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Wet and Wild (Oneshot) | KOOKV


"Make me wet." "Damn, that's wild."

Romance / Erotica
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Summer Love

The sapphire ocean waves welcomed the two souls who were looking to unwind and experience a much needed time to relax away from their toxic work and a nagger incompetent superior who doesn't have anything to do than to pass on his workloads to his subordinates.

They wanted to let loose without caring about the world, get wasted with booze until they can no longer move a muscle.

They planned to get wet and wild.

After all, what happens in this island, stays in this island.

"Shit. Those are real nice abs." Jimin whistled, eyes following the man who emerged from the huge waves.

Probably the tenth time the latter had said those words for almost all the guys who caught his attention in the beach, and Taehyung is already done with him.

"Everything looks nice to you, Chim." Taehyung shook his head, sipping on his drink, loving the feeling of the cool breeze and the smell of the sea water filling up his lungs.

"No, bitch. This one's a ten!" Jimin pointed to the direction of his new prospect using his lips.

The brunet indulged, gazing at the man who's walking on the white sand with his bare feet, water trickling from his raven locks down to his toned body that according to Jimin is a ten out of ten.

No doubt, this man's a ten. Not that he's exaggerating, but if he could give a hundred out of ten, then he probably did.

Taehyung eyed the ravenette's face, manly and dangerously sexy which matches his sinful body that's glistening with water as he made his way past the two who couldn't even be more obvious that they're checking him out.

He caught sight of the tattoo on his right shoulder, highlighting his wide shoulder blades and toned chest.

He had a sneak peek of his mouthwatering abs, and Taehyung would beg just to run his tongue over each bump.

"Sexy mother fucker.." Jimin blurted out, and Taehyung wished the sexy ravenette didn't hear it.

"I would pay just to get fucked by him." the blonde continued, making Taehyung nod his head in agreement.

"I would too." Taehyung whispered, unaware of the grin that crept on the other's lips.

"Oh, that's the first time I heard you agreeing to my slutty behavior." Jimin teased, playfully poking Taehyung's forearm.

The brunet blushed, quickly taking another sip to hide his reddening cheeks.

"Okay. Since we're best friends and you rarely get interested to a man, I'll be the bigger person and let you have him." Jimin remarked, batting his eyes cutely towards the brunet who scoffed.

"No matter what you do Chim, you can't be the bigger person between us two." Taehyung teased, eyeing him from his head down to his toes, making Jimin pout.

"Ha-ha very funny, bitch." the latter grimaced before standing.

"Be grateful that I'll let you have his dick up your ass!" Jimin retorted in a rather loud voice.

Taehyung widened his eyes in embarrassment, noticing that the people around turned their attention toward them.

"Oh my fucking... I don't know you." Taehyung uttered, abruptly walking away with his glass in hand, trying to hide his face in embarrassment as he made his way back to their cabin.

"Wait up!" Jimin called up, not giving a fuck about the stares and smiles of the people around.

"Let's get that dick up your ass!" Jimin announced as he ran for him, making the people laugh while Taehyung became as red as a ripen tomato.


"This place is packed!" Jimin said amused as he looked around the club near the seashore.

Everyone's dancing wildly, bumping and grinding their body to the people on the dance floor, wearing nothing but their swimsuits and trunks.

The women were flaunting their big boobies, letting it jiggle with their every move to attract the men around.

However, the two weren't even giving them a glance. They headed to the bar counter which was unusually packed with a lot of women, almost making it impossible to make an order.

They were giggling and making these weird annoying sounds of amusement.

"What's going on there?" Taehyung curiously tiptoed, wanting to see what the ruckus is all about.

He saw bottles being tossed around, which gave him the idea that the bartender might be doing some tricks to impress the girls.

The crowd kept on doubling in size, and Taehyung was almost knocked off, getting elbowed on his chest.

He groaned, way beyond pissed off.

"Maybe we should just look for a different bar." Taehyung muttered in annoyance.

"Are you kidding? This is perfect!" Jimin beamed, holding him by the arm as he dragged him.

The latter pushed through the crowd. How? Well Taehyung doesn't know. He just allowed the other to drag him and miraculously, they were able to find a spot on the right wing of the counter.

"Now I know what the fuss is all about." Jimin grinned, wiggling his brows on the brunet whose eyes were already focusing on the man behind the counter.

Taehyung gulped, seeing the ravenette earlier on the shoreline amazingly mix drinks for the customers.

He's with four more equally attractive men, flirtily taking orders of the women who keep on squealing and clapping like fucking sea lions.

"Such gorgeously hot men taking orders." Jimin commented, making his intentions obvious as he seductively looked at the tall male on the left, the one with a smile as bright as the sun and the smaller male next to him who looks exactly the opposite of the latter, cold looking yet full of charisma.

"Damn, I want those two to make my eyes roll in pleasure." Jimin said, breathless.

Taehyung on the other hand could not focus on what the latter is saying. His attention was solely on the ravenette who's grinning boyishly, his muscles flexing with his every move, veins popping on his arms and hands.

The brunet could imagine himself getting choked by those hands as his body jolts with each hard thrust, moans mixing with the rapid sound of skin slapping, eyes rolling at the back of his head in too much pain and pleasure combined.

He was so lost in his imagination that he didn't see what happened next.

A drink was handed on him, but because he's out of himself, he wasn't able to react and someone standing from his back abruptly grabbed it, spilling the drink all over Taehyung's chest.

"Oh shit!" Taehyung blurted out, feeling the liquid all over his skin, running down to his board shorts where his dick is obviously making a salute.

"Fuck, sorry."

Taehyung heard, eyes now focused on the man who handed him the drink, and just from seeing him...


His dick twitched.


"Sorry about that."

Taehyung snapped his head up, eyes as wide as saucers, seeing the man's reflection on the mirror by the sink.

He gulped, turning off the faucet. His heart was pounding off his chest, not expecting to see the ravenette in here, let alone be with him in an enclosed space.

"It's fine. No harm done." Taehyung uttered, turning his attention to the hand dryer on his left side.


Taehyung was shocked to see the man offering him a handkerchief.

"You could... wipe it off." The ravenette said, eyes looking at his bare chest still wet with water.

The brunet suddenly felt embarrassed about his body, seeing the latter stare at him for a long time.

He knows he doesn't have a body as sexy as the man in front of him. He doesn't have abs, his physique is a bit on the soft side, almost feminine.

"Thank you." Taehyung meekly said, taking the cloth.

However, the ravenette retracted his hand even before Taehyung could get the handkerchief.

The brunet looked at the other with confused eyes.

"Better yet, let me do it." the ravenette offered, making Taehyung gasp.

"Uh.. What?" He said in a hushed voice.

His feet subconsciously took steps backward, seeing the ravenette make his way toward him.

Taehyung felt the cold tile on his back, trapping him with nowhere else to go.

"I can do it myself." Taehyung uttered, nervous and aroused.

What the fuck is going on?

He bit his lower lip when the ravenette stopped on his tracks, too close that he could almost feel the warmth of his body.

The man is towering over him, though the height difference isn't that much, Taehyung felt so small.

"It's the least I could do." the ravenette whispered.

To Taehyung's ears, his voice sound so low, almost like a growl. Too seductive that made his cock do another twitch.

Shit. This isn't good.

The brunet stiffened, feeling the handkerchief glide on his chest in a slow languid motion.

His breathing turned ragged, eyes not leaving the ravenette's charcoal ones.

The whole room suddenly felt like it's burning, his skin getting hotter with each sudden brush of the ravenette's fingertips.

He stiffened, feeling the ravenette's hand go down, reaching his navel. He shivered, dick aching hard inside his board shorts when a finger poked his navel, dipping in a little, almost making him moan.

Taehyung closed his eyes, rapidly breathing from the sexual tension between the two of them.

"You're dry now."

He heard the man say, taking his hand away from his body.

The brunet was already consumed by the fire that he gripped the ravenette's arm, his eyes full of lust as he slowly pulled his hand closer, downward, pushing it inside his shorts.

He saw the ravenette's eyes turned wide, not expecting his bold move.

"Make me wet." Taehyung murmured, tongue grazing his lips as he pressed the ravenette's hand in his hardened cock.

The latter smirked, enclosing his dick with his hand, squeezing him tight, making him moan in delight.

"F-fuck yes!" Taehyung groaned, closing his eyes as he leaned on the ravenette's broad chest.

"Damn, that's wild." the ravenette commented, making Taehyung moan even more.

He felt the warm hand push his briefs and shorts down, the cold air making contact to his now soaking cock.

"Shit!" He cursed, hips moving in rhythm to the latter's hands, his body trembling in pure ecstasy as he came, spurting on the ravenette's hand.

His knees buckled, losing strength as he gripped the ravenette's shoulders for support, strong arms circling around his slim waist.

He hasn't recovered yet when soft lips claimed his own in a heated kiss, their bodies hardly pressed against each other.

Taehyung melted when the ravenette's tongue teased him, delving inside his hot cavern, making him moan in too much pleasure.

He felt strong hands on his ass, kneading him hard and rough just like how he wanted it.

His breath hitched when the ravenette suddenly turned him around, bending him a little while he rested his hands on the wall.

He's going to take him there and then.

And fuck, Taehyung badly needs it.

His shorts and briefs were pulled down lower, revealing his sexy ass that the ravenette couldn't help but slap.

"Fucking sexy ass." He slapped once more, earning a slutty moan from the brunet.

"Shit! Please!" Taehyung begged, pushing his ass to the latter even more.

He wants to get fucked by this gorgeously dangerous man. He wants to be wrecked.

Taehyung doesn't care if they're strangers to each other.

He wants him so bad to even think of any consequence at this moment.

He screamed when the ravenette abruptly pushed his monstrous dick inside him. He felt pain creeping in his ass, but he didn't care.

He likes it rough like this.

"Y-es!" Taehyung groaned, body rocking in rapid pace as the ravenette begin to thrust in him.

He harshly gripped his waist, growling at the way he's sucking him so good.

"Fuck! So fucking tight!" the ravenette grunted, ramming even more.

The heat that's enveloping his cock makes him lose his mind like a beast starved for ages.

Taehyung moaned, eyes rolling at the back of his head, meeting each thrust. He felt his knees buckle in the intensity of the ravenette's thrusts making him yelp in too much pleasure.

"Shit! C-cumming!" Taehyung grunted, body pressed on the wall as the ravenette kept him on place.

His cock made contact with the cold tile, making him hiss in ecstasy.

"F-fuck.. Yes!" He urged, cum spurting out of his cock, painting the walls.

He let the ravenette fuck him some more, his sweat covering his chest and forehead at the force.

"You're taking me so fucking good!" The ravenette uttered and in one mind shattering thrust, he came inside the brunet, filling him up.

"How's that dick up your ass?" The ravenette asked after a while, making Taehyung moan.

Shit.. he heard them earlier?

However, Taehyung is too wasted to care. He just knows he really enjoyed that dick up his ass.


Taehyung sneakily made his way out of the cabin, not wanting to make a sound that will wake up his best friend.

He went to the beach, eyes looking for a particular ravenette who wanted to meet up tonight.

The brunet had caught him sitting on the sand, eyes looking far away in the darkness.

He slowly approached him, appreciating his profile, from his raven hair as dark as the night, his small yet manly face with the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen.

God had taken his time making him.

His careful steps seemed to catch the attention of the ravenette as he looked his way, his smile instantly appearing for him.



Taehyung sat next to him, playfully bumping his body to the other.

"What's up?" He asked, smiling back at the ravenette who just stared at him.

"Nothing. Just wanted to see you." the latter said, catching Taehyung off guard.

He looked away, his heart suddenly skipping beats. He tried thinking of a funny remark to push the nameless feelings away.

"I thought you want to fuck." He uttered, laughing.

However, the ravenette just shook his head and looked away. There's a hint of disappointment in his face, but Taehyung wasn't sure.

"I thought maybe we could, you know.. talk for a while." the ravenette murmured, barely a whisper.

The brunet dumbly stared at him, the sincerity in his voice made him feel like a total shit for saying such an ass remark.

He looked at the sea, clearing his throat as he focused on the cold wind touching his skin.

They've been silent for a while when the ravenette finally spoke once more.

"Should we introduce ourselves?" he asked, making the brunet halt.

His heartbeat suddenly became erratic at the simple question.

They've been fucking for quite a while now, yet they still don't know each other's names.

But Taehyung preferred it to be that way. He knows once he goes back to the city, everything that happens in the island will be forgotten.

Including this man.

"Nah. It's better this way." Taehyung answered, keeping his eyes on the ravenette's face.

"Let's just be strangers." He added.

The ravenette stared at him for a long while that almost made him anxious.


Taehyung surely felt a pang in his chest but brushed it off.

And that's how they have become. For few more days, they fucked and got wasted.

However, they're still strangers.

Until they parted ways.


It's been two weeks since Taehyung returned to work. He's supposed to feel energized after his vacation, yet he feels otherwise.

Though he wouldn't admit it to himself, he's longing for someone.

Someone with raven hair.

Charming bunny smile.

Sexy voice.

And the one who made his heart somersault a lot of times but he's just too stubborn to acknowledge it.

Damn. He missed him.

Taehyung's eyes were on the clock, desperately praying for the time to fasten up.

Two more minutes and it's already break time.

Two more fucking minutes.

Taehyung stared at the monitor in front of him, internally counting together with the ticking of the clock.

Yes.. Yes..

His excitement grew with only thirty seconds left.

Come on..

As soon as the clock strikes, Taehyung abruptly stood, stretching his arms up as he looked for his best friend across his station.

"Hey, Chim. Let's have a break." He beamed, only to be greeted by the latter's pouting lips.

"I'll pass. I need to finish this report." Jimin apologetically said which the brunet understood.

"Okay. I'm heading out. What do you want?" He asked, taking his coat and draping it on his arm.

"Coffee and chocolate cake." Jimin excitedly uttered.

"Okay." Taehyung said, winking at the latter.

"Bitch you're the best!" Jimin called out, making Taehyung laugh.

He made his way out of the building, crossing the street where his favorite coffee shop is located.

Taehyung entered the establishment. Fortunately, not much people are around during this time.

He went to the counter and made his orders to the staff who's smiling at him.

His orders took quite a while, and Taehyung couldn't hold on the liquid in his bladder.

"Excuse me, I'll just use the comfort room for a while." Taehyung said.

"Sure, sir. This will be done once you're back." The cashier politely answered.

The brunet took his time inside the comfort room, making sure to fix himself before coming out.

Once satisfied, he went back to the counter.

"Excuse me, miss." He called out, smiling.

The cashier confusedly approached him. "Yes sir? Is there a problem with your drink?" She asked.

"Uh.. No. I came back to get my orders." He answered.

The cashier seemed to be a bit lost.

"Sorry sir, but your friend already took it." She uttered pointing forward.

"My friend?" Taehyung turned to look at the direction where she's pointing.


He couldn't believe his eyes. The world seemed to have stopped from moving when their eyes met, charcoal one to brown ones.

Taehyung saw him smile as he raised his hand to call him out.

No fucking way..

His feet moved in their own accord, his heart getting wilder with every step he makes.

It's.. him.

Taehyung stopped in front of the man with his raven hair brushed up, his smile so charming that could melt his bones, the same smile he couldn't forget.


The brunet gulped, still not believing his eyes.

"It's been a while." The ravenette added, still smiling at him.

Taehyung couldn't utter a word. He's just mesmerized and deep within his heart, he's thankful.

Thankful to see this man again.

The ravenette finally stood, seeing that the brunet isn't planning to sit.

"Maybe now we could introduce ourselves?" He said, holding his hand out.

"Jeon Jungkook." the ravenette introduced, smiling at him.

Taehyung gulped once more, feeling a sudden warm sensation in his chest blossoming as he repeated the name in his head over and over again.

Jeon Jungkook.

He looked him in the eye, holding his own hand shakily until their palms meet.

"Kim Taehyung." He finally said, making the ravenette's smile grow even wide.

"That's a very beautiful name. However, I still prefer to call you mine." Jungkook muttered in all seriousness.

Taehyung blinked a couple of times before breaking into laughs.

"Oh my God, that's lame!" He said, laughing his heart out. He smiled at the ravenette, feeling his heart do a couple more flips.

Jungkook stared at him with fond eyes.

"Finally you smiled." He commented, making Taehyung blush.

He averted his gaze. "Uh.. why are you here?" Taehyung asked.

Jungkook shrugged his shoulders. "Would you believe I also work around this area?"

"Really? No way!" Taehyung retorted as the two of them made their way out.

"I thought you're a bartender?" He said, walking as slowly as possible to lengthen their time together.

"Nope. My friend owned that bar, though. I just give him a hand whenever I'm on the island." Jungkook informed.

"I can't believe we're in the same area yet we haven't crossed paths before." Taehyung shook his head, smiling at how fate seems to have its way.

"Me neither." Jungkook agreed as they cross the street.

The two of them talked as if they're long time friends who haven't seen each other for a while.

Taehyung felt so comfortable. No one talked about what happened between them in the island.

They stopped in front of Taehyung's company building to the latter's disappointment.

"So you work here?" Jungkook asked, roaming his eyes around.

"Yeah." Taehyung uttered, feeling a bit sad that they would part ways again.

"Okay." Jungkook said, handing him his coffee and pastries.

"Oh. I almost forgot about this." Taehyung chuckled, taking it from the ravenette.

Their hands brushed for a short moment and Taehyung swore he felt electrified.

"T-thanks." He stuttered.

He quickly bowed down before turning around, walking toward the building.

"By the way Taehyung.."

The brunet heard Jungkook call, making him stop and turn his head in a snap.

"Yeah?" He asked in too much enthusiasm.

Jungkook chuckled, staring deeply in his eyes.

"I'm serious earlier." the ravenette uttered, making Taehyung furrow his brows not following what he's saying.

"About?" He asked.

"I'm going to make you mine."

Taehyung might have misheard him, but the loud beating of his heart tells him he has heard every word correctly.

Now, he couldn't wait for it to happen as well.

For him to call Jungkook his own too.



Love you 💜💜
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