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This novel is a collection of short stories about a girl name Emma and her mother Jannet with their intresting sexual experiences with lots of new experiment . Some story line of this plot belong to other writer o.Its just that I thought to add some more kink in it and started writting though I am not a pro in writting hope you guys like it ya but please do comment and review.

Erotica / Fantasy
Age Rating:

Cherry poping

Emma p.o.v

"Thank you very much Ms. Kim, dinner was delicious" John my step brother said smiling. "John, I told you to call me Jennet " mom replied smiling shyly "fine, then I will call you Aunty " John said, giving him a smile mom stood up to clean the table. I saw john staring at my mother's cleavage . My mom was a beautiful woman with a body to lust on. I knew he fancied my mother but never thought he would lust on her this way, only if someone can do the same with me .

"Dinner really was delicious dear “Quinton my step-father said planting a kiss on her lips. “Thanks honey ,but most of it was done by Emma. I bet in future she will be better cook than I am". I smiled at that and lowered my head .When I look up my eyes met John’s.

John p.o.v

I look towards my sister she has inherited her body from her mother , beautiful face with hot body and those handful tits .I can suck on them for whole day without any trouble .She looks pure and innocent but I know she has another side and I want to devour that side of her .Just by looking at her gives me a hard on, I really want to how she taste. “Quinton and I are going out for a walk ,you both want join us" Jennet ask looking from me to Emma who was sitting beside me , both of us declined the offer. "Its fine you guys go sister and I will have our own fun aunty"I sait lokking at Emma "ok then we will be leaving ,you guys have fun" they both left leaving us alone.

Emma went in the kitchen and return with a bottle of beer I raised my eyebrow looking at that "what" she asked "you are not twenty, Emma" she smirked "really ,does it matter" she ask facing me "just doing my duty as your big brother" I replied "having a boner in front of your sister is what brother do, don't think I don't whom your dick is hard for " she commented " So what its not like you are all innocent, you think I don't kown how much of a slut you are fucking yourself with a big dildo when everyone is asleep" I retorted "FYI,I am a virgin “she retorted " Then prove it " I said " fine " after saying that she turned on her heel and I followed her .Her room look like the same way any teenagers would have “Why did you take me to your room Emma" I ask, curious to hear her answer "To prove , go check if I am hiding any big dildo or bob(battery operate boy) in my room, my room is all your to do whatever you want" she sat on her bed cross leg staring at me ,the last sentence she said made me loose my control I looked at her innocent face "Yes I will do the way I want " before she react I pressed my lips on hers and pushing her flat on bed which made her gasp , giving me more access to her mouth , we broke apart inhaling hard " You said you are a virgin , want me to change that" I said pulling my t-shirt off next I unbuckled my pant pulling them down together with my boxers ,she gasped at the sight of my dick which was hard and twitching for her. Emma gulped staring at my cock ,I took her hand placed it on my dick, it twitch again " my dick likes you , move your hand up and down" I told her as precum was dripping from it " Put your mouth on my dick taste it Emma, see how hard I am for you" I said which made her gulp .Holding my dick firmly she licked off the precum thoroughly , she moaned after tasting a dick for first time. Hearing her moan made me want to do dirty thing to her, make a slut out of her. Unable to control I took her leg and open them wide to have a nice view of her cunt , she was dripping wet ,her clit hot and erect asking for attention. Before I could do something she took her panty off " Someone cannot wait to lose her virginity " I teased her and licked her pussy once " tell me what do you want "I ask flicking her clit "touch me brother ! please" she whimpered. I rubbed her clit in circular motion , she started moving her hips up and down , thrashing her body.

I dipped my finger through her pussy "See how dripping wet you are " "Uh john , please "she moaned as I rubbed my cock on her entrance " Your pussy is nice and open I think its ready to take a big cock in ,you want to be a good girl and let your pussy fucked really nice and dirty by your brother" .

" Is it gonna hurt" "we are going find it out "I replied plugging myself deep in her creamy pussy she gasp and grit her teeth as sharp pain hit her , tears rolled down her cheek which I wipe through my thumb.

"You are a woman now " I told her as a matter of fact and started pounding her pussy deep and hard .Emma cried out as I sucked on her nipple and pinch the other one ,thrusting in her nonstop as climax hit her hard I came in her pussy filling her with my come.

I could feel her body shudder as she quietly surrendered. Holding her there, I began to pull myself out of her and slide back in at an unbearably slow pace. She moaned and cried out for more, but I was just getting started. After a while, I finally pulled myself out of her and tossed her flat on her stomach to the mattress and once again I was on her in a flash. This time, I clenched her hips, pulled them up to her gorgeous ass was sticking up in the air, and then I slid the head of my shaft across her glistening slit. She moaned and tried to push back on me, but I held her firmly in place. Then I finally slid back into her pleasure garden and began my final assault. I rode her now from behind as fast as I could. My shaft sliding in and out of her like a piston as beads of sweat dripped from my face. I was in heaven. The heat boiling inside of her matched the raging passion building in me as we connected in the most personal way possible. My torso hit her backside like a frenzied animal. I reached around her and grabbed her wrists, pulling her arms back toward me. I held her arms like reigns and drive myself deeper and deeper inside of her. Her screams and my moans melted into a chorus of unspeakable pleasure. Feeling the breaking point near, I changed positions.

I pulled out and turned her onto her side. Lifting her leg in the air, I exposed her beautiful sex to me as I straddled her one leg remaining on the bed and entered her. I grasped her by her leg and began to drill her like never before. My senses were leaving me as I dove into a world of complete ecstasy. I was driving my shaft all the way into her before sliding back out almost all the way to the tip. I was pounding her like a jackhammer and she was grabbing and tearing at my bed sheets uncontrollably. She cried out and I could tell she was about to hit the breaking point. We both agreed to dive over the edge together, and then she screamed and started to thrash against me. I could feel her walls contract around me as I also began to climax. Pulling out at the last second, my throbbing member spat its contents across her. The hot, white, love juice spat up her stomach and across her chest. It streaked her from her navel to her nipples as my passion exploded upon her. It took a while for our orgasms to finally subdue, I rubbed my cum all over her body. After some rest I started torturing her again until she climaxed three time.

I knew I will be screwing her more in different form. Her sweet torture has just started.

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