding back her tears.

The lights go out all around me.................

A Sphinx tom cat was watching her in a tree nearby and he blinked his bulging glowing white eyes, making himself vanish out of existence. Hollyleaf sighed and found a place to sit down in the middle of no where, glancing at one small green firefly.She leaned closer in awe but the firefly got easily startled, buzzing away from her.

One last candle to keep out the night.....

She looked around her.The camp and the Clan cats were no where to be seen in this world of darkness.Thunder roared in her ear and every hair on her pelt stood up, forcing her to crouch down and hide her face behind her paws.

And then the darkness surrounds me.....

Hollyleaf's heart turned numb and emotionless, she couldn't feel anything. She held a paw to her fluffy chest.

I know I'm alive but it feels like I've died.....

She rose to her paws and padded around endlessly, the faces of her Clan flashing through her mind as she tightly closed her eyes.

"No..Mother..Father...Brothers..." She held in a wail.

And all that's left is to accept that it's all over....

She suddenly felt weak and she fell to the ground, she feebly pawed at where the ground would be.

My dreams ran like sand through the claws that I made.....

Her eyes widened as her paws turned crimson and fluids the same colour leaked onto the floor. When she blinked, the blood went away. A breeze tickled her fur and she shivered as a cold feeling went down her spine, her attempts to curl up were futile.

I try to keep warm but I just grow colder....

Hollyleaf had four eyes on her and she looked up, the two white glowing figures of she-cats, one tortoiseshell and one dark blue, greeted her. She gasped and got up, the two only turned away and bolted off. She rushed after them but they were too fast.She paused the game of tag to take a few breaths, her chest heaving and her ears flattened.

I feel like I'm slipping away....

The former ThunderClan warrior noticed a big hole in front of her and she peered down at what she could describe as a crime scene. Millions of cats had their claws out and they were fighting dark menacing looking cat figures while a grey freckled queen was guarding a white and ginger she-cat.

After all of this has passed, I still remain....

Dark magic formed and started to close up the hole, Hollyleaf was shocked. Hollyleaf suddenly found herself out of the darkness and saw herself in the tunnels, it was dark as well but it was not as bad as before. She then remembered that day, the day that changed her life...she could no longer hold in the tears and she let them all come out in waves.

After I've cried my last..

Hollyleaf's paws got wet as she treaded into a puddle, she backed up so she could look at herself. All she could see was a viscous killer with bloodstained fur but there was really a cat with tears running down her fuzzy cheeks, eyes swollen and red from the tears.

There'll be beauty from pain....

Hollyleaf couldn't stand to look at herself any more and she jumped over the puddle.

Though it won't be today, someday I'll hope again...

She ran away until she stopped just in time in front of a stone embedding in the ground. She could see her reflection in the stone and it only coaxed more salty water from her eyes. A reflection of a different cat, a tom version of the grey flecked queen from before, butted in. He had a menacing grin on his face.

And there'll be beauty from'll bring beauty from my pain...

Hollyleaf sat herself back down, pondering about the actions she had made in the past. Echoes of screams rang in her pounding aching head and memories of the grey tom in the water, limp and blood spilling out from him, took over her vision.

My whole world is the pain inside me...

Hollyleaf shook her head, letting all thoughts subside from her mind.

The best I can do is just get through the day....

A vision flashed in her head, the kit version of her was playing mouse ball with her litter mates when her grey tabby blind brother accidentally rolled on one of the grey flecked queen's newborn kits, hissing at him and his litter mates to go outside. The thought made her smile a bit.

When life before is only a memory...

Her smile was wiped off of her face as she was teleported into the pool of darkness again and she went back to cowering as ghosts surrounded her.

I'll wonder why StarClan let's me walk through this place...

She no longer was jeered at by the demons and she lifted one paw from her face, she was back in the tunnels.

And though I can't understand why this happened, I know that I will when I look back someday....

Another vision flipped through her mind, except this vision brought her to the forest, where her past self crept up behind her rival and slaughtered him.

And see how you've brought beauty from ashes..

Regret struck her deeply, why did she do that? She didn't have time to answer her own question because she was transported into the land of flames! She could only make out a dark ginger she-cat, her terrified expression pointing right at the tom from before.

And made me as gold purified through these flames....

Hollyleaf shook her head, she was mentally screaming no in her head, back in the tunnels she calls home.

After all this has passed, I still remain...

She blinked away more tears and only one tear managed to make it out of her, falling to the ground.

After I've cried my last...

The black-pelted warrior unsheathed her sharp claws, looking at them blankly as she flexed them.

There'll be beauty from pain....

Hollyleaf took a deep breath and blew out, turning around and heading into one of the ancient dusty tunnels.

Though it won't be today, someday I'll hope again....

She found herself at a dip in the ground that was home to a clear pool and she glanced down at the water before she laid down beside it.

And there'll be beauty from pain..

Hollyleaf stuck her claws into the wet soil, glaring at herself in the water.

You will bring beauty from my pain..

She tried to imagine what she used to be, sweet, cheerful and a cat who'd do anything for her Clan, but her mind was blank.

Here I am, at the end of me..trying to hold to what I can't see....

She felt something nuzzle her ear and she turned to a white ancient warrior with ginger splotches and emerald green eyes. She smiled back and licked his cheek. Hollyleaf was glad he was there, she never wanted him to leave her, she wanted him to stay with her, to comfort her. But sadly, her wish didn't come true..the tom, like all of the other cats did, slipped away. Hollyleaf buried her face in her paws but she could no longer cry, her tears ran dry.

I forgot how to hope, this night's been so long..I cling to your promise, there'll be a dawn....

Hollyleaf thought of what the future might be, the same as now? Or just like the past? Her thoughts were rudely interrupted as the darker insane version of her stood before her, staring at her with white glowing eyes.

After all this has passed, I still remain...

"Sh-Shatteredleaf?" Hollyleaf widened her eyes at herself."Look what you have done!"

Shatteredleaf head butted her and knocked her to the ground. Hollyleaf moved her shaking head up at Shatteredleaf, she had a creepy grin on her face and her eyes were emotionless and blank. Her razor-like claws were holding Hollyleaf down, Hollyleaf closed her eyes as she didn't want to look at her no more..she didn't want the evil cat to remind her of her past..

After I've cried my last, there'll be beauty from pain..

Hollyleaf kicked at her with her hind paws, sending Shatteredleaf flying into the wall. The original version got into her defensive position.

Though it won't be today, someday I'll hope again...

Hollyleaf lunged for Shatteredleaf and pinned her against the wall, grunting as she fought to keep her cornered.

And there'll be beauty from pain, you'll be beauty from my pain...

Just as she was about to finish her off, her eyes flipped open. Everything was back to normal and Shatteredleaf was no where to be seen. Hollyleaf glanced around her surroundings, she was still in the tunnels but she heard faint snoring behind her. She looked over her shoulder as she saw a white and ginger tom curled up around her small body. The black she-cat gave a sigh of relief and curled up, reluctantly closing her eyes again.

A/N:I do not own this song or Warrior Cats..Although any forms of copying, plagiarism and so on is NOT, I repeat, NOT acceptable!!! Also, thanks for reading.^-^

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