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Chapter 2

On Seoul University's Orientation day, all students assembled at the campus garden in the late afternoon.

They are done with basic regularities like campus tour, dorms assignment, meeting with advisors.

Now they have gathered to register their sub ranks.

The University official documentation had columns to fill only Secondary Gender without sub ranks.

Apparently, the notorious group of true bloods, who belonged to the Shadow pack wanted to find out the sub ranks as well.

The demographics helped them in many ways, they could always divide and rule so that no other group was formed to overpower them.

It all came down to college power dynamics.


The students stood in multiple long lines, some joined while some left the lines after registering the ranks.

A guy came running and joined one of the queues.

The boy standing in front of him furrowed his eyebrows. His nostrils flared up. He looked back only to find a tall, good looking man with black messy hair, panting heavily.

"Hey are you alright? Why do you smell off" the shorter male pointed out, his plump lips making an 'o' while he questioned the black haired guy.

"What do you mean" the other narrowed his eyes offended.

"You stink" he replied suddenly. He bit his tongue, cursing himself mentally at the remark he made.

"What the hell. You don't smell good either. How dare yo—"

"I-i am sorry. I thought your wolf was distressed. I didn't mean to offend you" the short male sighed sheepishly.

"Oh umm...that's my natural scent" the black haired man responded.

Guilt washed over the other's face. "Hey I am really sorry. I should've known better than bluntly commenting on your scent" he smiled softly. "I am Jimin by the way"

"It's okay. Not all wolves like each other's scent" the other chuckled humorless. "My name is Taehyung" he introduced returning the smile.


The line moved slow. They were still about twenty students before them, Jimin and Taehyung being the last.

After a moment, another guy joined them.

Now both Jimin and Taehyung scrunched up their noses in disgust.

'Another wolf in distress' they thought and shook their heads lightly. They don't want to judge just because their wolves didn't like the smell.

As they both looked back, they met eyes with too large innocent round eyes.

Taehyung and Jimin cooed at the cuteness of the guy who wore a baby pink sweater. His hair messy, thin cherry lips pulled into a tight smile as he stared back at the two.

"Hey" Taehyung greeted in his usual deep voice.

"Hello" he got in reply.

"I am Taehyung, this is Jimin" he introduced.

Jimin grinned, his eyes curved into crescents.

"Nice to meet you guys. I am Jungkook" he smiled, flashing his bunny teeth.

Taehyung couldn't help but give his boxy smile in return.


First few chapters are boring.

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