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A cliche taekook omegaverse with a few plot twists. Wolfies taekook get admitted into the prestigious Seoul University, which is controlled by a notorious trueblood gang. The thing is you are safe as long as you go unnoticed by them. But taekook end up getting all attention on the orientation day itself. Will their pasts add up to more danger or help them through?

Drama / Romance
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Chapter 1

Alpha/beta/Omega ranks can be known from their birth itself.

Their natural mild scents become strong once they officially present at the age of 18. Mates can be found only after being presented.

At the age of 18 they also get to know the sub rank.

So basically the secondary gender of a person is ABO - Alpha, Beta, Omega. Within these genders there are categories called sub rank/type.

Alpha: sub ranks

True Blood Alpha

Regular/Normal Alpha

Beta: sub ranks

Supreme beta

Regular beta

Omegas have no categories.




The three join college late due to personal reasons.


The 'Shadow' pack of Yumyeongsan is the most powerful pack in South Korea.

The leader of the pack is Byung-hun, a true blood alpha, a renowned businessman and a feared mafia leader, who owned almost entire Seoul.

Not only is he a corporate dictator but also influences most of the political decisions, one of them is Omegas being denied their rights.

Basic rights like receiving education or getting a job are luxuries to omegas. They were mostly seen as objects to please their alpha or beta mates and as child bearers.

The situation wasn't the same in other regions of South Korea though. Only Seoul suffered, the obvious reason being Byung-hun's presence here. Not a single soul knew why he despised omegas to this extreme extent.

His pack originally from Yumyeongsan, is now settled in Seoul. Shadow pack grew stronger and larger over the years. The reason being the number of true blood alphas joining the pack with each passing day.

Rogue true bloods, and even true bloods from other packs joined for power and money the pack held. The crimes they committed increased significantly in the past couple of years.

True bloods were not so uncommon anymore. Many alpha-alpha mated for a true blood child, so they could have an advantage over other werewolves.

"How long do I still wait? " Byung-hun yelled at his secretary frustrated.

"We are trying our best Alpha! Our team searched day and night vigorously but still couldn't find him" the secretary responded.

"That son of a bastard of course must be hiding his scent. There is no way we couldn't get to him otherwise. Spread the word to all members of the pack. Keep the search going." Byung-hun ordered.

"Yes sir we will do our best" the secretary bowed deeply and exited the room.

Byung-hun is growing impatient. He knows it isn't easy to find a werewolf masking their scent but he isn't someone who would give up.

The obsession he held within has become too much to handle. He is more than determined to find him.

He wanted that scent all to himself.

He wanted that rare werewolf posing the rarest fragrance.

The wolf that belonged to the 'Lavandula' pack.


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