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Sasunaru One-shots.


bad stories on the uncanon ship Sasunaru. these are oneshots including AUs so mind them. mostly fluff maybe some angst. but no lemons or smut here.

Romance / Humor
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The Stare-Off

The Stare-Off.

As I stared at his face, my mind echoing what was so good about Sasuke anyways?

His eyes glared at me, together we were in mutual hatred.

I gazed into his onyx eyes. They were sharper than any blade, and the hues of brown just got darker and darker shades as they rippled away from the pupil.

They look like stirred cocoa, I thought.

It was true, but they looked pained and glassy. Like I was staring at a pond, a void of empty shallow emotion.

Inside was hatred, but not towards me. A thirst for revenge.

Amazed, I instantly dropped my glare, memorized.

I was so close to his face, I saw details I never noticed. His pale porcelain skin gleamed in the lights. His jaw sharp like his eyes, ready to cut diamonds.

Slight bags under his eyes, proved restless sleep. My breathing hitched, as my cheeks warmed red, to our closeness.

My lips tingle with desire to meet his soft ones. This feeling that I tried to ignore so many times, as I forced myself to like Sakura.

Sasuke’s own eyes slowly but surely softened like if it was a candle melting to wax.

Silence coward the room, no one speaking.

Instead of hatred, Sasuke’s eyes morphed into... adoration?

Before I could process my thoughts of confusion, a strong bone bumped my back, pushing towards him.

In an instant touch of our lips meeting, my self-control and logic vanished, my lips moved with his still ones. I was so hungry, I didn’t await his response, I needed this addicting pleasure.

This starvation was new to me. As my lips moved to his still ones, gasps could be heard. However, it was inaudible to me. My ears buzzed- all my attention on his lips. Suddenly, those still lips hesitantly moved.

The kiss was soft and sweet. My legs swung and I sat properly on the table. My hands tied themselves on his neck. Sasuke pulled his hands around my body. His tongue idly swiped my lip, trying to pry them open. I made a small mewl noise.

Just as I was about to open my mouth in response, a vibrant shriek awakened me from my trance. I jumped back startled. My face was flushed.

I looked up from the floor to see students silent in terror. Sakura - being the one who screeched - dispelling from the horror stricken state.

I blushed heavily, my mind racing for an excuse. I blinked and grinned, “Sorry, Sakura-chan. I was imagining that was you.”

Sakura fumed, “You - baka! You stole Sasuke-kun’s first kiss! NARUUUTOOOO!” Sakura sent punches flying everywhere, soon the other fangirls followed. I desperately threw myself to the ground avoiding their fury.

“Wait,” Shikamaru said, causing them to pause. I was whimpering from their strikes. I was silently praising the lazy genius. “what you said, Naruto, does that mean that Sasuke’s lips were soft and girly for you to think of Sakura?” the Nara was smirking.

I blushed and brought my finger tracing my lips.

They were still warm.

I glanced at Sasuke. The Uchiha seemed unaffected, silent. My heart ached to that.

Sasuke’s lips were soft. Very soft. But not girly- there were his lips and that was everything to me.

Loud gasps filled the room. I looked up in alarm.

Choji choked on his chips.

“Really?” Shikamaru smiled smugly.

“I said that aloud?!” I shouted in fear. I stared at Sasuke.

His onyx eyes were wide in surprise.

My heart was pounding at rapid speeds. Shikamaru- the damned cloud-watcher proceeded to smirk, “So, Naruto do you- like Sasuke.”

I bit my lip to keep me from shaking. I could practically feel their eyes on me.

Especially Sasuke’s.

“I-i think I do.” I whispered. Might as well, say it. We are not going to be on the same team anyways.

Shikamaru leaned back to his seat, satisfied.

I shakily got up from the cold floor and quickly went to my seat next to Sasuke.

I felt the fangirls trembling in unavoidable frustration. I winced.

NAAARRRUUUTTTOOO!” The girls - except Hinata who had this blush on her face - yelled for the whole Land of Fire to hear. I mentally braced myself for the pain to be inflicted.

“SETTLE DOWN CLASS!” Iruka-sensei miraculously appeared through the door. He gained everyone’s attention.

“I’ll be announcing your teams. I would just like to say- I’m proud of all of you, you’ll be fine shinobi for our village.” Iruka’s face beamed with pride. He began listing off the teams.

I still felt a pair of eyes staring at me.


I looked at him, afraid. I know he kissed me back- but it could’ve been a spur of the moment thing.

While everyone was distracted he gave me a small smile.

He sneakily grabbed my hand and whispered under his breath, “I think I like you, too.”

“Team seven- Haruno Sakura, Uzumaki Naruto, and Uchiha Sasuke.”

Needless to say, I walked out with a new team and a smile.

All because of a stare-off.

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