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Yours for centuries (jimin ff)//BTS//


Jimin:I love you You: but chim we can't stay together... What happens when a vampire falls for a human.. or should I say............................will his kingdom agree for their relationship will jimin be able to keep his girl....or the fate doesn't ..... let's see.....

Romance / Other
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You: guess what I won't be able to get admission in Seoul high


You:yes mom


You immediately ran downstairs and hugged her as she said

Mom: but will you be manage to stay alone in Seoul..

You:mom it's okay and I am not alone I am going with soojin and jaemin

Mom:but hone-

You:I will be leaving day after tomorrow mom...and I promise I will take nice care of myself...and dad will he be home soon

Mom:I guess your dad will be no worries mom is here

You then went upstairs and started packing...while you thought the school you will be going only rich child attends it and yes your dad is a business man he owns song corporation...but then also it's not like you are from a lot rich family.....

You thought it's better you let the others know you are also joining them...

On phone.....

You:I will be attending Seoul high with you all...(. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)

Pineapple:(soojin)wohhh..that's great cupcake...

You: what about we meet tomorrow at our fav place

Jaejae:oh great and sureeee(θ‿θ)

You: bye (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

Jaejae:byee babe╰(^3^)╯

Pineapple:byee hunლ(´ ❥ `ლ)

You closed your phone and went near your study table....

You: I will miss this room and maybe this bed

You went to sleep before sleeping you thought it's been a long time since you met liya maybe she will be there in seoul...this is also a reason you want to go there as she is your best friend and went there when you were kids.....and since then you never met her......never....

Maybe in Seoul you will meet and maybe know why she disappeared all of a sudden...then suddenly

Mom: honey were you sleeping

You: no mom....why

Mom: remember don't you dare go near boy's who is a lot pale and if the have surname like park,Kim,jeon,min,Jung...


Mom:and be careful don't dare to go near park


Mom: because I say so

You:ufff..let me sleep now

Mom:hmm... goodnight

You: goodnight

After mom left you thought what did she mean tho...why will I stay away I don't know let's sleep now...


Hey guys read my story and comment.....like how it is all over and I am in wattpad with name @tinaarmy

So try my stories there also please and if possible.....

Your author will post soon....

Until then fighting......

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