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Sasunaru One-shots.

Konohamaru's Discovery

Konohamaru’s Discovery.

Today was weird.

I went looking for the Boss, with hopes of him teaching me some new jutsu! I walked down the streets of the village I was named after.

My plan was to go to Ichariku’s Ramen where Boss would eat his beloved miso ramen.

However, I met a strange sight.

The stand’s owner and his daughter were gone. Yet, Naruto-nii happily ate his ramen with the famous Uchiha. They were talking - well, Naruto was chattering as he noisily slurped his food.

The strange thing was that Naruto’s teammate, Sasuke was… smiling? It was a thin smile, barely gracing Sasuke’s lips.

I was tempted to shout that out-loud and run away as the fangirls came running.

Smirking at my idea, I cleverly used my rock disguise.

In my position, Naruto-nii’s back was facing me and I got a clear view of his teammate.

“Oi, dobe where is the owner and his daughter?” Sasuke asked interrupting the ranting Naruto from his discussion on how miso ramen was superior to onigiri.

Naruto grinned cheekily, “Hehehe. I asked them if they could give us some privacy while we talked. They trust me not to steal and protect the stand. And they could use the break.”

Sasuke rolled his eyes - yet there was something weird about his face, I noticed… it was like a light pink? - “Hero of the Leaf and now Hero of the Ramen? Tch, dobe.”

Naruto cringed at the insult but smiled softly, “Yes, Hero of the Ramen! Besides, it’s been a while since we could just talk without the whole fighting- ya know?”

Sasuke nodded impassively, “So what do you want to talk about?” The Uchiha timidly poked the noodles with his chopsticks. Naruto-nii beamed at the question and wrapped his arm around Sasuke’s shoulders playfully.


I pointed out mentally. Sasuke’s face turned that light pink again!

“Ch, dobe.” He muttered, shrugging the arm off. “Aw, Sasuke-teme! C’mon I know you missed me during your ‘revenge crazed’ phase!”

Sasuke’s face turned red now! I was baffled- Uchiha the Uchiha was blushing! But why?

“I did not miss you. In fact, the silence was peaceful.” Sasuke said montoneslessly. Naruto-nii pouted childishly. He poked the Uchiha’s cheek. “You don’t mean that!” He argued repeatedly, poking Sasuke.

Sasuke growled slowly and pulled back, “Stop it.” He commanded. Naruto rolled his eyes, “Still the same teme.” Nethertheless, he pulled back.

Sasuke snorted, “Still the same dobe.”

“Hey! I’m stronger now!”

“So am I.”

“Y-yeah well I’m cooler!”


“DAMN YOU TEME!” Naruto puffed his cheeks and with a ‘hmph’ turned his back to Sasuke.

I almost gasped and gave myself away because Sasuke Uchiha-

Sasuke Uchiha-

The one who wanted revenge and almost destroyed Konoha, who wanted to kill his Naruto-nii- grinned.

You read that right, folks. He grinned.

To be honest, it was an unsettling sight.

But now, if I squint my eyes I can see it. There’s something there- something strange between them.

Naruto-nii and Sasuke have an unspoken feeling that lingers on them.

Eventually, I decided to not reveal myself, something told me that they needed this. To be around each other after so long, acting normal.

Naruto and Sasuke had something strange and weird but breathlessly natural going between each other.

And that as my discovery.

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