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Deviation in Detroit (Connor x OC)


Living within the age filled with advanced technology, Julie Smith continues to live the day with a smile on her face. She is well-known in her school and a genius. She was fond of owning Cyberlife one day with all of her knowledge about androids. But a drug called Red Ice came in which increased crimes involving deviants. People were convinced that deviants should be destroyed. This made Julie change her mind involving the plan of owning Cyberlife. Her normal life changed when she hacked the grade systems of her school. Julie was then approached by Lieutenant Hank Anderson and Connor. It turns out that they need her help with the deviant cases despite of the fact that she should be arrested from various crimes for the last four years. Connor, the RK800 android, has been assigned to Lieutenant Hank Anderson to help with the crimes involving deviants. He is the most advanced prototype so far, after all. His mission is to capture all deviants. His android world met Julie's which changed both of their lives and also the future of Detroit. Could their contrasting ideas lead Detroit to its peace or to its destruction?

Scifi / Action
Blue Paradise
Age Rating:


NOV. 05, 2038: 11:20:05PM

Julie's POV:

I went to a coffee shop to relax after a long day of finishing my project. Unfortunately, Principal Ken was there too. What is he doing in the coffee shop so late at night?

After ordering, the principal called out for me so I had no choice but to sit on the same table with him. We then talked about what I did last night which was hacking through their grade system.

I explained to him that I didn't plan to change anything on the grades of the students. I was bored last night so I searched for a server or anything that has a hole that can be fixed. I happened to find the school's grade system which had a huge hole. So huge that it can be hacked by any amateur hacker!

He insisted that I was up to no good. He said that I could've planned to change my grades. But why would I change my high grades?

Principal Ken's eyes looked somewhere behind me. He stood up and fixed his long sleeves before looking at me, "I suggest that you leave, Julie."

I grabbed my coffee in frustration before putting on my backpack and headed towards the exit of the coffee shop. I heard squeals while I was walking. I continued to walk faster with my eyes focused on the floor and accidentally bumped into someone.

"Watch where you're going, Sir―" I looked up and saw a man in tux smiling down at me. He had a man bun and a smile on his face that I find really creepy. It's like he's piercing through my soul.

"Ah, you must be Julie Smith, hm?" his voice had a weird tone in it. There's something wrong with this man.

I noticed that he was grabbing my shoulders so I walked further away from him, "You should've known not to randomly grab women, mister."

His smile turned into a smirk. I heard Principal Ken spoke up, "Mister Kamski, I apologize for my student's behavior and language."

What's with the soft voice, Principal Ken?

Mister Kamski looked on the principal and chuckled, "No worries, Kenneth. I am pleased that you have produced an independent student. The youth are becoming more dependent especially to machines nowadays." He then looked at me like he finally found the treasure he was looking for a long time, "Seeing your student is a good sign that there's a chance for the future generation."

'Produced'? Really? I'm not an android.

I looked around and noticed that even the people who were walking pass the coffee shop stopped to just look at Mister Kamski. The androids who were with them looked like a statue because of this.

Who is this man anyways?

I sent one last glare to Mister Kamski before leaving the coffee shop.

"Julie!" I heard a familiar voice shouted far away from the crowd around the coffee shop. I ran towards the direction of the voice and saw my best friend (I like him in a different way actually) waving his hand. He looked handsome as always with his short black hair and matching thin round glasses.

"Brent, what are you doing here?" I asked him and saw him carrying a box of donuts.

"I was just walking around when I saw you with our principal," Brent Jackson opened the box and offered me a donut which I accepted. "I saw the commotion inside."

I rolled my eyes, "Oh, don't remind me. Weirdo just grabbed me by my shoulders and crept the shit out of me."

He then laughed which made me blush. Jesus Christ, he made me feel things even after what happened earlier.

"It's the Elijah Kamski, after all." Brent grabbed one donut from the box and ate it.

"Who's that?" He stopped eating before looking at me as if I grew a horn just now.

"Are you kidding me? You know a lot about technology but you don't know the famous Elijah―"



"Just tell me who he is."

"Yeah, right, sorry," he cleared his throat before waving his donut. "He's the one who created the androids. He created the first android to pass the Turing test."

My eyes widened in amazement, "Woah, so that's why he's so famous. Strange how I don't know him all this time."

"Totally strange," he nodded. "But enough about him. Let's talk about you. What happened there?"

I told Brent about my encounter with Principal Ken earlier. I also explained the reason why I hacked. All I received was laugh after telling him everything.

"So you won't be able to go to school for the whole week?" he asked.

"Yeah," I muttered under my breath before looking away.

"How will you explain it to your mom?"

"Don't worry, I know what to say to her," I proceeded to walk as I think of the right words to explain the situation to my mom.

Brent ran up beside me and walked with me silently. He must've known I have to think.

I looked up to the sky and silently prayed that everything will go accordingly with luck by my side.

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